Monday, September 29, 2014

At Brooke's house, Bill urged Brooke to marry him, but Deacon contended that he'd loved her for longer than Bill. Deacon believed that she could forgive him, just as she'd forgiven Bill, and implored her to give him a chance. The men bickered more with each other until Brooke stopped them.

Brooke lauded Deacon for being in Hope's life and being a help to her and to Hope. Deacon wanted to be more if Brooke would let him, but she asserted that Bill was the man in her life. Deacon was sure Bill would disappoint her again but figured that she had to learn it for herself. "I can wait," Deacon said. As Deacon left, Bill murmured that Deacon would be waiting a long time.

Once alone with Brooke, Bill asked if he could take what she'd told Deacon as a yes. Brooke claimed not to want to rush into anything, but she promised to answer Bill soon.

Later, Bill was in his office when Katie arrived with Will for a visit. Katie called Bill evil for a squeaky toy that he'd gotten for Will. When Bill remarked that she was saying that to make him feel better, Katie asked what was wrong. She assumed it had to be Brooke, but Bill claimed that he and Brooke were fine and happy to hear that Ridge was designing again.

Bill sensed that Katie had been surprised that he knew. Katie asked if the news had made a difference to Brooke. He replied that Brooke could agree to marry him soon, and Katie noted that her sister wasn't being impulsive, which was good for Brooke.

Bill asked if Katie was happy about Ridge's improvement. Katie said she was glad about the progression, and when a person loved someone, that person signed up for whatever happened. "Until you don't," Bill concluded, and in answer, Katie repeated him.

Katie assumed that Bill thought she hated him, but she didn't. Bill asked if she was saying that there were times when she missed him. She said that she might be saying it, and he admitted that he missed her, too, at times. Katie asserted that he just missed that only meal she knew how to make, but she could teach Brooke to make it. Katie said Brooke could learn if he gave her time. "I'm going to give her a lifetime," Bill declared and turned his attention to Will. Katie seemed to become sad.

As Bill played with the child, Katie took a call from Dani and apologized for being unable to meet up. Katie promised to meet the next time Dani was in town. Katie ended the call and looked reticently at Bill and Will.

At the loft, Wyatt arrived in a joking mood, and Quinn guessed that things were good for him. Quinn claimed that she'd been trying to take Wyatt's advice about concentrating on herself, but she didn't feel that she was as interesting as her son. Wyatt announced that Hope had decided to remain with her husband. Quinn squealed and hugged him.

Quinn assumed that Hope disliked her. Wyatt said he was the one in a relationship with Hope, not Quinn. Quinn contended that she was Hope's mother-in-law, and she had a relationship with Hope. Wyatt stated that he was there to tell Quinn that her fixation with Hope had to end.

Quinn said Wyatt didn't have to protect Hope from her, but upon Quinn accomplishing her goal, Hope had reminded Quinn of how starchy and self-righteous Hope could be. Wyatt warned Quinn not to talk about his wife that way, but Quinn questioned his right to treat her like a naughty child.

Quinn believed she'd gotten Wyatt a wife and had spared him any blame for her actions. She said it was good to have big shoulders, and he'd learn that "now that" he was on his own. She offered to let Hope have her space, as long as Wyatt visited Quinn from time to time. "Because I'm not going to let anyone forbid me from seeing my son," Quinn asserted.

Later, Deacon arrived and saw Quinn putting away dishes. He asked if she planned on having VIP company. The only VIP Quinn claimed to care about was herself, and she said it was why Deacon needed to stop treating her place like a suitcase. Deacon guessed that meant Wyatt and Hope hadn't invited Quinn to live with them. Quinn sniped that her relationship with Wyatt was fine at the time.

Quinn also relayed that Hope and Wyatt were remaining together, and Deacon said that Brooke had told him the news. Asking why Quinn had summoned him, Deacon reminded her that he wasn't a psychiatrist and didn't vacuum. Quinn asked what more Brooke had told him.

"She's marrying the man of your dreams -- or your nightmares," Deacon responded. Quinn gasped incredulously. Deacon said Brooke hadn't answered Bill, but Bill had proposed to Brooke -- again.

Deacon noticed that something was wrong with the sink. Quinn said she'd broken it, like everything else. She asked why every man wanted to marry Brooke. He concluded that Quinn was a witch, but Brooke wasn't.

Deacon asked if Quinn had thought Bill would do an about-face and get serious about her. Quinn questioned if Deacon had thought Brooke would suddenly become gaga over him. He contended that he and Brooke had a child together, but Quinn replied that she had the same with Bill. Deacon added that Bill had another child that Quinn had tried to kill.

Lowering her chin to her hands, Quinn revealed that she'd thought Hope would leave Wyatt, and he'd return to his mother. Quinn had cooked Wyatt an entire meal, including his favorite dessert. Deacon offered to eat the meal but realized that she'd put the whole thing down the garbage disposal. She replied that she had, and it was why the sink was clogged.

Deacon deduced that the sink had been the reason Quinn had contacted him. "Figured you could earn your keep," she responded. He asked if she wanted to cry or lean on his shoulder. Quinn shrank back with a displeased glare and said she didn't go for that kind of thing.

Deacon asked if Quinn wanted to hear that he was lonely, too. Giving him a little constructive criticism, Quinn advised him to talk less. He stared into her eyes, and touching her arm, he uttered that he'd heard that before.

In the CEO's office, Donna told Eric about Luca's death. Eric wanted the contact information for Luca's fiancée. Eric also asked Donna to call Thorne, so that Eric could get an update on International.

Later, Brooke arrived at the office as Eric was concluding a phone call with Thorne and ordering Donna to get the financials for their Milan office. After Donna had left, Eric revealed to Brooke that Luca Comino was dead. "What?" Brooke exclaimed. Eric corrected himself and said "presumed" dead after Luca's boat had washed up on shore without him.

Brooke asked if Eric had called the second in command in Milan. Eric replied that she was missing, too, and there were rumors of financial improprieties. Brooke gleaned that Eric believed the two had embezzled from Forrester and had taken off together.

Eric changed the subject to ask why Brooke had wanted to see him. She didn't think it was the right time to talk, and he joked that she wanted to block off honeymoon time. Giggling, Brooke revealed that she'd gotten two proposals that morning. Eric didn't think even that was a record for her, but he reminded her that she didn't have to marry anyone.

Brooke claimed that the next natural step was for her to marry Bill. Eric asked what was stopping her. He noted that one didn't fall in love with another's good qualities, but one found the other's qualities good because one had fallen in love with the other. He figured that, in time, one wised up, and because of the love for the other, hoped the other would change.

Eric asked if Brooke wanted to marry Bill. Brooke did want to, but she asked if Eric always did what he wanted to do. "No," Eric knowingly responded. Brooke remarked that other things factored in. He asked if it had to do with Ridge, who was the love of her life. "Which life was that?" she asked.

Eric remarked that people lived their lives in the same place and with the same people but would occasionally awaken and wonder who they were and how they'd gotten there. He assumed that Bill was what Brooke wanted. "And you have him, right?" Eric asked.

Brooke mirthlessly smiled and said that Bill had a child with her sister. She asked if she'd be Will's aunt or stepmother. "This isn't appalling to you, Eric? It is to everyone else," Brooke remarked. Eric responded that it wasn't.

Eric stated that even though he and Brooke dressed well, paid their taxes, and did everything the right way, they were unconventional people. Love and lust mattered to them, and they had little voices inside that said they wouldn't live forever. "And every time you deny an experience that draws you so powerfully, you die a little inside," he stated.

Brooke felt that Eric understood her well. Eric said he'd studied her for a long time. She'd been one of those experiences that he hadn't been able to deny himself. Brooke said he'd been that for her, too, and she kept going to him whenever she'd lost her way. He was glad for it; however, he felt that she hadn't lost her way, and she knew what she wanted.

Brooke admitted that she had a different yearning that was at odds with her desire. Eric asked if she really worried about what people thought, and she said she feared that the people might be right. Each time she thought of having a life with Bill, she felt that it might be a mistake. "Because of this person that I just can't -- I can't forget about," she said.

Eric asked if Brooke meant Ridge or Deacon, but Brooke dismissed the guesses. Eric asked who it could be. "Well, haven't we been talking about it?" she asked.

"You don't mean me?" Eric responded.

. . .

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