Hope bonds with the motherless Douglas
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, March 18, 2019
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Monday, March 18, 2019

At Brooke's house, Ridge talked to Brooke about how things were going at home. Although he'd previously told her that she should stay on her trip, he felt that he could use a hug. After Ridge's call with Brooke, Katie asked Ridge if her sister could get a flight home. Ridge replied that Brooke was trying but not hopeful, and he was really missing his wife. Katie hugged him.

Nearby, Wyatt thanked Sally for being there. Sally didn't know where else she'd be at a time like that. Wyatt stated that being there could be awkward for her. She assured him that none of it mattered anymore. She was actually glad that Thomas had taken the time with Caroline when he'd had the chance -- for Douglas' sake.

By the sofa, Thomas offered Douglas some fruit, but Douglas wanted mac and cheese the way his mother "makes" it. Douglas said she made it better than Thomas, and Thomas agreed. Steffy took Douglas to the kitchen to check grandpa's pantry for the dish.

Eric let Thomas know that Thorne was available at any time to talk. Eric began to mention Aly, but Thomas cut Eric off, saying he'd reach out to Thorne.

Thomas thanked everyone for being there. He stated that he and Douglas needed to be with family and friends. Taylor said everyone was there for them. Seconding it, Bill stated that they'd also help Dani and Karen with any arrangements if they needed it.

Thomas conveyed that Dani and Karen had agreed to let him have the memorial in Los Angeles, but he had no idea where to start. Quinn assured him that they'd make calls and handle things for him. Thomas said he'd never thought he'd have to plan anything like that or that he'd have to say goodbye. Taylor hugged him.

Later, Steffy ended a call with Amelia. Liam offered to go to the house to relieve Amelia, but Steffy told him that he was needed where he already was. He replied that she was needed there, too. Agreeing, Steffy stated that she'd be there for as long as her brother needed her; however, Steffy still thought it was best to take the trip and give Hope some space.

On the sofa, Douglas spoke with Hope. Thomas approached, and Douglas said that Hope was nice. He told Thomas that she thought she could make mac and cheese like his mother. Hope stated that she'd need Douglas to help her. Thomas asked if Hope was sure about it. Nodding, Hope replied that it would give Thomas a chance to talk freely for a while.

Hope and Douglas went to the kitchen. Sally noted to Thomas that Douglas was an awesome kid. It meant a lot to Thomas that Sally was being supportive after what had happened between them. Sally stated that it had been best for them, and even though she'd hated it at first, she believed that he'd done the right thing.

Sally said Thomas had given Douglas memories of his parents and family together. Thomas wondered how much of it the child really would remember. Sally replied that Douglas would remember the stories and the pictures, and everyone else would help keep Caroline alive.

Wyatt chimed in, affirming that they'd all make sure Caroline remained alive for Douglas. Wyatt joked that there were hours of reading on social media alone. Liam said Thomas might want to steer Douglas clear of Caroline's pre-motherhood posts because they were edgy.

Steffy replied that Douglas should know that side of her mother, too. Steffy recalled that Caroline had been wild and fun and unafraid to let her online followers know it. "Or her real-life followers, either," Eric added. Bill remarked that she'd had charm and charisma.

Nodding, Thomas recalled when he'd seen Caroline step out of the car on her first day in town. "I knew right then and there that I -- I don't know anything, did I?" Thomas tearfully asked.

Later, while Douglas was still out of the room, everyone sat down to discuss what had happened to Caroline. Bill conveyed that Karen hadn't been able to get the words out when she'd told him about the blood clot. Thomas relayed that neither he nor Douglas had been there when it had happened, and it had occurred very fast.

Thomas hadn't been able to help Caroline's mothers with the details because he'd had to support his son. He feared that Douglas was "so alone." Taylor replied that it wasn't so and that they were all there. Steffy affirmed that Douglas, a Forrester and Spencer, would never be alone.

Thomas said that the child seemed to be handling it well, but that might be because it hadn't sunk in yet. Eric said it hadn't sunk in for any of them. Worried about the motherless Douglas, Thomas wished he knew what to do.

Later, Steffy made calls to delay her meetings and trip to Paris. Afterward, she told her mother that family had to be first. Agreeing, Taylor hoped Steffy could see that even more in light of Caroline's death. Steffy knew what Taylor was getting at. Taylor thought that Steffy should take Hope up on her offer and go to Liam, but Steffy insisted that Hope hadn't been in her right mind when she'd made the offer.

By the fireplace, Ridge called for everyone's attention. He said that he also remembered the day Caroline had first arrived in town, and he remembered her. He decided that it might be nice for everyone to say what they remembered about her.

Starting first, Taylor said she'd always remember Caroline's determination and commitment to excellence. Sally knew Caroline's work, and she admired and respected Caroline for it. Quinn remarked that Caroline's designs had always made Quinn's work easy. Quinn had always thought Caroline would be back at Forrester someday.

Eric remembered Caroline's smile and said the holidays would never be the same. Katie said that Caroline had had a presence. Steffy remembered Caroline's confidence. Liam stated that Caroline had been his and Wyatt's cousin, but she'd felt like a sister. Wyatt couldn't imagine the trouble they would have gotten into if they'd grown up with her. Bill didn't even want to think about that.

Thomas told Bill that Caroline had cared about him. Bill replied that Thomas didn't have to say it. Agreeing that he didn't, Thomas stated that Caroline would want him to convey how important Bill -- and every one of them -- had been to her, especially Ridge, her mentor.

Ridge asserted that he was a designer because of two people; Eric had taught Ridge to draw, and Caroline had taught him to draw again. He said that he'd lost his way, and she'd helped him find it through her hands. Eric responded that they were all grateful for that, and the remarkable Caroline had been taken from them too soon.

A song played over a montage of memories of Caroline.

In the kitchen, Hope and Douglas worked on the macaroni and cheese. Douglas stated that his mother had said he'd make an excellent sous chef. Hope complimented his vocabulary and called him a cool kid. He replied that she was a cool adult.

Stirring the mixture in the bowl, Douglas asked what Hope knew about heaven. his father had told him it was where his mother was. Hope replied that her daughter was there, too. Douglas wondered what the place was like, and she replied that one didn't know until one got there.

Douglas' father had told him that people didn't come back from heaven. Hope affirmed it, and Douglas concluded that his mother wasn't in heaven because his mother was coming back. He stated that she had to because she'd said she'd never leave him. He didn't know why his mother had gone away, but he was adamant that she'd be back.

Hope said Caroline would if she could, and Caroline would never leave Douglas on purpose. Hope explained that it hadn't been Caroline's choice, and Caroline had had an accident. Douglas contended that he'd had accidents, and he was still there. Hope replied that he hadn't had the type of accidents that took one to heaven.

Though Hope didn't know what heaven was like, she did know that the people there could see them, watch over them, and take care of them. "Like angels, you mean!" Douglas responded. He assumed that Hope's daughter was an angel, and he decided that Hope's daughter and his mother could be angels together. He said his mother could teach Hope's daughter to be a sous chef, too. Hope said she'd like that a lot.

By the door, Taylor watched as Hope gave Douglas a bowl of food. He said the food looked like what his mother had made. He told Hope that he wanted "her." Hope knew it and believed that his mother wanted to be there with him, too. Hope said Caroline would always look over him from heaven. Douglas replied that heaven was too far away, and he needed a mother right there. Hope hugged him and said she was there for him.

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