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Ridge questions Brooke's actions
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Friday, October 12, 2018

In the design office, Katie couldn't believe what was happening and asked if Brooke was seriously telling her that Ridge had coerced the judge to take custody from Bill. Brooke replied that Ridge had admitted it, and her husband could go to jail if anyone found out. It was why Katie couldn't tell anyone, especially Bill.

Shaken by the news, Katie asked what Brooke wanted Katie to do about the information. Brooke asked Katie to do what was right. Brooke wanted Katie to reconsider the ruling, and in the meantime, give Bill the access to Will that the courts had taken away. Katie asked if Brooke really believed that Bill would have shared custody if Ridge hadn't interfered.

Brooke replied that she knew Bill loved his son very much. Bill wanted to be the best father her could be, and it had killed him when the court had taken his rights away. Brooke knew that it bothered Katie as much as it did Brooke, and Brooke believed that Katie could fix it without the court. "And in the meantime, I protect your husband, as well," Katie concluded.

Brooke didn't understand Ridge's actions. She believed that he'd started out with genuine motives, but his anger for Bill had driven him to extremes. Noting Brooke's passionate defense of Bill, Katie said it was obvious her sister still cared about him.

For Brooke, it wasn't about taking sides, and she understood Katie's position. Brooke also understood Bill's position about the court taking away his rights as a father. Katie stated that the courts hadn't done that. Agreeing, Brooke replied that Ridge had by pressuring the judge, and "we" needed to act quickly to make it right. By "we," Katie believed Brooke really meant Katie.

Katie said she was the one who had to keep Ridge's involvement secret, and she had to go to Bill to offer him more time with his son and reconsider the agreement. Katie asked if Brooke understood how Katie had agonized over the decision to start proceedings and wondered if Brooke had considered that the judge would rule in Katie's favor regardless.

Brooke knew it hadn't been an easy decision. Katie agreed and said Ridge had been absolutely wrong to do what he'd done; however, it didn't change Bill's past behavior or that Katie had had to act in the best interest of her child. Brooke replied that Katie didn't have to make decisions about shared custody overnight, but it was really killing Bill.

Brooke reasoned that the judge might have ruled in Katie's favor regardless, but the judge had been compromised. Brooke said Bill was tormented. He missed Will and needed access to his son. Brooke wondered how Katie could refrain from going to Bill while knowing what she knew.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Ridge told Steffy that Brooke wouldn't do it, and it was impossible. Steffy insisted that she'd seen it with her own eyes, and the kiss between Brooke and Bill had happened. "Spencer and Logan..." Ridge uttered.

Steffy said she'd talked to Brooke afterward and had given Brooke the opportunity to tell her. Steffy wondered if she should just stay out of it, but Ridge said she couldn't keep something like that to herself when it involved her father and when the other man was Bill Spencer.

Though Steffy figured the news was upsetting, she reasoned that Bill and Brooke had been married before. "She's married, too, now! She's married to me," he replied. He didn't know how Brooke could do it with a man he hated more than anyone in the world. He'd thought the worst thing Brooke could do was support Bill during the hearing. Ridge guessed he'd been wrong.

Steffy asked what Ridge would do.

Later, Ridge was alone and quietly stewing when Brooke entered the office. The two stared at each other for a long moment, and Ridge uttered the he knew she'd been with Bill. Closing the door, Brooke asked who'd told Ridge that. Ridge informed her that his daughter had seen the two of them in there together.

Brooke said Ridge believed he knew what had happened between her and Bill. Ridge replied that he did. Brooke insisted that he didn't, and she hadn't revealed what he'd done with the judge. She understood that Ridge had acted because he cared for Will and because he'd believed Bill had hurt the people Ridge loved.

Ridge snippily asked if that was what he believed. Brooke yelled that it was true, and he'd gone too far in playing God. Ridge said he'd had a tough time with her siding with Bill. Brooke insisted that she hadn't done that and wasn't doing it. She'd just been against complicating things in court, and it had become complicated in more ways than expected.

Ridge agreed that it was complicated. He hadn't understood why Brooke's energy had been focused on Spencer or why she was looking out for Spencer and defending him. Ridge hadn't understood why she'd put first a man whom Ridge despised, but he finally got it. He figured that she'd been disillusioned with Ridge because he'd had a secret, but she had a secret, too.

"You and Spencer, really? How could you do that to us?" Ridge asked.

In the backstage area, Wyatt and Quinn greeted each other. Quinn wished he was there to see her, but she had the feeling that Sally was the bigger draw. Wyatt replied that Sally had something about her, but Quinn would always be his number one. Quinn told him that he was her favorite son. "I'm your only son -- God help me," he responded.

Wyatt revealed that Quinn would see a lot more of him around there because he'd taken Steffy up on a job she'd offered him. He said it was Quinn's cue to jump and exclaim her happiness. Quinn only glared at Wyatt. He asked if she was okay, and she replied that it wasn't good news.

Wyatt didn't get it. He'd thought Quinn would be happy about his new social media management position. Quinn asked if he didn't get it that she was pulling his leg. To her, it wasn't good news -- it was the best news she'd had all week. Quinn grabbed him and squealed for joy.

Quinn was giddy about all the time she could spend with her son on breaks at work. Wyatt joked that he needed to rethink the job and asked if she would work on not being so clingy. He didn't want her to embarrass him, either, but she reminded him of what a good job she'd done of doing that to him when he'd been in the second grade.

Quinn wasn't sure how Bill would take Wyatt choosing Forrester over Spencer so soon after Bill had just lost Will.

Later, Steffy arrived, and Quinn embarrassed Wyatt by introducing him to Steffy as the newest, hottest employee. As Quinn went on and on about Steffy's great decision, a decision Quinn would have made herself if she'd still been CEO, Wyatt ushered Quinn out of the area. He apologized to Steffy and said his mom got carried away at times.

Alone with Steffy, Wyatt started to go over some of his ideas for their social media campaigns. Steffy seemed distracted, and he asked if she was okay and if Kelly was okay. Steffy said she and the baby were okay, and it was about Brooke -- and Wyatt's father. Wyatt asked what had happened that time. Steffy decided she didn't want to talk about it, and they should get back to work.

At Spencer, Bill contemplated putting a roller coaster on the property for the next time Will visited. Bill asked Justin if kids still liked coasters. Justin wondered why Bill was asking Justin because Justin's son was a grown man, and Justin had no clue what kids were into. What Justin did know, though, was that Bill was going a tad bit overboard.

Bill asked if it was a crime to make sure his son had a great time the next time he visited. Justin reasoned that it was a testament to how much Bill loved his son. Bill thought it was too bad the judge hadn't seen it, and Bill still didn't get the judge's ruling.

Still believing that Brooke was the key, Justin theorized that Brooke could keep working on her little sister. Bill replied that Justin didn't have to worry about Bill giving up on Brooke.

Bill decided against the roller coaster and ordered Justin to get Bill and Will tickets on the fifty-yard line. Justin tried to say how difficult the task was, but Bill didn't want to hear it. He had limited time with his son and wanted to make the most of it.

Later, Justin let Bill know that Justin had gotten the tickets. Bill guessed he'd have to call Katie and "clear" it with her first. Justin understood Bill's annoyance about the custody thing, but Justin advised Bill that there was no need for him to try to impress the son who already loved him with roller coasters and football tickets. "Just be in his life, man," Justin said.

Bill believed it was what he was trying to do. He just felt that, due to the ruling, he had limited time to show Will that he meant more than anything in the world to his father. Bill was just trying to do right by his son.

Later, Bill was alone when Katie arrived with Will. Bill hugged his son and said it was a great surprise. Katie asked if it was okay and if Bill wasn't too busy. Bill said it wouldn't matter if he was too busy. He was happy to see Will. Will said his mother had said Bill wanted to see him. Bill stated that he always wanted to see Will.

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