Abigail Spencer
Becca to be "phased out"
Posted Thursday, March 15, 2001 10:26:56 PM

According to AMC executive producer, Jean Dadario Burke, Becca Tyree's days in Pine Valley are numbered. Her portrayer, Abigail Spencer, will make her final AMC appearance on April 10th.

Becca has been without storyline since her "Virgin Victor" saga. The storyline feature Becca's then-love interest Scott Chandler trying to fend off advances by Leo du Pres towards Becca by creating an Internet site to blab about Becca's virginity. The character of Scott was written out last year and Becca has been reduced to babysitter and WRCW station hand with very few appearances.

Some fans questioned the viability of Becca and feared that the writers had doomed the character by so heavily touting the character's lack of sexual experience. A similar situation occurred several years prior when Laura Kirk English (then played by Lauren E. Roman) was unable to commit to a relationship because of childhood trauma.

"The character of Becca is being phased," explains Burke. "We wish Abigail the best in her future endeavors."

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