Thursday, August 14, 2014

In the Forrester's CEO office, Oliver arrived with a boutique of red carnations, and Aly considered herself a lucky maiden. "I love them. And I love you," Aly said, and he blushed.

Charlie and Pam arrived with bad news for Aly. Pam relayed that Hope had gotten married, but it had been to Wyatt, not Liam. "Very funny, Pam," Aly knowingly replied. Pam wished she was joking, but she explained that Liam simply hadn't made it to the Eiffel Tower in time.

Aly didn't trust the manipulative Wyatt, who Hope had become married to forever. Aly was sure that Wyatt had forced the marriage on Hope, just as he'd forced the diamond on her. Charlie asserted that if Wyatt had done that, he'd have to deal with Charlie. Pam, who'd been rooting for Liam, noted that Wyatt and Quinn were once again back on top. Aly hoped Liam was okay.

Pam guessed that Aly had really believed in Hope and Liam. Aly claimed to still believe, but not because she abhorred Wyatt. She believed that Liam was a real gentleman and the kind of man Hope deserved. Oliver, Charlie, and Pam discussed all the broken weddings and engagements; however, Aly asserted that it hadn't been Hope and Liam's fault, and someone had always been interfering.

Aly said that the couple had always found their way back to each other, but Pam wondered if the new outcome was the way things were meant to be. Charlie remarked that one couldn't fight the power of the diamond. "It will always win," he concluded.

Aly declared that the diamond was cursed. Pam said that Hope had moved on, no matter how anyone else felt about it, and Liam would have to move on, too.

At the hotel in Paris, Ivy suggested that Liam call the yacht to stop the wedding before it was too late. The bewildered Liam replied that it was already too late. "Why would I trust Wyatt? Why wouldn't I see this coming?" Liam questioned. He didn't get it. He understood that he'd been late, but he'd also been right there. His and Hope's future had been right there, but "now she's married to Wyatt?"

"She's my brother's...wife. She's Wyatt's wife," the perplexed Liam uttered. "I don't understand. That piece of -- I should have known, you know? I should have been smarter. This is my fault."

Liam decided that he'd been the one to screw it up, but Ivy reminded him that he had been late because he'd been saving her. Liam said he'd been late one time. "One time," he continued, chuckling, "and that's all it takes for her to run off and marry my brother! Really?"

Ivy said that Liam had every right to be upset. Liam admitted that he was upset. He was upset with Hope, Wyatt, and whoever had pushed Ivy. Mostly, he was mad at himself. Liam sadly turned and pulled his ring from his pocket. He remarked that he had planned to wear the ring and be with Hope for the rest of his life, but it was just gone; he'd lost his chance, and that was it.

Liam had been "so excited" about the surprise and the future, but he never would have predicted the outcome before him. Chuckling mirthlessly, he asked if he was just really foolish. Ivy said he'd had faith in his relationship. Liam emphasized the fact that his brother had done something like that to him, and she replied that it just showed Wyatt's character.

Liam declared that he should be Hope's husband, not Wyatt. Ivy was surprised, too, because it had happened so fast. Liam began to question his choices and wondered if he'd overreacted when Hope had been trying to be professional about the diamond.

Holding out his empty hands, Liam said he'd had the most remarkable girl, but he'd lost her. Suddenly, he decided he needed to go, and he charged out the suite.

Liam mindlessly wandered the sunny streets of Paris. A song by Scott Clifton called "Love Song" played as Liam bowed his head upon seeing the Eiffel Tower looming against the cityscape. He ambled by a park, where he saw a woman on a bench, reading Eye on Fashion. Hope was on the cover.

The song continued to play as Liam deeply exhaled and continued on. By a tree-lined nook along the Seine, he witnessed a couple kissing. He darted his eyes away, half-scoffing and half-chuckling, and he recalled kissing Hope outside, overlooking the ocean at his house.

As he strode on, Liam happened onto the Pont de l'Archevêché, a love lock bridge in Paris. He remembered being with Hope in Italy and placing their lock on a love lock fence there. He stared at the thousands of love locks fastened to the bridge, and his body heaved as he fought against his lost emotions. He hugged himself and seemed to be shrinking as his eyes reddened, and he whimpered.

Liam lingered on the bridge and turned his back when he witnessed a marriage proposal. Ivy found him and said he'd had to pick the most romantic bridge in Paris. He guessed he liked punishment. She was sorry that his chivalry had cost him his future, but he insisted that not one bit of it was her fault.

Ivy would never forget what Liam had done for her, but she didn't know how to thank him. Liam replied that she didn't have to thank him. "Well, thanks," she said anyway, and with an awkward shrug, she leaned in to kiss his cheek. A spark passed between them, and their eyes met. Liam bashfully looked away and chuckled as Ivy gazed at him.

At Quinn's house, Deacon was drinking and roaring at game on television when the lieutenant from Mexico City arrived. "Look, man. It wasn't me. I haven't even been in Mexico in years. I don't know what she said -- " Deacon began. The officer interrupted to say that he was there to question Wyatt Fuller about the diamond inheritance. Mexican authorizes needed to make sure that it was just a coincidence that Ricardo had died and Wyatt had wound up with the diamond.

When questioned about his relationship to Wyatt, Deacon said that Wyatt had just become his son-in-law, and Deacon was staying at the loft temporarily. The lieutenant explained that, at first, the authorities had believed that Ricardo's death had been an accident, but when the autopsy had revealed large concentrations of arsenic in Ricardo's system, the authorities began to suspect foul play.

The officer explained that the poison could have emanated from a rare gemstone. Realgar was a stone with over a seventy-percent concentration of the arsenic. Wearing protective gear drastically reduced the chances of becoming contaminated when handling the jewel. Ricardo had been an educated, experienced gemologist, so it was unlikely that he had been so careless as to handle a stone such as realgar without protection. The officer concluded that someone else might have been involved.

Deacon's face grew grim as he suspected that the police thought Ricardo had been murdered. The officer conveyed that he was there to follow up on a phone call he'd had with Wyatt. Though there was no record of Wyatt or Quinn traveling to Mexico, the police still had questions about a dead man leaving "Mr. Fuller" a priceless diamond.

Deacon hurriedly said Wyatt and Quinn were not around, and the lieutenant left his card with Deacon before leaving. Once alone, Deacon began searching the sofa cushions. He rifled through kitchen drawers and discovered handcuffs in a trinket box on the counter. At Quinn's desk, Deacon found a laptop. He flipped it open and discovered pictures of whips and handcuffs. As he tapped through the images, he found a video. It was Ricardo's video to Wyatt.

In the video, Ricardo said, "Wyatt, I can only imagine how surprised you are. I am, too. My heart was never fuller than when I was caretaker of the diamond. It was only out of my reach once -- when I loaned it to you. You have a shared passion and reverence for the quintessence of this gem. I'm at her mercy, as you will be. The mother of all diamonds. She's yours."

. . .

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