Mick Cain
C.J.: Character in Jeopardy?
Posted Thursday, January 04, 2001 9:25:42 PM
With Ashley Lyn Cafagna (Kimberly Fairchild) exiting The Bold and the Beautiful canvas, some soap experts are wondering if Mick Cain's (C.J. Garrison) days are numbered.

C.J. is no longer a major factor in Little Eric's paternity storyline, the only storyline in which Cain had an active role. Another potential trouble sign is that Cain's contract with the show expired last month.

Executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell insists that Cain will remain with the show. Bell goes as far as to say that he is in the process of developing a new storyline for Cain. The problem with that, say some setsiders, is that Cain may not want to linger in the background while a new story develops.

According to the same set sources, Cain has no immediate plans to leave The Bold and the Beautiful now that his contract is up, however he could easily walk if he doesn't like the way his next storyline develops. contract CBS about Cain's future with the show, but CBS declined to comment on Cain's contract status.

Following are the results of a B&B Online conducted from January 8th through 19th.

If you had to decide, would you keep CJ or write him out of the show?
 Choice   Votes   Approximate %
 I really like C.J. and would like him to stay on the show.  747  58% 
 If the writers come up with something good, he can stay...  246  19% 
 C.J. is no longer needed, so I think he can be written out.  140  11% 
 C.J. can stay, but he needs some time on the back burner.  136  11% 
 Other  10  1% 
 Total Votes  1279

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