AMC alum Michael B. Jordan cast in HBO film Fahrenheit 451
Posted Friday, April 21, 2017 5:17:09 AM
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AMC alum Michael B. Jordan cast in HBO film Fahrenheit 451
All My Children's Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie Montgomery) joins Michael Shannon in HBO's upcoming film based on the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451.

HBO gives the royal treatment to its television shows like Game of Thrones, Deadwood, and True Detective, so it's no surprise that the network has chosen two big names for its upcoming film Fahrenheit 451, based on the 1953 novel of the same name.

All My Children alum and Creed star Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie Montgomery) and Man of Steel star Michael Shannon have both signed on to the film that delves deep into Ray Bradbury's sci-fi novel, one of the most famous dystopian books in literary history.

The story is set in a future in which books and history are outlawed, big media is an opiate, and firemen are employed to burn whatever contraband books turn up (the title refers to the temperature at which book pages begin to burn). Jordan, who is also co-executive producing the project, will play young fireman Montag, who begins to question his role as a book burner. Meanwhile, Shannon will play Montag's mentor, Beatty, who is less willing to question society.

HBO hasn't announced when Fahrenheit 451 is scheduled to start production or when the film is scheduled to debut. Keep checking back to Soap Central for more details as they develop!

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