Wednesday, April 23, 2014
by Pam

At Liam's, Liam called Hope at Forrester to remind her that he would prepare dinner for her that night. Hope seemed despondent, but Liam added that if she didn't show up, he would move on. After Liam had hung up, Bill sprinted into the house and said that he had run the beach as part of his training. Liam wondered if Brooke had already kicked Bill out of her house, but Bill said that he and Brooke were doing well.

Bill noted that Liam appeared to be prepared for a date. Liam told his dad that he had a date with Hope. Liam admitted that he had decided Hope could date both Liam and Wyatt. Bill wondered if Liam should be offering ultimatums. Bill advised that Liam should wait until Hope tired of Wyatt, but Liam said he wasn't going to wait. If Hope chose Wyatt, Liam planned to move on permanently.

Bill said that he was out of the meddling business. Liam teased that Bill had better speak to Wyatt about contraception because Wyatt had almost gotten Hope pregnant. Bill worried that they were all too young to become parents.

Liam noted that he knew Hope found Wyatt charming, but Liam was confident that Hope knew she wanted to end up with Liam, not Wyatt. Liam believed that if Hope showed up, they would reunite. Bill suggested that Liam had to blow Hope out of the water to get her to dump Wyatt. Liam agreed.

At Forrester, Aly entered Oliver's office and found Hope. Aly and Hope agreed they were glad that Ridge hadn't gotten his way in firing Oliver. Oliver entered, and they all headed to a meeting. Oliver promised a surprise for Aly.

In Eric's office, Eric, Rick, and Brooke discussed that things were going well. Rick said that Ridge was not attending the upcoming meeting. Brooke said it was fine, and she said that Brooke's Bedroom was on the agenda. She said that there would be no new photographer. "Oliver is staying," Brooke said.

Quinn and Wyatt entered, and Wyatt worried that if Aly attended the meeting about the bedroom line, it could get out of control again. Wyatt wondered if Aly should be there. "It's not your call, Wyatt," Eric said. Quinn tried to support Wyatt and stated that Aly was too immature, but Eric supported Aly.

Aly, Hope, and Oliver entered. During the meeting, Rick suggested they discuss a new spokesmodel for Brooke's Bedroom line. Caroline encouraged Brooke to remain the spokesmodel, but Brooke declined. Brooke said she was flattered and would like to stay behind the scenes. Alexa, a Forrester model, had been suggested, and Pam and Maya agreed Alexa was a strong candidate. Everyone agreed it had to be someone from inside the organization who knew and understood the line.

Wyatt looked at Hope, and Hope again refused. Oliver suggested Aly, who was in shock, and everyone else was too. "Aly?" questioned Caroline. Wyatt shook his head. Hope incredulously wondered if Aly was truly considering it. Caroline reminded Aly it was lingerie, not jammies. Oliver pointed out it could be tasteful, artsy, and imaginative. Eric had some reservations.

Aly acknowledged that she had been too strong and judgmental the last time they had discussed the bedroom line. Aly admitted she had gone overboard on Hope and Wyatt. Aly noted that Oliver had worked with many talented models including Hope and Maya.

Aly said that it meant a lot to her that Oliver believed in her. She was flattered and wouldn't let anyone down. She felt she could do it, but decided not to. She thanked Oliver for his confidence in her. Everyone was relieved, and Aly and Oliver smiled at each other. Later in Oliver's office, Oliver told Aly that she was fascinating, complex, and stunningly beautiful. Aly kissed him passionately.

Wyatt and Hope met in Wyatt's office. Wyatt asked if Aly was on meds or something. Hope admitted she was also surprised by Aly. Hope seemed distracted. She apologized to Wyatt. Wyatt and Hope agreed they'd had a stressful few days. Hope advised Wyatt that Liam had invited her to dinner -- on a date.

Wyatt discouraged Hope from going to Liam's house. Wyatt wanted her to send Liam a text message and tell him it was over. Wyatt reminded Hope that they had something special and were building a future together. Hope listened and nodded but made no commitment.

At Liam's house, he prepared his dinner table with flowers, candles, and wine. He waited for Hope.

. . .

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