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The Forrester brothers double-team Bill
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Friday, October 19, 2018

Backstage at Forrester, Pam and Charlie showed off Pam's engagement ring to Liam, Hope, Steffy, and Thorne. The four were excited for the couple, and Thorne joked that Pam might go blind if she kept staring into her ring. Pam said she'd never dreamed she'd have such a beautiful ring or such a sweet man.

Hope became emotional and misty-eyed about how cute Pam and Charlie were. Liam stroked his wife and said she was a little sensitive due to the pregnancy hormones. Steffy stated that she remembered them well. Liam checked the time and said he and Hope had to go to an appointment with Dr. Phillips. Steffy asked if everything was okay with the baby.

Liam and Hope reported that the baby was doing well, but they had a really important appointment. Hope said they'd been holding off on knowing, but they'd decided to find out if they were having a boy or girl. Hope felt that knowing the gender might make her and Liam closer.

Steffy responded that it had been that way with Kelly. Learning that they'd been having a girl had made it seem more real. Liam agreed that it had. Thorne asked if the couple had a preference, and Liam and Hope didn't as long as it was healthy and happy. Steffy thought it was amazing that Kelly would have a half-brother or -sister.

At the doctor's office later, Hope and Liam were excited about the appointment, but Hope was also nervous because of what had gone on the last time she'd been there. Liam didn't want her to think of anything but happy thoughts.

Dr. Phillips arrived and guessed that they'd decided not to wait. Liam stammered, and Dr. Phillips called it a big moment for the parents. Hope asked Liam if he was sure he wanted to know. He replied that he had been until she'd just asked. Hope wanted to know, but she also liked the idea of being surprised. Dr. Phillips wanted them to be certain because there would be no going back. Liam and Hope stared at each other. They nodded and decided to do it.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke expressed her displeasure with Ridge getting worked up about Bill. Ridge didn't know how she expected him to act when Bill was everywhere she was, and she couldn't even have a business lunch without Bill hitting on her. Brooke claimed that it wasn't like that, and Bill had just wanted to tell her about Katie's decision.

Ridge quipped that it had been a bad decision. Ridge didn't like that Brooke had become Bill's new best friend, and Ridge asked if she wanted him to sit on the sidelines and let Bill claim her. Ridge asserted that it wouldn't happen in their lifetime.

Brooke said Ridge was getting upset for no reason, but Ridge countered that a man kissing his wife was good reason. Ridge didn't want Bill anywhere near her. She replied that she'd told Bill, but she couldn't control where he showed up. "Then I will," Ridge responded.

Brooke thought it was as simple as a man who'd just wanted to reach out because he was happy about his son. Ridge believed it was just a line Bill was feeding her, and Ridge asked her to remember what Bill had done to Liam and Steffy. Ridge accused Bill of tearing Steffy's life apart and taking her happiness. He told Brooke to wake up. In Ridge's view, Bill wanted her, and Ridge implored her not to get sucked in.

Sometime later, Brooke had gone, and Pam entered the office, asking why Ridge had text-messaged her. She said she'd been backstage, sharing pretty big news. Ridge stated that he wanted her to do something for him, but she asked if he wouldn't guess. He asked what he was supposed to guess, and she replied that she had big news for herself.

"Let's have it," Ridge said. Pam announced that Charlie had popped the big question. "What? He did? Really?" Ridge exclaimed. Pam held up her hand and told Ridge she'd accepted. Ridge gave his aunt a congratulatory hug.

Thorne entered and assumed Ridge had heard the news. Ridge said he was very happy for Pam and Charlie. Pam was about to "float back to her 'office,'" but then she remembered that Ridge had wanted her for something. Ridge said he needed her to find Bill.

Pam left, and Thorne asked if something had happened with Bill. Ridge quipped that something was going to happen if Bill didn't stay away from Ridge's wife. Ridge told Thorne about Bill showing up out of nowhere at the end of Brooke's lunch meeting. Thorne thought it was a good sign that Brooke had told Ridge instead of keeping secrets.

Ridge had a problem with Brooke downplaying it as if Bill had just been expressing his gratitude for her support. Thorne revealed that he didn't like Bill's new access to Will and didn't think it was right. Thorne watched Will's light go out a little each time his "so-called" father disappointed him, and Thorne didn't think Bill should be rewarded for being a deadbeat father.

Ridge said it was time Bill was accountable to the people he hurt. Thorne didn't know how that would happen when Bill didn't have a moral compass. Thorne and Ridge agreed that it wasn't right that Bill had gone after Ridge's wife. Ridge intended to put a stop to it once and for all.

Pam entered. She'd made some calls and found out that Bill had gone home for the day. Thorne asked what "we" were going to do. Pam listened curiously as Ridge asked, "'We?'" Thorne said he was with Ridge, and they could pay Spencer a visit together.

In the design office, Steffy asked if Brooke had heard about Charlie and Pam's engagement. Brooke hadn't, but she thought it was wonderful that Pam finally would get to be a bride. Steffy wished Stephanie was there, and it was one of those times that Steffy missed her grandmother. Brooke said she did, too.

Sighing, Brooke said she wanted to talk to Steffy about something. Steffy had figured as much and asked if Brooke was angry. Brooke wasn't because she knew Steffy just wanted to protect her father. Brooke just needed to tell Steffy two things. One, Steffy didn't need to protect him from Brooke, and two, what Steffy had seen hadn't been what she'd assumed.

Brooke insisted that Bill had kissed her. To Steffy, it had seemed mutual. Brooke replied that both kisses had been on Bill's initiative. "Both kisses? There were two? Wow." Steffy asked. Steffy rolled her eyes as Brooke explained that Bill had been very grateful that she'd supported him. Steffy said he should have had Alison send Brooke a card.

Brooke said she wasn't excusing Bill's behavior. She had pulled away, and if Steffy had watched a second longer, she would have seen it. Brooke wanted to make it clear that she had no feelings for Bill, and she only loved her husband. She shouldn't have let Bill get close enough to kiss her, but Ridge had forgiven her.

Brooke added that she'd seen Steffy right after the incident, and Steffy should have just revealed what she'd seen instead of running off to tell her father something she'd known would upset him. Steffy stated that she'd had to tell her father what she'd seen, and she also knew how relentless Bill could be. Brooke replied that she wasn't available to Bill.

It hadn't looked that way to Steffy. Brooke asked why Steffy hadn't talked about it when the women had seen each other. Steffy claimed she'd given Brooke the chance to come clean. Brooke said Steffy could have asked about it and let Brooke explain it. Instead, Steffy had felt the need to run off to her father. Steffy said she'd been shocked and concerned.

Sighing under Brooke's penetrating gaze, Steffy admitted that she could have done it differently. Brooke thanked Steffy, who said that Ridge at least wasn't mad at Brooke. Brooke replied that Ridge was furious with Bill -- again -- and the ramped-up animosity worried Brooke. She thought Ridge might explode.

At Spencer, the cynical Justin said that Bill was awfully chipper. Bill exclaimed that it was a glorious day. Justin assumed his boss's mood stemmed from the new custody arrangement. Justin was happy for Bill but surprised that Katie had made such a quick turnaround.

Bill figured that Katie had just let Thorne get into her head about the custody issue, but Thorne's influence was already wearing off her. It would wear off Will, too, Bill predicted, and Bill intended to make sure Thorne wouldn't have the final say in matters regarding Will.

Justin reminded Bill that it made Justin nervous when Bill was overly jovial. Bill said most people would be thrilled if their boss was in a good mood. Justin quipped that most people didn't work for Bill. It was just weird to Justin. Bill declared that "Happy Dollar Bill" was the new him -- all of the time. Justin glared at Bill, who said, "Most of the time. All right -- more than you're used to."

Bill was glad to be out of a dark period in his life and that things were coming together. He was still frustrated that he had no legal say with Will; however, things were improving, and he was sure he and Katie would share custody again. Bill attributed it all to one person.

Justin was happy for Bill that things had taken a big step forward. Bill replied that Katie hadn't made it to that decision on her own. Brooke had nudged Katie to it. Justin stated that Brooke didn't hold back when she thought something was wrong. Bill stated that beneath Brooke's soft exterior was a woman to be reckoned with, and he was glad she was on his side.

Justin asked if Bill had told Brooke that. Bill grinned, saying that he had. Justin wondered how things were between Bill and Brooke. Bill reported that Brooke was guarded but receptive. Justin had thought Brooke and Bill might get close again.

Bill stated that there was a bump in the road. "The inconvenient fact that she's married," Justin replied. Bill said Ridge had pitched a fit upon learning that Bill had kissed Brooke.

At Bill's house, Bill flashed back to Brooke in her money nightie when she'd given him the stallion statue. He heard persistent knocking on the door, and when he answered it, Thorne and Ridge crowded Bill's foyer. "Well, look at this. It's needle and thread," Bill said, chuckling. He joked that he had a walking sewing kit at his front door.

Stating that he was in a good mood, Bill invited them in and said he wanted to buy them drinks. The men further entered the house. Ridge declined the drinks, but Thorne started ordering coffee with almond milk. Bill quipped that he wasn't a barista. Raising the drink he had in his hand, Bill offered to toast to Katie's decision. He said he'd toast to Thorne if Thorne hadn't objected to Katie's decision.

Wincing, Thorne said he had. Ridge stated that it had been a terrible decision. Thorne hoped Will wouldn't regret it. Bill replied that his relationship with Will wasn't Thorne's business. Thorne asserted that he was Will's stepdad. Bill corrected that Thorne was Will's "manny" and stepdad in name only. To Bill's view, fatherhood trumped Thorne every time.

Bill stated that he'd been in a Zen state, but he'd started to sense some hostility from both of "you clowns." Bill's civility was out the window, and he said he should have never let them in the house because he'd heard everything they had to say before. Bill wasn't interested in hearing again that he was an awful person, terrible father, and plague on humanity.

Ridge said it was true, and Bill had used Brooke and pitted her against her sister. Bill asked if having Brooke subpoenaed to give truthful and willing testimony was using her and pitting her against her sister. Ridge accused Bill of pulling Brooke into his drama, and Ridge knew that Bill wanted his wife. Thorne told Bill to find another family to prey on.

Chuckling, Bill asked if the two fashion boys were there to rough him up and stitch him to death. Thorne chuckled, too, and said they were just there to make it clear that Bill would treat Will with respect. "Stay away from Brooke," Ridge said.

"Or what?" Bill asked. Ridge replied that he'd put a stop to it once and for all.

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