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No joy for Camille as Schuyler Grant is axed
Posted Tuesday, May 26, 1998 - 7:36:11 P
While AMC has not officially announced that it has released Schuyler Grant from the role of Camille Hawkins on All My Children, Grant herself has confirmed the rumors.

Word broke last week that the actress had been let go. Grant, however, states that it was more of "a mutual decision." Grant knew that her character had not caught on with fans and also hinted that she found the character a bit odd herself.

In an interview, Grant commented that she thought it was peculiar for her character to try to seduce Tad on the same day that her mother's body was exhumed. Grant explained that her departure from Pine Valley was tied to the return of Cady McClain (Dixie). The role of Camille will not be recast.

Oddly enough, a recent AMC Pages Whaddya Think? poll found that most viewers had mixed feelings about Camille. While seemingly no one approved of her perpetual lurking, many viewers felt that the character could be redeemed in time.

Grant's last airdate will come either in June or July. The AMC Pages will remain on top of the story and will provide you with the details as we learn more. The AMC Pages' Dan Kroll is currently attempting to contact Ms. Grant to arrange an interview.

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