Friday, September 12, 2014

In Bill's office, Quinn arrived with a bottle of scotch. Bill readily declined to drink any beverage from her. She'd arrived to make sure he'd keep her secret, and he drearily replied that he'd do it only because it would do no good to stir things up -- but not because he approved of Quinn's actions.

Quinn seemed impressed with herself for her accomplishments, and she wished Bill wouldn't be "so touchy" about it. Bill responded that he didn't have a problem with secrets, but her brand of manipulation was going to stop. Quinn touted that she'd done the family a favor. Hope and Wyatt were together, and Liam was moving on with his life, all because of Quinn.

Bill ordered Quinn to count herself lucky and back off. Quinn claimed that Liam had nothing to fear from her because he wasn't in her way. Bill insisted that she back off of Hope and Wyatt, too, and let all three people live their lives. Bill warned that Wyatt would turn against Quinn if he learned what she'd done, but Quinn insisted that "our" secret was safe.

At the cliff house, Wyatt accused Liam of overreacting to think the house swap was a conspiracy. In Wyatt's view, he and Hope simply needed more space. Liam chided Wyatt for not even wanting Bu around due to Hope's memories of the past but then magically wanting to live in a house loaded with those memories. Wyatt claimed that he and Hope would make new memories there.

Liam asked if marrying Hope and returning to Forrester wasn't enough for Wyatt. Wyatt admitted that it wasn't. He and Hope had bigger plans for their lives. Wyatt insisted the house was perfect for him and Hope. He asked if Liam couldn't see kids at "that" table or running around outside in "that backyard." Wyatt said that Liam might disagree, but Hope would be excited about it.

At Forrester, Hope wanted Ivy to agree that Liam needed time, but Ivy contended that the man who'd jumped into the river to save her had no problems making quick decisions. Ivy felt that one could tell a lot about a person by his decisions, and Liam's decision to save her had spoken of man he was.

Ivy pointed out that Hope had made a decision that day, too, and it had been to leave and marry Wyatt. Hope asked what her decision had said about her. Ivy replied that it said Hope loved Wyatt. Hope claimed that she did very much, and Ivy stated that it was only fair to let Liam move on, too.

Later, Hope was alone in deep thought when Wyatt arrived. He hoped that a kiss could change her reticent mood. After the kiss, he studied her and asked if everything was okay. "Now it is," she claimed, smiling. Wyatt guessed that she'd had the kind of day he'd had.

Wyatt said that he and Liam kind of needed to work some things out. Wyatt didn't seem forthcoming about the Liam issue, so Hope asked Wyatt about the surprise he had for her. Hope tried to guess at the surprise, and he told that she'd seen it before. "We lived there, sort of," he said. She frowned blankly, and he announced that he wanted them to move into the cliff house.

Hope became perplexed by the proposal. Wyatt said he'd already talked to Liam and Bill. "And they agreed?" Hope incredulously asked. Wyatt said it wasn't a done deal, and he knew that Liam wouldn't just hand over the keys. Hope readily agreed because it was Liam's house. Wyatt corrected that Liam was just staying there, like Wyatt was just staying at the beach house.

"I don't get it," Hope said with a placating smile. Hope didn't know why Wyatt would want to live with her in a house full of memories of her last relationship. Wyatt proposed that they make new memories, and he raved about how much space and amenities the house had. "It has everything that I want for our family," he concluded.

Hope seemed taken aback, and Wyatt replied that, because they were married, he'd been thinking about kids. Hope guessed that he hadn't been kidding when he'd said he'd had a surprise for her. He said they didn't have to start right away, but he wanted her to know that he'd be ready.

In the security office, Charlie studied a rollaway whiteboard on which he'd made an investigative chart littered with sticky notes, pictures of Quinn and the Eiffel Tower, and maps. He'd used some of Pam's knitting yarn to string connections between the pictures and notes.

Pam entered, and he coolly rolled the board so that his project faced the wall. Pam was puzzled about where he'd been. At first, Charlie was tight-lipped about his activities, but he quickly admitted that he was seeing if something would pan out before he told her about it. She asked if it was a surprise for her. He asked if she'd like to see Hope and Liam back together.

Pam believed it would never happen, but Charlie stated that it might -- if Quinn had pushed Ivy into the Seine. Pam replied that Quinn hadn't even been in Paris. "Was she?" Pam asked. Charlie said he was checking on that very thing, and if Quinn had been there, Customs would have a record of it. He was waiting for a response from one of his Customs contacts.

Moments later, the Customs contact text-messaged Charlie a document, and Pam was shocked that Charlie was right. Charlie exclaimed that the dates and times were right there, and Quinn had gone through Customs around the same time Ivy had plunged into the river. He said that big cities had cameras everywhere, and if Quinn had been anywhere near the bridge, a camera would have recorded it. He had another contact who he was sure could find the footage.

Pam got a peek at Charlie's board while he was on the phone with the Forrester International liaison who'd been in charge of surveillance at the Paris photo shoot. The contact agreed to acquire surveillance footage from in and around the garden and Eiffel Tower. Charlie also asked for airport footage to prove that Quinn had actually flown to the city.

After a while, Charlie's contact sent overhead video footage from outside the airport. On the black-and-white footage, Pam and Charlie saw a disguised Quinn stealing a scooter to pursue Liam and Ivy. Next, the duo viewed the footage of the bridge. They zoomed in to better see Liam and Ivy. Pam gasped when she saw Quinn, in a scarf and sunglasses, shove Ivy off the bridge.

Back at the cliff house, Liam reflected upon his memories with Hope that had transpired in his house and around the world. He was startled when Ivy, who'd entered the house, touched his shoulder. He smiled and wiped away a tear. Liam seemed out of sorts to Ivy, and he murmured that Wyatt wanted to take Liam's house and raise "mini-mes" in it with Hope.

Liam asserted that Wyatt was just like his mother, and the pair took, and took, and took. Ivy felt that Liam had a right to be upset, and she gathered that the house meant a lot to him. "Maybe more than I realize," he uttered. He stammered that he'd really thought he was ready, and he did feel that he could be close. "You're just not ready yet," Ivy knowingly concluded.

Just then, a loud banging sounded on the door. Liam rushed to it and let in Pam and Charlie. Glad that Ivy was there, too, Pam said Ivy and Liam wouldn't believe what she and Charlie had to show them. Charlie and Pam explained that it had to do with the bridge in Paris.

Pam stated that Liam and Hope had been steps away from uniting, but Quinn hadn't been about to let it happen. Ivy and Liam dismissed the discussion because Quinn hadn't even been at the fashion shoot. Liam added that Quinn had been in Los Angeles. Shaking her head, Pam insisted that Quinn hadn't been.

Charlie displayed the scooter footage of Quinn from the airport, and Ivy was surprised to conclude that Quinn had been on Ivy and Liam's plane. Charlie continued showing the footage, and Ivy and Liam saw Quinn push Ivy off the bridge. Pam declared that Liam hadn't lost Hope by an act of faith. It had been because of Quinn.

. . .

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