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The net is abuzz about bianca
Posted Sunday, November 12, 2000 11:08:05 PM

While much of the nation was abuzz with news of the Presidential election and its aftermath, life in the soap world continued down a familiar path --- Bianca's sexual preference.

Nearly one month ago, I published an Inside AMC column (click the link if you missed it) about Bianca's sexual identity and welcomed your feedback on the issue. Initially, most of the letters received were against the storyline. Then, things leveled off. Now, it seems that more and more AMC viewers are speaking out in favor of the tale.

Here are some of the recent messages received. Remember that all points of view are welcome --- we're all of different backgrounds and from different areas of the country. Hopefully, the aforementioned column and this user feedback will open a dialogue and encourage tolerance and understanding, which is what I believe that Agnes Nixon has been trying to accomplish.

I'm a 61-year-old heterosexual woman who has been teaching ballroom dancing to the gay and lesbian community for over six years. During that time, I have made some very close, dear gay and lesbian friends, and have to say this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It's wonderful to see this storyline done so carefully
I like to think that a large majority of prejudice isn't actually prejudice but ignorance, fear of the unknown, and every time a story like this is handled well, it helps reduce prejudice just a little more. Not enough, but it's a step in the right direction. - G.P.

I think it is great that they are bringing back the gay storyline in AMC. However, so far the lack of gay rolemodels for Bianca on the show is sadly lacking. Erica has been a model, talk show host and cosmetics queen. Where are all of her gay friends? I thought that there were more people "out" in the cosmetics, fashion and theatre industry than in most other fields but you would never know it on this show. - M.D.

Good for AMC - there are all kinds of real people out there and some of them happen to be gay. It's all what makes the world go round - the sooner its embraced, the smoother things will go. - E.M.

I have the same concerns for Bianca's character and longevity on the show with this storyline. I think she's a terrific actress and the perfect Bianca, and I don't want to see her days numbered because the writiers and viewer can't handle a long-term storyline. Oh well, characters come & go, but Erica's daughter is a HUGE ROLE - I hope they know what they are doing! - S.P.

I'm stunned that I count myself a viewer of AMC among a group of people who are so judgmental and close-minded about people's sexual orientation. These viewers can apparently tolerate an entire cast of characters who lie, manipulate, cheat, steal and humiliate each other. Actually, it seems the meaner a character is, the more he/she is loved by fans (i.e., Adam Chandler, David Hayward, Erica Kane). But dare the writers bring in a genuinely good character (Bianca) who happens to be gay, then burn her at stakes for her heretic, unnatural attributes. Then we have another good character, Becca, who'll likely be written out in the coming months. I've enjoyed and then sometimes tolerated AMC over the years, but seeing the constant corruptness of its characters and then hearing these apparently hypocritical fans -- I'm about ready to walk again. Good riddance. - M.L.S.

I am not so opposed to the gay storyline as to the person they decided to make gay. I think they should have brought a new older character on to explore lesbianism. I think could do so much more with Bianca I'm afraid this will be a dead end for this character. - K.S.

I don't think that any viewer sees Pine Valley as a typical American city but even in a fictional city of that size it would be unrealistic not to have any gay residents. I think AMC is doing a commendable job showing the very real emotional problems that a young gay girl would be going through, just as they have portrayed other teen-years problems for straight kids. If even one parent received insight into a similar situation evolving in his or her life, it will have been well worth it. - E.K.

I'm not in favor of the gay issue on AMC [but I won't stop watching.] What I'm going to do is record the show and fast-forward over that part, because there's other parts I still want to see! -- R.M.

As always, comments are always welcome. And just in case you were wondering, I really do read your messages.

Dan J Kroll
You can contact Dan at dan@soapcentral.com

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