B&B's Reign Edwards on hitting her stride but still struggling with troublemaking Nicole
Posted Thursday, April 23, 2015 12:50:14 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful Logo B&B's Reign Edwards on hitting her stride but still struggling with troublemaking Nicole
The CBS soap's newest cast member dishes on whether or not she'd befriend her headstrong alter ego.

The Bold and the Beautiful's Reign Edwards (Nicole Avant) has been smack dab in the middle of one of the CBS soap's biggest shockers, having been the one to deliver the big news that Maya (Karla Mosley) was born as Myron. She was also smack dab in the middle of the exciting red carpet happenings during this year's Daytime Emmy Kick Off party, meaning Soap Central was able to grill her on all things Emmys as well as what she truly thinks about her troublemaking alter ego, Nicole.

soapcentral.com: This is your first big Emmy week. What do you think about all of this exciting madness so far? Are you loving it?

Reign Edwards: It's been really cool and so much fun.

soapcentral.com: Were you able to watch any of the reels or have a good idea of who you'll be rooting for?

Reign Edwards: No, I haven't. I found out about all of this so late, so I was running up to Scott [Clifton, Liam Spencer] and saying, "Dude, I'm so sorry! Congratulations," and then I ran over to Linsey [Godfrey, Caroline Spencer] and said, "I'm so sorry -- congratulations!" and then I went over to Jacob [Young, Rick Forrester] and said the same thing.

soapcentral.com: Have you had much of a chance to be able to bond with some of your cast mates, such as them?

Edwards: Oh, totally. Everyone has been really great and really welcoming and really loving and supporting. Everyone has shown me the ropes, and it was a really nice transition.

soapcentral.com: How about becoming Nicole? Do you feel like you've found your stride with her?

Edwards: Yeah, I do feel I've really been able to figure her out.

soapcentral.com: What do you think about her? I mean, do you like her, or would you be friends with her?

Edwards: Eh, you know, I don't know! [laughs] She's a person who's very interesting with what she does and how she goes about things. She'd be one of those friends where you're like, "You're a cool person, but I think you need a little guidance." So it's definitely one of those things. I don't know! It's a good question, because I have no idea if I'd be friends with her.

soapcentral.com: What kind of guidance do you think she needs?

Edwards: Well, I think it'll be something that you're going to see soon. Now that her and Maya [Karla Mosley] have bonded, it's going to be something you'll see a little more. She'll get it from Maya, the guidance of just learning how to be respectful of others and different things like that. But that's something they figure out together as sisters. They didn't really have any guidance when they were younger, so just learning how to maneuver the different things in life.

soapcentral.com: Do you think the two sisters will stay close? Right now, it could kind of go either way. Maya could get really upset with Nicole, depending on how the story goes.

Edwards: She could, she really could. But they're in a smooth boat right now, so you'll have to keep watching!

Would you be Nicole's friend? And do you think trouble is on the horizon for Nicole and Maya's relationship? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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