Charlotte Devane
Actor History
Samantha Eggar
Director of a covert spying operation
Supposedly runs a computer company in Great Britain
Resides At
Formerly at a cottage in Bristol, England.
Marital Status
Single/Widowed (Mr. Devane)
Past Marriages
Alexandra Devane (niece)
Anna Devane (niece)
Lindsay Devane (niece; deceased)
Robin ScorpioLeora Hayward (great-niece; deceased)
Aidan Devane (great-nephew)
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
  • Ordered Dimitri kidnapped from Seaview Hospital
  • Ordered the destruction of Bryn Wydd
  • Ordered a hit on Edmund Grey
  • Ordered Dimitri to be tossed into the ocean from an airplane
  • General lies and deception
Brief Character History

Charlotte's first on-screen appearance was made anonymously, in that only Dimitri Marick knew who she was. Toting a gun, the woman was proclaimed to be the director of a secret international spy ring. It would later be revealed that Charlotte was also Alex's, Dimitri's wife, mother.

Charlotte ordered the destruction of a Welsh sanatorium, Bryn Wydd, when Edmund and Alex start snooping around. Charlotte feared that the pair would uncover the truth about Alex's mysterious past. Charlotte decided that Dimitri was still valuable to her, so she had him removed from the hospital before it was blown up. Edmund, however, was left behind to die. Alex rescued Edmund and the pair went to Alex's mother's cottage for refuge. Charlotte was surprised that both were still alive, but she would later tell Dimitri that she would not kill Edmund and Alex…if they stopped nosing into Alex's past. Charlotte pressed Dimitri to see what he knew about Alex. Presumably, he knew the whole story, but shock therapy wiped out those memories. Seeing that Dimitri knew nothing, he no longer posed a threat to Charlotte's operation. She ordered Dimitri thrown from an airplane into the ocean, a seemingly fitting ending since Dimitri was presumed to have taken his own life on the "other side of the pond."

Charlotte showed up in Pine Valley and tried to make up for all the time she and Alex had missed out on. Edmund became suspicious of Charlotte's ways and her desire to get Alex alone. At about the same time, Dimitri washed up on a beach nearby. Dimitri revealed himself to Edmund and the two men, along with Adrian, set up a plot that eventually exposed Charlotte as the director of the spy ring. Dimitri, though, remained "dead" to Alex. In the end, it was Alex who figured out that her mother wasn't who she said she was --- and Edmund was there to subdue Charlotte until the police arrive. Charlotte was promptly arrested, but what happened to her after that point was never revealed.

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