Friday, September 26, 2014

In Bill's office, Bill said that Justin wouldn't be getting any of Bill's thousand-dollar-a-bottle scotch. Justin was sure that would change after he revealed what he'd learned while at Forrester. Justin announced that, according to his source at Forrester, Ridge was back at his easel, drawing pretty little dresses again, and Ridge and Caroline had designs already in the works.

Justin assumed that Bill was pleased to hear the news. Bill exclaimed that it was what he'd been waiting for; "Smidge" was designing his heart out again, and it meant a change for Bill and Brooke.

Flashbacks of Ridge interrupting Bill's wedding played as Bill recalled how the "glorified seamstress" had tried to abscond with his bride. Justin and Bill discussed their impromptu plan to dump Ridge in the water, and Bill said he hadn't thought that Ridge would be so soft that falling into the drink would cost him the ability to draw.

Bill declared that the dressmaker was at it again, which meant that all was right in Ridge's world. Bill believed that all would be right in Bill's world, too, and he asked Justin to get the jet fueled up because Bill didn't want any delays. Grabbing his keys and heading for the door, Bill handed Justin the scotch and declared that Bill and Brooke's limbo ended that day.

At Brooke house, Deacon arrived, happy that Brooke had invited him there. Brooke clarified that she'd only wanted to see him to discuss Hope. Brooke explained that Hope wanted to be with Liam, but things had changed. Deacon asked what had changed, and Brooke announced that Hope was pregnant.

Brooke explained that only they and Liam knew about the pregnancy, and Deacon asked if it was a secret. She said that Hope was waiting to tell Wyatt because she didn't want him to think she'd chosen him because of the baby. Deacon believed Hope would be an amazing mother, and he and Brooke would be amazing grandparents. "Maybe more if I play my cards right," he added.

Brooke said it was a blessing that Hope had found out about the pregnancy before returning to Liam. To Brooke, that would have made things even worse. Deacon reasoned that it wasn't as if Hope didn't love Wyatt, and Deacon believed the couple would provide a good home for the child. Brooke agreed, but Deacon assumed she thought that the timing was bad.

Deacon recalled that Brooke's pregnancy with their child had turned out well, even though they'd caused the people they'd loved some heartache. He regretted the pain, but he'd never regret his feelings or the time he'd spent with Brooke.

A flashback of passionate moments between Deacon and Brooke played on the screen. At the end of it were tearful moments of Brooke revealing her pregnancy to him.

Deacon assumed that Brooke hadn't forgotten. Brooke said they were talking about Hope. He replied that he'd been doing a lot of hoping that Brooke would change her mind about his proposal. Prison had taught him patience. He wanted her as his wife, and he asked her to say she wanted it, too.

As Deacon urged Brooke to say the word, Bill entered and ordered Deacon to vamoose. The men exchanged barbs, and Brooke asked Bill why he was there. Bill asked if he really had to "do this in front of this idiot." Bill decided that he didn't care because what he had to say was too important.

Grasping Brooke's shoulders, Bill stated that Ridge's inability to draw had driven a wedge between Brooke and Bill, but it was over because Ridge was designing again. Brooke looked surprised. As Bill hugged her, he winked at Deacon and declared that nothing was standing in their way.

Bill asserted that Ridge had his gift back, and Bill wanted Brooke back -- "right now. Today." He told her that the first thing they'd do was fly to Monte Carlo to get married on the yacht. Brooke half-gasped and half-laughed. Bill said they'd already be married if it hadn't been for Ridge following them to Abu Dhabi, and she agreed. Bill claimed to have learned his lessons, and he wanted Brooke as his wife. "Tell me now. Will you marry me?" Bill asked.

At Forrester, Maya figured she shouldn't have said anything to Katie, but Maya had spoken up because she didn't want what had happened to her and Rick to happen to Katie and Ridge. Katie decided that Maya was still holding a grudge. In Katie's view, Rick and Caroline portrayed a happy marriage. Maya replied that things weren't always as they seemed. "Exactly," Katie responded.

Katie asked if Maya had been spying on Ridge and Caroline. Maya defensively explained that she'd just walked in but hadn't been seen. Maya concluded that she obviously should have kept the information to herself, and Katie should forget Maya had said anything. As Maya left, she slyly grinned.

In the CEO's office, Caroline and Ridge had moved on to designing the front of their new gown. Katie entered and observed the designers intimately huddled together with Ridge's hand over Caroline's. Katie asked if she was interrupting, and Ridge looked up, saying he hadn't seen her there.

Katie guessed it was because Ridge had been "involved," and she asked how it was going. Caroline offered to show Katie, and Ridge handed Katie the sketchpad. He said the neckline wasn't there yet, but Caroline added that, thanks to her brilliant partner, the waistline was to die for. Katie agreed, and she asked how their designing process worked.

Caroline and Ridge stammered a bit, and in unison, they called the process organic. Caroline said they brainstormed ideas, and Ridge added that Caroline would then draw. Caroline explained that if she got stuck, Ridge would put his hand on hers and guide her to where she needed to be. Katie asked what that was like. Still in awe of it, Caroline expressed that she'd feel Ridge's feelings, and his thoughts flowed though her. It was a rush like no other.

Katie asked Ridge to describe it. Ridge didn't know how to explain it. He said he couldn't draw, "but with Caroline..." Holding up the sketch, he asked if Katie could see what he meant. "See what?" Katie asked. Caroline explained that Ridge's creativity and hers meshed together in one incredible design. Giggling, Caroline said that it was "so satisfying."

Caroline decided to take the design to get Eric's opinion. She was sure he'd love it. After she'd gone, Katie remarked, "Wow, that's something," and she asked how long the collaboration would last. Ridge didn't know but wondered why she'd asked. Katie revealed that people were talking.

"Are you jealous?" Ridge teased. Katie asked if she had a reason to be jealous. She approached him, and he pecked her neck and smiled. Katie stated that he was an attractive man, a fact that she was sure wasn't lost on Caroline, who'd described the working relationship as incredible.

Katie asked if Ridge had tried to design on his own yet. Ridge said he'd tried, but he wasn't ready. She asked when he would be ready. He snipped that he didn't know, and he asked why Katie wanted to mess with a perfectly good working relationship. The cynical Katie was sure Caroline didn't want to mess with it, because Caroline couldn't find anything more satisfying.

Ridge said he couldn't design without Caroline, to whom he owed a lot. Katie asked if it was all professional, and Ridge asked what else it would be. She admitted that a little bird had told her something. He wanted to know what she'd been told, but Katie called it nothing and nonsense.

Ridge readily agreed with that sentiment, and he asserted that he and Caroline were working together as a team. "I'm in trouble, and I've got to get these designs out, okay?" he said. Katie said it was okay, and Ridge hugged her.

. . .

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