Marley Love Hudson
Actor History
Ellen Wheeler (May 1984 - September 1986)
Anne Heche (November 1987; May 1988 - August 1989; April 1990 - June 1991)
Jensen Buchanan (August 1991 - May 1994; November 1997; February 1998 - May 1998)
Ellen Wheeler (May 1998 - June 1999)
Also Known As
Marley Love (birth name)
Marnie Stone (alias; 1998 - 1999)
Manager at the Wheeler Gallery
Infant-Care Director
Resides At
Bay City
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Jake McKinnon (divorced)
Michael Hudson (father)
Donna Love (mother)
Victoria Hudson McKinnon (sister; twin)
Nicholas Terry Hudson (half-brother)
Steven Frame (nephew)
Kirkland Harrison (nephew)
Joe Hudson (great-grandfather)
Margaret Hudson (great-grandmother)
Clara Hudson (Garrison) (grandmother)
John Hudson (uncle)
Gregory Hudson (cousin)
Reginald Love (grandfather)
Elizabeth Love (grandmother)
Peter Love (uncle)
Nicole Love (aunt)
Flings & Affairs
Ben McKinnon (teenagers)
Jake McKinnon (spousal rape)
James Gerald 'Jamie' Frame
Dennis Wheeler
Byron Pierce
Tyrone Montgomery
Crimes Committed
Planned to run down and kill her sister Vicky
Pushed Donna down a flight of stairs
Kidnapped Vicky
Brief Character History

When Marley was born, Reginald told Donna, her mother, to pose as if Marley was her sister. Donna agreed, and the first eighteen years of her life, she was known as Donna's sister. However, Marley found out about her true parentage when Vicky, Marley's twin sister, show up in town to swindle her. Marley developed leukemia and needed Vicky's bone marrow to survive. Donna revealed the truth to the girls.Later that year, Marley found out that Michael Hudson was her father. When Vicky came to town, she brought her best friend, Jake, to town. Marley fell in love with Jake. They were eventually married and moved to Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, Jake had cheated on Marley with another woman. Marley returned to Bay City, not knowing that Jake had an affair with her twin sister, Vicky. Marley was stunned to find out that Jake might be the father of Vicky's child, Steven. Marley decided to take Jake back in order to have a child. Marley and Jake divorced shortly after it was revealed that Jake was not the father of Vicky's baby. Marley left town. Marley returned to Bay City a year later, and accepted Jake's marriage proposal. However, Marley found out about Jake's affair with Paulina and dumped the sorry excuse for a human being. When Jake did not accept Marley's decision, he raped her.

Marley was accused of shooting Jake and was arrested. However, it was later revealed that Paulina was the one who shot him. Marley has forgiven Jake for the rape and has accepted him as Vicky's husband. After Jake, Marley developed feelings for Jamie Frame, Vicky's ex-husband. Jamie and Marley were engaged and began planning their wedding. However, Marley broke off the engagement due to her inability to conceive a child. Dennis became attracted to Marley and wanted to become something special in Marley's life. Basically, the relationship was mostly for sex because Marley did not really feel anything for Dennis at the time. Both moved on after the relationship failed.

Marley moved to San Francisco and China. Marley returned for her sister's wedding to Jake and for her father's funeral. Marley returned to Bay to console Jake over his breakup with her sister, Victoria. However, Marley developed more feelings for Jake. Marley and Grant were victims of a hit-and-run caused by her own mother, Donna. While in the hospital, Marley suffered severe burns to her face due to an explosion in the ICU. After the plastic surgery, Marley is left without scars, but with an entirely new face. She is plotting revenge against her sister for "stealing her man".

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