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Schae Harrison spirited back for B&B appearances
Posted Wednesday, January 29, 2014 8:45:01 PM
It's been more than seven years since Darla Einstein was killed in a hit-and-run accident, but actress Schae Harrison is set to return to The Bold and the Beautiful for a handful of ghostly appearances.
Schae Harrison (Darla Einstein) will make a ghostly return to The Bold and the Beautiful beginning in mid-March.

TVGuide reports that Darla will make several ghostly appearance to her daughter Aly.

The wildly popular Harrison exited B&B in 2006 when Darla was killed in a hit-and-run accident. While attempting to change a tire on a car, Darla fell backwards into the road and was struck by the car. Darla later died of complications from severe head trauma.

Fans learned that a drunken Taylor was the driver of the car, but Taylor was convinced to keep quiet about her involvement. Eventually, Taylor confessed and stood trial, but a witness came forward to say that Darla has fallen, and Taylor was found not guilty.

With Hunter Tylo (Taylor Forrester) making an appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful on February 28, there is speculation that the two returns might be tied to a larger storyline.

Harrison made her first appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful in 1989 in a recurring capacity. She exited the role in 2006, but the actress returned for a two-day appearance in 2007 when Thorne had visions of his late wife's face.

For now, Harrison is expected to make three appearances, the first on March 18.

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