Wednesday, October 1, 2014
by Pam

At Spencer, Bill and Katie grabbed Will who had choked and was not breathing. Katie cried and begged Bill to help Will. Brooke entered, and Katie shouted at her to call 911. Brooke pulled out her phone. Bill used the Heimlich maneuver on Will to dislodge what had clogged his airway. A coin popped out of Will's mouth, and Katie and Bill embraced Will.

Later at Katie's home, a doctor stopped at Katie's and told Katie, Bill, and Brooke that Will was fine. After the doctor had left, they discussed how lucky they had been. Katie blamed herself for not watching Will closely enough, but Bill said it had been his fault because he had left the coins on his desk. They agreed it had been an accident.

Brooke watched Bill and Katie interact, and she said that an accident had puts things in perspective. Brooke noted that they'd had some long, complicated years, and divorce had been hard on all of them. Katie said that she hadn't always agreed with Bill's choices, but she didn't know what she would have done without him when Will had started choking.

Bill was grateful that Katie believed in him as a father. He added that it was the greatest role in life. Katie teasingly asked if it was better than being CEO. Bill laughed and agreed it had been by a long shot. Katie smiled and Brooke looked pensive.

Later, Bill left, and Brooke advised Katie that she planned to accept a position at Forrester in Milan. Katie was stunned and asked it Bill knew. Brooke said that she had not yet told Bill. Brooke apologized for hurting Katie. Katie noted that they had all moved on. Brooke maintained that Katie and Bill still had a powerful bond over Will. Brooke said she had witnessed it. Brooke urged Katie to reconsider her relationship with Bill. Brooke said she was leaving town so that Katie and Bill could have time without her in the picture. Katie looked skeptical.

At Forrester, Ivy flashed back to her passionate kiss with Liam. Aly entered and asked if Ivy had heard from Liam. Ivy had not heard from him, and Aly and Ivy agreed that it was a shock that Hope hadn't returned to Liam. Aly suggested that Liam needed support. Ivy wondered why Hope had stayed with Wyatt.

Liam entered for an appointment to write a story on some jewelry pieces. Aly and Ivy asked how Liam had been doing. Liam said the reality that he would never get Hope back had set in. Aly left. Liam said Hope and Wyatt would be attached forever. Ivy didn't understand why Liam seemed so certain that Hope would never leave Wyatt. "Is there something more to this story?" Ivy asked. Ivy wondered if Quinn had threatened Hope, but Liam said Quinn had not bothered Hope. Eric texted and requested a meeting with Ivy, and Ivy left some pieces of jewelry for Liam to review. Liam sat down and flashed back to when Hope had told him she would love him forever, and no one would ever take their memories.

At Wyatt's beach house, Hope flashed back to her conversation with Liam about her pregnancy. Wyatt entered, and Hope thanked him for returning home when she had asked. She said someone else was moving in. Wyatt seemed surprised and added that they did not have room for Deacon. Hope said it was a little person who would arrive in about nine months. Wyatt was thrilled, and they embraced. Hope said she was excited. Wyatt was excited that they had created a life. Wyatt thanked Hope for the best news he'd ever heard. They kissed.

Wyatt said the baby created a deeper connection for them. Wyatt reminded her that they had been worried days earlier that his mother could have torn them apart. They kissed, and Hope cried.

Wyatt left the room, and Hope received a call from Liam. Hope said that she'd told Wyatt she was pregnant. She added that she planned to stay with Wyatt. Liam said he couldn't stop loving her. Wyatt called out to Hope from another room, and Hope told Liam that she had to let him go. Hope hung up, and Wyatt returned. Wyatt reveled in the fact that they would be a family. He wanted to turn a small office into a nursery. "Full steam ahead," he said.

. . .

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