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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap for Friday, December 7, 2018
Reese and Taylor hit it off when they meet at Steffy's party
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Friday, December 7, 2018

In Brooke's bedroom, Brooke sat on the bed, reading, and Ridge sat on the settee by the window. He noted that she was quiet that night, and she quipped, "Lucky you." He replied that he liked when she talked and the sound of her voice. In unison, the two began to express that they needed to talk. Brooke asked who'd say it first.

Walking around the bed, Brooke wondered why they hadn't seen it coming. Ridge didn't know how they could have predicted that Taylor would shoot someone, but Brooke replied that Taylor had been out of it the past few years. Brooke said Taylor wasn't just wacky; she was dangerous.

Brooke suggested that Ridge might lack objectivity about Taylor, but Ridge insisted that he got where Taylor stood. Brooke warned Ridge that he wasn't doing Taylor any favors by not being realistic about the situation. He asked if being realistic meant he had to agree with Brooke that Taylor was dangerous and that there was something wrong with her.

In Ridge's opinion, Taylor had defended her daughter. Brooke countered that Steffy had made a choice that night. Ridge yelled that Steffy had chosen to be alone, but Bill hadn't allowed it. Ridge called Bill a dangerous predator. "That's not what Steffy says," Brooke replied.

Ridge said the life of his strong, beautiful daughter had been destroyed. Steffy had had to beg Liam for forgiveness, but Bill hadn't let that reconciliation stand, either. Ridge didn't know what Brooke wanted him to do. Brooke gleaned that Ridge didn't seem to blame Taylor at all. Ridge asked why he'd blame Taylor when, given the same circumstances, he might have done it, too.

Slipping her hands under his elbows, Brooke uttered that there was no way she'd ever believe Ridge would try to shoot Bill. Ridge started to kiss her, but he pulled back, stating that her faith in him was touching. He believed she gave him too much credit, but she insisted that she knew him better than he knew himself.

Brooke reasoned that Ridge, like most, wasn't capable of the shooting; however, Taylor had done it on impulse. In Brooke's view, it was crazy; they couldn't ignore it, and sweeping it under the rug would give Taylor permission to do something worse the next time. Ridge said Brooke acted as if Taylor was a gun-toting killer, but Spencer's behavior had triggered Taylor.

Brooke persisted in trying to convince Ridge that Taylor had been off for months, and Taylor couldn't even encounter Brooke without screaming and yelling. Brooke was used to it, but Taylor had started doing it to Brooke's pregnant daughter. Ridge admitted that Taylor was a little high-strung. Brooke said it was more serious than that.

"And now she's here in L.A., spending time with Steffy and Kelly," Brooke said. Ridge explained that Taylor needed her family, but Brooke expressed fear that Taylor might act on impulse again. "I mean, there's a baby there!" Brooke exclaimed. Ridge asked what Brooke was getting at, and Brooke said she didn't think Taylor should be left alone with Kelly. It wasn't Brooke's intention to hurt Taylor. Brooke just wanted to protect Kelly and wouldn't even suggest it if Taylor hadn't shot Bill.

Defending Taylor, Ridge said she'd snapped for reasons that some might understand. Brooke replied that it wasn't understandable to shoot someone in the back. Brooke wondered who'd be hurt if Taylor snapped again.

Ridge understood that Brooke wanted to protect the baby, but he felt that she was overreacting. Brooke huffed and started pacing. He asked Brooke to find some motherly understanding. He asked what she'd do if it had been Hope. Brooke claimed it wasn't that she had no empathy. She was just frightened. She asked once more what would happen if Taylor snapped again.

Ridge respected Brooke's opinion, but he completely disagreed with it. "Great," Brooke sarcastically replied. She said it was okay because whatever happened outside their bedroom doors would happen. They'd love each other no matter what.

Ridge said "they'd" thrown a lot of obstacles at him and Brooke, and he didn't want Taylor getting between them. He stated that Spencer was remaining silent, and they should do the same. Ridge asked if she could do it for him. Brooke smiled and kissed him. As they hugged, she looked worried.

At Steffy's house, Taylor was holding Kelly and noting that the place looked nice for the party. Setting bottles of wine on a table, Steffy clarified that it wasn't really a party. She was just having the Intimates team over to thank them for their hard work.

Taylor decided to put Kelly to bed and said she'd stay out of Steffy's way. Steffy stated that she wanted her mother to stay. Taylor found the sentiment refreshing because Brooke thought Taylor was too dangerous to be around her own granddaughter. Steffy said it was a ridiculous notion, but she pointed out that there would be alcohol. Taylor claimed it wouldn't be a problem.

Later, Sally and Wyatt arrived. Steffy introduced them to Taylor and said they could help themselves to the spirits on the table. As Steffy complimented Wyatt and Sally's work, Xander and Zoe arrived with Zoe's father. Zoe remarked that Danny couldn't be there because he had to work at "Bikini."

Zoe introduced her father as her dad, and he told them that he was Reese Buckingham. Steffy introduced her mother to him as Dr. Taylor Hayes, and he noted that he and Taylor had something in common.

As the party continued, Zoe stood close to Xander and said that it felt familiar to her to steal a moment with him. He replied that old habits were hard to break. She said she'd tried to tell him, but he hadn't wanted to listen because he'd been caught up in Emma.

"Well, I hear you now," Xander told Zoe. She asked if it was okay to spend time together and "take it slow." He said that it felt right to him, and she kissed him.

Wyatt and Sally emerged from the bedroom and told Steffy, who was sitting with Reese and Taylor, how cute the baby was. Steffy replied that she and Liam thought so, too. Gesturing to the portrait on the wall, Reese assumed Liam was her husband. Everyone in the room became silent, and Wyatt and Sally excused themselves to get a drink.

Reese apologized for being presumptuous. Steffy said there was no need to apologize. She explained that Liam was Wyatt's brother and her child's father, and though Liam was in the child's life, her marriage to him had ended. Reese was sorry to hear it. Steffy said it was okay.

"Except it isn't," Taylor stated. She told Reese that the couple would still be together if it hadn't been for outside influences. Steffy asked her mother not to do "this," but Taylor insisted that it was true. Taylor explained that Steffy and Hope, Liam's new wife, had been rivals for years -- just like the women's mothers. Taylor claimed that Hope had waited around for problems in Steffy's marriage, and the moment the problems had materialized, Hope had pounced.

Wyatt said that it wasn't true. Steffy didn't want to bore everyone with the story, but Reese replied that he wasn't bored. Taylor persisted, saying the picture on the wall represented the life that Liam and Steffy should be sharing.

Steffy stared around in embarrassment, and Taylor apologized to Reese for going on like that. Reese didn't think there was a need to be sorry. He understood parental love and said he felt the same way about Zoe. Taylor was glad "to be understood."

Off to the side later, Reese told Taylor that she might not remember, but they'd met before at a conference at which she'd spoken about childhood development. "Oh, I remember that," Taylor beamed. He conveyed that at that event, he'd been impressed with her insights.

Taylor asked about Reese's specialty, and he explained that he was in OB/GYN. He'd transferred to Los Angeles and was also putting in time at a clinic in Catalina. Tugging the nearby Zoe, Taylor told her that she should be happy to have her father around.

"It's great," Zoe murmured. Taylor noted that Reese didn't have a British accent. Zoe explained that her mother was British. Reese added that they'd divorced when Zoe had been very little.

By the fireplace later, Xander and Zoe observed Taylor and Reese. Xander noted that it was interesting that the pair was talking so much.

Steffy gathered everyone to thank them for the success of their line. She also thanked her mother for loving her, supporting her, and teaching her to be a parent. Before Kelly's birth, Steffy hadn't realized what a selfless act parenting was.

The coworkers toasted and chatted, but Taylor looked gloomy. Reese asked if she was okay. She wasn't sure she deserved the praise from Steffy. He said that they'd just met, but he was a good listener if she needed to talk. Taylor warned that once she started talking, she might not stop. Reese grinned as if he had no problem with that.

Reese prodded Taylor to open up, and she said she'd been through a lot. She was trying to rise above it all and be a good mother and grandmother. Reese didn't need anyone to tell him that she was wonderful. All he had to do was look at the amazing Steffy and know that Taylor had been a sterling role model. He also noted that Taylor was an accomplished doctor.

Reese understood the passion and dedication it took and asked if she ever missed practicing. Taylor did. He asked what was stopping her from getting back to it. She responded that she'd had some issues. He wondered if the issues were financial, but she thanked goodness that money had never been a problem. She revealed that she'd battled alcohol in the past. She'd battled other demons, too, including a blonde one named Brooke.

Reese asked who that was, and Taylor said he didn't want her to tell him. He stood expectantly, and she summarized her belief that her nemesis Brooke had stolen her husband repeatedly and deprived her children of their family. Taylor insisted that history was repeating itself with Hope, Brooke's daughter. It upset Taylor to see Steffy go through with Hope the same thing that Taylor had gone through with Hope's mother.

Taylor claimed that Brooke was reinserting herself into Taylor's life and telling her to stay away from her own granddaughter. Reese was amazed that Brooke would try to keep Taylor from her grandchild. Taylor apologized for dumping it all on him, but he claimed to be happy she could be open with him. Taylor said there was something about him that was very easy to trust.

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