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The "Wild" side of AMC's Walt Willey
Posted Monday, August 20, 2012 1:14:41 AM
The past year has been a wild ride for All My Children's Walt Willey -- literally and figuratively. The actor, who spent 24 years as legal eagle Jackson Montgomery, has taken on a new and unexpected role: "Wild Bill" Hickok.
It's been just shy of a year since All My Children fans saw their last glimpse of Walt Willey (Jackson Montgomery). While fans have been left to wonder what happened between Jack and Erica, Willey's post-AMC story has been anything but uncertain.

Willey reunited with several of his co-stars for A Tribute to Pine Valley fan events, and returned to the comedy circuit for numerous stand-up comedy appearances. Willey also returned to the stage, for perhaps his most ambitious project: a stageplay about the life of "Wild Bill" Hickok.

Wild Bill! An Evening with James Butler Hickok opens with Hickok in the Number Ten Saloon, the site of his assassination in 1876. Hickok is trapped there, between life and "whatever may await me, be it the pearly gates of Heaven or the deepest pit of Hell." Over the course of two 45-minute acts, Hickok regales his audience with stories of his experience with the "underground railroad," his time in the Civil War, scouting for "that damned fool" Custer, and his adventures with "Buffalo Bill" Cody ("How he got that moniker is a mystery to me. Took him six shots to even slow a buffaler down), and "Calamity" Jane Cannery ("Always had this odd odor about her, Jane did.")

Following the second act, the audience has a chance for a meet and greet with Willey.

Wild Bill! is currently scheduled to make several stops across the country. For complete scheduling information, visit the Wild Bill! Facebook page.

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