Joanna Johnson
Joanna Johnson schedules B&B return
Posted Tuesday, March 11, 2014 1:54:22 AM
Hold the recast! Joanna Johnson is headed back to The Bold and the Beautiful to reprise her role as Karen Spencer in April. Johnson is an original B&B cast member.
The Bold and the Beautiful has apparently suspended its search for a new Karen -- at least for now. Original cast member Joanna Johnson (Karen Spencer; ex-Caroline Spencer) will appear in two episode of B&B next month.

Last year, The Bold and the Beautiful released a casting call, looking for actresses to assume the role of Karen because Johnson's hectic work schedule meant she might not be available when needed.

Johnson is currently working as a writer and executive producer of the ABC Family channel's The Fosters.

"Joanna is doing so well writing and producing The Fosters that's it's been difficult to work around her schedule. I wanted her to be there for Rick and Caroline's wedding. It was supposed to be a much bigger event but without the bride's mother it would have been very strange, so we did more of a quickie impromptu marriage," B&B's head writer and executive producer Brad Bell told TVGuide. "I hope to have Joanna back but, if she continues to be unavailable, I will have to hire someone else."

For her part, Johnson seems excited to be B&B bound.

"I will always love Caroline, but loving Karen more since she came out and stood up against her brother," Johnson recently shared on Twitter.

Johnson appeared as Caroline from 1987 to 1990. She first stepped into the role of Karen in 1991.

Johnson is slated to be back on-screen on April 17 and 18.

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