Tuesday, November 25, 2014
by Pam

In Rick's office, Rick tried to explain to Maya that his father had given him an ultimatum that Rick would lose the CEO position if he did not return to Caroline. "That's what I'm going to do," Rick said.

Maya was furious, but Rick said that he loved Maya and wanted to be with her. He had to pretend to return to Caroline in order to secure a future with Maya. "I want to run this company with you," Rick said.

Maya wondered how long Rick thought it would take because she anticipated that it could be years. Rick admitted that he had to wait until his father retired. Rick added he had to be in a more powerful position so that no one could argue with him.

Maya was against the idea and worried that it could backfire. She hated that he would return to Caroline every night. Rick vowed that Maya would remain the lead model, and Rick would still find time to be with her, but Maya noted that everyone would be watching them, and they would have to sneak around.

Rick told Maya that he needed her. "I really need you," he said. "Okay," Maya said. Rick lamented that he didn't like the idea, but he had to do it and had to find a way to get Caroline back to put his plan in motion.

In another office at Forrester, Ridge and Caroline agreed there would be no future for them, but Caroline looked unconvinced. "I don't know what I want," Caroline admitted. "Who does?" Ridge asked.

Caroline said she hadn't thought that Rick would forgive her, and she noted that working with Ridge had changed her. "It's changed me, too. I love that. I really do," Ridge said.

Ridge added that Rick was Caroline's husband, and she had to return to her marriage. Caroline wondered if she should pretend that they had never had such strong feelings for one another. Ridge admitted that he'd enjoyed his time with an extraordinary person, and he promised to never forget that. Rick entered, and Ridge remained.

Rick wanted to know where he and Caroline stood. He wanted to work on their marriage. "I still love you," he said. Caroline cried. "Tell me you want this marriage and that it's not over," he said.

Rick admitted that he'd been cruel and dismissive and had overreacted. He added that he'd made a huge mistake when he'd turned to Maya.

Rick apologized and called Caroline a special woman. He said that he could still see love in her eyes. He begged her to say the word. Caroline said okay, and Rick repeated it. "I want to work on our marriage," he said, and he kissed her hand.

Rick thanked Caroline and asked if she still had his wedding ring. Caroline produced his ring from her purse, and he asked her to slip it on his finger. She obliged, and Rick and Caroline hugged.

Rick left, and Caroline announced to Ridge that Rick had forgiven her. Caroline noted that Rick had sounded sincere. Ridge said that Rick had finally learned to do the right thing.

Caroline walked away, but Ridge grabbed her hand. "Let me look at you," he said and he held her hand. "You are magnificent," he said, and they hugged.

At Spencer, in Bill's office, Bill met with Katie, and Katie remarked that Bill had been violent at Ridge's expense. Bill wondered if Katie had arrived to lecture him, but she thanked him for defending her. "I appreciate you standing up for me. I wish you had handled things more diplomatically," Katie said.

Bill countered that Ridge had manipulated Caroline and probably ruined her marriage to Rick. Bill hadn't meant to lose his temper, but Ridge had messed with his niece and betrayed Katie. Plus Ridge had "treated Brooke like garbage for years." Katie teased that Bill had been protective and sweet.

Bill said he tried it a couple times a year. He admitted that he couldn't be involved in Katie's life, but he wanted to help because she was an amazing woman. "I hope that loser realizes how lucky he is," Bill said of Ridge.

Bill criticized Katie for wearing a string instead of a ring. Bill said that Ridge could afford at least ten carats of serious bling. Katie said she didn't need serious bling, but Bill noted that when he had bought it for her, she had liked it. Katie countered that their relationship hadn't turned out so well.

They agreed they'd had something very special and had "made a very handsome and charming kid together," Bill said. Bill wanted Katie to be happy, and she assured him that she would be. "You deserve the perfect white knight, but he doesn't exist. I'm sorry Ridge disappointed you, but I'm not surprised," Bill said.

Katie and Bill agreed they liked that they could talk and laugh together. "We were a family. You were my wife," Bill said, and he gently caressed her face.

. . .

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