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Sally's attempt to help Hope backfires
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Thursday, January 17, 2019

At Spencer in the evening, Bill realized that it was getting late, and he and Will needed to call Katie about Will's transportation home. "Already?" Will replied. Bill said he was bummed, too, but they'd do it again whenever Will wanted. Bill called Katie, who had been just about to call him. She said she'd be on her way to pick up Will, but Bill offered to take Will home instead.

After the call, Bill helped Will get his stuff together. Will noted that Liam was sad about losing the baby. "What should I do?" Will asked. Bill asked what Will meant. Wanting to help his brother, Will asked if he should offer or if mentioning it would make things worse.

Bill's best advice was for Will to be the same caring, sensitive brother he'd always been and to be especially nice to Hope. Bill didn't want Will to worry because, even though Hope and Liam were going through a hard time, they'd make it through just fine eventually. Bill and Will hugged, and Bill expressed his happiness that Will had visited him that day.

At Katie's house, Thorne saw Katie grinning as she ended her call with Bill, and Thorne asked what had made her smile. Katie was happy about the way Bill had stepped up as a father. She kissed Thorne and headed for the kitchen. Thorne sighed.

As Katie set the dinner table, Donna entered and thanked Thorne and Katie for letting her stay there. Katie asked if Donna had seen Hope while at Brooke's house earlier. Donna had briefly seen their niece, who'd gone for a walk while Donna had been there. Brooke had told Donna that Hope was spending a lot of time alone.

Katie wished there was something to make it better. Donna feared that Hope would think something was wrong with her because she'd lost a baby before. Katie said they had to make sure Hope didn't go down that road.

Bill and Will arrived. Helping Will remove his backpack, Katie asked if he'd had a good time. Will exclaimed that he and his dad had played games and talked about money and women. "Women?" Katie, Thorne, and Donna exclaimed in unison. Will figured that Marsha Whitaker was actually still a girl. Thorne asked who Marsha Whitaker was.

Bill replied that Marsha was Will's girlfriend. "She is not!" Will exclaimed. Bill asked what other reason there would be for Will caring about what Marsha thought. "Anyways, Dad gave me good advice," Will concluded.

Deciding she didn't want to ask what the advice was, Katie instructed Will to get washed up for dinner. Bill hugged Will and headed for the door. He halted when he heard Will ask Katie if his dad could stay for dinner. Bill told Will that Bill didn't want to impose. Throwing up her hands, Katie decided it was fine, and they'd eat casually around the coffee table.

Bill asked Thorne's feelings about it. Thorne said it was dinner, and they'd survive. Will implored Bill to stay. Bill agreed and asked Will what Will should say to Thorne and Katie. Will thanked them for letting Bill stay. Bill sent Will upstairs to wash his hands.

Thorne noted the Will and Bill had had a good time. Bill agreed and thanked Katie and Thorne for the invitation to dinner. Donna asked how one denied a little boy who didn't want his father to leave. Katie loved seeing how much Will loved his father. Bill replied that he loved the kid more than his own life. Katie said she had no doubt. Thorne's expression darkened.

Later, everyone sat on the floor around the coffee table. To Bill, everything looked good, and he mentioned that he hadn't forgotten what a good cook Katie was. Donna quipped that Pam didn't think so. Katie said it was because Pam thought Katie was guilty by association with the kitchen disasters, Brooke and Donna. Thorne vouched for Katie's cooking skills.

Noting that they didn't do "this" often, Katie asked if Will would say grace. Will asked everyone to join hands. Will thanked God for the food, the family, and having his father over for dinner. He asked God to keep an eye out for Beth, who probably felt lost because she hadn't gotten to know her parents.

After the prayer, Katie slipped over to Will and Bill's side of the table. She rubbed Will's shoulder, and her hand fell onto Bill's arm as it rested on the couch cushions behind Will's head. Bill and Katie expressed pride in Will. Thorne said the prideful feeling was unanimous. Will expressed sadness about Beth, but it made him glad that they were all there together.

In the design office with Sally and Wyatt, Emma couldn't imagine what Hope was going through. "Yeah...again..." Wyatt murmured. Emma asked what he meant, and he informed her that he and Hope had had a miscarriage during their marriage. Sally thought it was too cruel for it to happen to Hope twice. Even though Hope was strong, Wyatt was worried about her.

Emma left. Wyatt thanked Sally for being by his side. Sally grabbed her keys. Wyatt offered to drive. Sally mysteriously said she had a way to help Hope deal with the pain. He asked what it was; however, all Sally said was that he would see, and she'd meet him at the cabin.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam handed the reticent Hope a condolence card that they'd received. He asked if she wanted water or tea. She declined with a shake of her head. He told her that it would get easier, but not much time had passed yet. Hope said that she'd grieve their daughter even if a millennium had passed.

Hope didn't understand how it had happened when Beth had been fine in the womb. Liam began to reiterate what Dr. Buckingham had told them, but cutting Liam off, Hope asserted that she didn't care what the doctor had said. Medical explanations meant nothing to Hope, to whom it felt unresolved. To her, it felt as if Beth were there, even though Beth was gone.

Liam replied that he knew. Hope flashed him a resentful look. Changing the subject, Liam said Wyatt had conveyed that he and Sally wanted to stop by that evening. Liam thought it would be good for him and Hope to have the visit. Hope didn't think she was up for visitors.

Liam understood, but he thought they should let the people who loved them be supportive. She replied that all the support in the world wouldn't bring Beth back. He understood Hope's desire to lock herself away in the cabin. The idea sounded good to him, too, but he said they couldn't.

Hope asserted that she couldn't act like Beth had never existed. Assuring Hope that he wasn't asking that, Liam said he didn't want her to become unreachable. He believed that they had to let the people who loved them in and that she might find more comfort in it than she thought.

Wyatt arrived and said Sally should be there soon. He thanked Hope for letting him and Sally stop by, but he understood if Hope just wanted to be alone. He and Sally wanted Hope to know that she wasn't alone, and many people were on hand to help her.

Hope appreciated what Wyatt was trying to do, but she said he knew that nothing but her baby girl could close the hole in her heart. Hope apologized, but Wyatt said not to be sorry for what she was going through.

Liam received a message from Brooke, who wanted him to retrieve some plates from her house. Hope said she wasn't hungry, but Liam told her that she'd have to eat eventually.

After Liam had gone, Wyatt sat with Hope. She said that what he was trying to do was kind -- especially after what they'd gone through. He replied that he hadn't wanted to bring it up. Hope said it was a fact; they'd lost a child, too. Wyatt felt bad that Hope was going through it again.

Speedily speaking, Hope said she'd never thought it would happen in a million years. Everything had been fine, but then she'd suddenly been in labor. She'd never thought she'd lose the child, and she asked what Beth had done to deserve death. Crying, Hope asked why the sweet, innocent life had needed to be taken away.

Later, Wyatt was alone in the living room when Sally arrived with a black and white puppy. Wyatt asked what she was doing with it. Sally had volunteered at a rescue shelter in the valley, and she'd thought the puppy could help. Wyatt seemed uncertain, but she said animals were therapeutic. Wyatt wasn't sure it was a good idea to give Hope a puppy at that time.

Sally insisted that studies showed the benefits of petting a dog, and she dared Wyatt to say that the adorable puppy couldn't cheer Hope up in some way. Wyatt admitted that the puppy was adorable. Sally decided to take the puppy in to Hope, who was in her bedroom.

In the dark bedroom, Hope faced away from the door. Sally entered with the puppy. She apologized for Hope's loss. She said she'd wanted to help, and that was why she'd brought "this little guy." Hope turned and saw Sally kneeling with the puppy. Sally explained that animals could be therapeutic, and the puppy was sweet, affectionate, and needy enough to distract Hope from her thoughts.

Hope asked what was happening and if Sally had gotten her a puppy. Hope asked if Sally thought a puppy could replace Hope's daughter. Sally tried to say that it wasn't her intention, but Hope berated Sally for thinking that some "damn" puppy could replace Hope's little girl. Hope sobbed that nothing could take away the pain of losing her Beth.

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