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TYLER Family Tree
Charles Tyler (deceased) (died 1986)

m. Alicia Tyler (deceased)
    c. Charles Tyler II (deceased)
        m. Unknown (deceased)
            c. Charles Tyler III
                m. Tara Martin (married 1972; see Martin)
                m. Donna Beck (married 1977)
                    c. Unnamed Child (stillborn)
                m. Carrie Sanders (married 1982)
                a. Donna Beck
                    c. Palmer John Cortlandt (deceased) (born 1982; died 1983)
                m. Donna Beck (married 1990)

m. Phoebe English (see English)
    c. Lincoln Tyler
        m. Amy Parker (married and divorced in 1970)
        m. Kitty Davis (deceased) (married 1975; divorced 1975/6; died 1977)
        m. Kitty Davis (deceased) (married 1977; died 1977)
        m. Kelly Cole (married 1980)
    c. Ann Tyler (deceased) (died 1981)
        m. Nick Davis (married 1972)
            c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage)
        m. Paul Martin (married 1973; divorced 1974)
        a. Paul Martin
            c. Elizabeth Martin (deceased) (born 1976; died 1977)
        m. Paul Martin (married 1976; died 1981)

m. Mona Kane (deceased) (died 1994; see Kane)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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