Friday, July 25, 2014

In the helicopter, Bill declared that no one "cheap shot" him at his wedding and got away with it. He admitted he'd been behind Ridge's incident and demanded that Ridge land "his" chopper.

At Brooke's house, Brooke vehemently denied that Bill had arranged the accident, but Katie decided that they probably shouldn't call it an accident anymore. Brooke insisted that she would have known if Justin had been waiting for the newlyweds in a helicopter; however, Katie contended that Brooke wouldn't have known anything because Bill had arranged surprises.

Bill arrived with a brooding snarl on his face. Relieved to see him, Brooke asked if all was okay and if they were still getting married that day. Ridge entered, and Brooke asked if he'd been harassing Bill. She said she understood that Ridge had been through a horrible ordeal; however, she'd been there, and Bill couldn't have orchestrated a helicopter while she and Ridge had run down the beach.

Brooke also didn't like the accusations of attempted murder or that Bill was a killer. It made no sense to her that her groom would want to hurt the father of her child. Ridge said Bill had thought he'd get away with it. Done with the accusations, Brooke told Ridge to keep his thoughts to himself, because she and Bill were getting married without any more interruptions.

Turning to Bill, Brooke asked if the wedding site was set. Ridge chimed in that Bill had never made it to the wedding site. Bill quietly stated that he'd been on the way to the site when Ridge had hijacked Bill's helicopter. Katie and Brooke were shocked to hear that Ridge had piloted the helicopter, and Ridge responded that it was a good way to garner a confession.

Brooke concluded that it had been a kidnapping, but Ridge dismissed the term with a grunt and shrug. Brooke asked Bill not to press charges against Ridge, who was confused and needed help. "I'm not pressing charges," Bill flatly responded. Brooke was relieved, and Katie asked what had happened.

Ridge said that on the helicopter ride earlier, Bill had forgotten to put on his seatbelt, just as Ridge had done when Justin had piloted the Spencer helicopter in Abu Dhabi. Brooke asserted that the helicopter hadn't been there. Ridge stated that it had been on the yacht, and Justin had been waiting to pick the couple up after the ceremony.

Brooke shook her head. Ridge insisted he hadn't imagined seeing Justin's face or the Spencer logo. Looking at Bill, Ridge continued, "And he saw us climb into the helicopter. I put a seatbelt on you, but I couldn't get one on me. He knew that, so he gave the order," Ridge concluded.

Brooke ordered Bill to defend himself. Bill stated that there was nothing to defend; it had been his helicopter, Justin had been the pilot, and Bill had ordered Justin to dump Ridge into the water. Brooke didn't want to believe it, but Bill said it was true. She exclaimed that Ridge had almost died. Bill responded that he'd never intended Ridge any harm. "Then why?" Brooke asked.

Bill told Brooke that she knew why; she'd been there. Ridge had interrupted their wedding and dragged her away. Bill said he'd been angry, but he hadn't had time to think. He'd just wanted to stop Ridge and get her back. Brooke couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Bill conveyed that it had been an impulse. He'd told Justin to cool Ridge off without intending Ridge to be hurt. Brooke asked what Bill had expected. "That he knew how to swim! That there would be a splash, like jumping off a high-dive," Bill responded. He'd figured that Justin would take Brooke back to shore and go fish Ridge out of the water -- or Ridge would have already been on shore by then.

Bill had never imagined that Ridge would go missing and had been relieved that Ridge had surfaced. Bill admitted that he'd been living in fear. "You?" Brooke knowingly asked. Bill insisted that he'd been afraid of what the disappearance would mean to everyone, but once Ridge had returned, Bill had known everyone would be okay.

Brooke's stare narrowed on Bill. Bill said he'd just wanted to teach Ridge a lesson. Brooke just continued stare wordlessly at Bill. He raged that Ridge had "cheap shot" him in the face as his own wedding. "Now nobody is gonna do that to me and get away with it. Nobody!" Bill declared.

Brooke looked away. Bill asked her to say something and to tell him that she understood.

At Forrester, Ivy was amazed to hear that Ricardo Montemayor had willed the blue diamond to Wyatt, and she asked what Wyatt would do with it. Closing the box, he said he'd let it work its magic. Just then, Liam arrived to commend the pair on the earlier meeting. Wyatt decided to take to Hope the piece that he and Ivy had been discussing, and Ivy was sure Hope would like it.

Wyatt left, and Liam asked how Ivy was settling in. He imagined that it was hard to change continents so quickly. She relayed that she was doing okay, and her mother kept in constant contact with her. She mentioned that she was making a video for her mother and asked if Liam would be in it.

Happy to help, Liam stationed himself behind the desk. Ivy filmed a short piece with her phone, telling her mother that, in the executive suite, one never knew who they'd bump into. Liam popped into the frame and greeted, "Hello, Mum!" Giggling, Ivy said her mother would really love it.

Liam was amazed that Ivy's mother knew who he was. Ivy revealed that he and Wyatt were famous in the tabloids. "'Who will Hope choose?'" Ivy quoted. She was skeptical about Hope and Wyatt being over but still working together. Liam said she'd heard Wyatt, and Liam felt that, after all the ups and downs, Hope was fully committed to Liam.

Ivy said that Liam was a nice guy, and it wasn't her business either way. She figured she was there to work. Adding that the video wouldn't make itself, Liam ordered her to get back on it.

In the CEO's office, Hope was thoughtfully pairing jewelry with designs when Deacon arrived. "Like mother, like daughter," he warmly stated about Hope's business side. He remarked that he'd never accomplished as much at her age, but she recalled that he'd owned a bar. Chuckling, he said she inspired young women to live a life of meaning, and he'd inspired them to "other things."

Hope giggled. "You even have the same giggle she does," Deacon noted, grinning.

Deacon asked how Hope and Liam were. Hope giggled as she described Liam hobbling around on his boot. She thanked Deacon again for helping Liam with Quinn. Deacon claimed he was trying to change, and Hope said she could tell. He hoped Brooke would see it, too, some day.

Hope frankly responded that she didn't think Brooke wanted anything to do with Deacon. Deacon dismissively smiled and shrugged, saying he knew that. Hope added that Brooke would not be interested in Deacon romantically and asked if Deacon understood that Brooke was with Bill.

Deacon declared that Bill wasn't the man Brooke thought he was. Hope wasn't fond of Bill but stated that Bill had proved himself to Brooke. "Proved what? That he's a jerk?" Deacon quipped. Deacon admitted that he was also a jerk, but he at least knew his own limitations, unlike Bill. Deacon was confident that Brooke would soon see Bill for who he was.

"Can I just come out and ask you something?" Hope asked. Deacon replied that she could ask anything. She asked if he still had a thing for her mother. After a pause, Deacon decided to let her in on a secret. "Any guy that's ever been with Brooke Logan still has a little thing for her," Deacon said.

Hope chuckled uncomfortably. Deacon added that, in the past, every man had been second to Ridge, but Ridge was with Katie. "And my mom is with Bill," Hope stated again. Deacon responded that he didn't see that lasting, and Hope asked what he knew that she didn't. He said he'd been working on something to help her mother out, but that was all he wanted to say about it for the time being.

As Wyatt entered, Deacon said he was on his way out. Before going, Deacon told Hope that he wasn't delusional. He just believed that with time and effort, Brooke would appreciate his changes and cut him slack. With a wink and a smile, he asked who knew what the future held.

Later, Wyatt and Hope were working at the sky lounge. Hope showed Wyatt one of Ivy's necklaces and raved about the Forrester's new jewelry team. Wyatt thanked Hope again for giving him another chance at work. Hope wondered how he'd top himself after the Mexico trip, during which they'd acquired the use of the HFTF diamond.

Wyatt called the trip the beginning of a great adventure, and he was sure there would be more. Hope agreed but doubted that any would be with the diamond. He decided to show her something, and she asked if it was for the line. He replied that it was for her. He opened his hand and revealed the blue diamond in its diamond-encrusted spoke setting.

Hope gasped and exclaimed his name. She stammered but couldn't even ask the questions on her tongue. Wyatt said that Ricardo had given it to him, and in turn, Wyatt was giving it to Hope. She broke into a glorious smile and gratefully hugged Wyatt.

By that time, Ivy had made her way to the lounge to continue filming, and she accidentally caught the hug on video.

Back in the CEO's office, Deacon returned to say something else to Hope, but she'd already gone. He picked up a promo picture of Brooke's Bedroom, featuring Brooke, and his mind flashed back to the first time he'd been intimate with Brooke.

. . .

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