Friday, December 12, 2014

In Bill's office, Katie arrived at a time when Bill could use the company. Katie hadn't wanted to intrude upon his grief, but she'd needed to check on him face-to-face. "It's a nice face," he responded and thanked her for thinking of him. Katie wanted to help him with his loss in any way she could.

Bill didn't really know what to say after losing a grandson. Katie hadn't known that it had been a boy. Bill hadn't seen Wyatt since the hospital. He figured that Wyatt could use some time to heal without a pep talk from his father.

Bill declared that it shouldn't have happened, and Wyatt should have been able to be the father that he'd wanted to be. Bill said that many children were born unwanted, but Wyatt's child had had an extended family waiting with open arms. It was tough for Bill to accept losing his grandchild, and Katie hugged him.

Bill wasn't the type to bemoan fate, but he asked if Liam and Wyatt losing their first children was due to the "sins of the father." Katie said that Bill could take on that burden if he wanted to, but the miscarriages had had nothing to do with him. He thanked her for her knack for keeping him humble.

Katie recalled how happy and radiant Hope had been at the baby shower. Bill said he wasn't good at being helpless. Katie replied that it was sometimes all one could be because healing moved at its own pace. Bill blamed the loss on Quinn, who'd had no business being on Brooke's property.

"What are you planning?" Katie warily asked. Bill feigned innocence, but Katie knew him too well and could tell he was planning to right a wrong. He replied that he protected his own. She told him that there was nothing he could do short of driving to Mulholland and taking it up with the gods. Heading to the door, he decided to do just that.

Katie pulled Bill back toward her and implored him not to do anything he'd regret. "You care about me," Bill responded. She agreed that she did. "My Katie. I miss you," he said, stroking her hair. Suddenly, he pulled her into a long and slow kiss. He charged out the door, and she yelled for him not to do anything he couldn't take back. Alone, the breathless Katie touched her lips.

At the loft, Quinn desperately wanted Wyatt to believe that she hadn't had bad intentions toward Hope or the baby. She'd just wanted Hope to forgive her and give her a place in her grandchild's life. "Son. Grandson," Wyatt corrected. Quinn repeated the words.

Wyatt said that he hadn't done a good job as a man protecting his family. Quinn replied that she'd always wanted to be good for his family and not a part of an unspeakable loss. He stated that she never meant any harm, but the things she set in motion seemed to spiral out of control. He wasn't blaming her, but he was trying to accept his own responsibility in the incident.

Wyatt asserted that Hope had wanted Quinn out of their lives for a good reason. The baby was gone, and he felt that he should have listened to Hope, not Quinn. Wyatt wished he'd emulated Quinn's protectiveness and had stood his ground against her.

Quinn admitted to making mistakes, but she asked Wyatt to remember that she owned up to them -- especially regarding her relationship with him. She begged him to see that she wasn't responsible for Hope losing the baby. Wyatt understood that she hadn't pushed Hope down the stairs; however, she'd been the reason Hope had been there to begin with.

Wyatt raged that Quinn hadn't been able to stay away. She'd had no patience and couldn't wait for Hope to heal. He yelled that Quinn got everything she wanted, regardless of the consequences, and because of her, he'd lost everything.

Quinn asked what Wyatt meant, and Wyatt relayed his suspicion that Hope would leave him. Quinn exclaimed that Hope shouldn't be blaming him. Instead, the couple should be helping each other heal. Quinn asked if he really believed it was all her fault. He declared that her obsessive, suffocating love had cost him everything, and he was done. "Goodbye, Mom," Wyatt said and stormed out.

Later, Quinn went to the rooftop of her building. She stood upon the ledge and flashed back to the confrontations she'd had with Wyatt and Hope. She recalled Hope falling down the steps.

"Do it," Quinn heard. Turning, she saw Bill on the roof behind her.

In Brooke's garden, Liam said he'd known Hope would be there. Hope replied that she hadn't even known she'd be there. Hope couldn't believe her baby was gone. He asked what he could do for her, and she replied that he was already doing it.

Liam asked if Wyatt was there. Hope said she'd arrived alone. Liam offered to leave, but she didn't want that. He wished he could remove her pain. She tearfully said that she'd loved her son "so much," and her baby boy's life was gone -- just like that-- because she hadn't been careful. Liam stated that it was Quinn's fault, and he wouldn't let Hope blame herself.

Liam said that, sometimes, there was no reason for things; sometimes, horrible things just happened. Hope stated that he was always there when she needed him. Liam replied that no matter where life took them, "I'm there." Hope said she was there for him, too.

Liam was surprised to hear Hope say that. Hope explained that her life had revolved around the pregnancy for the past few months; however, the baby was gone, but her life remained. She'd thought a lot about what had happened in her life and why. She'd wanted to be with Liam more than anything, but when she'd gotten pregnant, she'd tried to give the family a chance and give the baby the childhood she hadn't had. "Oh, but I never stopped loving you," Hope uttered.

Liam grew emotional and blinked away tears. Hope cupped his face in her hand, and he pressed her hand close to his chest and above his heart.

Hope and Liam strolled across the lawn, hand in hand, and Liam asked what would happen at that point. Hope felt that she needed to exhale, sort through her pain, and figure out who she'd become. "I need my mom," she said. Guessing that she'd visit Brooke in Milan, he asked how long Hope would be gone. She said it would be as long as it took to piece herself together and find direction.

Liam asked when Hope would leave. "Now," Hope replied. He seemed to think she was joking, but upon seeing the resolve in her eyes, he asked if it would really be that soon. She smiled and told him that she loved him; she'd always love him.

Liam looked away, but something compelled him to kiss Hope. A montage of their joys and tragedies played on-screen. The pair hugged. He kissed her hands, stroked her face, and kissed her forehead. Their heads touched, and they held onto each other's hands.

Slowly, Hope backed away, and she and Liam slipped from each other's grasps. Liam watched her walk off until her image faded away.

. . .

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