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A heated confrontation turns deadly
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Brooke insisted that Bill had kissed her of his own initiative, not hers. Though she knew sorry wasn't good enough, she felt she had to repeat that she was sorry for disappointing Ridge and not being completely honest with him. She swore she hadn't been turning to Bill. Ridge replied that he could have dealt with it had it been another man, but he wondered if Brooke had really risked everything they had for the likes of Bill Spencer.

Brooke assured Ridge that her heart would always belong to him, and she'd only met with Bill to discuss the case. That was all. She said she hadn't lied about where she'd been, either. Ridge guessed it was because he hadn't asked her. He hadn't thought he'd had to or that she'd be with his worst enemy, plotting against her sister.

Claiming that no one had been plotting anything, Brooke insisted that Bill had been trying to hold onto his son, not pursue her. Ridge believed Bill had asked for her help because he'd known Ridge wouldn't like it. Brooke stated that she hadn't helped Bill to oppose Ridge. She'd only been doing what she'd thought had been right.

Ridge asked if keeping secrets from him had been the right thing to do, but Brooke clarified that they'd kept them from each other. She knew she should have said something to Ridge and cut off contact with Bill the first time he'd kissed her. She was aware of how much Ridge hated Bill, but she hadn't thought about what she'd be risking -- only about what had been right for Will.

Brooke reminded Ridge that she'd grown up without her father, constantly questioning if it had been her fault. Noting wanting Will to grow up that way might have clouded her judgment. She'd believed that she could bridge the communication gap between Katie and Bill, but not in a million years had Brooke thought it would cause a rift between her and Ridge. She asked him not to let it divide them and asked him to say he could forgive her.

Brooke urged Ridge to look at her, and Ridge turned his smoldering gaze in her direction. She said they could get through it, and they'd proven to each other again and again that their commitment could overcome anything. She asked him to say that he believed it. Ridge was silent. She told him that he knew she didn't love Bill. Ridge was the only man she'd ever loved and would always love.

In Ridge's silence, Brooke repeated that Bill had been the one to kiss her, and that had been Bill's mistake. She swore she hadn't been disloyal. She'd never do it to Ridge, to herself, to their marriage, or to their family. Ridge was still stone quiet. Starting to cry, she said she hadn't told him about it because she hadn't wanted tension between them.

Ridge walked around the conference table. She wandered behind him, explaining that they'd had arguments about their daughters; however, they'd gotten through them and been happy for the most part. She needed him to know how precious he was to her, and she'd meant her wedding vows.

Closing in on Ridge, Brooke told him that "these" were the only arms she wanted to have around him. She cupped his face and said "these" were the only lips she wanted to kiss her. She reminded him that, in his vows, he'd referred to her as his shining star. She asserted that she was his shining star and urged him not to turn away from her.

Ridge hadn't forgotten what he and Brooke meant to each other or what they'd accomplished to get to that moment. He felt that secrets would derail him. Brooke knew and said she was sorry. He was sorry, too, because after all that time, there were still things they didn't and couldn't share with each other.

Brooke supposed that things would be different if she'd shared what had been happening. She stated that she and Ridge had both wanted to do the best thing for Will. Ridge told her that it was about Will's father, too, and Brooke knew the things Bill had done to hurt people Ridge loved and Bill's own sons. Ridge said there was no bottom to Bill's madness.

Ridge acknowledged Brooke's regrets and said he had his own regrets. He'd made mistakes that could have destroyed them, and she'd forgiven him. He didn't doubt her love for him and asked her not to doubt his for her.

Taking her hands, Ridge said that Brooke was his light, his shining star. It scared him to think that someone could take it from him, because he could never find his way home. He asked her to promise that she'd never let anyone take the light away.

"Okay," Brooke uttered, and the two hugged each other tightly. Ridge said they could never let it happen again, and he told her not to let Bill anywhere near her. Brooke said she wouldn't. Ridge stated that he didn't think he'd have the strength or forgiveness. "Okay?" he asked. She agreed. They kissed and hugged again.

In the backstage area, Hope and Steffy discussed Wyatt being back on board at Forrester. Hope noticed Steffy was irritated and wondered if she'd said something wrong. Steffy was reluctant to divulge anything, but with prodding, Steffy revealed that it was about Hope's mother.

Steffy decided that if she and Hope were to continue working on getting along, they shouldn't talk about their parents. Hope gleaned it meant there was a problem between Brooke and Ridge, and it had to do with Hope's line. Steffy said it had nothing to do with Hope. It was about Brooke, who claimed to have a destiny with Ridge but had continuously walked away from him.

Hope started to defend Brooke, saying that Steffy couldn't fault Brooke for defending Hope, HFTF, or Brooke's love for Ridge because Brooke was just following her heart. Steffy ordered Hope to stop defending Brooke. To Steffy, just following one's heart wasn't romantic. It was sick. Steffy disclosed that she'd seen Brooke kissing Bill in Steffy's office.

Shocked, Hope didn't believe it. Steffy asked if Hope thought Steffy was lying. Hope didn't doubt Steffy had seen something, but Hope didn't think it was what Steffy thought it had been. Steffy was insistent about it, but it didn't make sense to Hope, who believed that Brooke loved Ridge.

Steffy rolled her eyes, but Hope persisted, citing that the couple had been closer than ever, despite their differing views on issues. Hope figured that Brooke also knew Ridge's feelings for Bill. Steffy asked why Hope thought Steffy was so mad at Brooke about it, and Steffy reiterated that Brooke and Bill had been in each other's arms, kissing. "My mother and Bill Spencer..." Hope said in a sickened tone.

Hope didn't know why Bill had done it. "You're blaming Bill?" Steffy flatly asked. Hope claimed to just be trying to understand how it had happened. Steffy quipped that Brooke had let it happen. Calling Steffy wrong, Hope stated that Ridge and Brooke were happy, and Brooke didn't want Bill. Steffy shot back that Brooke had testified for Bill at the hearing.

In Hope's mind, Brooke had done it out of concern for Will, and Hope insisted that there was nothing going on between Brooke and Bill. Steffy revealed that Ridge thought Bill was trying to ignite something. Hope assumed that meant Ridge knew about the kiss.

Steffy admitted to telling Ridge and divulged that he was rightfully furious about it. Steffy said Brooke knew how Ridge felt about Bill, and Steffy wasn't sure Ridge would get past it that time.

In Bill's office, Bill was on the phone, planning a locker room meet and greet for Will. Bill ended the call when Wyatt arrived with news that he was ready to go back to work. Bill was thrilled until Wyatt added, "At Forrester Creations." He explained that Forrester had offered him the social media management position.

Bill raged at Wyatt for choosing middle management at the dress farm instead of helping his father build their empire. Bill said Wyatt could have returned to Spencer, and Bill reminded Wyatt that they'd talked about it before. Wyatt wasn't in a rush to be back at Spencer after the way things had been when he'd left. Forrester felt like the right fit for Wyatt, who said Steffy had given him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Bill decided not to argue about Wyatt hanging around at the bottom of the ladder. Wyatt asked if Bill accepted the decision or not. Bill replied that he thought it was ridiculous, but he accepted it. Confused, Wyatt asked what was going on there. Bill said he was trying to be a better father.

Wyatt noted that when he'd arrived, Bill had been planning to take Will to a game and asked if Katie was fine with it. Bill announced that Katie was no longer enforcing the custody ruling and was letting him see Will whenever he wanted -- with certain stipulations. Wyatt was excited to hear it and asked what had changed Katie's mind. "It was Brooke. It was all Brooke," Bill said, grinning.

Bill explained Brooke's persistence in helping him. Though Wyatt thought it had been good, he hadn't realized Brooke and Bill had gotten close again. Wyatt said that he and Hope had joked that no one ever really got over her mother. "Is that what this is?" Wyatt asked.

Bill said he'd always have feelings for Brooke, and she'd gone to the mat for him. Wyatt remarked that Brooke had been subpoenaed. Bill called it a formality because Brooke had wanted to testify for him, and Brooke had been working behind the scenes, talking to Katie, which Brooke hadn't had to do. Brooke had done it, anyway, at the risk of upsetting Katie and "poser."

Wyatt assumed Ridge hadn't known about Brooke's deeper involvement. Bill affirmed it, saying he and Brooke had kept it quiet because Ridge despised Bill. Wyatt figured that "behind the scenes" meant "behind Ridge's back." Bill asked what choice Brooke had had and said that no one knew how Ridge would react if she'd told him.

After Wyatt had gone, Bill flashed back to moments with Brooke, from Monte Carlo to the bedroom. He smiled to himself.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Bill finds himself back in the hospital.

• Police question people about Bill's fall.

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