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The Dankies: 1994-1995

Following are the final results of the very first Dankies held in 1995.

The Winners

Here is the complete list of winners and nominees. The winners in each category are denoted by a bullet (»).

Funniest MomentBest Dramatic Plot
» Opal's Fainting
After Daisy and Myrtle convinced Opal through the Ouija board that Janet was dead, imagine Opal's surprise when Janet popped up on her doorstep.
» Gloria's Insanity
When Adam was responsible for the death of her daughter, Ana Claire, Gloria took matters into her own hands by trying to get and "eye for an eye."

Most Attractive MaleMost Attractive Female
John Callahan [Edmund]Teresa Blake [Gloria]
» Keith Hamilton Cobb [Noah]» Eva LaRue [Maria]
Mark Consuelos [Mateo]Sydney Penny [Julia]
Michael E Knight [Tad]Kelly Ripa [Hayley]

Best Dressed MaleBest Dressed Female
John Callahan [Edmund]Julia Barr [Brooke]
David Canary [Adam]» Susan Lucci [Erica]
Michael E Knight [Tad]Kelly Ripa [Hayley]
» Michael Nader [Dimitri]

Favorite CharacterLeast Favorite Character
The Taylor Roxbury Cannon Award
Edmund GreyBobby Warner
Julia SantosHector Santos
Mateo SantosJason Sheffield
» Noah KeeferLaurel Dillon
Tad Martin» Taylor Roxbury-Cannon

Most Memorable MomentWorst Moment
» Alec Trying To Kill Arlene with AlcoholErica on Front Street
Noah's ProposalKendall's Departure
25th Anniversary Week of SpecialsErica and Dimitri's Wedding
Edmund's FuneralTotally Clueless Cyberdating
Erica on Front StreetDerek and Mimi's Quickie Phone Divorce
» Jack's Miracle Heart Cure

Outstanding Younger ActressOutstanding Younger Actor
» Lauren Roman (Laura)Brian Gaskill (Bobby)
Darlene Terjeiro (Anita) Shane McDermott (Scott)
TC Warner (Kelsey) » Tommy J Michaels (Tim)

Outstanding NewComerTop Storyline
Chris Bruno (Michael)» Alec/Hayley/Arlene Triangle
» Mark Consuelos (Mateo) Erica's Drug Addiction
Marcy Walker (Liza) Gloria's Insanity
TC Warner (Kelsey) Louie Stalks Julia
Michael's Homosexuality
Maria's Infertility

Outstanding Supporting Actor Outstanding Supporting Actress
Chris Bruno (Michael)Robin Mattson (Janet)
» Mark Consuelos (Mateo) » Kelly Ripa (Hayley)
Jim Fitzpatrick (Pierce) Lynne Thigpen (Grace)
James Kiberd (Trevor) Marcy Walker (Liza)
Jack Millard (Louie)

Outstanding Lead Actress Outstanding Lead Actor
Julia Barr (Brooke)John Callahan (Edmund)
Eva LaRue (Maria) David Canary (Adam)
» Susan Lucci (Erica) » Keith Hamilton Cobb (Noah)
Sydney Penny (Julia) Michael E Knight (Tad)

Outstanding Overall Performer
David Canary (Adam)
Keith Hamilton Cobb (Noah)
» Susan Lucci (Erica)
Robin Mattson (Janet)

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