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Katie and Bill make a new deal
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Monday, October 15, 2018

In Bill's office, Katie explained that she and Will were there because the child needed help with his social studies homework, and they thought Bill would be an expert because it dealt with imports and exports for Brazil. Bill said that he was the man.

Katie grinned as Bill and Will discussed what imports and exports were and that Brazil imported and exported oil. Bill joked that he could have had a career in social studies, but he'd instead chosen to be the king of the world. Will and Bill fist-bumped on a decision well made.

Bill went on to explain how Brazil sold crude oil and bought refined oil around the world. Alison interrupted with a phone call. Katie thought of what Brooke had asked her to do about the custody ruling. Bill hustled Alison off the phone and advised Will that, when bossing around a person, it was always good to end with "thank you."

Bill decided to teach Will something he'd never learn in school -- taxes. After the lesson, Will had many questions, and Bill said he could explain more in another session. Katie asked Will to keep track of his time, and Will asked her what time he was supposed to go Andy's.

Katie relayed that she'd asked Andy's mother to pick Will up at Spencer. She explained that some of the parents did a haunted house for Halloween, and one was opening that night. Katie suggested that Will wait in the lobby. Whipping out a bill, Bill handed it to Will, saying he was sure there would be Halloween junk to buy. "Bill, a hundred dollars?" Katie asked.

Bill asked if it should be two hundred, and Katie suggested five. Bill secretly handed Will ten dollars and told him to save it, spend it, or invest it. Bill offered to walk them downstairs, and Katie asked if he was sure because they'd already taken a lot of his time. Bill was sure. As they left, he talked about Will needing a watch. Will asked what a "watch" was.

Later, Katie and Bill returned to his office. Bill mentioned the haunted house and said he sometimes felt like a ghost. Katie asked why he'd invited her to return to the office. Bill replied that he'd wanted to thank her. He'd thought they'd turn into adversaries after the hearing. He'd imagined begging her to see their son while she pushed him away.

Katie told Bill that she'd repeatedly said it hadn't been her intention to be that way. Bill wondered if it had been so even a little bit. Katie glared at Bill. Bill said the social studies homework really hadn't been due that day, and he wondered why she'd really showed up with Will.

Katie had thought it would be fun if Bill could teach Will something, and she'd seen how much Bill was trying to be a dad. Bill quipped that he'd told her that before Judge "McMoron" had made his ruling. Katie admitted that she was reviewing things and seeing them a little differently. She said she'd figured out how she'd use the rights given her. He guessed he'd have to brace himself, but she asserted that she would not get in the way of him seeing his son.

Suspicious, Bill said there had to be more to it. Katie insisted that there wasn't. She swore she'd never gone after sole custody to keep Bill from Will. She simply wanted there to be ground rules, and those rules were pretty much the same as before. For example, Bill couldn't just show up, because Will was on a schedule. "Okay," Bill said, eagerly listening for the next rule.

Katie elaborated that it included school and sporting events and said Will would love it if Bill was more involved in those things. "Absolutely," Bill agreed. Katie decided that she wouldn't tell Will that Bill would be there unless Bill confirmed a day prior.

Agreeing, Bill said it was good in case he had a "legitimate, legitimate" reason for canceling. Katie added that the only legitimate excuse for canceling the day of was if Bill had malaria or someone had died. Bill repeated her words and said he got it. He asked if those were the ground rules.

Katie said all she was asking was that Bill not let Will down. Bill replied that he wouldn't. He was surprised by what was happening. Katie said her sister had helped her to see things in a new light. She guessed Brooke had gotten through to her because Brooke hadn't wanted him to lose custody. Before leaving, Katie thanked Bill for wanting to be Will's dad again.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Ridge asked Brooke what it was going to take. Brooke didn't know what he was talking about and asked what he wanted. Ridge wanted her to stop having secret meetings with Bill in Ridge's office. Brooke shot back that Ridge had had secret meetings with the judge who'd taken Bill's son from him.

Ridge replied that Bill could see Will whenever he wanted -- with Katie's permission. Brooke asked how Ridge would like it if she controlled when he'd see their son. Ridge quipped that it was different because he and Brooke were married. "That's still what we are doing here, isn't it?" he asked. Ridge had no idea where he stood with her.

Ridge had thought he'd been spending the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams, but he'd found out about Brooke's secret meetings with Bill. Ridge didn't understand the purpose of the meetings. Brooke stated that he knew she'd been against Katie going for sole custody. Ridge noted that the case was closed. "Why was Bill here today?" Ridge pointedly asked.

Brooke guessed that Bill had wanted to thank her for being one of the few people who'd stood up for him at the hearing. Brooke said she hadn't told Bill anything, but she still thought he had a right to know what Ridge had done. Ridge asked what else Bill had a right to.

Brooke further explained that Bill had just wanted to tell someone how happy he'd been that his son had wanted to see him, and it hadn't been like Bill had sneaked in the building. She noted that Pam had probably seen him. Ridge replied that Steffy definitely had. Brooke stated that Steffy hadn't mentioned it to her, and Ridge responded that Steffy had been waiting on Brooke.

Shrugging, Brooke asked what the wait was for, and Ridge said it was time for Brooke to explain what she'd done and why she'd been making out with Spencer in Ridge's office. Ridge asked if she'd deny it. Brooke readily said Bill had kissed her, and she'd put a stop to it. She was adamant that Bill had made a mistake, but she hadn't kissed him back.

Ridge asked what Brooke had done. He wondered if she'd slapped Bill or called security. Turning up her palms, she said she'd told Bill before to never do it again. "Before? As in this is not the first time this has happened?" Ridge asked. She began to tell Ridge about running into Bill at Il Giardino, and Ridge cut in, asking if they'd been making out in public.

Squinting, Brooke denied it. She said it had been innocent. Bill had wanted her to talk to Katie, and Brooke had agreed to try. Ridge assumed Brooke had reported back to him. She revealed that she'd gone to Bill's office. "More than once?" Ridge asked. As Brooke stammered, Ridge assumed it was true. Shaking her head, she said she didn't know, and it was a couple of times.

Ridge asked if Brooke could remember how many times she'd kissed Bill. Getting upset with Ridge's attitude, Brooke claimed it was why she didn't even like to bring up Bill's name. "This is how you get, and it scares me!" she exclaimed.

Ridge yelled that he got that way when someone was kissing his wife and his wife didn't tell him. Brooke apologized. She should have told him, but she'd known it would make him unhappy. Ridge said she didn't have any idea how unhappy he was. Brooke hoped he'd accept her apology and move on, but Ridge snapped that she was just sorry to be caught.

Brooke claimed she'd always be sorry if she hurt Ridge. Ridge asked if she saw nothing wrong with aligning herself with a man who'd hurt him, his family, and her. Brooke replied that it hadn't been about Ridge. It had been about Bill's fear of losing his son. Ridge asked if she saw nothing wrong with a man whom he hated putting his hands and lips on her.

"It wasn't like that," Brooke explained. She said Bill had just been trying to find a way to express his gratitude. Ridge retorted that it was old-fashioned, but maybe Bill should have thought about sending a greeting card. "Gratitude for what? You betraying your sister?" Ridge asked.

Brooke claimed she hadn't done that, but Ridge told her that it was exactly what she'd done. She asserted that she'd told Katie her own thoughts about it, not Bill's. Ridge asked to hear more about Brooke's crusade to do right by everyone but him. She replied that it hadn't concerned him, but he wanted to know why she'd keep him in the dark.

Citing that Ridge had thought he'd been doing the right thing with the judge, she stated that she'd thought she'd been doing the right thing, too. Ridge corrected that he'd been doing the wrong thing. He'd known it, but he'd been trying to do the wrong thing to get the right result.

Brooke questioned whether exposing him and the judge to criminal charges had been the right thing to do. "You don't realize how much I love you. It's why I didn't implicate you," Ridge reasoned. Brooke asked if he'd thought it would have been better if she'd found out when he was arrested if the judge had turned him in instead of helping him.

For Ridge, it had been a calculated risk. He knew that she was unhappy about it, but he figured they'd never have to deal with it again if she didn't tell anyone about it. Brooke said she hadn't told Bill; however, she had felt the need to tell Katie. "Excuse me?" Ridge replied. Brooke figured that Katie couldn't make things right without knowing how thing had gone so wrong.

Amazed, Ridge stated that he'd thought Brooke had said she hadn't wanted to see him in handcuffs. Brooke believed that Katie wouldn't tell anyone. Ridge figured that Katie would tell Thorne, whom Ridge regularly argued with. Brooke replied that Thorne "would never..."

"You have any idea who was at the top of my list of people who would never?'" Ridge asked, pointing at Brooke. Brooke insisted that it wasn't the way he was thinking. He asked if they could at least agree that Bill had tied to kill him, but she didn't think Bill had intended that.

"Damn it!" Ridge roared. He asked if Brooke understood how angry she made him whenever she defended that animal. Ridge guessed Bill didn't intentionally falsely accuse Ridge of shooting Bill in the back, either. "It should have been me," Ridge murmured.

Ridge stated that Bill might not have "intended" to seduce Ridge's daughter and ruin her marriage. He yelled that Bill might not have intended for Ridge and Brooke to stand "here like this." Ridge told her that Bill had played her because he'd wanted her to be with him and side with him, and Bill had known Ridge wouldn't go along with it.

Brooke replied that Bill didn't have that power. "His hands on you. His lips on you," Ridge stated and noted that they were the same hands and lips that had canceled the future for Ridge's daughter. Ridge believed Bill did have power over Brooke, and Ridge didn't know why. He was tired of fighting it, and she was free to go if she wanted to be with Bill instead of married to Ridge.

Brooke told Ridge to stop it and give them a chance to work through it. She loved Ridge and knew how much he loved her. She asked him to try to get beyond it and make it work. She insisted that it wasn't over, and she asked him to say he believed the same thing.

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