Zoe tells Reese and Flo that she did not rat them out
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

At Spencer, Wyatt asked how his presence in Bill's office would help unite their family. Bill explained that he'd asked Wyatt there because he wanted to prove his loyalty to Wyatt.

Bill noted that Wyatt had liked working at Spencer. Though Wyatt agreed, he stated that he was doing well at Forrester. "Really? What? Post some things on social media all day? You know, like 'tap, tap?'" Bill asked, tapping his finger on his desk.

Wyatt said he did much more than that. Believing that his son was wasting his talent at the dress farm, Bill asked Wyatt to return home where Wyatt belonged. Wyatt said he recalled a conversation in which Bill had concluded otherwise.

Bill admitted that he could lose his temper and say things he didn't mean, but he was working on it. Wyatt reminded Bill that he'd said Wyatt didn't have any guts, and Wyatt asked if Bill wanted someone like that working for him. "Yes -- No!" Bill asserted.

Shaking his head, Bill said he meant that Wyatt did have guts. Wyatt had stood up to Bill, and Bill was certain that he wanted Wyatt working there. Wyatt replied that Bill had kicked him out. Bill said he'd been wrong, and he'd do whatever he could to fix it. Bill was willing to fall on his own sword if he still had one.

Wyatt reminded Bill of what had gone on at the time Wyatt had left. Bill didn't want to discuss it, but Wyatt insisted upon recalling that Bill had been bribing Wyatt to stay silent about Bill's lies regarding the so-called affair with Steffy. Wyatt asked, "Who does that?" Bill stated that he'd done it; he'd screwed up big time, and he'd do whatever he had to in order to make the family right.

Bill believed that the Spencers could have their family back. He cited that he'd stepped up for Will, and he would step up for Wyatt, too. It was the kind of man Bill wanted to be and the kind of father Wyatt needed Bill to be. Bill asked Wyatt to return to Spencer, where Wyatt belonged.

Wyatt felt that he was working with good people at Forrester. One of those people was someone with whom he lived and someone to whom Bill had been cruel. Wyatt's voice escalated as he continued speaking, but Bill cut him off, roaring, "Bring her!"

Wyatt said Sally liked fashion. "We publish fashion magazines, hello!" Bill replied, waving around magazines. He was willing to find a place for Sally if it meant getting Wyatt back there. Bill stated that he'd do anything to get their family back on track.

Wyatt stated that Bill had given him a lot to think about. Bill replied that all he'd been doing was thinking. He'd thought about what he'd done and lost and what he didn't want to be -- alone. Bill wanted to be a better father. He asked Wyatt to help him be the father he knew he could be.

At the cliff house, Steffy asked what Zoe was getting at. Xander figured Zoe was saying that there was a connection between Hope and baby Phoebe because the child was close in age to the one Hope had lost. Grinning nervously, Zoe said it couldn't get much closer, and she asked how Hope could not see Beth.

Zoe stated that there was something Steffy should know. Just then, baby Phoebe began to cry. Steffy trotted into the bedroom, and Zoe sighed and stood up. Xander asked Zoe what she was about to tell Steffy. Zoe replied that she didn't know if she should say anything at all.

Steffy returned with the infant and introduced the child to Xander and Zoe. They watched Steffy feed the child, and Zoe noticed that the baby fit in as if she'd always been Steffy's. Steffy said she had to remind herself that she hadn't birthed the child. She didn't care if she hadn't, and she considered the child as much hers as Kelly was.

Steffy remembered that Zoe had wanted to tell her something. Zoe said she'd just want to express how happy she was for Steffy. Steffy asked what it had to do with Hope. Claiming that they'd talked about it, Zoe said that she and Xander wanted to be there for Hope due to her loss and also be there for Steffy, who'd started a new chapter in her life.

At Reese's apartment, Flo urged Reese to call his daughter. Upon doing so, all Reese got was voicemail. She asked if they were supposed to just wait until the cops showed up. Flo guessed they deserved it. She couldn't imagine what the real birth mother was experiencing.

Reese stated that Hope would get better, and Zoe was safe due to the arrangement he'd made. Flo shot back that Reese was the one who'd put Zoe in danger to start with. Reese prayed that Zoe would see that it did no good to expose the situation at that point.

As the time ticked by, Reese began thinking of ways he could mitigate Flo's involvement in his crime. He intended to tell authorities that Flo hadn't known what she'd been getting into and didn't even know the birth mother. Flo replied that she felt as if she did know Hope. Flo could picture Hope's guilt and confusion. It was turmoil that Flo believed she and Reese had caused.

Flooded with guilt about it, Flo said she wouldn't be able to forget Hope. Reese claimed that he never would have done it if his child hadn't been in danger. He knew it didn't make it any better to say that the child had a good home. Agreeing, Flo said it didn't -- not even a little.

Just then, Zoe arrived. "Did you tell?" Flo asked. Zoe replied that she should have, but she hadn't. She asked if she could talk to her father alone, and Flo went into the bedroom. Zoe asked Reese if she'd just made a horrible mistake.

Reese said he'd thought Zoe would have gone to Hope. Zoe replied that she'd gone to see Steffy and Hope's baby instead. Zoe still couldn't believe what he'd done. He claimed that he'd do anything to keep Zoe safe. "Except for stop gambling," she responded. It was hard for Zoe, who thought the right thing to do was obvious.

For Zoe, the right thing was to run to Hope, Liam, Steffy, and the police about what Reese had done. "But you're my father, and that baby is in good hands," Zoe concluded. Zoe claimed that Steffy was the baby's mother in every sense of the word, and it seemed cruel to take her child.

Zoe hated what Reese had done and felt that he'd put her in a terrible position. She didn't know if she'd forgive him, but she loved him. She didn't want him to go to prison and had decided not to say anything. Zoe concluded that she'd keep his ugly secret.

Reese thanked Zoe. He said that, thanks to her, Steffy would keep her baby, and Hope would never know that the girl was really hers.

At Forrester, Brooke was leery of the time Hope was spending with baby Phoebe. Hope insisted that it was helping. Hope could hold the child, sing to her, and briefly experience what it would have been like with Beth. Hope couldn't explain it, but holding the baby made her feel complete.

Hope believed that the baby was there for a reason. Even though she understood that the baby was Steffy's, Hope couldn't help feeling that the child was there for Hope, too.

Brooke gave Hope a cup of coffee and noted that Hope was deep in thought. Hope admitted that she felt guilty about the kind of life Kelly and baby Phoebe would have if Liam was living with them. Brooke didn't get what Hope was talking about or what she felt guilty about.

Hope said that the family she'd dreamed of wasn't happening, but Liam still had a family with Steffy, his daughter, and the new little girl. Hope stated that Beth was gone, and the other children deserved to have him. Brooke replied that Hope always thought about other people first, but Hope needed to focus on herself.

Brooke insisted that Hope's relationship with Liam took nothing away from those girls. Hope said the girls could have a full-time father. She added that it would be different if she and Liam had their own child to raise. Brooke reasoned that the marriage hadn't been based upon Beth, and Hope needed to stop pushing her husband away.

"I understand, but -- " Hope said. Brooke refused to take any exceptions. Hope asked why. Brooke replied that Liam was Hope's husband, and Hope needed to be there for him. Hope asked why her child was gone. In Hope's view, it had changed everything.

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