Tuesday, September 2, 2014
by Pam

At Brooke's, Deacon showed up and asked Brooke if she had thought about his proposal. He maintained that people had few second chances. "I want that so bad," he said. "I know," Brooke said. Deacon brought up Bridget, and he asked if Brooke had worried about Bridget's reaction. Brooke noted that Bridget had forgiven both of them a long time ago. Brooke said that she worried about Ridge. Deacon noted that he would not give up on the idea.

Hope entered and asked what Brooke and Deacon had been talking about. Brooke and Deacon grew silent. Deacon asked how Hope was because she appeared to be glowing. Hope dished that one minute she had been waiting for Liam, and the next Wyatt had swept her off her feet. She said she couldn't help thinking about the what ifs.

Brooke reminded Hope that Wyatt had been committed to Hope since the first time he had met her. Hope said she couldn't turn her feelings for Liam off. Deacon reminded her that she didn't have to turn off her feelings. "It's okay to have those feelings," Deacon said. He explained that Liam was a very special person, but he added that Hope was Wyatt's wife. Hope smiled and said that it was nice to have both her parents together. She hugged Deacon.

At Forrester, Caroline had returned from a visit with her mothers. She hugged Rick, and he noted that he had missed her. Caroline agreed that she had missed her husband, and she teased that Maya must have hit on him more than once. Rick said it was nothing he couldn't handle. Caroline said that her mothers had spoiled her rotten while she had visited them. Caroline asked Rick to catch her up on what had happened at Forrester.

Rick admitted that he had been worried about Ridge and designs for the Forrester couture line. Rick said that Ridge had not given him any designs. Rick worried that there was more going on with Ridge than anyone knew.

In Ridge's office, Ridge tried to design, and Katie entered, but Ridge thought she was Pam. He ordered her to stop interrupting him. He noticed it was Katie, and he apologized and kissed and hugged her. Ridge said that Pam had pestered him with lemon bars and medieval event news.

Katie asked how his day had gone, and Ridge maintained that he couldn't draw anymore. He added that he had deadlines, and Rick had been breathing down his neck. "I've got nothing," he said. Ridge wanted to give Rick something that Forrester could be proud of, but it was too much pressure. Rick and Caroline entered. Rick said he hated to pull rank on Ridge, but he needed Ridge to show him some designs by the end of the day. Rick said that he was uncomfortable with waiting, and he left. Caroline remained.

Katie followed Rick to his office where Rick worried to Katie that something more was going on with Ridge. He pointedly asked Katie about it, but Katie covered up for Ridge and reminded Rick that Ridge had been through a lot.

Rick agreed, but he felt that Ridge had to be part of the team, and Ridge had been more difficult than usual. Rick worried that Ridge had an ego problem. Katie disagreed. Ridge asked if Katie had seen Ridge's designs. Rick pointedly asked if Katie had liked them. Katie grew uncomfortable, and she told Rick that she was not a judge of designs, but Rick reminded that Katie had been the Forrester CEO, and she was a woman -- the target audience for Forrester. Katie turned away. "You're putting me in a weird position," she said. She promised that Ridge would be on track.

In Ridge's office, Caroline told Ridge that she had designed a few gowns for the couture line while she had been in New York City. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," she teased.

Ridge encouraged her to show him her designs. She gushed that she felt like he was a design god. "Just being in your presence is inspiring," she said. She felt that they had a connection because he had been so in love with her namesake -- her late aunt Caroline.

Caroline admitted that she had poured over Ridge's collections when she was younger. She teased that she had buttered him up, and she showed him one of her designs. Ridge grew quiet. She worried that he hated it. Ridge disagreed. "I love the detailing," he said. He instructed her to lose some of the busy detail around the waist and the bodice. "Remember less is more," he said.

Caroline noted that she had struggled with trying to be sophisticated yet fresh. "Can you help me?" she asked. Ridge looked at the design, and Caroline explained that she didn't know if she should change something or start over. Ridge suggested a different fabric that was lighter and more flattering to the silhouette. Caroline agreed. She asked about the back of the dress. Ridge pointed out that it was too busy. He suggested a more simple line, and Caroline encouraged him to draw it. He refused and told her to draw it because it was her design.

He encouraged her to focus on the client who would buy the dress. "Don't overthink it. It has to seem effortless," he added. Caroline drew some new lines, and Ridge told her to try again. "Please show me," Caroline begged. Ridge put his hand on top of Caroline's hand and guided the pencil. "You're trembling," she said. He told her not to worry about that. Together, they finished the dress design. Caroline laughed. "Yes, I totally see it. This is amazing," she said. "We make a really good team," Caroline added. "Yes we do," Ridge agreed, and he smiled.

. . .

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