Lord Geoffrey Ashford
Actor History
George Taylor
November 1999 to 2000 [via flashbacks; recurring]
English diplomat
Resides At
Formerly in London, England
Marital Status
Married (Lady Frances Leighton)
Past Marriages
Willian George Ashford (son; with Frances)
Cassandra Ashford (daughter; with Frances; deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
  • Allegedly raped and killed his daughter, Cassandra.
  • Tormented Alex when she revealed that she was going to tell the police of his role in Cassandra's death.
Brief Character History

Lord Geoffrey Ashford first appeared in a series of Alexandra Marick's flashbacks. At the time, it was unclear who the man was or why he was a part of Alex's life. There was something about David Hayward that brought on these troublesome recollections and on New Year's Eve 1999, Alex "saw" David as Geoffrey. Without thinking, Alex pushed David down the steps.

Erica flew to Europe and learned that Alex had been institutionalized in a Welsh mental hospital at about the same time that Geoffrey turned up missing. It was believed that Alex killed Geoffrey. David took the news and he and Erica confronted Alex. Alex then realized that it was true --- she had killed Geoffrey. Oddly, though, there was no record of Geoffrey's death --- only that he was missing and presumed dead.

Edmund searched into Geoffrey's past, but Her Majesty's Secret Service sealed all records of Geoffrey's life. The only thing he'd been able to find out was that Geoffrey was married and had a daughter.

Pieces of the past fell together and Alex decided to undergo hypnosis to learn more about Geoffrey. While under, the final pieces came into place. Alex recalled that Cassandra Ashford was her childhood girlfriend. On a sleepover while Alex was out of her friend's room, a drunken Geoffrey slipped into Cassie's room. There were screams and Alex ran to investigate. When she got there, "Cassie" was dead. Geoffrey warned Alex never to tell anyone about what she'd seen.

Some years later at a party on New Year's Eve, Alex and Geoffrey's paths crossed again. A fight ensued and Geoffrey became violent. He latched on the Alex's arm and Alex struggled to get free. She pushed Geoffrey away and he tumbled down a staircase to his death.

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