Thursday, January 22, 2015

At the cliff house, Ivy arrived and observed flowers and candles in the living room. Soft music played, and Liam handed her a glass of wine. She thanked him for standing up for her with Rick. She'd seen his heroic side before, but his defense of her that day had impressed upon her that he had her back no matter what. Ivy wanted Liam to know that she had his back, too.

After toasting, Liam and Ivy left dishes in the kitchen. Liam joked that Caroline would earn her keep by cleaning them. Ivy thought Caroline did kind of owe him for the place to stay and for defending her to Rick. Ivy said she felt very safe by Liam's side, as if nothing could touch her.

The two kissed and cuddled on the sofa. Liam said he'd do what he had to do for Ivy because she'd taught him that loving a woman didn't have to be a struggle or be about constantly overcoming obstacles. Liam added that Ivy had reminded him that love could be fun. Ivy said it was true with the right person, and she thought she'd found the right one. "I know I have," Liam replied.

Liam led Ivy to the bedroom, where they made out and undressed each other. Soft music played as they began having sex on the bed.

At Quinn's loft, Deacon thanked Brooke for visiting. Brooke was sure he wanted to hear about Hope and Wyatt. Pouring a tequila shot, Deacon said not to give him a hard time. She hadn't planned on it and asked him to pour her one, too -- just in case his new girlfriend arrived home.

Quinn arrived, and Brooke decided to go. Quinn asked Brooke to stay and inquired about Wyatt and Hope. Brooke couldn't speak for Wyatt, but she doubted Hope would return to town soon. Quinn urged Brooke to reason with Hope about returning, but Brooke said Hope made her own choices.

Quinn felt that Hope needed to consider other people, like her husband. Deacon said that Wyatt and Hope were working it out together. Quinn wasn't sure of it. Quinn noted that Hope had shut Wyatt out, and if he hadn't gone after Hope, Hope might not be in contact with him at all. Quinn didn't like how Hope was handling things, but Brooke said it wasn't up to Quinn to decide how Hope grieved.

Quinn felt that it was her concern if Hope was mistreating Wyatt. Brooke stated that they wouldn't be in the situation if Quinn hadn't confronted Hope at Brooke's house. Brooke declared that it was all Quinn's fault. Quinn walked off, and Deacon told Brooke that Quinn had beaten herself up about it enough without having to hear from Brooke.

Deacon comforted Quinn, and Brooke decided to go. At the door, she sighed. She said waiting was hard; however, Hope would grieve the way she needed to, and Brooke would apprise them of any updates. Brooke left. Deacon touched Quinn's chin, but she stubbornly pulled it out of reach.

At Forrester, Ridge and Caroline discussed Rick's rage earlier. Ridge felt that he should have been there, but Caroline said she could handle it -- especially because she was no longer hoping he'd be the husband she'd thought he'd been.

Caroline explained that Rick had lost it when he'd asked her if she'd kissed Ridge again, and her telltale expression had given it away. Ridge said that Rick shouldn't be surprised due to the way Rick was behaving with her. Ridge had hoped Rick would grow up, but in Ridge's view, Rick hadn't. Pulling Caroline close, he said Rick's rants weren't her concern anymore.

Ridge asked what Rick had thought of a particular design. Caroline indicated that Rick had felt that it wasn't her best work. Ridge doubted Rick's objectivity. While studying the gown, Ridge asked about dropping down some aspect of it. She liked the idea but said they'd have to change the back. Ridge remarked that it was too much work, but Caroline replied that it was worth it.

Soft music played as Ridge and Caroline bounced design ideas off each other. Caroline leaned in to draw some changes on a sketch, and the two designers passionately kissed.

In the CEO's office, Maya and Rick kissed, and Maya asked what the surprise was. Rick announced that Kris was on his way with Rick's divorce papers, so Rick and Maya could move on. Maya was excited to hear it, and when Kris arrived, she left to set up a celebration back at the mansion.

At the mansion later, Maya, dressed in a teddy, garter, and thigh-high stockings, answered the front door for Brooke. Brooke scowled, and Maya expressed surprise that Brooke was back. "And you're wearing my lingerie," Brooke added. Maya agreed that the lingerie was from the Brooke's Bedroom line.

Maya said that Rick wasn't there. Brooke responded that she knew because he hadn't answered at the guesthouse. Maya stated that "we" were staying at the main house because the guesthouse needed renovations, but it was just until Eric got back. Brooke's reaction indicated that she knew nothing about Rick and Maya. Brooke set her bag down, glanced at the wall above the fireplace, and exclaimed, "What the hell! Where's Stephanie's picture?"

Maya said Rick had taken it down and put it in the garage. "Well, it needs to go back up," Brooke responded and glanced around as if she were in the twilight zone. "This is ridiculous. This is so disrespectful. What are you doing with my son?" Brooke demanded to know.

Back at the CEO's office, Rick signed the divorce papers, and Kris decided that there was still time to serve them to Caroline that evening. Rick offered Kris a drink. Kris declined, but Rick didn't mind drinking alone. Before Kris left, Rick opened his drawer and said there was one more thing.

Pulling out Stephanie's gun, Rick asked Kris to get rid of it. Kris was impressed by the nickel-plated snub-nosed weapon and asked if Rick wanted Kris to find out to whom Stephanie had willed it. Rick replied that he just wanted it gone. Kris asked why, and Rick joked that he didn't trust himself with it.

Rick relayed that Stephanie had kept it in her nightstand, and with one martini too many, Eric could have been a goner. Stephanie hadn't kept it loaded, but Rick had found its bullets. Kris loaded the gun with the bullets from the box Rick set down.

Kris aimed at the horse portrait above the desk and noted that his wife was almost as good a shot as he was. Rick asked if Kris's wife had a birthday soon. Kris mentioned his upcoming anniversary. Rick told Kris to gift it to his wife. Kris called it an expensive gift. Rick said it was a bonus for all Kris's hard work, and Kris could tell his wife that Rick was happy that at least someone had a good marriage.

After a while, Kris left, but he forgot the gun. Rick grabbed it and hurried into the corridor, but the elevator doors closed before Rick reached it. As Rick returned to his office, something through a crack in the doors across the hallway caught his attention. He looked closer and realized that it was Caroline lying on the settee. Ridge was above her and kissing her.

Rick scowled and stuck his face in the cracked doorway. He fumed, recalling Maya outing Caroline and Ridge months earlier. In Rick's mind, he heard Caroline pleading for him to forgive her and Ridge. Rick raised the gun and fired three shots through the doorway.

. . .

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