Michael Nader
Michael Nader fans upset again over non-invitation
Posted Sunday, November 05, 2000 8:19:18 PM
There's another uproar regarding Michael Nader (Dimitri). Unlike the last time when the fury started when Michael Nader was sent packing, this time the commotion has started because Nader isn't packing --- packing his bags for the annual Super Soap Weekend.

The hubbub began when a Nader fan contacted the actor and said that she looked forward to seeing him at the Florida fan event. Nader responded to the letter, saying that he would not be attending the event because he was not invited.

An ABC spokesperson tells Soap Opera Central that Nader wasn't singled out by the non-invitation. "We cannot invite the entire cast," explains the rep. This year, ABC wanted to invite some new faces who have not previously attending the gathering. Those faces include Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Esta TerBlanche (Gillian) and Josh Duhamel (Leo).

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