Monday, November 24, 2014

At Eric's house, Taylor and Eric discussed the hard line Eric had taken with Rick. Eric was adamant that Rick stop acting like a toddler and reconcile with Caroline before he lost his CEO position. Taylor wondered if more than kissing had gone on between Caroline and Ridge. Eric stated that all three of them had made mistakes, but there was no reason to end the marriage -- especially when Caroline was working hard to maintain it.

In the showroom, Maya saw that the Forrester website had crashed because the server was overloaded with hits. "We are that hot! I am that hot!" she proclaimed. Carter couldn't believe how self-absorbed she was. She claimed to be excited for Rick, who was a winner after his first showing.

Carter asked Maya why Rick was so upset about Ridge and Caroline's success. Maya sidestepped the question, saying she preferred to keep her eye on the prize, which was the money Forrester would make. "It's gonna be a goldmine, and since I'm Rick's chick -- " Maya said.

"Not if I can help it," Katie interrupted as she entered. Katie was looking for Ridge, and she stated that she'd heard about the preview. Carter touted that it had been a success for the designers, and Maya interjected that it had been one for Rick, too.

Maya asked if Katie knew that Rick was CEO and that Maya was the lead model. Katie knew about Rick and claimed not to be surprised about Maya. Maya went on about Rick's brilliant ideas but then guessed she was biased because she lived and worked with Rick. Katie's nose flared, and she curtly excused herself from the room.

Maya gloated about her future as Rick's wife. In Carter's view, Rick still had feelings for Caroline. Maya's grin dropped, and she declared that Rick was done with his marriage. Carter warned her not to get ahead of herself. She proclaimed that Rick loved her, and they were amazing together.

In Rick's old office, Caroline was taken aback by Rick's request to reunite. Rick said he needed her, and they'd hurt each other enough. He believed that if their wedding vows meant anything to her, they could get back to what he'd almost thrown away. He asked if she wanted to work through things.

Ridge murmured that he needed to get some work done. Rick said it was good because he needed time alone with his wife. Caroline stole a glance at Ridge as Rick led her out of the room.

Rick took Caroline to the CEO's office and said he wouldn't blame her for giving up on him. Caroline accused him of giving up on them. He claimed to have said many things out of hurt, but the truth was that he couldn't lose her. He claimed that he was still having a hard time accepting what Ridge and Caroline had done, but he wanted to believe that they could put the marriage back together.

Rick figured it would take time because their marriage had taken a hit. Caroline asserted that she'd wanted to work things out, but he'd turned to Maya. He replied that he'd been immature and selfish because he hadn't been able to get the image of Ridge and Caroline out of his head.

Rick claimed that he'd found his senses, and he was sorry for the pain he'd caused Caroline. Caroline was sorry for hurting Rick, but she felt that nothing changed what he'd done. Rick asked if she was saying that it was too late. She replied that she really didn't know.

Later, Rick was alone and disillusioned when Maya entered. Maya assumed he was still upset about Ridge and Caroline's success. Maya tried to comfort him by saying it just meant more money for the company. She said they were embarking on the golden age of Forrester with him as CEO, and she'd be by his side. Rick said that his position was on the line, and he could lose it at any time.

Rick relayed that Eric knew about the attempted pricing sabotage and was questioning Rick's position and treatment of Caroline. Rick revealed that Eric had given him an ultimatum -- Rick could remain as CEO if and only if he reconciled with Caroline.

In Ridge's office, Katie arrived, and Ridge expressed surprise that she was back in town. She noticed his bruised face, and he explained that it had met with Bill's fist while Bill had been defending Caroline and Katie. Touching his face, Katie asked if he'd be okay and if they'd be okay. She was sorry Bill had fought Ridge. Ridge said that it hadn't been her fault, and none of it had been her fault.

Katie noted that the preview had gone well. She mentioned that Caroline had helped Ridge draw, and Ridge asked Katie not to do "that." They each sighed. Katie asked what they were doing.

Katie stated that she'd had a lot of time to think while she'd been away. Space had made things clearer for her. She'd promised herself that she wouldn't change the way she loved because of what Bill had done to her in the past. In her view, people didn't know how long they'd be on the earth, but it made no sense to love someone with half of a heart.

Katie wanted to love with everything within her, and she needed the same in return. She didn't know if it had been fair to expect that of Ridge when he'd been incomplete, but she wanted and needed to be loved that way. She needed to know if he could do it and if she had all of him.

Ridge grew pensive, and Katie noted it. He apologized. Holding up her ribbon, she stated that she hadn't wanted to remove it out of anger or resentment. The ribbon was a symbol of their commitment, but it was also just a string that could be untied. The emotional Katie said she needed all of Ridge, and if she couldn't get it, she had to remove the ribbon.

Katie began to take the ribbon off, but Ridge asked her not to. She uttered that they had a good thing. "Don't throw it away. Don't throw me away," she said, and he hugged her.

Later, Ridge was alone when Caroline quietly entered. Ridge asked how it had gone. Caroline couldn't believe Rick's timing. She'd begged Rick not to end it, and just when she'd revealed her feelings to Ridge, Rick had decided to reconcile out of the blue. Ridge dismissed thoughts of himself and asked where she and Rick went from there.

Caroline asked the same question about Ridge and Katie. Ridge replied that he and Katie would have the life they'd planned. Caroline asked if it was what he wanted. "But what about us?" she asked. Ridge responded that there was no them, and "this is goodbye."

. . .

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