Thursday, November 20, 2014

In the afternoon at Forrester Creations, Caroline worked alone at a feverish pace backstage to prepare for the fashion debut. Guests arrived in the showroom, and Eric enthusiastically welcomed Gloria Bardwell, who'd travelled from Genoa City to view the line for Lauren Fenmore's boutiques. Gloria was excited to be there but wary of the gown prices.

As Caroline was backstage, asking Carter where Ridge could be, Ridge was at the sky lounge, duking it out with Bill. Eric arrived backstage and observed Rick watching Caroline. "She needs help," Eric asserted. Eric told Rick to help, but Rick replied, "Everyone's got their jobs."

The displeased Eric stated that a CEO pitched in where needed and didn't price his gowns out of range. Eric relayed that Gloria was in sticker shock. Rick said Ridge had called the gowns works of art, and Rick had priced them accordingly. Eric grimaced and walked off.

Rick approached Caroline to find out where "lover boy" was. Caroline didn't have time to talk, but Rick barked that it was Ridge's collection. Caroline snipped that it was "our" collection, and she didn't know where Ridge was.

Nearby, Maya had gathered together some models to tell them that at the show's end, they'd follow the lead model. "That's me, understood? Good," she immodestly said, grinning.

In the showroom, Pam offered Gloria a lemon bar. Gloria wasn't interested, and as Pam persisted, the irritated Gloria asked if Pam worked there. Pam indicated that she was Eric's sister-in-law, and Gloria discerned that Pam was Stephanie's sister. Pam offered the dessert again, insisting that it was a Midwest treat. Gloria reluctantly took it and blew some of the powdered sugar off it. To Gloria's surprise, she liked it -- despite the seemingly long time it took her to chew it.

Rick strode down the runway to kick off the show. He was proud to introduce his premiere collection, and he hailed his predecessor, mentor, inspiration, and father, the incomparable Eric Forrester. Rick said the gowns were a collaboration of Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer Forrester.

Backstage, Caroline turned to a monitor when she heard Rick say her name. A man approached her to see if she needed help, and she implored him to find Ridge. Rick cued the beginning of the show and stepped off stage. He curtly nodded at Caroline, and she sent out the models.

Intense rock music played as the models strutted down the runway in floor-length gowns. The show's scenes cut between the fashion show and Ridge and Bill scrapping on the rooftop. A mixture of silks, satins, and lace floated over the catwalk as four gowns debuted. Some were edgy, some were high-elegance, and all where glamorously Forrester.

At the sky lounge, Bill had gotten the best of Ridge, who was huffing and puffing after Bill had slammed him into the boxing pole and struck him down on his back. Bill said the entitled Ridge wouldn't run over the people in Bill's family. Holding his side, Ridge strained to ask if Bill meant the wife he'd cheated upon or the two sons Bill hadn't even known about before they'd shown up at his door.

Bill decided that Ridge never learned, even after the dunk in the ocean, which had been child's play in Bill's view. Bill was serious about protecting his family, and he warned Ridge to stay away from Caroline and Katie, or else Bill would return. "And you won't even see it coming until it's too late," Bill said and socked Ridge in the stomach. Turning to leave, Bill told Ridge to enjoy the show.

Back at the show, Maya prepared to take the stage in the showstopper, which had a gold, micro-ruched halter top and an ivory sheath bottom. The halves were joined by a single soufflé ruffle that flared at the waist and flowed like a train behind the gown. "Don't touch it. It's perfect," Maya snipped when Caroline approached. Caroline said that, as the designer, she'd decide when it was perfect. Adjusting the soufflé ruffle, Caroline announced, "Now, it's perfect."

As Maya pranced out on stage, Ridge limped up to Caroline. She gasped at the bruised sight of him and guessed that he looked that way because of her. She hugged him. Rick sent the models out for the finale, and he spotted the designers embracing.

Rick asked what had happened to Ridge but quickly decided to hear it later because the head designer needed to close the show. Ridge refused to go on stage, looking the way he did, so he instructed Caroline to go alone. Ridge said that she deserved it, and he wanted it for her.

When Caroline didn't move, Ridge advised Rick to tell her to do it. Rick told Caroline that she'd be great. Caroline braced herself and walked onto the stage and into a sea of applause and flashing lights. She returned backstage, and Ridge swept her into his open arms.

Rick sorely watched Caroline help Ridge limp to a chair. Maya observed Rick watching Caroline and approached him to say the show had gone well for the CEO and the head model. Still distracted by Ridge and Caroline, Rick murmured that the designs had had something to do with it.

As Ridge sat in his chair, Caroline tried to ice his head. She was upset that Bill had hurt Ridge -- especially since Ridge had just recovered from the ocean dunk. Ridge wished he could say that Bill was licking his wounds, but Ridge didn't think he'd gotten through to Bill.

To Ridge, all was well that had ended well. Caroline asked how he could say so. He shushed her and asked if she'd heard the crowd. He said it had all been for her, and she'd deserved it. "We did this together, hand in hand," Ridge added, taking her hand in his. Caroline smiled.

. . .

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