Friday, September 19, 2014

In the CEO's office, Pam and Charlie called Deacon, Brooke, and Donna together to expose what Quinn had done to Ivy in Paris. Pam declared that Hope had never had a chance to choose a life with Liam because Quinn had been manipulating things in Paris.

Donna, Brooke, and Deacon watched the footage that Charlie had gathered of Quinn in Paris. Brooke asked if Hope knew about it, and Pam and Charlie explained that they'd told Liam first and assumed he'd tell Hope. Brooke found it hard to imagine what Liam had felt upon seeing the videos.

Later, Deacon left Hope a message to check on her. Brooke entered after canceling a meeting that Hope had had with Jarrett, who'd been waiting downstairs. Deacon remarked that Hope's life had been upended. Brooke was thankful that Bill hadn't been involved. Deacon wondered if Bill really had been in cahoots with Quinn, who Bill had been bedfellows with before.

Brooke insisted that Bill had been a victim of Quinn's manipulations, too, and Brooke wished Quinn had stayed out of Hope's life. Deacon assumed Brooke meant that Hope would be married to Liam if Quinn had stayed away. Brooke felt sorry for both men, and she stated that one of them would lose. Deacon assumed she meant Wyatt. "All because of his mother," Brooke bitterly said.

Deacon tried to reassure Brooke that Hope would be okay because she was strong like her mother. Brooke stated that it would be Hope's decision that time around, not Quinn's.

In the reception area, Charlie, Pam, and Donna chatted about Liam and Hope's tortured love affair. Charlie wondered what Hope would do upon learning what Quinn had done, but Donna was more interested in what Brooke and Deacon would do "now that they know."

At the cliff house, Quinn told Liam that Hope wouldn't hold against Wyatt what his quixotic mother had done. Liam scoffed at Quinn's description of herself and wished he'd had her thrown in jail for the sword incident. Quinn was indignant because Liam had chosen to repay Wyatt saving him by attacking Wyatt's marriage.

Liam was done listening to Quinn, but Quinn reasoned that Hope hadn't had to marry Wyatt that day. Liam asserted that Quinn had manipulated things, and she'd made it happen. Quinn called herself a go-getter and said Liam sat around "boo-hooing" about not getting the girl.

Liam insisted that Wyatt wasn't getting the girl. Quinn reasoned that Wyatt already had the girl, and he was convincing her not to punish him for what Quinn had done. Liam felt that no one was that persuasive, and Hope had realized that her evil mother-in-law had robbed her of the chance to decide with whom to spend her life.

Quinn claimed it hadn't been that much of a choice, and Hope had been lucky to find love at first sight in the woods that day. Liam corrected that it had been for Wyatt, but not Hope. Quinn felt that Wyatt treated Hope as she deserved, and Hope had finally gotten the husband she wanted. Quinn believed they'd overcome her actions, and the marriage would be stronger.

Liam stated that the marriage wouldn't even have happened if Quinn hadn't risked Ivy's life to keep him from Hope. He felt that it boiled down to Quinn's neurotic obsession with her adult son's love life. "It's not cute, Quinn. It's not funny. It's not endearing. You deserve to be locked up in a padded room, and if I have anything to say about it, you will be!" Liam asserted.

At the beach house, Wyatt explained that he'd made excuses for his mother all of his life, but after falling in love with Hope, Quinn's craziness hadn't been able to touch him. Or so he'd thought. He hated the way Quinn had invaded his marriage, but he asked Hope not to let it get between them. He didn't want to lose what they had because of what Quinn had done.

Hope murmured that Quinn had supposedly been getting professional help, and Wyatt stated that he'd make sure it happened. Hope relayed that Quinn wasn't sorry and would do it again if it meant that Hope and Wyatt would be together. Wyatt asked if Hope was sorry that they were together. Hope stammered that she hated being manipulated.

Wyatt said that he and his mother were different people. Hope claimed to know that. He implored her not to let it affect their marriage. Wyatt noted that they were just a few weeks married and already dealing with their first test as husband and wife. Wyatt insisted that if he'd known what his mother had wanted to do, he would have put a stop to it, even if it meant Hope being with Liam.

Hope claimed to know that. Wyatt recalled that they were making plans to move into a bigger house and to start a family. He said his mother's actions didn't have to change it, and he asked what Hope wanted to do. Hope said that there were things that she "had to go and do." Wyatt dubiously replied that it was okay and looked worried as Hope walked out the door.

Wyatt sat down and scrolled through pictures of his wedding until Quinn entered the house. Quinn meekly said she knew Wyatt probably didn't want to see her, but she wanted to help fix things. Wyatt rasped at her to stay out of it, and he might not be a husband for long, thanks to her.

Quinn asked where Hope was, and Wyatt guessed that Hope had gone to see Liam. Quinn suggested that his wife had taken a drive to clear her head instead. Wyatt ordered her to stop pretending it was nothing and that everything would return to normal. "Maybe it will," Quinn replied.

Wyatt asserted that Quinn had committed a crime -- again. Quinn quipped that she'd pushed poisoned Ivy into a little bit of water, but Wyatt contended that Ivy could have drowned. Quinn exclaimed that Ivy hadn't, but he said it wasn't the point.

Quinn thought the point was that Wyatt's spineless brother had been about to ruin Hope's life again, and Quinn couldn't let it happen -- not if it meant Wyatt losing Hope. Quinn felt she'd done him a favor, but Wyatt told her not to do him any favors ever again. He was worried that he'd lose the only woman he'd ever loved, and Quinn urged him not to give up.

Wyatt assured his mother that he wasn't giving up; however, Quinn's actions did affect his marriage, and Liam would probably take advantage of it. Quinn wished she'd thrown Liam in the river instead. She said that Hope loved Wyatt and wouldn't throw away a future with him for another chance with Liam. Quinn asserted that Hope and Wyatt shared a bond that Liam couldn't destroy.

At the cliff house, Liam heard a knock at the door. He opened it and saw a sullen Hope, who'd changed clothes somewhere after she'd left the beach house, on his doorstep. Wordlessly, he wrapped his arms around her, and she let out a breath as she held onto him. He was glad she'd returned and guessed she'd spoken to Wyatt.

Hope added that she'd seen Quinn, too, and Liam stated that Quinn had been grandstanding at his house earlier. Hope said that Wyatt wanted her to look past what his mother had done. Liam asked how Hope could possibly do that when she'd be married to him if it hadn't been for Quinn.

"I know. And Liam, I want you to know -- you are the love of my life," Hope said, cupping his neck with his hands. She said she'd thought about what they'd done and been through, and she'd never forget their times together. "I love you," she professed and kissed and hugged him.

Liam was happy. He said they'd known the day would arrive, and it finally had. "Now" they could have the life they'd always wanted. Liam hugged Hope again, but he sensed that she seemed off. He asked what was going on and if she was okay. Hope's eyes were red and tearful as she said, "I'm...."

. . .

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