Flo exposes the truth about Reese
Thursday, February 14, 2019
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Thursday, February 14, 2019

At Wyatt's beach house, Sally and Wyatt kissed in the bedroom and expressed that they liked having valentines. Sally said that she was much happier than she'd been the previous year.

Sally and Wyatt kissed, and she became distracted. He asked what was wrong, and she wondered if she'd overstepped. Wyatt didn't know what Sally meant. Sally was referring to the designs she'd given Hope. It didn't matter to Sally whether Hope used them or not. Sally had just wanted to help Hope focus on work and heal. He stated that it had been very sweet of Sally.

Wyatt and Sally stretched out on the bed. Wyatt asked if Sally was sure there was nowhere else she'd rather be. He offered to take her out for paintball or miniature golf. Sally quipped that he was such a romantic. He suggested horseback riding, but she assured him that there was nowhere else she'd rather be but with him in that bed.

Later, the bedroom was in disarray with sheets, shopping bags, and clothes all over the place. Wrapped in blankets, Wyatt and Sally sat together in an armchair. The day hadn't disappointed her, and she said she wouldn't even be mad if Wyatt went surfing. He declined, but she decided that her present to him was not complaining about him surfing. He replied that his present to her was not taking her up on her present. Sally thought it was a smooth move on Wyatt's part.

At Katie's house, Katie cried and mirthlessly chuckled at the irony of getting annulment papers from her husband on Valentine's Day. She asked why he was doing it, and he claimed that it was out of love for her and Will. She felt that they needed to talk about it, but Thorne claimed that he'd already made the decision. He just wanted a peaceful resolution.

Katie exclaimed that Thorne was handing her annulment papers, and she hadn't even known they'd been having problems. He replied that they hadn't been. He'd wanted to be married, but he just wasn't ready. He felt that he had a lot of things that he hadn't dealt with. Katie offered to deal with the things together and said that wives helped. He said she'd already helped him.

Thorne explained that it hadn't been anything that Katie had done. It was about his unresolved issues about losing Aly and Darla. He added that, if he was honest with himself, it was also that he didn't want to get hurt. Katie asked why he'd say that. Thorne had seen the way she was with Bill and the way Bill was with Will, and Thorne believed she'd rather be with Bill.

Scoffing, Katie clarified that she'd gotten over her feelings for Bill a while back, and they'd been divorced for years. "I married you!" she asserted. Thorne said that he and Katie had had something amazing. Katie didn't like him talking as if it was already over. She wasn't ready to give up on their marriage.

Thorne replied that they'd been a family, and she'd had sole custody; however, it was no longer the case, and Bill was stepping it up. Thorne believed that Bill was the man she'd always wanted him to be. Waving her hands, Katie clarified that Bill was finally reaching out to and bonding with their son. She was happy about it, but that was as far as it went.

Thorne didn't think Katie was aware of it, but he'd seen it. He said there were moments between her and Bill. Katie insisted that Thorne was wrong. She didn't even know from where he was getting it all. She was angry that, without talking to her, he'd handed her papers and said goodbye.

Katie heard Will outside, saying goodbye to Donna. Katie sucked in her tears as Will entered the house. She asked how his sleepover had been. He said it had been good, and he handed Katie and Thorne homemade Valentine's cards. "I made one for Dad, too," he added. Will sensed that something was going on and asked if Thorne and Katie were okay.

Katie said everything was okay, and she and Thorne had just been talking about a few things. Will asked why they seemed so sad. Thorne stated that he'd just been telling Katie that he had to go away for a while. Will asked if Thorne was going on a trip and how long he'd be gone.

Thorne wasn't sure and said it might be a while. Will didn't understand and said Thorne's home was there with them. Thorne hated to spring it on Will and knew it was confusing. He wanted Will to know that he loved and was proud of Will. Will asked why Thorne was leaving then.

Thorne asked if Will remembered when they'd talked about Aly and Darla. Will nodded, stating that the women had died. Thorne explained that he hadn't fully dealt with it, but he was stronger. He was ready to go back to Paris and deal with it. Will asked if Thorne could get texts in Paris. Chuckling, Thorne affirmed it and promised to text right back.

Thorne said Will would be okay because he had his mother and father. Will stated that he'd miss Thorne. The two hugged, and Thorne said he'd miss Will, too. Will asked Katie if she'd be okay. Katie replied that she was really sad, but she'd be okay. "We're all going to be okay," she added.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam spotted a baby outfit with a heart on the belly that Hope had set out on the dining table. She said it had been a gift they'd received at her baby shower. Earlier, she'd imagined dressing Beth up in it, and she claimed it would have been their first holiday as a family.

Liam gave Hope a hug, and she guessed she needed to move on. He suggested that she give herself time. Time was the one thing Hope had looked forward to. "All the years we could have spent with our daughter," Hope added.

Liam thought that he and Hope should get out and do something for Valentine's Day. He suggested that they go to dinner or catch a movie. Hope appreciated his efforts, and she knew he wanted to take away the pain. She just couldn't fight the feelings she had.

Hope only wanted to be at home alone with Liam. It sounded good to Liam. She didn't think she'd be that much fun, anyway. Hope had been trying to believe she hadn't done anything wrong, but she kept returning to the fact that she'd failed and hadn't been awake when they'd lost the baby. Hope stated that she hadn't been awake when the baby had been born.

Liam told Hope that she'd experienced a traumatic medical emergency, and she was lucky to be alive. Hope stated that it should have been her, not Beth. He told her that she had to stop saying things like that because it wasn't healthy for her. Hope said she hadn't been there for Beth, and when Beth had needed her mother, Hope had just given up.

Liam stated that Hope's blood pressure had dropped, and she'd lost consciousness. Hope insisted that it had been more than that. Something had happened when she'd been passed out. She was sure of it and sure that if she'd remained awake, Beth would be with them.

At Reese's apartment, Zoe accused Flo of lying. Flo wished she was, but she insisted that Reese had switched the babies. Zoe couldn't believe that her father would do such a thing. Flo repeated that Reese had done it, and she said it had been to protect Zoe.

Zoe asked what Reese had needed to protect her from, and Flo hinted that Zoe knew her father's history. Flo stated that he wasn't just a gambler; he liked to take risks, and more often than not, he usually lost. Zoe asked if Reese had needed money to pay off some bookie. Flo nodded. Zoe concluded that he'd gotten ahold of a baby and sold it to Steffy and Taylor. Flo nodded again.

Zoe reasoned that it meant Steffy's adoption hadn't been legal, and the adoption papers were fake. Flo told Zoe to talk to her father because Flo couldn't tell Zoe anything else. Zoe didn't believe it and said Flo knew more. Zoe wanted details and demanded to hear it all.

Flo yelled that she couldn't tell Zoe anything else. She asked Zoe to call her father but not the cops. Flo just wanted to be left out of it. Noting that Flo was already deeply involved because her name was on the papers, Zoe asked who the baby's mother really was. Flo replied that she didn't know. Zoe threatened to go to the cops, and Flo insisted that all she knew was that the mother's name was Hope.

"Hope," Zoe uttered in disbelief. She asked for the last name, but Flo didn't know it. Flo only knew that Reese had said Hope. Zoe denied it could be true and said Hope had lost her child. Flo insisted that she'd had nothing to do with it, and it had been all Reese. Zoe whipped out her phone, and Flo frantically begged Zoe not to call the cops.

In London, Reese tossed aside a magazine with Hope on the cover. He flashed back to what had happened on Catalina Island, and he grimaced. His phone rang with a call from Zoe. He tried to pleasantly greet his daughter, but she told him that she was with Flo, who'd told her everything. Reese grimaced again.

Zoe stated that Steffy's adoption had been illegal, and Flo was not baby Phoebe's mother. She yelled that he'd gotten the baby for Steffy to pay off gambling debts. Reese told Zoe to calm down. Sobbing, Zoe raged that the birth mother was Hope, whom Reese had been with when she'd lost her child. Agreeing, he said it had been tragic. Zoe asked what he was doing.

Reese decided that he was on his way back to Los Angeles, but he needed her not to say anything to anyone. Zoe refused, saying she wanted to know what was going on. He promised to explain everything the next day when he arrived. Zoe asked if he planned to explain switching babies and Flo posing as the birth mother. Zoe said the worst part of it was that she felt she already knew what he'd done.

Sobbing, Zoe asked Reese to tell her that she was wrong. Reese asked her to promise not to say anything to anyone, especially Steffy or Hope. Zoe clicked off the phone line and cried.

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