Anthony Herrera
Anthony Herrera makes an ATWT return
Posted Friday, June 22, 2001 12:14:13 PM
Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck) will return to As The World Turns late next month after illness forced the actor to take an extended leave.

Herrera has been sidelined due to a very rare form of cancer since March 1999. His return comes even after ATWT head writer Hogan Sheffer denied that James Stenbeck would ever set foot back in Oakdale.

Herrera made an appearance at the 45th anniversary party held this past spring and was greeted to wild applause from the fans in attendance.

According to a spokesperson, Herrera is in "complete remission" from the cancer he has been battling. Herrera is also working on a book that will detail his battles with the rare form of cancer.

The first airdate for Herrera has not been revealed. A spokesperson for ATWT confirms that James will be seen on-screen in very late August.

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