Laurie Lewis
Actor History
Alex Daddario
October 2002 to June 26, 2003
Former waitress at B.J.'s
Former nanny for Petey Cordlandt
Resides At
Minnesota, with her sister
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Doug Lewis (father)
Cathy Lewis (sister)
* mother was deceased, had an unnamed brother
Flings & Affairs
Adam Chandler, Jr. (dated)
Jamie Martin (dated/kissed)
Crimes Committed
  • Knocked out her father when he was becoming violent toward her [Mar 12,2003]
  • Lied to the police, saying Jamie had been the one who hit her dad [Mar 12, 2003]
Brief Character History

Laurie and her father's lives turned upside-down when her mother was killed. Doug Lewis drank excessively and his drunken state meant that Laurie had to find afterschool jobs in order to help make ends meet. Doug was laid off from his work for Chandler Enterprises and viewed Adam Chandler as the man who had ruined his life. He took out his anger on Adam's son, Adam, Jr., who was dating his daughter. Laurie and J.R.'s romance didn't last long; J.R. was more interested in Laurie than she was in him. J.R. tried to impress her with fancy gifts, but all Laurie wanted was someone to love her. J.R. eventually ranaway from town and Laurie and Jamie Martin became closer. Although Laurie cherished Jamie as a close friend, she did not want another relationship so soon after what had happened with J.R. Jamie distanced himself from her, until several months later when she was about to graduate. Laurie's father burst in drunk during a beach party they were attending, and made another scene at B.J.'s, which almost cost Laurie her job. Brooke convinced Laurie to hold an intervention. Jamie, Laurie, Brooke and Tad confronted Doug, but little progress was made until David Hayward (who had grown close to Laurie after his newborn daughter's death) finally made him realize he would lose what he claimed to love most - Laurie - if he didn't get his act together. Doug agreed to go to a treatment center in Minnesota. Laurie dropped her plans to attend PVU so she could move in with her sister Cathy, who lived 20 miles away from the center. She bade a fond goodbye to Jamie, said she hoped they'd meet again someday, and then began packing with her father for the trip.

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