Greenlee's mom is from Another World, too
Posted Sunday, April 21, 2002 9:12:13 PM
According to behind-the-scenes chatter, Anna Stuart (ex-Donna Love, Another World/As The World Turns) will be joining the cast of All My Children in May.

Stuart will play Mary Smythe, Greenlee's mother (and Roger's ex-wife).

It is unclear if Roger will be returning for scenes with Mary, however, Stuart and Mark Pinter (Roger Smythe) were former co-stars on NBC's Another World.

Rumors had placed Stuart in at One Life to Live, where she would have played Dorian Lord. Stuart did briefly put in an appearance on OLTL as Rae Cummings, subbing for an ailing Linda Dano. Stuart will also make a May appearance on CBS's As The World Turns.

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