Thursday, April 24, 2014

In the CEO's office, the staff continued talking about the bedroom line, and Caroline teased Aly about Oliver's suggestion that she model. Brooke said that Aly was a beautiful girl and needed to learn to take a compliment. Aly replied that she was working on it.

The meeting adjourned, and Caroline remained behind to get Aly to reveal why she seemed to be bursting at the seams. Observing Aly's flushed features, Caroline guessed that it was about a guy. Aly admitted that there was someone, but she swore Caroline to secrecy about it.

Aly beamed that she'd had her first kiss, and Caroline asked if Aly had a boyfriend. Aly thought so. She described him as a little older and attractive, but she didn't want anyone else to know because he worked at Forrester. Caroline was surprised to hear that, and Aly revealed that it was Oliver.

Aly was unsure of herself because guys never found her attractive. Caroline replied that it wasn't possible because Aly was stunning. Grinning, Aly said that Oliver made her feel pretty and desirable. Aly asked if Caroline thought Aly was reading too much into it. Caroline believed that was up to Aly, who then decided that she knew Oliver liked her.

Caroline was happy for Aly but wanted to offer advice from painful experience. Carole advised Aly not to give everything to a guy and to hold back some love for herself. In Caroline's view, Aly was experiencing something beautiful and should enjoy it. The women hugged.

In the corridor, Carter assumed that Maya was still upset about Oliver and Aly. Carter reminded Maya that taping someone without their knowledge was illegal. Maya decided to go to the studio to scope out Oliver's true intentions toward Aly.

In the studio, Oliver was reviewing the pool footage he'd taken when Maya entered. She observed the footage and noted that Aly had seemed to be having fun. Oliver said that Aly had been doing so after he'd loosened her up a little. Maya suspected that Oliver had been steadily easing Aly past her comfort zone, and he asked Maya what she needed to say to him.

Maya was surprised that Oliver had nominated Aly for the bedroom line. Maya didn't see Aly as the model type, but he replied that Aly was smoking hot. Maya assumed Oliver wanted to get Aly into some lingerie, and he murmured that he could think of worse things. Concerned about the casual way Oliver talked about Aly, Maya asked him not to take advantage of Aly.

Oliver asked what he'd done to make Maya suspect that he was taking advantage. Maya noted that he talked as if dating Aly was a career move. Oliver admitted that he wanted to be a part of Forrester for a long time, and dating Aly strengthened his position.

Oliver added that he genuinely liked Aly, who was refreshing. Maya added that Aly was inexperienced and vulnerable, and Maya asked him to remember that as he went forward. "Of course," he bit out, darting his eyes away.

Maya left, and Aly arrived. Oliver had asked her there to show her the underwater footage. She said it was great. He stated that he'd sent her a copy to remember it by. Aly grew bashful, and he asked what was on her mind. She didn't want to say at first, but at his prodding, she revealed that she couldn't stop thinking of him. He said it was just what he wanted to hear, and they kissed.

Later, Maya met Carter in Rick's office to discuss her nagging doubts about Oliver. Oliver had said the right things to Maya, and though she wanted to believe him, she couldn't forget what he'd said on the tape and how disrespectful he'd been. Maya could relate to Aly's innocence and said Aly as the perfect target for a smooth guy like Oliver. Maya didn't have a good feeling about it.

In Rick's office, Wyatt thought Liam was losing it. Hope explained that Liam had realized that if Wyatt and Hope had a baby, then Liam and she wouldn't ever reunite. Wyatt replied that he'd already thought it was that way. Hope stated that Liam was still invested. Wyatt asked if Hope was, too.

Wyatt decided to pretend he hadn't asked that question because he knew that, for some inexplicable reason, Hope had feelings for Liam. Wyatt was frustrated that Liam wouldn't leave her alone, but Hope said Liam saw it as fighting for what had been originally his. Wyatt asked what she'd do, and sighing, she said that she didn't know.

Wyatt asked if Hope would hear his take on it, and she nodded. He told her that if she kept looking back, she'd miss the future that was there before her. He suggested that she go to Liam's house and let Liam know with finality that she was committed to Wyatt. Wyatt kissed and hugged her.

Wyatt left, and Brooke arrived in the room. Hope discussed Liam's ultimatum with Brooke. Hope said that Wyatt had left it up to her to decide, and though she hadn't done that yet, something inside her opposed dating two brothers. Brooke suggested that Hope call it off with Wyatt.

Hope didn't want to know that, and she felt that Liam knew it. She said it was the reason Liam had said she could date both men. If she didn't choose to do that, Liam would be gone for good, and Hope wasn't sure she was ready for that. Brooke said that being caught between two men could be flattering, but in truth, someone would get his heart broken.

Brooke offered to tell Liam to back off, but Hope asked her mother not to get involved. Brooke advised Hope to follow her instincts, and at the right time, they would tell her where to be.

Later, Wyatt was at the sky lounge when Quinn strode up to talk about Oliver's suggestion about Aly. Wyatt was preoccupied in thought, and Quinn coaxed him to tell her the problem. "Liam," Wyatt replied and explained Liam's ultimatum for Hope to date both brothers or lose Liam. Quinn hoped that Hope had put a stop to the stupidity, but Wyatt said he didn't know what she planned to do.

Quinn wanted to have a chat with Liam, but Wyatt ordered her to stay put. Wyatt said he could handle his own life. Quinn asked if Wyatt understood that Hope would walk into a candlelight dinner with flowers, and Liam would try to romance the pants off Hope. Quinn said that Wyatt might be okay with being left in the cold, but she wasn't. She asked if he wanted to go set Liam straight, "or shall I?"

At the cliff house, Liam chopped onions and looked hopefully at the door. He checked to make sure the living room was tidy and then smelled some flowers he'd bought. Again, he looked at the door. Liam flashed back to his time in Italy with Hope and looked up when he heard a knock at the door.

. . .

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