Monday, September 15, 2014

At the cliff house, Liam exclaimed that he should have known Quinn had been involved in the Paris incident because, for the longest time, Quinn had been behind all of his problems with Hope. He wondered if Hope would believe that it was Quinn in the footage. Charlie and Pam whipped out a copy of Quinn's passport that had been stamped at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Ivy asserted that Quinn could have killed her, and Ivy could have Quinn arrested. "Oh, I like it," Liam responded. Kissing Charlie's head, Liam thanked him and said that Hope needed to see what they had. Charlie replied that it could change everything. Ivy asked if Liam thought Hope would actually leave Wyatt. Liam responded that there was only one way to find out.

As Liam picked up his phone and made a call, Pam told Charlie and Ivy that Pam had seen through Quinn's phony, "butter-wouldn't-melt" charm from the start, and Pam and Charlie had curtailed Quinn's designs on Eric a year earlier. Charlie added that Quinn was pure evil, and he'd seen it up close.

Pam was proud of Charlie for busting Quinn. "Wherever you find injustice, you're gonna find Charlie Webber," Charlie said, proudly tugging his belt. Liam ended his call and asked Charlie to email the footage to him. Charlie said he'd already done it, and Ivy seemed anxious as Liam rushed out.

After Liam had gone, Ivy and Pam expressed sympathy for what Wyatt had to go through with a mother like Quinn. Charlie felt it, too, but insisted that Wyatt still didn't belong with Hope, who he'd garnered through his mother's manipulations.

Ivy realized that a boat could have hit her. Pam responded that it wouldn't matter to Quinn as long as she'd gotten her way. Ivy felt lucky that Liam had been there, but she realized it wouldn't have happened if Liam hadn't been there. Ivy still couldn't believe that Quinn had put her hands on Ivy.

Pam wondered how Hope would feel to learn that she'd been manipulated, but Ivy asserted that Hope needed to take some responsibility. Though Quinn had set the stage, Hope was the one who'd run off with Wyatt. Charlie claimed that Quinn knew how to read people, and he expected Hope and Liam to reunite in no time. Pam gave Charlie a mindful stare because of Ivy, but Ivy said she knew Liam hadn't gotten over Hope.

Ivy assumed Hope was a lot like Brooke in the way they affected men. "Logan women, deadly," Pam replied. Ivy concluded that if Hope made Liam happy, then Ivy would cheer at their wedding.

At the beach house, Hope told Wyatt that she wanted to have children, but the timing was off. Wyatt contended that timing was an illusion, and they only had that moment. He noted that she seemed a little hesitant. Hope said it was because she felt as if they'd just gotten married, and she wanted to be sure she could handle it all, including her job at Forrester.

Wyatt explained that Hope didn't have to do everything, and they could get help. He was crazy in love with her, and he was ready for them to take the next step in a new home with some mini-Hopes running around. "Take another leap. Make a baby with me," Wyatt requested.

"Best idea I ever heard! I can't wait to be a grandma!" Wyatt and Hope heard Quinn exclaim as she entered their house. Quinn asked if she'd heard correctly about the baby talk, and Wyatt replied that he and Hope had been talking privately about it. Hope received a message on her phone that her mother wanted to see her. Wyatt guessed that Hope was "saved by the text."

Hope promised to talk about it later. Before Hope left, Quinn said that all she'd ever wanted for Wyatt was a happy home, and anything that she'd done to push it along -- however, seemingly misguided -- she'd never be sorry for it.

Later, Wyatt was daydreaming about his wedding when Liam stormed in, looking for Hope. Quinn emerged from the bedroom, and Liam exclaimed that he knew what she'd done. "Not this again," Quinn replied. Wyatt asked what the matter was. Liam said Wyatt had known Hope had wanted a life with Liam. Wyatt rolled his eyes and huffed in exasperation.

Liam continued, saying that Hope had known he'd show up, and he'd been within arm's reach of the life he and Hope had always wanted. He'd even seen Hope waiting for him by the bridge.

"Blah, blah, blah," Quinn interrupted, sick of Liam's woeful story. Liam put his hand up in Quinn's face and asked what the odds were that Ivy had been pushed into the Seine at the exact moment that he was set to meet Hope. Wyatt was confused that Liam used the word "pushed."

Quinn suggested that Liam get a girlfriend because he'd spent too much time alone with his imagination. Wyatt couldn't imagine who'd want to hurt Ivy. Liam responded that Ivy had just been something convenient to use to get to Liam. Quinn told Liam to get over himself.

Liam asked Wyatt who on the planet would not want Liam to reach Hope. Wyatt's lips pursed, and he stared pointedly at his mother. Shaking off the thought, Wyatt decided that it was preposterous to think that Quinn had pushed Ivy, and Quinn went on the attack, calling Liam a big baby.

Liam rendered a Zen-like grin as Quinn rendered a diatribe of him. Wyatt said Quinn's name, but she kept going, demanding that Liam stop whining all the time because it was so unattractive. Liam asked if Quinn had been to Paris, and she asked what he was talking about. To Wyatt, Liam said, "Now, pay attention to that. That sounds like denial to me, right?"

Opening up a piece of paper, Liam recited Quinn's passport number. Wyatt looked over Liam's shoulder to see what he was viewing. Liam showed the paper, which was a scan of Quinn's passport, to Quinn and explained that customs in Paris had scanned it into their system on the day in question.

Quinn demanded that Liam leave. Liam recounted that he and Ivy had taken a 9:45 a.m. flight out of Los Angeles, and it was the same flight from Quinn's customs scan. Liam said the flight had landed on the fateful day that Quinn had gotten what she'd wanted -- after Ivy had fallen into the Seine. "What do you think, bro? Is it another amazing coincidence or what?" Liam asked Wyatt.

Wyatt turned a perturbed glare to his mother and asked if she'd gone to Paris. Liam claimed to have video footage in case she planned to lie. Quinn asked what footage and where he'd gotten it. "Charlie," Liam replied, pulling out his phone, and Quinn tossed out insults about Charlie.

Liam showed Wyatt the footage of Quinn on the scooter outside the airport, but Wyatt said one couldn't make out the face. Liam replied that Wyatt ought to recognize his own mother, even in sunglasses. "Sure does look like you," Wyatt bitterly said to Quinn.

Quinn admitted that she'd been in Paris. "For a job interview," she added, and Liam chuckled wryly. She insisted that she was out of work and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Liam asked her to keep talking and dig herself in deeper. Quinn claimed that a well-known fashion house had contacted her and flown her in and out on the same day, and that was the end of the story.

Wyatt asked why Quinn hadn't told him, and she claimed the fashion house had wanted it to be confidential. Liam asked where the fashion house was and what its address was. She named a district but claimed not to know the address because a car had picked her up and dropped her off.

Liam noted to Wyatt that the woman in the video was stealing a scooter, not getting into an awaiting car. Liam moved on to the footage of Ivy on the bridge. Wyatt simmered in anger while watching Quinn shove Ivy off her perch on the bridge. Liam declared that Quinn had gone to Paris and picked her moment, knowing Liam would jump in to save Ivy.

Wyatt asked if Quinn had done it. He asked if she'd pushed an innocent person into the river. Quinn said nothing. "I asked you a question! Did you do that?" Wyatt demanded to know.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Brooke excitedly greeted her daughter, anxious to hear how married life was. Hope meekly replied that it was good, but frowning, Brooke asked if that was all Hope had to say about it. Brooke had thought she'd hear that it was amazing, and Hope was the happiest she'd ever been. Hope said she was very happy, and Wyatt was devoted, which was good.

Hope stated that Wyatt was everything she could have hoped for in a husband. Assessing Hope's tone, Brooke sensed that there was a "but" on the tip of Hope's tongue. Hope admitted that she was still thinking of everything that had happened and how quickly it had happened. One minute, Hope had been with Liam, and the next, she'd become married to Wyatt, who wanted to start a family.

Hope decided that she didn't know the answer to Brooke's question of how it felt to be married because Hope hadn't had a chance to catch her breath. Brooke asked if Wyatt was pressuring Hope. Hope said he wasn't. Hope explained that he'd always been on a straight track in his desire to marry her, and for him, the next logical step was a family.

Though Hope wanted to have children, she felt as if she'd just gotten married, and she wasn't ready to give up her job. She said that she could do both, but she felt too young. Brooke remarked that children could be a lot of work and overwhelming, even if one planned for them. "Yeah, and there's a little gene pool issue -- and I am not talking about you or Dad," Hope stated.

"Oh, yes, Quinn," Brooke replied. Hope admitted that it was terrifying to think that "that woman" would be her child's grandmother. Hope was worried that Quinn's Wyatt obsession would transfer to the child. Brooke asked how Quinn's counseling was going and if Hope had seen Quinn.

Hope didn't know how it was going, but every time she looked at Quinn, she thought of Ridge and Abu Dhabi and the things Quinn had done to Liam. "I get very uneasy," Hope stated. Hope concluded that her mother-in-law had no regard for anyone or anything other than what Quinn wanted.

Brooke asked if Quinn's stay at the facility had helped. Hope replied that Quinn seemed fine, but she'd always seemed fine before she'd gone crazy. Brooke asked if Hope didn't trust Quinn's rehabilitation. "I don't trust Quinn -- at all," Hope declared.

Hope hated that the Fullers were a package deal, and she feared that the crazy gene had skipped Wyatt's generation but was waiting to attach itself to Hope's child. Brooke hesitated but then asked if Quinn was just a convenient excuse. "What do you mean?" Hope conspicuously asked.

Brooke decided that Quinn wasn't the biggest reason Hope was hesitating about starting a family with Wyatt. Hope asked Brooke to just say what she was thinking. Brooke relayed that Hope had had an image of her family with Liam for a long time, and it couldn't be easy for Hope to just erase it from her mind. Hope rolled her eyes in resignation and sighed.

. . .

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