Tuesday, September 30, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke dished to Eric that she was concerned about marrying Bill. Eric wondered what she meant. She said that it might be a terrible mistake to marry Bill. Eric hoped that she wouldn't marry Deacon.

Brooke said she worried that if she married Bill, she would hurt Katie. "Can I really do this to Katie?" Brooke asked. Brooke flashed back to when Katie had been sick. She told Eric that Katie had orchestrated the hot air balloon ride that Brooke and Bill had taken because Katie had been trying to match Bill and Brooke up.

Brooke flashed back to the ride with Bill. Eric reminded Brooke that Bill had not been the first man to take Brooke on a hot air balloon ride. Eric and Brooke flashed back to the desert wedding they'd had with a hot air balloon ride and horseback riding. Eric said he had known back then that Brooke and Ridge had been destined to be together.

"And now here you are about to marry Bill," Eric said. Brooke worried that she continued to question the idea of marrying Bill. "I don't know why I keep questioning it," she said. She added that Katie was with Ridge. Brooke worried that she had hurt a lot of people when she'd followed her heart. She worried that she would hurt Katie.

Eric told her that he was not a fan of Bill, but if Brooke wanted to marry Bill then she should do it because Eric had realized how much Bill meant to her. "Be with Bill," he said. Brooke said there were a lot reasons for her to rethink her decision. The kids and Katie had made her realize that they were more important than just following her heart.

"That's what Stephanie was trying to tell me," she said. Brooke admitted that she felt Stephanie had wanted her to do much more than "figure out the next man I'm going to be with." Brooke said she needed to figure out who she wanted to be. "You're the one person who really truly understands me," Brooke said.

Eric agreed. "We've been in each other's lives for a long time," he said. Eric added that Brooke was about to become the matriarch of the family just as Stephanie had wanted. "I never felt worthy, but I want to be," Brooke said.

Brooke added that she would have married Bill in Abu Dhabi. She flashed back to the wedding and romantic tours she had taken with Bill. She said that she had always been a person who craved attention and had to be the center of attention. "I fed off of that, and it didn't matter who I hurt. I don't want to be that person anymore," she said.

Brooke planned to take step away from Bill for a while and let Katie decide who she wanted to be with. Brooke said she wanted to change who she had been. "I want to be somebody different," she said.

At Spencer, Bill teased Katie that he had wanted to take Will to a restaurant where the waitresses were barely dressed. Will played with the toddler basketball hoop, and Bill stopped to tickle him. Katie responded that she would take Will to a feminist poetry reading just to balance out what Bill had done.

Katie prepared to leave, but Bill asked her to stay to watch Will while he made a few phone calls. Katie suggested that Bill wouldn't have that problem if he hadn't eliminated the day care that Katie had started when she had been the Spencer CEO.

Katie picked up Will, and she noted that Will had coins in his hand. "Mine, mine," Will said. Katie said that Bill was raising another Dollar Bill Spencer. "It has a nice ring to it," Bill said.

Katie figured that Bill was happy because Ridge could draw again. Katie anticipated that Bill and Brooke would be getting married, but she told Bill that she wasn't crazy about seeing Bill with her sister.

While Bill and Katie talked, Will grabbed some coins. Bill promised that things would get better, and they would work it out. Katie turned and noticed that Will was lying on the ground. She picked him up, but he was not breathing. Bill grabbed him, and Katie cried.

At Quinn's, Quinn encouraged Deacon to cheer up even thought he had probably lost Brooke, and Quinn had lost Bill. Quinn insisted that no one could keep two "badasses" like Deacon and Quinn down. Deacon said that Brooke could go ahead and marry Bill because she was clearly determined to ruin her life. Quinn said she hoped that Bill and Brooke had a very long marriage full of boredom and mind-numbing regret. She said they would be stuck in a domestic routine. Deacon and Quinn laughed and toasted with beers.

Deacon said that Quinn had made him feel better. He wondered why Quinn had been so nice. He figured Quinn would be done with him because Hope and Wyatt were together. Quinn teased that she had really big plans for Deacon. She needed him to fix her sink.

Deacon brought up Ricardo, the original owner of the Hope for the Future Diamond. Quinn wondered why Deacon had brought that up. "The past is in the past," she said. She said she hadn't done anything to Ricardo. Deacon said Quinn was too obsessed with Wyatt, and she had a real problem because Hope hated Quinn. "I can't be excluded from my son's life forever," Quinn said. Quinn promised to find an opportunity to prove herself to everyone again.

Deacon and Quinn kissed. Afterward, Quinn asked if Deacon had been drunk because it had been a long time "since a man has kissed me like that sober," she said. She added that most people considered her crazy and were afraid of her. "You aren't gonna stab me, are you?" Deacon asked.

Deacon suggested she should find another obsession other than Wyatt. Quinn suggested that could be dangerous, but she added, "It could be very rewarding." She warned that she was not a fan of people touching her, but she said, "That kiss wasn't bad. I liked it." They kissed again. "I've made a lot of dangerous choices in my life. I'm about to make another one," Deacon said.

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