Monday, August 25, 2014

At the party, Aly and Ivy tried to occupy Wyatt by plying him for wedding details. Just as Wyatt decided to find Hope, Bill pulled him aside to say that Liam had been in Paris. Wyatt refused to believe it, adding that Liam's no-show was the reason Hope had married him. Bill explained what had happened to Ivy in Paris, and Wyatt concluded that he was married simply because Ivy had fallen into the river.

"Don't say that," Bill said, sighing. Wyatt insisted that it was true, and if Ivy hadn't fallen, Liam would have made it on time. "And they would be married right now," Wyatt added. Bill stated that Hope didn't have to know about it, but Wyatt declared that he wouldn't keep secrets from her.

Bill reasoned that Wyatt knew Hope; she'd made vows, and she'd stick to him. Bill also stated that Liam wouldn't be a problem because Liam knew that Bill expected him to respect the marriage.

Bill left, and Aly and Ivy stopped Wyatt on the stairs to get him to tell them more about the wedding. Wyatt realized that the two had been delaying him from getting to Hope. Before trotting upstairs, he said he'd tell Liam that they'd done their job.

Nearby, Quinn asked Deacon how it had gone with Brooke. Deacon stated that Brooke knew Ridge's secret, but Brooke would blame Quinn the most. Unconcerned, Quinn said she'd only sent a selfie, but Bill had dropped Ridge from the helicopter.

Quinn laughed when Deacon stated that Brooke was torn up by the news. He quipped that it wasn't fun for him, and he cared about how Brooke felt. Quinn claimed to feel the same way about Bill as Deacon did about Brooke, but Deacon doubted that Quinn got it. Quinn asserted that Bill was the father of her child, and Brooke was the mother of Deacon's child. "I get it!" Quinn declared.

Quinn recognized that things had changed for her and Deacon, and it felt different to be a part of things and to be wanted. Deacon agreed that the day had been good. He could tell it meant a lot to their children to see everyone getting along. "Especially their parents. Now that Ridge's secret is out, who knows what might develop?" she added.

In the kitchen, Ridge admitted that he hadn't been able to draw since the incident. Names, relationships, and memories had confused him at first, but he'd gotten back everything -- except his gift to create. He didn't think he'd ever be able to design again.

Brooke didn't believe it could just be gone. Ridge explained that his mind didn't know how to tell his hands what to do. The tearful Brooke grasped his hands and said they'd fix it because designing "is" his passion. "Was my passion," Ridge replied.

Brooke figured that it was just a block, but Ridge yelled that he couldn't design anymore. Brooke asked if he'd dealt with it alone, but he said Katie knew. Brooke asked why he hadn't confided in her. He recalled the rush of being welcomed back to Forrester and the disillusionment when he'd frozen with a pencil and sketchpad in his hands. Brooke remembered that he'd gone home early that day.

Katie entered and asked what was going on. Ridge said that Brooke knew. Brooke told Ridge that designing was his passion and his identity. "Not anymore," he uttered. Katie was glad that Brooke knew because Ridge needed support. Brooke said that she and Katie were there for Ridge.

Brooke couldn't believe it was happening due to Bill. Katie seethed that Bill had wanted to teach Ridge a lesson, "but look what happened." Brooke insisted that Ridge would get his stride back. She said that he was a great designer; he was Ridge Forrester, and he wouldn't lose that.

Just then, Bill entered the kitchen, and the others tensed. Bill didn't see why the three were so serious at a wedding celebration and asked them to turn their frowns upside down for Wyatt and Hope. "Or not," he murmured when Brooke looked away. Katie and Ridge decided to leave, and Katie asked if Brooke would be okay. Brooke nodded, and Ridge and Katie left.

Bill asked Brooke why Katie had asked if Brooke would be okay. Bill assumed Katie and Ridge weren't happy about the new wedding for Brooke and Bill, but Bill was sure they'd get used to it. Bill was ready to board the jet for the wedding, but when Brooke didn't budge, he asked what was wrong.

Brooke said Ridge had revealed that he hadn't been the same since the fall. Bill didn't want to revisit that, but she said they had to. Bill knew that Ridge had had a hard time and memory loss, and Bill felt bad about the part he'd played in it. Bill said that his apologies hadn't done any good, but thankfully, Ridge had returned to himself.

Brooke declared that Ridge wasn't himself, and he couldn't draw. She asserted that Ridge's art and gift had been taken from him -- all because he'd fallen from a helicopter.

Upstairs, Hope asserted that she'd waited, but Liam hadn't shown up. Liam replied that he knew she'd waited, but she hadn't waited long enough. Hope began disagreeing, but Liam interjected, "Light blue dress, standing in our spot. You looked beautiful." Hope gasped and began to sob.

"Liam! If you were there -- if you were right there -- why didn't you come to me?" Hope cried. She asked if he'd just stood on the bridge, watching her wait. Liam admitted that he'd been angry when she'd taken the diamond from Wyatt and taken off to Paris with Wyatt. Liam honestly hadn't known if he'd go to Paris to join her. Hope claimed that she hadn't known either, but she'd chosen to have faith.

Hope claimed that the instructions had been simple, so when the clock had struck three, she'd known Liam's decision. "Except you were wrong. I did everything I could to get to you, but when I did, you were gone," he replied. It didn't make sense to Hope, and she asked him to explain it to her.

Liam said that he and Ivy had arrived in plenty of time. They'd gotten stuck in traffic and had decided to run the rest of the way. Hope asked why he hadn't called her cell phone. He said he hadn't needed to because he had been able to see her from where he'd been on the bridge.

As Liam had imagined Hope's face, her smile, and their reunion, he'd heard Ivy scream. Someone had bumped into her, sending her over the bridge. "What? Are you kidding me?" Hope exclaimed. Hope guessed he'd jumped in to to save Ivy. He said he'd gotten Ivy to shore after three o'clock, and he'd run, praying that Hope would still be there. "But you weren't," he dismally concluded.

Hope claimed that she'd waited for what had seemed an eternity. Liam responded that he'd made a split-second decision to jump in the water. "Of course you did. Of course you'd save her. I'm not surprised," Hope responded. She told him to understand that it didn't change her perspective or what she'd gone through while waiting for him.

Hope said that when Liam hadn't been there for the tolling of the three o'clock bells, it had meant that she hadn't mattered to him. "But Wyatt was there," she continued. She said that Wyatt hadn't had to say a word, and in that moment, the thought of Liam showing up had become ridiculous. Liam asserted that he had shown up; he'd just been late. Hope cried that she hadn't known that.

"Yeah, well, now you know," Liam sadly uttered.

Wyatt entered. He quickly observed the intense Liam and Hope and said the party was over. Liam and Hope stared at each other. "Come on, honey," Wyatt prodded, touching Hope's arm.

. . .

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