Another Newcomer Added, This Time as Danielle Frye
Posted Sunday, February 01, 2004 7:27:10 PM
Would you like to see AMC rebuild the Frye family?
Yes. AMC has made the right decision to rebuild the Fryes. 43%
No. I really don't think there's a need right now. 23%
It doesn't matter as long as the storylines are interesting. 14%
Yes, but it doesn't look like AMC's focus is the family. 13%
I'm not really familiar with the Frye family. 7%
Other 0%

Poll Posted: February 2nd, 2004
All My Children has finally found an actress to play the role of Danielle Frye, the daughter of acting Pine Valley Police Chief Derek Frye and his ex-wife, Mimi Reed.

Newcomer Tanisha Lynn has landed the contract role of an "aged" Danielle and will make her debut in March. Danielle was born in the mid-90s and should only be about 10 years of age. However, for storyline purposes the character was aged to her teens. Danielle was an infant when last seen on-screen.

Lynn has no previously experience in daytime television and is a relative newcomer to television on the whole. She has appeared previously on ABC's sitcom My Wife and Kids and on the NBC drama Law and Order: SVU.

There is wide speculation that Danielle will be a future love interest for Reggie. Danielle's return coupled with the pending return of Anita Santos does mark a return to ethnic diversity among AMC's core characters. It is unclear if Danielle's addition to the cast will lead to more airtime for Derek or her Aunt Livia (played by Tonya Pinkins), who was also written back into the show late last year. There is also no indication that AMC has plans to bring back Mimi, most recently played by Shari Headley.

Lynn makes her first on-screen appearance on March 9th.

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