Thursday, April 17, 2014

At the cliff house, Liam told Quinn that she'd get out, or he'd throw her out. He knew why she was there, but he asserted that nothing would make him give up on Hope. Quinn told Liam that Hope didn't need a whiny little boy. Quinn felt that Bill had spoiled Liam and that Liam should be grateful for what he had instead of trying to hold on to what wasn't his.

Quinn was frustrated because Liam thought the worst of her and Wyatt, but she insisted that they weren't evil. She said she and Wyatt weren't squeaky clean, but they'd had to claw, hustle, and scratch to get to the top. Quinn wouldn't apologize for it or let Liam judge her and Wyatt for it, either.

Quinn told Liam that he'd gone too far, but Liam scoffed at Quinn for lecturing him about that topic. He said that Hope was just an ambition to Quinn, a connection to one of the most prestigious companies in the world. Quinn corrected that Forrester worked with her because she made an exceptional product. She said that she and Wyatt had gotten acceptance from everyone -- except Liam.

Quinn revealed that she'd wanted Wyatt and Liam to have a relationship; however, she knew that it wasn't always possible and that sometimes circumstances made things difficult. Liam replied that some circumstances made it impossible, and he and Wyatt would never get along because they were nothing alike -- and that was why, in the end, Hope would choose Liam.

Quinn quipped that Hope had already turned Liam down. Liam said that decency and goodness would win out in the end, and he didn't have to do anything to lure Hope back -- except just be himself. Liam suggested that Quinn and Wyatt be themselves, and then they'd see whom Hope would choose. Quinn said it was already obvious that the man for Hope was Wyatt.

At Forrester, Hope seemed to still be preoccupied with the pregnancy scare. Wyatt, preoccupied with what had just happened with Liam, said Hope wasn't pregnant and never had been. Wyatt complained that Liam didn't even know how to tow a camper, and Liam could have hurt Hope. Wyatt thought Liam was the crazy one, not Wyatt and Quinn.

Hope wished everyone could get along, and she wasn't just talking about Liam and Wyatt. She noted that their families were a mess. She said that when she had a baby, she wanted to give it a nurturing family, and as she'd taken the pregnancy test, she'd realized that all the tension between the families wasn't healthy. Wyatt thought it sounded like a message for Liam, not Wyatt.

Hope said that Liam had never done anything like "that," but Wyatt insisted that Liam had been dogging them ever since they'd gotten together. Wyatt remarked that he'd never run so quickly in his life. Hope guessed that he'd really loved his truck. He replied that since their first meeting, he'd learned what he had to lose, and so he'd run as quickly as he could to get to her. He stated that he'd always be by her side no matter what they had to go through.

At Spencer, Katie was swamped with work and too busy to take a lunch with Donna. Donna said that Katie was dealing with everything -- except Brooke. Katie claimed that she didn't have time to put up with Brooke's vendetta. Donna informed Katie that Brooke and Bill were living together. Katie knew it, but she wanted to be left out of it. Katie asserted that all she and Bill shared together was a son.

While the sisters talked, some of the staff entered to discuss a commission statement. Katie said she wanted to run it by legal before they used it in the "dailies." After the staff had left, Donna asked what "that" had been about. Katie said she was being cautious, something Bill had never done as CEO.

Donna tried to reason with Katie about Brooke. Katie claimed not to know who Brooke was anymore, but Donna replied that Brooke had said the same about Katie. Katie claimed to want to have a normal conversation with Brooke, but Brooke's words dripped with contempt. Donna recalled that Katie had asked Eric to demote Brooke and asked if Brooke had a right to be angry about that. Katie suggested that they make a list to decide who got to be angrier. Donna didn't understand why the in-love Katie would be angry.

Katie affirmed that it was true that she was in love, and she refused to apologize for it. Katie guessed that Donna was upset that Katie had gone to Eric. Donna was, and she didn't understand what there was to worry about if Brooke was with Bill. Katie seethed that Brooke got to chance to have her cake and eat it, too, by being with Bill at home and with Ridge at work.

Donna said Katie was reading too much into it. Katie recalled that she'd been "reading too much into it" when she'd questioned Brooke's feelings for Bill. Katie didn't want to put Donna in the middle of things, but she asked Donna to reveal whenever she heard that Brooke was up to something.

At Brooke's house, Bill and Justin boxed together on the terrace until Justin said he had to get back to work. Bill was jealous, and Justin said Bill had better find a way to get his job back before Spencer got into worse shape.

Bill complained about Katie's style of CEO. He noted that gossip sites had popped up everywhere, and he asked why Spencer hadn't covered Forrester's last showing. Justin urged Bill to set up a meeting with his sister while she was in town. Bill said Karen was ignoring him. "Let me tell you something. Eventually, she's gonna pay for that," Bill added.

Justin said Karen should hear Bill's ideas. Bill declared that Karen wouldn't hear even one idea from him until he got his job back. Justin told Bill to find his mojo so that their next workout could be at the Spencer gym.

At Il Giardino, Karen said that Brooke wanted Karen to fire Katie. Brooke replied that she wanted what was best for both families and for Spencer Publications. Brooke knew that it sounded harsh, but she wanted to make her case as to why Katie shouldn't be running Karen's family business.

Brooke noted that Karen hadn't been answering Bill's calls. Karen replied that it was because Bill wanted his job back. Brooke suggested that Karen give it to him because he was the best person for it. Brooke added that Karen knew he'd find a way to get to be in charge with or without Karen's help.

Karen stepped away from the table, and Brooke called Bill to invite him to Il Giardino. Bill said he'd already been there that day, but Brooke said, "Please..." and Bill agreed to return there.

Karen returned, and Brooke recalled that Karen had unseated Bill to punish him for being with Brooke. Karen said she'd lost trust in his judgment. Brooke asked Karen to see what the choice had done to the company and if Karen could trust Katie's judgment, since Katie had become involved with Ridge.

Karen cited that Katie had done good things and that the employees liked her. Brooke suggested that Katie head human resources, but Karen doubted Katie would remain if Karen gave Katie's job to Bill. Brooke said it was because Spencer wasn't Katie's passion in life; however, it was Bill's passion.

Brooke believed it took fire and intensity to run a business, but Katie just wanted to prove that she was right and that everyone else was wrong. Brooke asked if Karen really wanted that in a CEO.

Just then, Bill arrived at the table, and looking at Brooke and his sister, he doubted that they'd just happened to run into each other. Karen and Bill told each other than Brooke had invited them to lunch, and as the siblings snipped at each other, Brooke asked them to just enjoy some time together. Karen tried to leave, but Brooke asked her to hear Bill out.

Bill asked Karen what had happened and why she'd turned on him. He knew that they'd had their problems, but he had supported her, been there for her and her family, and made her money. He said that, in return, she'd taken the company, which was akin to kidnapping his child.

Bill felt that Karen had taught him the lesson she'd intended to teach, and he'd been wrong in his past treatment of Karen and Katie. He said he couldn't take that back, but he could learn from it.

Brooke, who'd gotten close to Caroline senior upon her death, stated that family had meant everything to Caroline. Brooke was sure that Caroline would want her siblings to work together. Karen asked about the turmoil between Brooke and Katie.

Brooke replied that Spencer Publications was Bill and Karen's family business, not Katie's. Bill asked if Brooke had called Karen and Bill together to convince Karen to reinstate him as the CEO, and Brooke replied that she had. Bill and Brooke smiled at each other.

. . .

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