Thursday, July 24, 2014

In the CEO's office at Forrester, the employees and Liam had gathered, and Hope introduced Ivy to Othello, who was in town for work. Ivy asked him some informed questions about her trade, and then Hope told Othello that Ivy was a jewelry crafter. He wondered if Ivy would work with Wyatt and Quinn, but Aly readily stated that the Fullers no longer worked there.

Just then, Carter arrived with Wyatt and Wyatt's contract. Aly was shocked, and Eric revealed that Wyatt's company would produce Ivy's designs. Maya told Eric that it was a brilliant idea. Eric credited Hope and Liam with the idea. Carter and Oliver's gazes soured when Maya coquettishly said she was sure Eric had given it his stamp of approval.

Aly asked if Liam was really okay with Wyatt being there. Liam responded that he and his brother had found a new appreciation for each other. Eric stated that he'd gathered everyone to say that it was a new beginning. He felt that they all needed to work together and respect each other.

Everyone took their seats for the meeting. Eric congratulated Hope on having two stellar quarters. Rick felt that keeping the momentum wouldn't be easy without Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Hope stated that they hadn't completely cut ties with the business because they had Wyatt. Eric believed that Ivy and Wyatt could handle it, but they had been inundated with questions and suspicions about Quinn.

The team discussed how they'd kept news about Quinn out of the press, and Aly asked why they hadn't cut ties with Quinn's company and Wyatt, who'd become a liability. Aly claimed not to mean any offense, but Wyatt agreed that, if his mother's behavior leaked to the press, it could cause a scandal.

Hope reasoned that they'd weathered storms before. Agreeing, Eric felt that they'd be fine. Eric said that Wyatt had proven himself, they needed him, and his company would take to Ivy's designs. "I couldn't agree more. Good point, Eric," the smiling Maya stated, and Carter sneered at her.

Eric was ready to focus on redirecting the line, but Ivy didn't think rebranding was needed because the HFTF message still resonated. "Another great point," Maya chimed in. Oliver rolled his eyes, and Carter's nostrils flared. Rick and Carter remarked that they needed another great marketing campaign like the diamond, and Wyatt expressed confidence that they'd have that kind of success again.

Eric asked if Ridge had signed off on Wyatt's contract, and Rick asked where Ridge and Brooke were.

After the meeting, Hope and Liam were alone in Eric's office. Liam remarked that Aly had had a good point. Hope agreed but figured they'd have to deal with a scandal whether Wyatt worked there or not. Hope expressed pride in Liam for standing by his brother. He laughed and said that it had been the way he'd pictured it would be. "And all it took was mutual trust," Liam added.

Liam and Hope moved on to discussing Ivy, who they agreed fit in well. Liam noted that Wyatt seemed to have big plans for HFTF and asked if Hope knew about them. Hope had no idea, and Liam wondered what Wyatt was up to.

In Rick's office, Wyatt and Ivy looked over Quinn's jewelry, and Wyatt thanked her for being kind about Quinn. Ivy said that designers were entitled to be a little wacky. Ivy thought Wyatt was wacky, too, and she joked with him about "swashbuckling" with Hope, Ricardo, and the diamond.

Ivy had heard about Ricardo's death and wondered what would become of the diamond. Wyatt asked her what she'd do with it. Ivy imagined doing a blue line with different, sparkly hues of blue. She was inspired at what she, Hope, and Wyatt could do. Wyatt asked if she could keep a secret. She agreed to it, and he pulled out a large jewelry box. Opening it, he presented the HFTF diamond, and Ivy gasped.

At Brooke's house, Katie arrived at Brooke's request. Katie saw a garment bag and asked if Brooke was going on a trip. Brooke announced that she and Bill were getting married in Catalina that day. Feeling that the wedding was sudden, Katie asked if it had been planned and whose idea it had been. Brooke said Bill had sprung it on her, and she would have told Katie if she'd known any sooner.

Brooke asked if Katie was okay with it. Katie said that the only reservation she had was that she didn't believe that Bill was the man who Brooke thought he was. Brooke threw up her hands and insisted that the speculation about Bill was just a wild conspiracy theory.

Katie insinuated that Bill had been rushing Brooke to the altar ever since Ridge had started suspecting Bill. Brooke warned Katie not to become obsessive. Katie claimed not to want to believe something like that about the father of her child. Brooke felt that Katie shouldn't believe it because Bill wasn't a killer. Katie offered to reason with Ridge if Brooke would postpone the wedding.

Brooke wouldn't hear of it and said Ridge was the reason she wasn't already married. Katie asked what reason there could be that the helicopter had banked, sending Ridge out the door. Brooke assumed that a reason existed because it had happened. Katie questioned the weather conditions at the time of the incident or if the pilot had even warned his passengers to buckle their seatbelts.

Brooke said that Justin piloting the helicopter was too far-fetched, but to Katie, it wasn't any more so than Ridge falling out of it. Katie insisted that Brooke hold off on the wedding for a few days, so they could sort things out, but Brooke said Bill didn't want to keep waiting. Katie remarked that his persistence was a red flag. Brooke claimed that she didn't want to wait, either.

Katie decided that Brooke didn't know Bill like Katie did, and he'd do anything to get what he wanted. "Including murder?" Brooke dubiously asked. Katie flashed back a knowing stare. Brooke was done with the wild speculation and declared that she was marrying Bill that day. Katie warned that if Ridge was right, Brooke would be married to a man who'd done the unthinkable.

Brooke denied that Bill had had anything to do with the incident, but Katie said Brooke didn't know that. Katie insisted that Bill was capable of anything, and if Brooke didn't see that, then she was marrying a man she didn't know. Brooke stated that Bill had changed since he'd been with Katie. Katie laughed, but Brooke said it was too late because Bill was already making arrangements.

Katie maintained that Brooke needed to know what she was getting herself into by being Bill's wife. Brooke claimed to know. She said that Bill could be extreme, but not with something "like this." Katie theorized that Bill wanted Ridge to pay for breaking up the wedding. Brooke thought it was inane that Bill would want Ridge's life as payment. Brooke declared that she'd be Mrs. Bill Spencer by the day's end, and there was nothing Katie could do to stop it.

At the hangar, Alison discovered Justin in the locker room, straining to get to his feet. Startled, she asked what had happened, and he said Ridge had attacked him. Justin didn't know where Ridge or Bill was, but upon noticing that his flight jacket was gone, Justin asked Alison if she'd seen a helicopter.

In the helicopter, Bill put his phone away, stating that there would be no wedding crashers that time. He felt around the cabin and asked where his seatbelt was. "You looking for this?" Ridge asked, holding up a strap. Bill seemed surprised, and then he scowled. Ridge looked over his shoulder and said Bill had believed that Ridge had only studied poetry while in Paris.

Talking through his headset, Bill ordered Ridge to land, and Ridge noted that the "Stallion" was nervous. Bill demanded that Ridge return to the hangar, but instead, Ridge increased the elevation. Bill asked what Ridge wanted, and Ridge ordered Bill to admit to instructing Justin to dump Ridge from the helicopter in Abu Dhabi.

Bill told Ridge to go to hell, and Ridge banked the helicopter, jolting Bill back against the cabin wall. As Ridge tossed the helicopter to and fro in the air, Bill steadfastly denied culpability. Ridge banked hard, and Bill clutched the window frame, straining to keep from falling out the open window.

Ridge claimed that air traffic control in Abu Dhabi would soon confirm what he already knew, so he said Bill might as well admit it. Bill said nothing, so Ridge tipped the chopper more, and alarms began chiming. "Yeah, you bet I did," Bill bitterly admitted, demanding, "Now put my chopper down, and I'll tell Brooke." Ridge leveled out the helicopter, and Bill was snarling mad in the backseat.

. . .

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