Todd Rotondi
CBS confirms Rotondi departure
Posted Wednesday, October 17, 2001 5:17:33 PM
An As The World Turns spokesperson has now confirmed an August 31 report by regarding the departure of Todd Rotondi (Bryant Montgomery) from the show.

Rotondi made an announcement on his official web site regarding his departure back in August. The show, however, remained quiet on the issue until this week.

"I just found out tonight [August 28], that Todd is leaving ATWT," said the webmaster of Rotondi's web site. The message goes on to say that Rotondi did not yet reveal all the details of his release from the show.

An Emerson College graduate with a degree in broadcast journalism, Rotondi joined ATWT in February 2000.

A recent WT? On the Spot poll showed that over half of those who reponded to the poll were disappointed that Rotondi was being ousted. About one-in-five voters stated that they were not a fan of the character of Bryant Montgomery.

Rotondi will make his final on-air appearance on Wednesday, October 24th. The role of Bryant Montgomery will not be recast.

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