Wednesday, October 22, 2014
by Pam

At home, Caroline looked at her wedding photo with Rick, but she thought of her kiss with Ridge. Rick entered and was surprised that she was home early. Caroline told him that she and Ridge had finished the collection. "I thought you would be at it all night," Rick said. Caroline gulped. "I really wish you two would get along," she said.

Rick admitted that he and Ridge both wanted the CEO position, and he had been intense because Caroline had spent so much time with Ridge. Caroline apologized for being distracted and focusing so much of her attention on designing with Ridge. Rick understood how much it had meant to Caroline to work with Ridge. Caroline said she had learned a lot, but she had never imagined how much time it would take away from Rick.

Rick said he should have been more supportive, and he should have had more compassion for Ridge, who had lost his confidence and his ability to design. "Rick, there's something I need to tell you. It's about Ridge and me," Caroline said. She poured a glass of wine and said that Ridge had helped her. Rick thanked her for creating a collection with Ridge and said he felt that it had been mostly Caroline, but Caroline disagreed. She said that Ridge's ability had returned. Rick was elated, and he said that Caroline had had a bigger impact on Ridge than he had realized.

Caroline said she and Ridge had agreed to end their collaboration. Rick was surprised, but Caroline said it had to end. They hugged, and Rick smiled, but Caroline looked unhappy. Rick took a shower, and Caroline sipped her wine and thought of Ridge.

At Ridge's house, he remembered his passionate kiss with Caroline. Katie entered the room and noticed Ridge had been deep in thought. Katie wanted to know if Ridge had wrapped up with Caroline, and Ridge agreed that he had. Katie wanted details, but Ridge simply said they had finished the collection.

Katie assumed that Caroline had been upset when Ridge had ended their collaboration, but Ridge disagreed. He said they had agreed their collaboration had to end. Katie figured that Caroline's crush on him wasn't over. Ridge said he would never have hurt Caroline -- or Katie. "I love you. Don't ever doubt that," Ridge said. Katie said she never doubted his love, but she didn't like the thought of him manipulating Caroline. Ridge looked concerned.

Katie teased that she had also been worried because she'd had a crush on Ridge for years. Ridge smiled and said he was glad she had never gotten him out of her system. Ridge noted that Caroline had a husband she loved, and Ridge would never have hurt her because she had helped him rediscover his talent. Katie said she was also grateful.

"My beautiful fiancée," Ridge said. Katie admitted she had been jealous. "I would never want to hurt you Katie," Ridge said. He recalled how his life had changed due to the helicopter accident. "But I love you -- that's never gonna change," Ridge said. Katie smiled, and Ridge and Katie kissed. Katie tearfully hugged Ridge. Will started to cry, and Katie left to take care of him. Ridge admired his most recent sketch of an evening gown.

Caroline called Ridge. She and Ridge agreed nothing would ever happen between them again. "Rick can never find out," Caroline said. Ridge said that it was all behind them and forgotten. "Is it?" Caroline asked. "It has to be. Goodbye, Caroline," Ridge said. Caroline said goodbye and tearfully hung up. She recalled that she had passionately kissed Ridge.

Maya entered Rick's office, and Carter apologized for not being Rick because he knew that was who Maya wanted. Carter advised Maya to stay away from Rick because he was at home with his wife. Maya argued that they were not a supercouple. She started her rant that Caroline had been doing more than collaborating with Ridge.

Carter warned Maya to stop gossiping and eavesdropping. Maya admitted that she had been snooping.

Carter shook his head. He said that Maya was going to end up losing her job if she caused trouble. Maya ranted that Rick deserved to know what his wife was doing, and she knew that she would be a better wife for Rick than Caroline.

Carter said that Maya was not concerned about Rick. She only wanted his name and his money. Maya disagreed. She said that she loved Rick, and he had loved her. Carter said he had been on the receiving end of Maya's love -- but his pocket weren't deep enough. He called her a gold-digger.

Maya said that Cater was mean spirited, and Maya maintained that she loved Rick and that Caroline had been carrying on behind his back. Maya said that she knew Caroline and Ridge had been more than designing together. Carter warned that if something had been going on between Ridge and Caroline, Rick would find out on his own. If their marriage broke up, Maya could pick up the pieces, but if Maya broke up Rick's marriage, she would be sorry.

. . .

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