Monday, October 20, 2014

At the beach house, Hope declared that she'd never been so adamant in all her life as she was that Quinn would be nowhere near Hope's family, which included Deacon. Deacon thought Hope was being a little harsh, but she contended that she was showing enormous restraint. Quinn murmured to Wyatt to use his influence. "Hope feels how she feels, Mom," Wyatt responded.

Quinn said Hope needed to understand Quinn, who wasn't manor-born like Hope. Hope seethed that Quinn was no mystery. "You're a conniving, scheming, dangerous woman with no moral center or regard for human life. You play your son shamelessly and tell him it's love," Hope asserted.

Quinn replied that Hope couldn't keep Quinn's son from Quinn. Hope quipped that she wouldn't be so sure about that. "And what the hell is this?" Hope asked, waving her fingers between Deacon and Quinn. Deacon said that he and Quinn had been living together for quite some time.

Hope recalled that Deacon had been extremely vague about his living arrangements, and she asked if Quinn had targeted him. Deacon contended that it hadn't been like that, but Hope asked how he knew for sure, because Quinn was a master deceiver. Quinn resented the statement. "I wouldn't if I were you. You earned this," Wyatt interjected.

Hope believed that Quinn had charmed Deacon to use him as the father card in her back pocket to get back into Hope's life. Quinn didn't know whether to be insulted or flattered by the credit Hope had given her. Hope asked Deacon how he could feel anything for Quinn after what she'd done to Hope.

Quinn asked what was so wrong with Hope's life and noted that Hope was happily married and pregnant with a doting family around her. Quinn merely wanted her rightful place in it. "No," Hope replied. Deacon sided with Quinn, who was Wyatt's mother, a part of the family and "with me now." Deacon appealed to Hope's forgiving side and reminded her that she'd forgiven him for his interference with her and Liam. Deacon asked why Hope couldn't do the same with Quinn.

Hope conveyed that she'd forgiven Quinn more times than Quinn had deserved, but Quinn never stopped. Forgiveness was pointless with Quinn, and Hope refused to keep looking over her shoulder for the next thing her crazy mother-in-law chose to do. "And if you were smart, you'd walk away right now -- before she pulls a sword on you while you sleep," Hope told her father.

Quinn claimed that she'd appalled herself by the act with Liam, and it had been why she'd gotten treatment. Deacon said they had a shot at being a real family through the child that connected them. He asked Hope to give Quinn another chance for his sake and reminded Hope of the togetherness the family had experienced at the wedding party at Brooke's house. Deacon saw no reason that it couldn't be like that all the time. "Quinn is the reason!" Hope replied.

It really worried Hope that Deacon was blind to Quinn. Hope figured he was frustrated about not being with her mother, but she implored him to find anyone else but Quinn. Deacon declared that Quinn had issues. "Hell, she's got volumes!" he exclaimed, but he added that Quinn was working on it.

Quinn said Deacon deserved props for keeping her centered. Hope asked Deacon not to believe Quinn's act. Haggard and upset, Hope stated that the woman had tried to kill Liam and had pushed Ivy into a river. Hope didn't know how he could present Quinn and expect the women to hug it out.

Quinn asked Wyatt to defend his mother. Wyatt said Quinn made it hard due to the things she'd done. "For you!" Quinn replied. Hope told Quinn not to put her crazy onto Hope's husband. Quinn claimed she'd never hurt Hope. Quinn said that they were family, and Hope couldn't wish it away.

Hope asserted that nothing Quinn said mattered, and Hope would never change her mind. "I will always feel this way. I don't want you around my child!" Hope declared.

To Deacon, Hope said she loved the closeness they'd gained. She loved him and wanted him in her life, but her responsibility was to her child and husband. Hope stated that he had to choose. "If she's going to be a part of your life, then you can't be a part of mine. It's either her or me," Hope said.

In Rick's office with Ivy, Caroline was riddled with guilt over being attracted to Ridge while married to the love of her life. Caroline wondered what was wrong with herself.

In Katie's bedroom, Ridge abruptly pulled away from Katie upon imagining that he was kissing Caroline. Katie asked what was wrong. He decided that Katie was right, and he wasn't a user like Bill. Ridge stated that he'd design the last dress with Caroline and then end the collaboration and remove all temptation. Katie called it a wise choice and left to check on Will.

Ridge called Caroline to arrange a time to finish the collection. Caroline told him that she was at Forrester, but he wanted to meet at the cabin on Brooke's property because it was more private.

Later, Katie arrived in Rick's office, where Ivy was fretting over whether her jewelry was right for the couture collection. Ivy noted that Caroline and Ridge were working together well and sensed that it was the beginning of a long collaboration. Katie doubted that. "In fact, I know it's not," Katie added.

Ivy asked if there was a problem. Katie said there wasn't; however, the collaboration was ending, and Katie was in the building to talk to Rick about it. Ivy asked if Ridge was unhappy with Caroline's work, and Katie said she believed Ridge thought Caroline was a talented designer.

Ivy asked why they'd stop working together, and Katie noted that the line was almost finished. Ivy asked if Caroline knew that it was ending. Katie said Ridge intended to tell Caroline that very day.

At the cabin, Caroline arrived and asked why she and Ridge were meeting there instead of the office. Ridge said it afforded them privacy and less interruptions. He was eager to finish the last design and end the collaboration, because it was not right. Caroline asked if he was feeling something, too.

Ridge couldn't lie. He thought about Caroline all the time. "I have crazy thoughts. But I love Katie. I really do," he added. He planned to marry Katie, and he couldn't let the collaboration derail things. He felt that he and Caroline were on dangerous ground, and it was his fault. Caroline said she'd been there, too. Ridge stated that the fight was between him and Rick.

Caroline conveyed that she couldn't go against her husband no matter how much she liked and respected Ridge. Ridge replied that he shouldn't have asked. Smiling, she said he'd been being himself by single-mindedly going after something he wanted. "And now I'm single-mindedly stepping away from it," he told her. He turned away, and darting her eyes to the floor, she agreed that it was best.

Ridge whipped around, and as he neared her, he heartily revealed that he'd enjoyed the connection they'd had and how unselfish she'd been with him. He appeared to move in to kiss her. She braced herself, but he moved past her to pick up a sketchpad.

"Ta-da!" Ridge exclaimed, showing her a drawing he'd done himself.

Caroline said the design was wonderful. Ridge disagreed; however, he felt it was a start, and he had to find his way back. She remarked that she'd known that one day he wouldn't need her anymore. He asked her not to say that because it sounded as if he'd used her and was discarding her, which wasn't the case. She dismissed the notion and said she'd leave the cabin a better designer than she'd believed she ever could be. Thanking him, she said he'd rock his own designs, and she'd rock hers.

"When we kissed," Ridge said. Caroline waved her hand and said no one else needed to know. He believed it was for the best. She remarked she'd miss "us -- " what they'd created together. Caressing her shoulders, he stated that she'd taught him things he hadn't known about himself and had made him see things through someone else's eyes.

Caroline revealed that he had changed her perspective as a designer and a woman. She'd always treasure their time together. Ridge felt the same and hoped Rick knew what he had in her, but if Rick ever forgot, Ridge said that she could call him. They agreed to get to work for one last time.

Caroline grabbed a pencil and stood before an easel. Ridge slipped up behind her and placed his hand over hers. As they formed lines on the paper, she leaned back into him, and he nuzzled his nose in her hair. A woman in a gown took form on the pad, and Ridge and Caroline teetered on the verge of abandon. His face rolled against her hair. Tossing the pencil across the room, he gathered her in his arms and locked his mouth into her quavering lips.

. . .

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