Friday, April 18, 2014

At Spencer, Justin arrived early for an appointment with Katie. Katie had gotten an email from Justin earlier, and she hadn't understood what he'd been implying in it. Justin felt that he hadn't been coy. He wanted to do the best job he could for her, but it was difficult to do so with restricted access. Katie hadn't allowed him into her inner circle, and that had caused him problems.

Katie decided that there was no problem because she was satisfied with Justin's work. Justin claimed that he could do much more. "For me or for Bill?" Katie asked. Katie told Justin not to pretend that his loyalty wasn't to Bill. Justin saw nothing wrong with sharing information with Bill, who, as a major shareholder in the business, deserved to be in the game.

Katie didn't think that Justin should speak to her about what Bill deserved. Justin said that Bill had been ousted from his company, and not being there was killing him. "Have a heart. I know yours is borrowed, but you can still use it," Justin quipped. The offended Katie scoffed at his audacity to speak to her that way. She said he was lucky to have a job, and he shouldn't push it.

Justin noted that he and Katie had been friends, and he was her nephew's father. He asked if they could get over the animosity. Katie called it a character flaw of hers to be loyal to people who were not loyal to her. She was certain that Justin was no more than Bill's right hand. Katie asserted that she'd be insane to give Justin more responsibility after he'd drawn up those papers for Bill.

Justin felt that it had been worth a shot at Bill's last chance to get the company back. Katie asked what would happen if there was another shot, and she advised Justin to look elsewhere for career growth, because after what Justin and Bill had done, she'd never trust Justin.

Justin asked if Katie could forgive him for just helping a friend. Katie declared that he'd tried to con her. Justin said it had been about getting Bill what he'd deserved. "My job? My son? No. Signing those papers was the worst mistake I've ever made. Thank God Brooke destroyed them," she stated.

At Il Giardino, Brooke reasoned that Karen and Bill's father had wanted his children to work together. Brooke said that Bill had worked in Los Angeles while Karen had worked in New York. It was no longer like that, but Karen could fix it by removing Katie and giving Bill back his job.

Karen had thought that Bill and Brooke were just a fling, but Brooke going to bat for Bill made Karen realize that Brooke cared for him. Brooke was determined to fight for what she thought was right. Brooke felt that Bill had fought for her, and she was willing to fight for him. She said that the first step in making things right with Bill had been to reunite with him. The second step was getting his job back.

Brooke conveyed that divorce could be hard with the splitting of custody and assets. Katie already had one percent of the business, and Brooke asked why Katie also needed his job. Brooke believed that Karen had had the right intentions and had been trying to support Katie, but Brooke wondered if it had been fair to Bill.

Bill chimed in to say that the time had arrived for Karen to support him -- the same as he'd done for her. He reminded Karen of how accepting he'd been when she'd been petrified of "coming out" to him. Karen appreciated it but didn't see what it had to do with business. He questioned why, if Karen really felt that personal feelings shouldn't affect business, he was sitting there and not in his office.

Bill asked if Karen could support him the same way he'd supported her. Karen relayed that she supported Brooke and Bill's relationship and appreciated Bill's acceptance. Karen was glad she'd been wrong in thinking Bill would react to her homosexuality the same way their father had. She didn't want to be wrong in choosing a leader for the company. Bill asked if she'd made it, and Karen said she had.

Karen decided that she was going to stay with Katie. Brooke's mouth dropped open, but Karen stated that her decision was final and that there was nothing more Brooke could do about it. "Are you sure about that?" Brooke pointedly asked. Karen apologized and hoped Bill wouldn't hold it against her.

Bill snarled but said nothing, and Karen exited the restaurant. Bill thanked Brooke and quipped that Karen hadn't bothered to pay the bill with the money he'd made her. "Typical," he grumbled.

Bill took off to pay for the lunch. Brooke flashed back to Bill showing her the papers that he'd tricked Katie into signing and about telling Katie that she'd replaced the documents with the Aspen leaves. Brooke then recalled Bill asking if she'd shredded or burned the papers.

Brooke quietly reached into her purse and pulled out the papers that Katie had signed.

In the studio, Maya and Carter were discussing her worry about Oliver and Aly. As Oliver entered, full of worry that Ridge wouldn't like the newest photo shoot. Oliver was determined to impress Ridge before Ridge fired him for real.

Before taking off, Carter stated that the pictures were great. Maya remarked that Ridge couldn't do anything to Oliver with so many people in his corner. Oliver stated that anything could happen as long as he wasn't a Forrester or Logan. He added that Maya was lucky to be engaged to Carter, whose brother was a Forrester and a Logan. "You're set for life. Wish I could say the same," he said.

Maya secretly started recording the conversation with her cell phone and turned the topic to Aly. Oliver relayed that Aly was a nice girl, and he enjoyed hanging out with her. Maya added that Aly being a Forrester was just a happy coincidence. Oliver said he needed to hold on to his job, and he was willing to date the redhead at Forrester if it would help.

Oliver switched the subject to reshooting a dress because the pictures of it seemed too wholesome. Maya replied that "wholesome" wasn't far off target for HFTF, whose audience was girls like Aly. He replied that girls like Aly were innocent, but they still wanted to be kissed. He wanted to portray that in the photos and really show the Forresters what he could do for them.

Maya assumed that Oliver wasn't just talking about behind the camera. Oliver replied that the Forresters were extraordinary, and if he could be a part of it, then he'd put up with Aly. He said Aly was nice enough and pretty enough. Maya warned that it would end badly if he was just using Aly. Oliver stated that Maya knew him, and he wasn't looking to hurt anyone. He said that if he benefited from Aly liking to hang out with him, "then what's the harm?"

Later, Carter returned and noted that Maya was in a pensive move. He asked if Oliver had said anything. Maya told Carter to close the door and hear for himself.

Carter listened to a clip from the recording but said it was taken out of context. Maya asked him to stop being a lawyer, and she played more clips. "Put up with her?'" Maya repeated from the recording. She declared that the recording was proof that Oliver was using Aly.

In her room, Aly smiled and wrote in her journal. She flashed back to kissing Oliver. The Darla vision appeared, and Aly excitedly discussed the kiss with Oliver. The vision said that Oliver really liked Aly. Aly wished Darla could meet Oliver, and Aly was nervous about having a guy liking her. Aly hoped that Darla would be watching over the couple. Darla said that Oliver saw how special Aly was, and with a guy like that, Aly didn't need Darla's help.

Later, Oliver arrived at the Forrester mansion, but no one answered the front door. He wandered through the gardens until he discovered Aly by the pool. He drank in the sight of her long legs as she lounged in a chair. When he got her attention, she skipped over to him. Embarrassed to be hardly dressed in her one-piece swimsuit, Aly wanted to change her clothes.

Oliver told Aly that she was beautiful and shouldn't change a thing. He decided that she'd be more comfortable if he took off his shirt. Aly stammered and tried not to stare at him as she asked why he was there. She was sure it wasn't for a swim, because he lived by the ocean.

Oliver said that Aly wasn't located at the ocean, and he also needed her help with a project. Oliver wanted to change up some of the ways that he shot photographs. Aly was willing to help but reminded him that he was safe because her grandfather had put his foot down.

Oliver stared at Aly. He apologized and said he couldn't help it. Aly confided that she felt like a girl who, after finally being approached by the hottest guy in school, had no idea of what to say. Chuckling, Oliver noted that she wasn't a kid anymore. "You're a woman now," he uttered, nearing her. Batting her eyes, she replied that no one had ever called her that. Oliver kissed her.

. . .

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