Martha Byrne
The 2000 Dankies
Byrne leads Dankies nominations
Posted Sunday, January 14, 2001 10:07:15 PM
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Chalk it up to her dual role, but Martha Byrne leads this year's Dankies ( Awards) nominations. The actress who portrays both Lily Snyder and Rose D'Angelo raked in nominations as Outstanding Leading Actress, Favorite Character (Rose D'Angelo), Most Attractive Actress and Outstanding Overall Performer. Additionally, many of the storylines in which Byrne was featured are up for awards.

Among the men, Tom Eplin scored big for his work as Jake McKinnon. Eplin earned noms for Outstanding Leading Actor, Favorite Character (Jake McKinnon), Most Attractive Actor and Outstanding Overall Performer. Newcomer Hunt Block (Craig Montgomery) earned high marks and reaped nominations as Outstanding Leading Actor and Outstanding Newcomer

In an odd twist, the "Castaways" storyline -- where Lily and Simon are stranded on a deserted island -- grabbed nominations as Favorite and Least Favorite Storyline.

The first phase of the Dankies balloting took place throughout December and part of January. In this phase all ATWT Online users were asked to offer their choices for the best of the best of As The World Turns over the past year. These users were allowed to nominate any performer or storyline that they felt fit the various categories. When balloting closed, tabulated all of the nominations. The top four vote-getters in each category were placed on a final ballot, a ballot for which voting begins today. Additionally, all 16 nominees in the Outstanding and Supporting Actor and Actress categories were placed in an Outstanding Overall Performer category. Voters are asked to choose which of the nominees turned in the best performance over the past twelve months.

Voting on the final ballot will continue through February 9, 2001. At that time voting will close. On February 12th, the winners of the Dankies will be announced on the web site. On February 19th, a special "all soap" edition of the Dankies will be held. In this special balloting, the winners of each of categories in all of the ten soap sections of the site will compete against one another. Every user of will be eligible to vote in the all soaps ballot.

All registered users of the site are eligible to vote in the Dankies. Users who are not registered can do so for FREE by visiting our registration page. Each user is permitted one vote. Users can contact friends by Email or other Internet sources and point them to the web site so that they can vote. Users may cast their votes in as many of the different soap sections as they'd like.


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