Friday, August 15, 2014

On the Forrester jet, Ivy noted to Liam that it had been nice of Rick to let them take the jet home. Liam replied that Ivy could have stayed in Paris, but guilt-ridden, she responded that she couldn't let him travel home alone. He told her that Hope and Wyatt hadn't gotten married because Ivy had fallen into the Seine. Ivy insisted that, if not for her, Liam would have gotten to Hope on time.

Liam imagined arriving at the Eiffel Tower on time and the surprised Hope kissing him. He began second-guessing himself, asking what would be if he'd gone to Paris with Hope or given himself more time to get to Paris. Ivy asked why Hope couldn't have waited longer or called someone to locate him.

Liam replied that Hope hadn't known if he'd be there, but she'd probably known what it had meant that he hadn't shown. Ivy exclaimed that Liam had practically been right there. Shrugging, he said Hope was married to his brother, and nothing would change it.

Ivy asked how Bill would react to the turn of events. Liam said that his father hadn't thought "Hope was right for me. At least right enough to be Mrs. Spencer." It seemed to Liam that someone had always tried to break them up, be it their father or Steffy, and it had sometimes worked.

Scenes of Hope in a wedding dress on the back of an Italian Ape mini-truck, racing to the wedding; Hope trapped in an Aspen Gondola; and Hope and Liam racing together to the alcove in Cabo San Lucas played on the screen. Liam said there had always been a connection, just like the one he'd felt on the end of the runway the first time he'd proposed.

The scene of Hope gasping as Liam knelt on the runway with the ring played. Ivy called it a nice memory. "Someday it will be," Liam sadly replied. He guessed her response had been a hint to keep it to himself. She claimed she hadn't meant it that way, but she'd understand if talking about it was too hard.

Liam flashed back to talking to Hope by the pool in Italy, where she'd said he'd never thought they'd get to that place, but soon, they'd been husband and wife. "We came so close so many times. Maybe you only get so many chances," Liam said to Ivy.

Liam remarked that, during his last reunion with Hope, she'd said she couldn't imagine a life without him. He'd guessed it was because he'd never let her. "Wherever Hope was, there Liam was," he ruefully stated. He decided that he couldn't live his life that way anymore -- constantly chasing her, sharing her, and vying to create an ideal future or a rebuilt past.

Liam declared that he had to be done. He had to let it go, accept that Hope had married Wyatt, and move forward. He said that someday, he'd meet someone -- eventually. Ivy said there was no rush. Patting his hand, Ivy said it that might not seem like it, but the good guys always won in the end.

At Brooke's house, Bill arrived, ready to take the hint from his and Brooke's children by getting married. "Marry me. Let's get on with our lives," Bill proposed. Bill added that after he threw a party for Hope and Wyatt, Bill and Brooke would fly to the Stella Maris and have a wedding of their own.

Brooke was astonished that Bill wanted to run off and elope and that he wasn't concerned that their children might have acted recklessly. He replied that Liam had hesitated, but Wyatt hadn't. Bill added that he felt for Liam, who was probably kicking himself.

Bill noted that Brooke always said he acted considering the consequences, but to him, not acting could have consequences, too. Bill claimed he wouldn't make the mistake Liam had made by hanging back. Brooke stated that forcing issues wasn't wise, either, and doing so also had consequences.

Bill asserted that he and Brooke would get beyond what had happened with Ridge. She noted that Ridge wasn't the same, and she couldn't figure out why. Bill contended that Ridge hadn't changed a bit. Brooke quipped that hearing Bill talk that way made her doubt that he'd changed, either.

Bill felt that newlyweds were trying to teach him and Brooke a lesson. Brooke said she had nothing against Wyatt, but Hope didn't want Quinn as a mother-in-law. Bill said Hope had to have felt that Wyatt was worth it. Bill relayed that Wyatt was imperfect with baggage like his father, but if Wyatt had told Hope that it wouldn't be an issue, she could believe it.

Brooke declared that Quinn would always be an issue. Though Brooke was glad Quinn was getting help, Brooke hoped that therapy would keep Quinn out of Los Angeles for a long time. Bill declared that Quinn needed to be locked up for what she'd done to Liam, not in a cushy treatment center. He believed that Quinn was dangerous, but not to them, because he'd never let anything get between himself and Brooke again. Smiling, Brooke pinched Bill's chin.

At Quinn's loft, Deacon rewound Ricardo's video several times to hear certain parts again and again. The front door opened, and he closed the laptop. Quinn strode in, and he spooked her by loudly joking that she'd sneaked out of the clinic.

Quinn claimed she'd gotten the help she needed, and she asked if Deacon had heard any good news as of late. He guessed she knew. "That my son and your daughter are married, finally -- uh-huh," Quinn responded with a satisfied grin.

Deacon asked if Quinn knew how the ceremony had gone. She said she didn't, but she was sure it had been beautiful. He replied that it was beautiful for her, too, because she'd gotten exactly what she'd wanted. Quinn thought it was uncanny that they'd become related so soon after he'd tried to pick her up in a bar. He quipped that he'd dodged a bullet that time -- "or maybe a blade."

Deacon revealed the he knew what Quinn had done to Liam, and Quinn retorted that she knew Deacon had tipped off Wyatt. Deacon told her to consider herself lucky because he'd saved her from something crazy. Shrugging, Quinn replied that it hadn't been the best way to handle things.

Deacon asserted that Quinn had been desperate to get Hope away from Liam, and it was curious to him that Hope was "now" with Wyatt. Quinn figured it had been meant to be. Deacon guessed it was too bad she hadn't seen it. She replied that she just would have been a distraction on the couple's day.

Quinn knew that Hope wouldn't embrace her new mother-in-law right away, which left work for Quinn to do. "Leave her alone," Deacon commanded. He theorized that Quinn expected him to believe it had all happened by faith, and she'd had nothing to do with it. She imagined it was horrible being Deacon, the former convict who believed everyone had ulterior motives.

Deacon claimed he'd changed, and Quinn bragged that she had, too. She planned to be the perfect mother-in-law. She didn't even mind if she couldn't return to Forrester because Wyatt had a great marriage, a great job, and the diamond. To her, Wyatt's future was set.

"Yeah, about that diamond," Deacon began. He told Quinn that the Mexico City authorities were in town to investigate Ricardo's death. Handing her the policeman's card, Deacon said the man had wanted to talk to Wyatt, but Deacon had a feeling the man would eventually want to talk to Quinn.

Carelessly tossing aside the card, Quinn asked why. Deacon revealed that Ricardo had been poisoned, possibly by an arsenic-rich gem. Quinn stated that some gems could be dangerous if not handled carefully. Deacon said the police suspected murder, and she reasoned that Ricardo had had a lot of coveted possessions. "They asked about the diamond," Deacon explained.

Quinn replied that the diamond wasn't missing; Wyatt had inherited it. To Deacon, it reeked of suspicion that Ricardo had "croaked, and you-know-who winds up with the rock." Scoffing, Quinn proclaimed that Wyatt was innocent and wouldn't hurt a fly. Deacon agreed, reasoning that the killer had to be a crazy, obsessed nut job. Quinn told Deacon to be careful with the accusations.

Deacon asked if it was the kind of thing she did to people in her way. He cited that she'd tried to do it to Liam; however, he wouldn't let her do it to his daughter. Laughing, Quinn asked what he was talking about. Deacon said Quinn had once threatened Hope and Liam's lives.

"You're very beautiful. But you are also a lunatic! And you're a murderer," Deacon accused. Quinn called it ridiculous and asked what would make him think she'd murdered Ricardo. "Because he told me," Deacon responded in a low voice.

Quinn guessed that Deacon had been holding a sťance and talking to the dead. Deacon grabbed the laptop, and she told him not to touch her stuff. He thanked her for establishing that it was hers, and he opened it to play Ricardo's video. Quinn listened, but at the end of it, she said Ricardo hadn't mentioned her at all. "Oh, no?" Deacon asked.

Deacon played an edited and reworded version of Ricardo's video. In it, Ricardo says, "She's your mother, Quinn Fuller. I am at her mercy." Scoffing, Quinn asked, "What is that?"

Deacon asked if she'd really thought Ricardo would let her get away with it. "Dude, you made that video!" Quinn exclaimed. Deacon claimed that the message was there, and he'd simply uncovered it. She laughed at him and replied that he could have edited to make it say whatever he'd wanted. Deacon contended that he'd let the police decide that.

Quinn asked if Deacon had sent the video to the police. Deacon hadn't; however, he had sent it to himself, and he could forward it to whomever he wanted with just a click. Quinn guessed that Deacon was threatening to ruin her reputation if she didn't stay away from Hope. Deacon yelled that he wasn't bargaining with Quinn, and if she'd had anything to do with that man's murder, she'd go to jail.

Quinn rolled her eyes and strode over to a box as Deacon said he'd make sure everyone saw the video and knew what a psycho she was. He assured her that she'd go away for a long time if she'd done it. "Oh, Deacon. You're a little too sharp for your own good," Quinn said, pulling a gun on him.

. . .

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