Lesley-Anne Down
Lesley-Anne Down: An out at B&B
Posted Thursday, January 26, 2012 11:38:11 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful is continuing its cast-trimming measures. Lesley-Anne Down's official web site announced to fans that the actress' contract had not been renewed. Down joined the CBS soap in 2003.
The Bold and the Beautiful has trimmed its cast of another contract player. A message posted on Lesley-Anne Down's (Jacqueline Payne) official web site announced that the actress' contract with B&B has not been renewed.

"Bradley Bell has decided not to renew Lesley-Anne Down's contract on B&B," the message stated. "Lesley-Anne wants all of you to know how special and important you all are to her. Your continued effort and support of Lesley-Anne is so appreciated by her."

Down joined The Bold and the Beautiful in 2003. Before joining the show, Down had appeared on NBC's Sunset Beach, where she played Olivia Richards. The actress is also well-known for her role in the epic miniseries North and South.

It is not known if Down will make occasion appearances as story warrants. Down's on-screen love interest, Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight), has also been dropped to recurring status.

It would appear, however, that Down may already have some post-B&B work lined up.

"When one door closes another one opens," the actress' web site teased. "This thankfully has been the case in this instance. We will let you know what it is when the time is right."

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