Thursday, September 18, 2014

At the beach house, Quinn wanted to know what she could do to fix things. Hope was floored that Quinn would even think fixing things was possible. Wyatt asked to speak to Hope alone, but Quinn stated that Hope had hardly noticed that he was in the room. "Can't be a good sign," Quinn added. Wyatt became indignant at the response, but Quinn ignored him, focusing on Hope.

Quinn remarked that it had to be pleasant for Hope to have everyone agree with her. Wyatt bit out that Quinn wasn't helping matters. Quinn asked if Hope wanted an apology. "I'm sorry you married my son instead of his loser half-brother," Quinn asserted. Hope declared that she didn't want Quinn to talk about Liam that way, and Hope told Wyatt that she didn't want him allowing it from Quinn, either.

Hope argued that Quinn's apologies were meaningless because Quinn only said what she thought people wanted to hear. "You tell people that you checked into therapy, that you're getting help," Hope said, mimicking Quinn in a sing-song tone. Hope questioned whether there had ever been a doctor and if Wyatt had actually spoken with a doctor or seen a therapy bill.

Shrugging, Wyatt said he'd talked to someone. "I think she was a doctor, yeah," he dubiously responded. Hope shrieked, asking Wyatt how he could be so gullible. Wyatt got upset and yelled back, "So what if I am?" He argued that people were trained from youth to believe in their parents.

Quinn asked if Hope would be okay with Liam's plane crashing or Ivy being hit by a crazy Parisian driver. Hope said she had no idea what Quinn was asking. Quinn asked if it would be okay if chance had intervened instead of her. Quinn believed Hope's problem was Quinn, not the marriage to Wyatt.

Wyatt asked Quinn to leave, but Quinn questioned if Hope had married Wyatt because of Quinn or despite Quinn. Hope felt no need to justify herself to Quinn. Quinn wondered if Hope would be standing around, bitterly blaming the weather if it had delayed Liam instead of Quinn.

Hope stated that she had planned on getting married in Paris, just not to Wyatt. "Wow," Wyatt murmured. Quinn asked if Hope had wondered, "Gee, who else could I marry instead," when Liam hadn't showed up. Hope stated that she'd married Wyatt because she loved him, "but if I had known -- " Quinn cut in, saying that Hope hadn't wanted to know that Liam had been on his way.

Quinn asked why Hope hadn't thought Liam had been late because of a flight delay, traffic, tuberculosis, or the flu. Hope declared that Liam would have called under such circumstances, and Quinn asked if Hope had waited to hear from him. "No. No, you didn't. You just turned on a dime and married my son. So it doesn't matter if it was a flight delay, bad traffic, tuberculosis, or the flu. Liam would have been out of luck either way," Quinn concluded.

Hope decided it was time for Quinn to leave. Quinn asked Hope to remember that she'd accepted Wyatt's proposal because she'd wanted to, and Quinn hadn't had a hand in it. Hope was done listening to Quinn's rationalizations, but Quinn retorted that she'd patiently listened to Hope's.

Quinn figured Hope had wanted an excuse to marry her fiancÚ's brother and to blame Liam after she hadn't given him the slightest bit of leeway in showing up. Quinn continued, saying Hope had also blamed bad luck for Ivy's fall. Hope hadn't lifted a finger to undo the marriage, but upon learning of Quinn's involvement, Hope was suddenly "required to be outraged."

Quinn snickered that Hope had gotten caught doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, which wouldn't do for the Hope-for-the-ever-changing-future. Hope said she could cry to think of Wyatt growing up with Quinn. Quinn replied that they'd done all right, and she'd accepted her lot in life -- to be the screen that others projected their issues onto.

As Quinn left, Hope declared that she'd never let Quinn near Wyatt again. Shrugging, Quinn said that life was long, and one never knew what would happen. Quinn closed the door behind herself.

Alone with Hope, Wyatt said he'd see Quinn at Christmas, and that would be about all. He asked if Hope understood that he couldn't keep Quinn from the front door. He asked if Hope was going to speak. She said she would, and he told her to start by telling him where they stood.

Wyatt asked if he and Hope were still married. Hope cringed at the thought of calling Quinn "mother" and her children calling Quinn "grandma." Wyatt said he'd forbid Quinn to see them, but Hope reminded him that he'd said he couldn't keep Quinn away from the door. Wyatt proposed to have Quinn committed. Hope didn't know if that would be enough.

Wyatt asked Hope to turn the clock back to the day before. He wondered what had changed. He said Quinn hadn't been there for their leap of faith. He asked Hope not to make it about Quinn because Hope had wanted a life with him the day prior. He believed that they could still have it. "Can we?" he asked.

At the cliff house, Liam was tense as he waited for Hope to return. Bill relaxed on the sofa, asking if Hope had said she'd be back. Liam asked why she wouldn't return and if Bill wanted Hope to remain with Wyatt. Bill claimed to be expressing concern for his son who was in denial.

Liam expressed that he and Hope had fallen victim to another deception, but Bill pointed out that Hope was married that time. Liam contended that Hope could get out of the marriage. "You just don't think she will," Liam surmised. Bill admitted that his faith in Hope was questionable. Liam replied that it wasn't a question of his father's faith in Hope but of his father's faith in him.

Bill asked if he and Liam were having a problem. Liam dismissed it, saying he'd live with it, but Bill persisted in knowing what Liam meant. Liam said he'd live with knowing he'd never be the son Bill wanted Liam to be. "What are you talking about?" Bill exclaimed.

Liam claimed not to be the only one who saw it, and he asked if Bill knew how many people had told Liam that Wyatt was so much more like their father. Bill concluded that Liam cared too much about what people thought. Bill reasoned that people saw him and Wyatt as "charming-slash-obnoxious," depending upon the time of day; however, no one thought Liam was obnoxious.

Liam said he didn't want to be Wyatt or Bill, but Liam knew that Bill would always bet on Wyatt. Bill decided that it was about "who does Daddy loves more," and he asked if Liam wanted to see Bill's will. Liam wasn't interested in the will, but he felt that Bill would always think that Wyatt would win for the same reasons Bill thought that Bill would win.

Bill questioned what he'd done since his arrival to make Liam feel that way. Liam answered that Bill seemed to support Hope and Wyatt's marriage, just like Quinn. Bill asked when he'd ever done her bidding. In another example of Bill's missing support, Liam stated that Bill had shown up to the cliff house to kick Liam out and give the place to Wyatt. "If I wanted you out, you'd be out!" Bill bellowed.

In a quieter voice, Bill discerned that if Hope had an ounce of sense -- "and that's the thing that I always question -- there's no way she's going to stay with Wyatt this time." Bill felt for Wyatt, who'd take another hit due to his crazy mother. Liam stated that Wyatt wasn't innocent, but Bill countered that Hope wasn't, either. Liam frowned, and Bill insisted that he and Liam at least agree upon that.

Liam said he should have gone to Paris with Hope when she'd asked. Bill told Liam to forget that because it would have worked out fine had it not been for Quinn. Liam questioned whether Quinn had been at a clinic. Bill quipped that a person could take a pill for crazy; however, Quinn was evil, and from birth, she'd wanted to wreck the world and everything in it.

Bill said that if he seemed to favor Wyatt, it was because Wyatt had been raised by the she-devil and only knew what she'd taught him. Liam, in Bill's view, had his act together, but Wyatt needed Bill's attention. "Besides all that, your mother, I loved her," Bill softly uttered. Liam grew emotional when his mother sprang to mind, and he nodded.

Bill understood Liam's feelings, but Bill believed that it would be different that time if Hope was solid and if Liam could depend upon her. Liam was sure he could. Bill stated that winners could afford to be generous, and he advised Liam to be generous.

Later, Liam heard someone enter his house and assumed it was Hope. He grimaced upon seeing Quinn, who tossed him a set of keys she'd forgotten to return to him. He replied that he'd never given her keys, and she shrugged, guessing that they were Bill's keys. Quinn attempted to apologize for her lapse of judgment, but she burst out laughing in the middle of it.

Liam stated that he was about to hide his knives, and Quinn claimed that it was an offensive thing to say to someone who'd fought her way through therapy. Liam found it offensive to get chased with a sword by a nutcase who probably never went to therapy at all. Liam informed Quinn that the statute of limitations hadn't run out on her attempting to murder him, and he had video footage of the other murder Quinn had attempted in Paris.

Quinn asked Liam to extradite her because the jail food was probably better over there. Liam began to count to ten, which was all the time he'd allotted her to leave. Quinn sat down and said Hope would take responsibility for marrying Wyatt. Liam stopped counting. Quinn said she, Hope, and Wyatt had reached an understanding, and Hope took her commitments seriously.

Quinn wanted Liam to invite Ivy to the house so that Quinn could apologize. With a coy smile, Quinn said that he and Ivy had been a cute couple in Paris. Liam was appalled that Quinn was trying to be a matchmaker. He declared that she was done and that the marriage she'd staged was done, too.

. . .

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  • Brooke believes the next decision would be Hope's, not Quinn's.
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