Friday, November 21, 2014

In Rick's office, Rick slammed down some receipts and asked Maya how it was possible. An assistant dropped off more dress orders, and the stunned Maya guessed that Rick's lead model knew how to strut her stuff. Rick said she'd done well, but Ridge and Caroline were the successes. Maya contended that the success belonged to the CEO, who'd get rich off the collection.

With the sweep of Rick's hand, receipts flew off the desk. Rick detested the idea of profiting off his wife's cheating, and in his view, the line should have sucked. "These prices --they're laughable. I hate this!" Rick roared.

Looking up, Rick saw Eric grimacing in the doorway. Maya tried to talk up the showing to Eric, but he demanded that she let him talk to his son alone. At Rick's nod, Maya left.

Maya returned to the showroom to talk to the remaining guests, but they barely paid attention to her as they chatted together on their way out. Carter chuckled, saying it was as if people had no idea how big and important she was. She retorted that he seemed to be clueless, too. She touted the success of the line, but Carter hoped she knew it was due to the designs, not her runway sashay.

Maya praised the CEO, who'd priced the gowns high. Carter wasn't convinced that profit had been Rick's motive. Maya admitted that Rick wasn't happy about Ridge and Caroline's partnership paying off but claimed Rick had seen the bigger picture, which was the fortune Forrester would make. Carter assumed she'd expect more overpriced jewelry. "Maybe Rick's shopping right now," she replied.

Carter conveyed that breakups weren't always permanent. Maya said he was great, but she didn't feel for him anymore. Scoffing, Carter said he meant Rick and Caroline. Maya believed that she and Rick were solid, and the CEO and his model had made a fairytale romance. Carter said she thought she was Cinderella at the ball, but she might be a stepsister cramming her foot into Caroline's shoe.

Back in the CEO's office, Eric was outraged that Rick had set Caroline and Ridge up to fail. Rick stated that either the pair would flop or Forrester would win, and Forrester was getting orders for record-setting prices. Eric argued that a temporary boost in sales meant nothing if the CEO was acting like a petulant child. Disgusted by Rick for flaunting his affair with Maya, Eric said Rick was so determined to take Caroline down that he'd sink the line and humiliate himself and Forrester. "You're CEO now. Act like it!" Eric roared.

Rick didn't think his personal life had any bearing on his job, but Eric contended that Rick was married to a designer, sleeping with a model, and trying to kill Caroline's line. Rick asked why Forrester should profit off something as dirty as what Ridge and Caroline had done. "The great partnership that ended my marriage. Why would I want her to succeed?" Rick asked.

"Because it's your job," Eric countered, grasping his son's shoulders. He believed that Rick was lashing out because he loved Caroline. The anguish had led Rick to make terrible decisions for the company and for himself as a man. Eric insisted that Maya was using Rick, but Rick disagreed and asserted that, if anything, he was using Maya. "For what? To try to forget Caroline?" Eric replied.

Rick stated that Caroline had sneaked off with Ridge. Dismissing the notion, Eric relayed that she'd made a mistake and had asked for forgiveness. Eric suggested that Rick give it to her. Rick asked what would happen if he didn't. Eric replied that he'd fire Rick as CEO if he didn't reconcile with his wife.

Rick asserted that Eric couldn't fire Rick over that, but Eric said he'd fire Rick for not working toward Forrester's best interests. Rick claimed to want to be with Maya. "Oh, stop it," Eric replied, "a few kisses between Ridge and Caroline, and you want to move another woman into your mother's house?" Eric felt that Rick should be grateful that Caroline would still entertain him after that.

Rick uttered that Caroline had betrayed him, but Eric thought it was nonsense. Eric admitted that she'd gotten out of hand; however, Rick's behavior had been much worse. Eric saw Caroline as the future of Forrester and believed that Ridge could mentor her into being a future lead designer. Rick didn't disagree with that but said he didn't have to be married to the woman for it to happen.

"You promised me!" Eric yelled. Eric recalled that Rick had promised to run the company fairly, and Eric was deeply disappointed in Rick. Eric turned his back on Rick, whose eyes watered with tears. Rick said Eric didn't understand what it had done to him. "Ridge of all people!" Rick yelled, wiping hot tears on his cheeks.

Eric insisted that Rick had to be a man. Eric knew that Rick was hurt and embarrassed, but Eric couldn't depend upon Rick if Rick kept making bitter decisions. Rick asked if Eric would really push him out. "Absolutely," Eric replied. He advised Rick to show Eric the kind of dedicated, disciplined man that Rick was. Eric wanted to see Rick as the kind of man who'd bounce back from adversity better than before, because if Rick didn't stop the foolishness, he was done.

Rick didn't recall Eric serving out his years as CEO in marital bliss. He remembered that Eric had been with other women and models. Rick accused Eric of trying to hold his son to a standard that he hadn't lived up to himself. Eric admitted that it was exactly what he was doing.

Eric explained that marriage was hard, and bad things happened. Eric hadn't developed a real appreciation for Stephanie until the very end. To him, it was clear that Caroline loved Rick, and Eric didn't want Rick to wait as long as Eric had with Stephanie to tell Caroline what Rick felt. Rick claimed it was different, but Eric said to do it or be done. "Man up, Rick. Man up," Eric said and left.

Backstage, Caroline iced Ridge's jaw and said she'd never forget the success they'd had that day. She was upset that Bill had fought Ridge. Ridge replied that Bill had been defending her honor. She couldn't believe that her loved ones were hurt due to her falling for Ridge. Ridge figured that she was being emotional; however, Caroline affirmed that it was true; she'd fallen for Ridge.

Caroline figured that Rick might be acting out because he sensed her feelings. She agonized over causing Rick and Ridge pain, but Ridge tried to get her to stop putting all the blame upon herself. Caroline said that if she hadn't been in Los Angeles, none of it would have happened. He added that they wouldn't have had the line, but she rationalized that he would have reached out to Eric for help.

Ridge didn't believe it would have worked. "There's something about you. Man...there's something about you, the way we connect -- and it's -- and it's something," Ridge told her. The frantic Caroline said the connection had pushed Rick away from her and would probably push Katie away from Ridge. Caroline decided that she had to go back to New York and get away from "all you people." Ridge tried to stop her, but insisting she had to go, Caroline fled the room.

Ridge pursued Caroline to the sky lounge. He jokingly thanked her for meeting him up there to clean up. Caroline gasped at the disaster that Bill and Ridge had made of the place and said it was the precise reason she had to leave. Ridge said leaving wouldn't make things better for anyone; however, Caroline replied that Rick wouldn't have to see her, and she wouldn't have to see Ridge.

Ridge said to forget about him, but Caroline insisted that she couldn't. Calming her down, he said she had to get it together because freaking out and running away wouldn't solve things. He advised her to stay put, work through it, and make Rick see that he was holding up the marriage.

Caroline asked what of her and Ridge. She realized that he no longer needed her to design and had probably never needed her to begin with. "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you," he said, hugging her.

Caroline and Ridge went to Rick's old office to continue talking. She complained that she'd begged Rick. She'd even been willing to forgive his indiscretions with Maya, but it just kept going on and on. Caroline wondered if she should let it drive her from her job and Ridge. She said she might be glad that Rick had showed that side of himself, and it might mean that she shouldn't return to Rick.

When designing with Ridge, Caroline had experienced an intimacy she hadn't deemed possible. She hadn't allowed herself to admit it, but in a bizarre way, it seemed that Caroline Spencer and Ridge Forrester were "coming full circle." Ridge stepped closer, but a knock at the door repelled him from her.

Rick entered, and Ridge assumed he was about to get beaten up again. Rick wanted to talk to Caroline about "us," but Caroline said Rick had made it apparent that there was no "us." Rick asked Ridge to give them a moment, but Caroline tugged Ridge's arm and said he wasn't going anywhere.

Rick decided that he'd speak in front of Ridge. Rick told Caroline that he'd made a mistake. He'd overreacted because he'd been filled with hurt and jealousy, but he didn't want their marriage to end. Caroline stared coldly at her husband but shed a tear when he said that losing her would be like losing everything in his life. "I need you. Could you please forgive me?" Rick asked.

. . .

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