Winsor Harmon
AMC scraps Del's return
Posted Sunday, March 17, 2002 7:42:10 PM
All My Children has abandoned plans to bring Del Hunkle back to Pine Valley.

Del was last seen in 1995 when he exited Pine Valley with then-lover Kendall Hart. At the time Del was played by Winsor Harmon and Kendall was played by Emmy winner Sarah Michelle Gellar. Kendall returned to Pine Valley in January, played by newcomer Alicia Minshew. AMC had reportedly also wanted to bring back Del, but was unable to find someone suited for the part. Harmon, the previous Del, was locked into a new long-term contract with CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful where he has played Thorne Forrester since 1996.

AMC has been trying to cast (or recast) the role of Del for several months to no avail. There were reports that AMC has approached Harmon about returning to AMC -- and that the actor was seriously considering the offer because of his back burner status at B&B.

While Del isn't coming back just yet, the character could still figure into the show's storylines in the future.

Spokespersons for both The Bold and the Beautiful and All My Children declined comment on the reports that Harmon would like to return to AMC.

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