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Hope tells Liam to choose her or Steffy
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Monday, December 17, 2018

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt and Sally lingered in bed. Sally said she was in the mood for more. Wyatt's interest was piqued. She figured he could use the practice. She hadn't realized how bad he was at it. Confused, he asked if they were talking about the same thing. "Yoga?" she replied.

Wyatt claimed that he'd enjoyed yoga, but there were more fascinating poses they could do without having to leave the bed. His ideas involved meditation and stretching. He said it was pretty spiritual stuff. Sally quipped that his cuteness balanced out his corniness.

Wyatt said he hadn't expected anything in return when he'd said the "L" word, and Sally hadn't had to say it back if she wasn't ready. Sally asked if she seemed to be the type to do or say things she wasn't ready for. She stated that she'd say it again. He replied that he would, too.

For Wyatt, it was an overwhelming, never-been-happier, see-his-entire-future kind of feeling. "I love you, too, Wyatt," Sally uttered. Wyatt liked being able to say the words, and he wanted to make it a daily part of their lives. He wanted to make sure that he showed it, too.

Sally said that Wyatt did show it. He stated that if there was a day that he didn't show his support or appreciation, he wanted her to call him on it. "Only if you do the same," she replied.

Later, Wyatt and Sally cuddled in bed. He asked if she wanted him there when she pitched the activewear line. Sally said he would be, even if he wasn't, because she carried his faith and belief in her wherever she went. She guessed it sounded weird, but he replied that it was as it should be. The two kissed.

At Spencer, Bill was ordering courtside basketball tickets for himself and Will when Brooke arrived. Bill joked that she should ditch the dressmaker and join Bill and his son, but the fired-up Brooke was in no mood for sports or jokes. She asserted that they needed to talk about Taylor.

Brooke was adamant that Taylor was dangerous. Brooke believed Bill could defend himself, but his granddaughters were vulnerable. She asked if it was wise for Liam's girls to be around someone so unstable. Bill replied that Steffy had promised that Taylor was getting help.

Brooke didn't fault Steffy for defending her mother, but in Brooke's view, it should be obvious to anyone that Taylor shouldn't be alone with an infant. Bill reasoned that Taylor wasn't a constant presence, and Steffy could supervise when Taylor was in town.

Brooke said it was funny that he should say that, because Brooke had just found Taylor alone with Kelly at the cliff house. Taylor had had exciting news for Brooke. "News?" Bill replied. Brooke announced that Steffy had asked Taylor to move in, and the woman who'd shot Bill was living with his granddaughter.

Bill found the news concerning, but he guessed that Steffy was comfortable with it. Brooke asked if he was. He reasoned that Taylor had shot him in defense of her daughter, and her fighting spirit was there for her granddaughter, too. Bill suggested that they keep a watchful eye on Taylor, but he didn't believe that she would hurt her own flesh and blood.

Brooke said Taylor wouldn't do it on purpose, but he should ask Thorne what Taylor was capable of doing by accident. Brooke insisted that it was serious, and he had to protect his granddaughters. Bill understood Brooke's concerns, but he felt that it was up to Kelly's parents.

Brooke said Bill could step in, but he replied that he'd already talked to Liam and Steffy. Brooke stated that it was because of Bill's kindness that Taylor wasn't in jail and was free to live with Kelly. Brooke felt that Bill had the power to ensure Kelly's safety.

Bill asked what Brooke was asking him to do and if she wanted him to call the police. "That's what you want me to do, isn't it? You want to see Taylor behind bars," Bill concluded.

At Forrester, Hope didn't think Liam could possibly be okay with Steffy moving Taylor in without his permission or with letting Taylor watch Kelly without supervision. "Seriously, Hope!" Steffy yelled. Steffy said Taylor had raised three children with no supervision required.

Hope replied that it had been before Taylor had shot someone. Steffy persisted in believing her mother wasn't a threat and would never harm either of their daughters. Hope thought Steffy was defensive and trying to sweep something very serious under the rug. Steffy reasoned that Hope would feel the same way if Brooke was the one in question.

Steffy didn't like the conflict and wanted them all to get along. Hope agreed with Steffy about getting along, but to Hope, getting along didn't mean keeping quiet about safety issues. Hope decided that she couldn't do anything if Liam and Steffy wanted Taylor to be alone with Kelly. "But I'm telling you right now -- she isn't getting anywhere near my daughter," Hope declared.

Liam acknowledged that tensions were high, but they all wanted the best for the children. He figured that they had different ideas about what it looked like. Steffy asked how exiling her mother could be best for Kelly. Hope claimed that no one was talking about exile, but Steffy cited that Hope had just said she didn't want her child anywhere near Steffy's mother.

Steffy asked how much Hope needed to take from Steffy before Hope was satisfied. "What?" Hope replied. Steffy claimed that she'd lost her marriage to Hope, and Kelly had lost full-time access to her father. "And now you're trying to take my mother away? It's enough," Steffy said.

Hope clarified that the situation had nothing to do with taking things from Steffy, and it really had nothing to do with Hope and Steffy's relationship at all. For Hope, it was about protecting the children and providing the most stable family life possible. Steffy asked if threatening her mother was Hope's idea of security. Steffy stated that she'd wanted their daughters to be close.

Hope believed that their daughters still could be close, depending upon what Liam and Steffy did about Taylor. Hope couldn't envision their happily blended family with Taylor in it. Hope didn't enjoy having to say what she was saying, but she insisted that their daughters couldn't be as close as Steffy and Phoebe had been as long as Taylor was part of their lives.

Unable to believe what Hope was doing, Steffy wondered if Hope had been lying the whole time about wanting their daughters to be close. Hope said it wasn't true, and Steffy asked why Hope would use the issue to separate the girls. Hope shook her head in disbelief.

Steffy asked for Liam's opinion about the terrible things Hope was saying. Liam replied that it wasn't terrible to worry about one's daughter. He understood why Hope was freaked out. He was, too, and said that Steffy couldn't tell him that, if it was anyone else, she wouldn't be freaked out about the person being alone with Kelly.

Steffy yelled that it wasn't just anyone else. It was her mother. Liam said that was why he kept going back and forth on it. He didn't know the perfect solution, but he felt they had to find a way to unite and look past it. "Look past?" Hope repeated.

To Hope, it was like Liam was willing to forget what Taylor had done. "Not forget. Not forget. But we have to find a compromise here," Liam replied. Hope didn't know what kind of compromise there could be when it was about the safety of their children. Hope said that Steffy and Liam might be able to look the other way, but Hope wouldn't.

Liam reassured his wife that the safety of the children was the biggest priority, and the children's well-being was a part of any decision they made. "Yeah, like choosing not to have an attempted murderer play a prominent role in their lives," Hope quipped.

Steffy accused Hope of not listening to reason. Hope said she was scared, and Steffy should be, too. Liam asked if fear was causing Hope to lose perspective. "Liam," Hope said in a warning tone. He asked if Brooke and Hope could be feeding off each other's fears.

For Liam, it boiled down to whether Taylor would harm her flesh and blood, and he didn't believe she would. Recalling that it was about Taylor getting the help she needed, Liam theorized that the best thing for everyone might be to support Taylor instead of kicking her to the curb, which could trigger her again. "So, you're allowing this?" Hope gleaned.

Liam wanted Hope to consider allowing it, too. He knew that when it was about their daughter, he couldn't force her. He thought they could arrange it so that Taylor was never alone with Hope's daughter. Hope looked away. Liam said they'd been talking about being one family, but they should actually mean it. Hope concluded that "one family" might have been too idealistic.

Hope refused to take chances with her daughter's life. Liam began to speak, but Hope cut him off. She was fine with everyone thinking she was too cautious and overprotective because it was her job to be those things. Hope knew she couldn't protect the baby from the dangers of the world for much longer, but she declared that she could protect the baby from "this."

It made Hope sad that the girls couldn't be close because Taylor was around. Steffy claimed that Hope would never take her baby's sister away if Hope had been through what Steffy had by losing a twin. Steffy said most people would be appalled by Hope's pregnancy, and Steffy had been until she'd realized that Kelly would have her own Phoebe. Steffy implored Hope not to take that from Kelly.

Hope didn't want to do it, but it was what felt right. Liam asked if finding common ground didn't feel right. He believed Hope knew it was possible. He claimed to love and respect Hope and Steffy, and he believed that if anyone could pull it off, they could. Hope said she understood that what he'd said was supposed to be a compliment, "but I am your wife, not her."

Liam began stammering that it wasn't what he'd meant. Hope declared that he was married to her, and they had a child on the way. She vowed to protect the baby. In Hope's view, it meant not having Taylor in the baby's life. Hope said the truth was that Taylor should be in prison. Hope did not think it was unreasonable to ask that Taylor not be a part of the life of Hope's baby.

Liam glanced at Steffy, who stared back at him with her lips pursed. Hope said they obviously thought it was. "Right? Is that what that look was?" Hope asked. Liam glanced around as if confused, but Hope said she'd noticed. She always noticed. Steffy conveyed that Liam was merely trying to get through to Hope. Hope replied that Steffy was hoping for so much more.

Hope asked Liam if they'd made a huge mistake. Liam asked what that meant. Hope reasoned that many extraordinary circumstances had led to them getting married and Steffy raising her child on her own. Hope said it might have been hasty, and she didn't want to live with any doubts. She didn't want Liam to, either. Liam told her to stop and asked what she meant.

Hope said she'd always admired Steffy's strength, but Hope was just as strong. Hope believed she could raise a child on her own, too. "What?" Liam asked. Hope asserted that Steffy's mom had shot his dad, and Hope was just asking him to keep that stress away from their children.

"And still, you side with her!" Hope yelled. "And seeing that connection you two share, still to this day, even though we're married now, and I'm the one that is carrying your child. Yes, it makes me wonder." Hope said that she'd give Liam one opportunity. If he had any regrets or wanted to go back in time, he needed to say it.

Hope stated that they kept talking about being one blended family, but the truth was that he had two. "So, if you want to be with Steffy and Kelly, now is your chance. You will be raising your child with one of us, so who do you want to share your life with? Steffy or me?" Hope asked.

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