B&B's Katherine Kelly Lang takes shots... at Brooke's behavior
Posted Wednesday, February 25, 2015 2:45:07 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful Logo B&B's Katherine Kelly Lang takes shots... at Brooke's behavior
The booze is freely pouring for B&B's Brooke, and so are the sentiments from her portrayer, Katherine Kelly Lang.

Happy hour seems to be never-ending these days on The Bold and the Beautiful. Not only has Katherine Kelly Lang's Brooke been hitting the bottle like it's going out of style, viewers have been drinking it up with relish, enjoying seeing the former sexpot lose her usual allure and battle being manless for pretty much the first time, like, ever. But does her portrayer feel the same way the audience feels? And how does she respond to the criticism that perhaps Brooke's behavior sets feminism back 50 years? Read on to find out. And... cheers!

"She's so embarrassed!" the actress tells TV Insider's Michael Logan of her alter ego's recent actions that stem from being turned down by both Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Bill (Don Diamont). "She can't handle it. She's alone for once in her life and would rather down a whole bottle of booze and pass out than deal with it."

Lang enthuses that Boozy Brooke has been a ridiculously fun role to play, but she does admit that the storyline doesn't exactly portray the blonde -- or women in general -- in the best light. "It's hard, because it's good soap plot, and I'm having a blast with it," she explains. "But yeah, in this modern age, there are other places to go with this character. She needs to wake up and grow up and realize she can be a strong woman without having a man at her side."

Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, but the actress opines that things for Brooke are likely to get a whole lot worse before they better. "I have no idea how far [executive producer and head writer Bradley P. Bell] will take this, but Brooke needs to hit bottom, and she will," she previews. "There's an episode [airing March 10] where she is rejected by Deacon again and she's drinking so much, she falls and hits her head."

Where will the story go from there? Read Lang's full article here to find out.

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