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Zoe and Xander's intimate moment is interrupted... more than once
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

At the hospital, Taylor expressed surprise that Reese had just kissed her. Apologizing, Reese said he hadn't planned it. He'd just been feeling a connection. "Am I the only one out here?" he asked. Giggling, Taylor said she wasn't ready for kisses, but she did like him.

Reese apologized again, but Taylor didn't think any apology was necessary. He was glad and said he'd never forgive himself if he drove her away. He hoped that they could see more of each other. She told him that she'd be open to it -- if she was still around.

Reese asked if Taylor was leaving town. Taylor replied that she'd thought about it. Disappointed, he said it would be a big loss to the city and him if she left. He considered her to be his only friend there, and he hoped that she'd reconsider leaving.

At the cliff house, Steffy continued to try to convince Liam to keep Brooke and Hope from taking Taylor away from Steffy and Kelly. Steffy reasoned that Liam was a great father, but he couldn't always be there. She said her mother could fill the void. She implored him to tell Hope and Brooke to back off and leave Taylor alone.

Liam conveyed that he wanted to do what was best for his daughters. Steffy asked him to trust that she knew what that was. The undecided Liam said he had to get back to Forrester.

Later, Liam was gone, and Taylor had arrived. Steffy inquired about Taylor's visit to her sponsor. Taylor relayed that she and Lisa had met briefly because it had been the middle of a workday. Steffy thought that a sponsor was supposed to make time for those kinds of talks.

Taylor insisted that she wasn't on the verge of drinking. There had just been a moment of weakness, and Taylor didn't want Steffy worrying that Taylor would blow her sobriety. Steffy noted that Taylor had been gone for a while, and Taylor explained that she'd encountered Dr. Buckingham, who was quite the charmer. Citing Taylor and Reese's interaction at the party, Steffy concluded that he felt the same way about Taylor -- and then some.

Taylor brushed it off as Reese being a friendly guy. She said that, even if he was interested in her, she'd told him that she might be leaving town. Steffy opposed the idea. Taylor didn't know how Steffy thought it was possible for Taylor to stay after Brooke and Hope had learned about her role in the shooting. Taylor felt threatened by it. Steffy replied that they'd work it out.

"How? Both of those women can't stand me!" Taylor responded. Steffy didn't think Hope or Brooke wanted to see Taylor in prison. Steffy said that no one did, not even Bill. Taylor moved on to the next problem with her presence. Taylor didn't want to rock the boat while Steffy tried to build a family with Liam, Hope, and the children. Taylor thought she needed to leave town.

Taylor wished she'd never been in Los Angeles that night. Steffy said that no one cared what Brooke and Hope thought about the shooting. Taylor insisted that Hope and Brooke held Taylor's future in their hands and could call the police at any time. Steffy refused to let the women do it and said she knew how to fight back.

Taylor didn't want Steffy fighting over her. She didn't want Steffy tangling with Bill again, either. Taylor also didn't want to be a wedge between Steffy and Liam. Steffy claimed that Taylor hadn't said anything that Steffy couldn't handle. Steffy wanted Taylor to not only stay in L.A., but to move into the cliff house as soon as possible.

Taylor was proud of the life Steffy was building with much grace and dignity. She didn't know how Steffy could watch Liam make a life with Hope. Taylor saw Steffy forging a strong relationship between Liam and Kelly. Taylor hadn't been able to get beyond the resentment to do the same for Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe.

Taylor didn't want Steffy to be caught in the middle, fighting to defend Taylor. Taylor was very ashamed of what she'd done and guessed she was a horrible person, as Brooke and Hope had said. Steffy disagreed. She stated that Taylor couldn't take back what had happened, but Taylor could move forward with Steffy and Kelly at the cliff house.

Taylor asked about Brooke and Hope. Steffy said Brooke and Hope could huff and puff all they wanted because Bill had agreed to keep quiet. "And they will, too. Just tell me you'll move in," Steffy replied. Taylor decided to live there if Steffy needed her, and the women hugged.

In the CEO's office, Hope couldn't believe Brooke had intended to tell her sisters about Taylor. Brooke felt that her sisters should know if Taylor could put Hope in jeopardy. Brooke was worried that Taylor might snap in a moment alone with Kelly or Hope. Hope said it would be best if someone could persuade Taylor to leave town, and Brooke agreed.

Hope's problem was that being opposed to Taylor's presence put Hope at odds with Steffy. Brooke replied that Steffy wanted to think the best of her mother, but Steffy might be wrong. Brooke felt the need to protect the babies. Hope was leery of startling a battle with Taylor while Hope and Steffy were trying to make their family work.

Tiffany, Emma's best friend and Forrester's new intern, arrived. Emma had recommended that Tiffany work there when Emma had dropped down to part-time due to school. Brooke gave Tiffany some tasks to do and an envelope to deliver to Zoe.

Later, Liam arrived, and Hope and Brooke were anxious to hear how the visit had gone at the cliff house. Liam said it had gone fine, and Taylor had left because she'd needed to see her sponsor. Shocked, Brooke asked if Taylor had started drinking again.

Liam didn't want the ladies jumping to the wrong conclusions. Hope asked why Taylor had needed to see her sponsor. He relayed that Taylor had had an urge, but she'd been responsible enough to seek out her sponsor instead of giving in to it. Brooke thought the temptation was a red flag and insisted that Liam step up and protect Kelly -- even from her grandmother.

Brooke advised Liam to convince Steffy that Taylor needed to go back to Paris and only return for supervised visits. Liam asserted that Steffy would never go for that. Hope said Kelly had to rank before any other of Steffy's loyalties. Liam conveyed that he'd discussed things with Steffy, and he had a hard time imagining Taylor harming Kelly.

Hope asked if he could see Taylor shooting Bill. Hope wasn't only worried about Kelly. Hope was concerned that Taylor would go after Brooke. Hope was also worried that Taylor would go after Hope for "stealing" Liam. Noting that he had influence with Steffy, Hope asked Liam to get Steffy to keep Taylor in check.

In the studio, Zoe brooded as she applied her makeup. Xander figured that she was still upset about her father. She asked why Reese had shown up just when she was getting her life together. She felt that he'd mess it up just by being himself. Xander asked if she were overthinking it. Zoe said Reese was getting too close to home by hovering around Dr. Hayes.

Zoe was happy to get another chance with Xander. She hadn't thought it would be possible. Xander joked that she could have fooled him by the way she'd packed up and moved there. Zoe quipped that he obviously hadn't been returning to London.

Xander called Zoe stubborn and said she just didn't listen when people said things she didn't want to hear. She wondered if that was supposed to be a compliment. He affirmed it and said he wouldn't have her any other way.

As Zoe and Xander kissed, Tiffany arrived and said Brooke had wanted her to give the envelope to Zoe. Guessing that it was her check, Zoe thanked Tiffany.

Reese entered. Upon seeing Tiffany, he became excited to meet a new model. Tiffany stated that she might be a model someday, but right then, she was just an intern. Zoe introduced Tiffany to Reese, and Reese stated that Forrester was the place to be if Tiffany wanted to model.

Tiffany excused herself, and Zoe noted that Reese looked pleased with himself. Reese replied that he'd just encountered Dr. Hayes, and some things had a way of happening right on time. Zoe had a hard time believing that he'd just bumped into the doctor. Reese noted that Zoe always made leaps of faith, but she was too pragmatic with him.

Reese didn't want Zoe to worry. He said he and Dr. Hayes were just getting to know each other, and fate was just nudging them along. Zoe told Xander that "fate" was Reese's favorite excuse for acting like a teenager. Zoe told her father that she'd just started to make a life for herself, and she didn't want anyone or anything to mess it up.

Gesturing to Xander, Reese said it made three of them. Reese claimed that he wasn't out to cramp Zoe's style. He was just living his life. Zoe asked if Reese really had to do it there. Reese said that running into Taylor was a sign that he was supposed to be in Los Angeles, but there was just one problem -- Taylor was considering leaving town.

Zoe asked what it mattered to Reese, who barely knew Taylor. Reese posited that sometimes people had connections that transcended the boundaries of time. "Wow," Zoe sardonically quipped. Xander replied uneasily that Reese was quite the romantic. Zoe hoped Reese wasn't looking at her boss's mom that way.

Reese decided that it was way too early for that and claimed not to be looking at it from a personal perspective. He said that Taylor had a lot to work through and would need her family to be close in order to accomplish it. "And if you just happen to be close as well?" Zoe asked.

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