Friday, April 11, 2014

On his porch, Liam was stunned to see a receipt for a two-pack of pregnancy tests. He called Hope, and when she didn't answer, he left a message saying that he needed to see her right away. To himself, Liam murmured that Hope couldn't be pregnant -- not by him.

Liam called Forrester and said Donna's name. Pam got offended and decided that he needed to buy her roses for that one. Liam asked if Hope was there. Pam said that Hope was there, but Pam was serious about the roses. Pam scoffed upon realizing that Liam had hung up the line on her.

In Rick's office, Wyatt asked if Hope thought she was "pregnant late." The bewildered Hope wasn't sure, but she'd bought a test to take. Wyatt and Hope were confounded. He said he'd never leave her with a baby, and she replied that he'd surely be the father that neither of them had ever had.

Suddenly, Hope became worried about her HFTF message. She asked how her fans would feel about her presenting her next line in maternity clothes, and she was sure Aly would flip out. Wyatt said the message was about right choices, not abstinence. Hope asked if pregnancy was her right choice, and Wyatt grimaced.

Hope said that she wanted a family someday, but she hadn't thought it would be when her career was taking off and when she'd just gotten out of a relationship with Liam. Hope liked Wyatt, but she noted that they didn't have a commitment. She'd always envisioned being married first and then spending a few years alone with her husband before having children.

Hope hadn't expected to have "this" thrust upon her. Wyatt's face darkened, and Hope said she didn't want him to misunderstand. Though she'd love the child and a life with him, it wasn't what she'd planned. Wyatt tried to reassure Hope, and he told her not to worry about her line. Hope replied that he hadn't been around to witness the damage her personal life could do to the line.

Wyatt figured that a pregnancy was only a disaster if one was ashamed of it. He suggested that they show Hope's fans the happiness and excitement they had for the adventure together. Hope fought back tears, but he said it didn't change her line or her message. In Wyatt's view, the only thing in question was whether they were having a baby. Hope asked if he was ready to find out, and he replied that he was and that he loved her.

As Hope retrieved her purse, Liam barged in. Wyatt told Liam that Wyatt and Hope were in the middle of something. Ignoring Wyatt, Liam asked what the pregnancy test had revealed. Wyatt told Liam to get out, and Hope quietly said that it was between her and Wyatt.

Liam declared that he cared about Hope more than anything in the world. Liam said that it affected him, and she knew that. Liam implored her to tell him, but she said that she didn't know. Wyatt stated that Hope was about to take the test, and Liam needed to leave. "No," Liam said.

Wyatt asked what Hope wanted. Hope decided to let both men stay, and after she left with the test, Wyatt asked why Liam was there. The frazzled Liam conveyed that he'd found the pregnancy test receipt, and Wyatt guessed that it had been meant to be. "Shut up," Liam responded.

Liam suspected that Wyatt had tricked or somehow trapped Hope. Wyatt asserted that he didn't have to trick or trap Hope, and he loved Hope, for whom he felt he'd be a much better husband.

Just then, the pale Hope returned to the room, and the men asked what the test had shown.

At the cliff house, Bill suspected that Quinn was trying to blackmail him to keep quiet about their tryst. Quinn denied it. Arms folded, he replied, "Well, I'm not a genie, and I don't grant wishes." Quinn was certain he'd grant her particular wish.

Bill asked what Quinn wanted. Quinn began to explain how important their son was to her, and Bill asserted that if she thought he'd agree to stay out of Wyatt's life, she was wrong. Quinn interrupted Bill to request that he give Wyatt Bill's name. "Make him a Spencer," Quinn said.

Quinn said she'd kept Bill from Wyatt, but it was time for Wyatt to take his rightful name. She'd been bitter in the past, and the sight of Spencer billboards and magazines had made her even more so. At Thanksgiving, Bill had told Quinn that he'd wanted her to know the father he'd be "now" versus the one he would have been then. Quinn had witnessed that Bill did care about his sons.

Bill replied that he would have cared about Wyatt back then, too, regardless of Bill's initial reaction to the pregnancy. Quinn felt that she'd been unfair to deny Wyatt his father, and she wanted to give him the chance to be a Spencer -- if Wyatt wanted it. Embarrassed, Quinn couldn't believe she'd approached Bill with the request. "Well, I can't believe you came to me with a whip," Bill quipped.

Quinn recalled that Wyatt's face had lit up when someone had called him "Mr. Spencer," and she wanted to make it true for Wyatt. Bill decided that he liked getting along with Quinn, whom he'd never imagined that he could trust or forgive after she'd kept his son from him. He believed that her offer was sincere, and he was willing to consider making it official with Wyatt.

Preparing to leave, Quinn admitted that she'd started to like spending time with Bill. Bill reasoned that they'd do that from time to time as co-parents. She told him that he knew what she meant. "Uhm...yeah...that was fun," he murmured.

Quinn happened to have some handcuffs in her purse and figured that one more time wouldn't hurt. "Pass," Bill tonelessly replied. Shrugging, she said she'd miss him -- and his "little sword."

In Brooke's bedroom, Rick arrived, talking about a conference call he had to do for the Jabot fashion show. Brooke, who was in her robe as she prepared herself for the day, guessed that Caroline was excited to feature her designs in Genoa City. Rick said that they were excited about the "synergy between the two lines," even though Ridge wasn't a fan of thinking outside the box.

Rick asked why Brooke had wanted to speak to him. Brooke hesitantly revealed that she was back with Bill. Rick took in a deep breath and asked if Brooke was sure about it. He didn't want her doing it if it was a ploy to get Ridge back. She assured Rick that it wasn't. In her view, Ridge was with someone else, and there always seemed to be a "someone else" who'd tell Ridge how horrible she was.

Brooke had done that dance for too long with Taylor and refused to do it with her little sister. Brooke was content to have a man that she didn't have to share with someone else. Rick had had his issues with Bill; however, Bill was Caroline's uncle, and in Rick's view, Bill had treated Brooke better than Ridge ever had. Rick felt as if Brooke was making the right choice.

Later, Brooke was still in her robe when some bags flew into her room. Bill wasn't far behind them. She hugged him, and he announced that Liam was happy for them. Bill was surprised that Hope had been mature about it. Brooke said the same about Rick, and Bill announced that everyone was aboard the "B and B Train." He asked if she was ready.

"To tame the wild stallion?" Brooke asked. Bill neighed, and she said, "Yee haw." He savored the way that she was looking at him. He'd been waiting a long time for her to believe in them again. He'd known that it would take a while for her to give him another chance, but he hadn't wanted a life without the one woman who accepted him for himself.

Bill wished he'd just trusted that it would work out, but he hadn't done that. He said that, in business, he manipulated outcomes, but with Brooke, he just had to trust. "I'm home," he uttered, and they kissed.

. . .

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