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Steffy and Brooke expose explosive secrets
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Thursday, October 11, 2018

In the backstage area at Forrester, Ridge was deep in thought about his conversations with Craig and Brooke. Katie arrived to thank Ridge for going above and beyond at the hearing. Ridge said he hadn't always been there for Thorne and had wanted to help. Katie believed that Ridge's testimony had had a big impact on the judge.

After Katie had gone, Ridge called Craig. The antsy Craig didn't want Ridge calling or contacting him anymore and said Ridge's wife had been to see Craig. Ridge knew it but didn't know why Craig would tell Brooke anything. Craig said he'd tried to get rid of her, but she'd used his number from Ridge's phone to call Craig right in front of his face.

Craig asked why Ridge hadn't deleted everything, and Ridge replied that he hadn't thought. Craig figured Ridge hadn't thought about anything, and Craig could lose everything. Ridge assured Craig that he'd talk to his wife, and she wouldn't tell anyone, especially not Spencer.

In the main corridor at Forrester, Steffy opened the door of the CEO's office and breathlessly gasped upon seeing Bill inside, kissing Brooke. Steffy closed the door and stared in disbelief.

Inside the office, Brooke told Bill that it was unacceptable to kiss her. Bill didn't feel sorry about it. Brooke said Bill had to respect that she was married to Ridge. Changing his mind, Bill decided that he probably should apologize and that impulsiveness wasn't working out for him. It was just that he was touched that Brooke had supported him when no one else had, and she'd stood by him as opposed to by her sister.

Brooke understood where the kiss had come from, but she didn't want it to ever happen again. She empathized with Bill, but she let him know that she wasn't trying to ignite anything between them. She was in love with her husband. Bill said he heard her. Brooke advised him to focus on Will and be the best father he could be. Bill said it was what he intended to do.

Brooke asked Bill to go before Ridge saw them together. Bill stated that the time they'd spent together "recently" reminded him of how good they'd been together. He was sorry about what had happened between. He believed he'd been his best self with Brooke by his side.

Bill silently exited, and Steffy returned to the threshold of the office. Steffy sensed that there was something wrong with Brooke. Brooke said that the custody hearing had been draining on everyone, especially Bill, who hadn't deserved to lose his son. "Wow," Steffy tonelessly responded. She wondered how Brooke's support for Bill was affecting Brooke's marriage. "Or do I have to ask?" Steffy said.

Brooke explained that Bill had been devastated by the hearing results. Steffy guessed it had affected Brooke to watch a powerful Bill be emotionally on his knees. Brooke replied that it had made her sad. Steffy noted that her father loved seeing it, which explained the tension between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke proffered that disagreements happened in a marriage, and Steffy should know it. "You sided with Bill," Steffy responded.

Brooke corrected that she'd sided with Will. Steffy felt that part went without saying, but otherwise, Brooke had been the only one in the family to break ranks to side against Katie. Brooke stood by her belief that the hearing had been a mistake. Steffy wondered if Bill had made a grand gesture to thank Brooke for all the support.

Brooke asked why Bill would do that, and Steffy responded that it was because he was Bill. Steffy wondered if Bill was causing distance between Ridge and Brooke. Brooke became puzzled by the need for all of Steffy's questions, and Steffy said it was because she loved her father. Steffy asked if there was something Brooke wanted to tell her.

Brooke insisted that everything was fine and thanked Steffy for the concern. Brooke left, and Steffy rolled her eyes.

Moments later, Ridge arrived, looking for his wife. Readily, he noticed that his daughter seemed off. She admitted that she was and that she'd also seen Brooke. Ridge assumed the women had argued. Steffy replied that she hadn't always liked Brooke, who had a habit of doing shady things and thinking of herself. Ridge wasn't sure where Steffy was going with the conversation.

Steffy asked if Ridge would tell her something, even if it was difficult for her to hear. He agreed that he would and said it was what people who loved each other did. Steffy explained that she'd seen Brooke, but Brooke hadn't been alone. Brooke had been with Bill.

Ridge looked away, and Steffy said she'd expected a bigger reaction. She asked if Ridge already knew. Ridge asked what there was to know, and Steffy replied, "About the two of them." Ridge didn't get what Steffy meant.

Steffy said she'd walked in and seen Brooke and Bill together, in each other's arms. "They were kissing," Steffy added, repeating, "Brooke and Bill were kissing."

At Spencer, Justin was going over Bill's schedule with Bill, who was blankly staring off. "Or we could sell the company," Justin said and stared expectantly at Bill. Bill replied that they'd do whatever Justin thought was best. "Seriously? We're doing this again?" Justin exclaimed.

"What?" Bill replied, shrugging. Telling Bill to look at himself, Justin accused Bill of being distracted. Bill replied that he was just grateful, and Justin assumed it was about Brooke. Wondering what he'd been thinking back then, Bill felt he should have fought harder to make Brooke stay. Bill believed he'd had his soulmate in Brooke, and he'd let her walk away.

Justin reasoned that Brooke was still in Bill's life and still cared. He believed that Bill could count on her support, as evidenced by the hearing. "But she goes home to the dressmaker," Bill said. Bill stated that Brooke had deserved better from him.

Changing the subject, Bill beamed about Will's decision to see Bill that day. Bill said there had been no eye rolling or sighs, and Katie had witnessed how great it had gone. Bill revealed that he'd asked Katie to reconsider their arrangement, but she'd said it was too soon.

Justin expressed disappointment. Bill said it killed him to have to ask permission to see his own kid. Justin thought that Brooke was an ace in the hole, who could bring Katie around.

Later, a song played to a montage of Brooke and Bill's courtship over the years. "Can't get enough of you..." the singer sang, and Bill stared at a framed picture of himself and Brooke.

Back at Forrester in the design office, Brooke walked in and saw Katie working at the desk. Katie couldn't wait to tell Brooke that Will had wanted to see his father and had been excited to spend time with Bill. Katie noticed that Brooke seemed distracted. Hesitantly, Brooke stated that no one could know what she was about to say -- including Thorne and Donna.

Katie asked what it was. Brooke started out rehashing her feelings about the hearing. Katie knew those feelings well but said the judge had ruled in her favor. Brooke replied that once Katie heard what Brooke had to say, Katie would have to reconsider the custody agreement.

Brooke and Katie began going back and forth about the merits of the custody hearing. Katie didn't know why they were doing it because the judge had sided with her. Brooke replied that he hadn't done it on his own, and Katie asked what her sister could possibly be talking about. Brooke repeated that Katie had to keep Brooke's information secret because of the dire consequences, and Katie said to just tell her what it was.

Noting that Ridge had been too close to the custody battle, Brooke said she'd thought he had been doing it for Will, but Ridge had really only wanted revenge on Bill from the helicopter incident to Bill's involvement with Steffy. Confused, Katie said Brooke was acting like the decision had been Ridge's, not the judge's. "It was!" Brooke exclaimed.

Brooke had thought she'd known Ridge so well, but she'd been blindsided. Katie asked what had happened. Brooke revealed that Ridge and Judge McMullen were old friends, and Ridge had paid for McMullen's law schooling. Brooke said McMullen wouldn't be on the bench if it hadn't been for Ridge, and as a repayment, Ridge had asked for a favorable ruling for Katie in the case. "Oh, no..." Katie murmured. Brooke said that Ridge had gotten revenge on Bill by making sure Bill had lost custody of his son.

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