Zoe tells Reese to tell Hope the truth -- or she will
Friday, February 15, 2019
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Friday, February 15, 2019

First thing in the morning at the cliff house, Steffy opened her front door for Hope, who said she hoped it wasn't too early. The surprised Steffy replied that the girls were early risers. Hope was glad and announced that she was there to help. Hope strode into the house, and with a troubled expression, Steffy closed the front door.

Laundry baskets and clothes were stacked in the living room. Hope sat down, ready to fold. Steffy indicated that it wasn't usually that bad. She asked if Liam had said she needed help. "Nope. I just figured that with two babies..." Hope replied. She asked if the girls were awake. Steffy said the girls had gone back to sleep after their breakfast, but the nap wouldn't last.

Hope wanted to make sure that it was still okay for her to visit at any time. Nodding, Steffy affirmed that she'd meant it when she'd said it. She just didn't know how Hope was feeling. She added that her mother lived there, and she knew that Hope and Taylor had issues. Hope replied that it had been before, and "I'm the reason I lost my baby."

Working on the laundry, Hope reasoned that Steffy might not need the help; however, Hope did. Being around Steffy's daughters helped Hope. Steffy looked sad. Hope asked Steffy not to feel sad for Hope. Hope believed she took sadness wherever she went, and she couldn't stand it. Steffy replied that she knew it had to be hard on Hope.

In Hope's view, it was hard being at home, alone in the dark, wondering why. Citing the fact that the infant was the same age as Beth, Steffy believed that Hope couldn't help but think of her own child when around baby Phoebe. Hope reasoned that it wasn't bad and that it gave all of her stored-up love a place to go.

Hope offered to monitor things while Steffy took a nap. Steffy thanked Hope but said she liked the adult company. Hope noted that Steffy also had her mother. Steffy asked if Hope would like to have her mother's company 24/7, and Hope said it was a good point.

A baby cried. Hopping up, Hope announced that it was baby Phoebe. Heading toward the bedroom, Steffy said Taylor couldn't even tell the girls apart yet. Steffy instructed Hope to warm a bottle. Hope complied and had the bottle ready by the time Steffy returned with the baby.

Steffy wanted to test the bottle temperature. Hope offered to hold baby Phoebe. Steffy gave the child to Hope. Testing the formula, Steffy gazed skeptically at Hope and the fussy baby. Steffy offered to let Hope feed the baby, and the baby's cries ceased as Hope fed her.

In the design office, Katie was working when Wyatt arrived to talk about Forrester's support for childbirth-related foundations. He wondered if Thorne knew of any institutes in Europe. Katie figured Wyatt should call there and ask. Wyatt asked where Thorne was, and she said he'd left.

Wyatt asked where Thorne had gone, and Katie answered that Thorne had gone back to Paris. "For Forrester?" Wyatt questioned. She had no idea what Thorne would be doing, but she assumed that International could reach him. Wyatt asked if she was saying she didn't know how to, and she revealed that she and Thorne had ended their marriage.

Surprised to hear it, Wyatt asked why. Shrugging, Katie stated that Thorne had thought he'd signed up for the role of father and husband, but it had already been cast. She didn't get it because she'd been divorced from Bill for years and had even divorced Bill twice.

Wyatt asked if Katie hadn't seen that she and Thorne had had different objectives in the custody hearing. Wyatt cited that Thorne had wanted Bill out of Will's life completely, but Katie had been trying to rescue Bill's relationship with Will. She expressed her appreciation for her friendship with Wyatt and said it was nice to talk to someone who understood. "Dad understands, though, right?" Wyatt bashfully asked. Wyatt added that Bill had had a change of heart.

Katie's phone chimed. She ignored it, and Wyatt asked why. She said it was the alert sound indicating Thorne had messaged her. Wyatt reasoned that Thorne might have had a change of heart, too. In response, Katie handed Wyatt the annulment papers and said they'd filed them.

Katie admitted that having a father figure in her home had been appealing during the custody case. Wyatt noted that she still had the figure, but it had become Bill again. Agreeing, she said Bill had reclaimed his place in Will's life. "What about his place in yours?" Wyatt asked.

Katie quipped that Bill had been holding his place as her ex-husband for a while. Wyatt noted that, at one point, Bill had been Katie's ex-husband, but she'd married him again. Katie quipped that she didn't get married for a living like her sister. "And if you ever tell her I said that, I'll cut off your texting hand," Katie threatened.

Katie believed that Will had known that Thorne had been the odd man out before she had, and it had made Will uncomfortable. She hadn't seen the crisis she'd created. Wyatt asked how she'd created it. She said she'd insisted that Bill grow up and be responsible to his son. She asked who would have known that Bill would actually do it.

At Spencer, Bill regaled Justin with a magic trick, making an oversized coin disappear. Bill asked where the coin had gone, and Justin quipped that it was in Bill's pocket, along with all the other money Bill had stolen from old ladies and orphans.

Bill didn't appreciate Justin insulting the great Spencerini and was sure his son would love the trick. He pretended to pull the coin from behind Justin's ear, and Justin decided that Bill needed to work on his magic. Agreeing, Bill said he needed magic to get his sons back in his life, because he was the one who'd made them disappear.

Justin pointed out that Wyatt and Liam were still in their father's life. Bill said it was true if he counted them regularly stopping by to give him a hard time. He wondered how long it would be until his sons started resenting him only intermittently like normal kids. He didn't know why he'd even built an empire if his sons would spend their lives working at the dress farm.

Justin believed that Bill was on the right track, but in Justin's opinion, Bill shouldn't offer his sons their jobs back out of the blue. Bill pulled a fake flower bouquet out of his sleeve. Justin grimaced. Bill said there had to be a way to put his family back together.

Justin said that it was fine to reestablish connections with Wyatt and Liam, but Bill would never share the biggest part of Liam and Wyatt's histories because they'd grown up without their father. Justin advised Bill that, with his youngest son, he had an opportunity to create a lifetime bond that could never be broken.

Bill thanked Justin for the reminder that Bill wasn't a completely incompetent father and that Bill had rescued his relationship with Will. Justin additionally reminded Bill that he'd had a powerful ally in Katie. Bill agreed with that, saying she'd supported it even after all the yelling and threatening he'd done. Justin joked that it rolled off her back, the same as it did with Justin.

Later, Bill was alone, working on his magic tricks. In a frame, he had currency with his face on it. He placed a cloth over the frame. When he pulled the cloth back off, a picture of Katie and Will was in the frame instead of the currency. "Not bad, Spencerini. Not bad," Bill said.

At Reese's apartment, Zoe and Flo awaited Reese's arrival. Zoe asked what Flo had meant when she'd said that Reese had switched babies. Flo lied, saying she'd told Zoe everything that Reese had said. Persisting, Zoe figured that the living baby had been switched with another, and she asked whose baby that had been.

Flo stated that they wouldn't be waiting for Reese if she had all the answers. Zoe wondered why Flo had even gone along with it. Flo asked what Zoe would do if someone she cared about needed help. Flo asked if Zoe would question the person or drop everything and agree to help.

Zoe and Flo heard keys in the door lock. The door opened, and Reese stated that everyone was at home. "Except for a certain child that was stolen from her mother," Zoe quipped. Zoe accused him of stealing a baby to pay off a gambling debt.

Looking at Flo, Reese yelled that he hadn't sold anyone. Zoe stated that those were her own words, not Flo's, and Flo had been more loyal to Reese than he deserved. Zoe asked what he'd call a child involved in a cash transaction. He said it had been a terrible price to keep her safe.

Zoe ordered Reese not to pretend that he'd done it for her. He insisted that "they" had been about to hurt Zoe -- or worse. Zoe believed that if she'd been in any danger, it had been due to him. He figured that he could say all day long that he was ashamed, if she wanted him to, but in his view, he'd had no other choice. Zoe suggested the police as an option.

Reese asked how the police would stop someone whose last name and location he didn't even know. Zoe asked Flo if it was true. Flo didn't know Reese's loan sharks, but in her opinion, loan sharks were usually like cockroaches that just kept returning. "At least my way, nobody died," Reese reasoned. Zoe called that a pretty low bar for medical ethics.

Flo tried to leave to let Reese and Zoe talk it out themselves. As Flo grabbed her purse, Zoe said she didn't understand Flo or why Flo would go along with Reese. Flo claimed that Zoe needed to listen to her father and understand that he'd do anything for her. Reese told Flo that he was sorry. As she left, she said he wasn't as sorry as she was for being a part of it.

Alone with Reese, Zoe asked to know what the amount of the debt had been. Reese revealed it, and she asked, "Why does it never occur to you to stop when the money runs out?" Claiming that something "overcomes" him, he said she didn't know how it was to always feel desperate. Zoe bet Hope Logan did.

Zoe ordered her father to say what he'd done. In Reese's silence, she directed him to admit that the baby was Hope's. Reese insisted that he hadn't even known who Hope was until Hope had revealed her name at the clinic.

In Reese's mind, it had been like a war zone. Reese described how it had been that night, but Zoe said she remembered the time. He told her that it had been worse on the island than in Los Angeles and that she'd been at work that night. She asked who'd told him that. "They did," he replied. He revealed that the loan sharks had photographed her arriving there.

Reese described his need to do something when he'd seen the photo, and he'd recalled that Taylor had wanted to adopt a baby and that she'd said money would be no object. Zoe asked if Hope had just believed him when he'd said her baby had died. Reese explained that the delivery hadn't been easy, and Hope had passed out just as the baby had emerged.

Hope's baby had been a little early but fine, according to Reese. He revealed that another patient had somehow gotten to the clinic alone but too late to prevent a stillbirth. He'd cleaned the baby up for her, but she hadn't wanted to see her little girl. Zoe gasped, knowing where the story was headed. Reese said he'd put the dead child in Hope's arms.

Crying, Zoe asserted that Reese had put a dead baby into Hope's arms and had sold Hope's baby to Steffy and Taylor. Zoe asked if he had any idea of what Hope had been going through as a result of it. Reese admitted that he knew Hope was struggling. Zoe yelled that Hope looked in the mirror daily and could only see a mother who had let her child die.

In Zoe's opinion, it was what "we do next" that mattered. Reese stated that it was done. Crying, Zoe refused to let it go. She said they were talking about people in her life, people who trusted her and had given her opportunities. Zoe insisted that Hope be told that the baby was really hers, and if Reese wouldn't do it, Zoe would.

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