Tuesday, July 29, 2014
by Pam

At Brooke's house, Ridge demanded that Brooke dump Bill -- for good. Bill insisted he'd only wanted to teach Ridge a lesson, not have him killed. Ridge disagreed. "Cut him loose. Spencer's not worth it -- never was," Ridge ordered.

Bill defended his actions as being out of anger because Ridge had interrupted his wedding. Bill claimed that he had been worried when Ridge had gone missing, and Bill added that he'd figured Ridge would show up, and everything would be okay. Bill tried to make excuses and said that he had been angry, but Katie interrupted.

"You made him doubt himself. That's the most despicable part of this," Katie said. She added that Bill had been cruel and made everyone doubt that Ridge had remembered anything. Brooke cried that she wanted the four of them to raise their children together. Bill argued that he needed to talk to Brooke alone.

Brooke sent Ridge and Katie home. Katie kissed Brooke goodbye. Bill thanked Brooke for spending some time alone with him. "Don't thank me, Bill. You have no idea what I'm going to say," Brooke said angrily.

Brooke shouted that Bill had betrayed her. She had believed his claims that he valued family over business. She didn't think it had been possible for him to be so hurtful and intentionally cruel. She accused him of being a murderer, but Bill balked that he was certainly not a murderer. "You're a damned liar," she cried.

Brooke reminded Bill that he had known all along what had happened to Ridge in Abu Dhabi while everyone had been worried sick and looking for Ridge. "You acted like you knew nothing. You said nothing," she said.

Brooke mocked Bill's claims of love, but Bill argued that he loved her. "I was wrong. I'll never keep anything from you again. Please don't let this derail our plan," he said. Bill begged Brooke to understand and forgive. Brooke scoffed.

"I am going to search my heart for forgiveness, but this reckless anger you have -- I can't take it," Brooke said. Bill said that he had meant every word he had said to her on the beach in Abu Dhabi. He recited his vows, recalling that they stood halfway around the world "where the desert meets the sea and sand." Bill vowed that they could not allow anything to tear them apart. Brooke stared at Bill, and she looked confused.

Outside at Forrester Creations, Liam had interrupted Hope and Wyatt. A secretary entered and advised Hope that a mutiny was underway with the sewing employees. Hope left, and Liam asked about Ivy. Wyatt said that office romances seldom worked.

Wyatt started speaking in riddles about how he was not in the market for a diamond -- perfect in every way. He added that that exquisite gems were like rare women. Liam noted that he needed to check on Hope. Wyatt encouraged him to catch up with his lady. Under his breath -- after Liam left -- Wyatt muttered, "While you still can."

In Hope's office, Hope had to rework a schedule because employees in the sewing room had been angry. Deacon entered and claimed he couldn't stay away from his beautiful daughter. Deacon quizzed Hope about what was going on in her life. Hope told her dad that Wyatt had given her the Hope for the Future Diamond.

Deacon marveled at the thought. Hope said that Wyatt had always claimed that he would give her the diamond, and Hope said that when she and Wyatt had picked up the diamond, it had been the beginning of incredible adventures. Deacon noted that it had a lot of magic for Hope and Wyatt. Hope agreed. "Wyatt told me about the power of the diamond," Deacon shared.

Hope said that Wyatt had always said crazy, romantic things, but she couldn't believe he had given her the diamond. "I can't really keep this," she said unconvinced. Deacon disagreed and told her "take that thing and go running through the streets." Deacon added that it had amazing promotional value for her line.

Hope lamented that she couldn't accept a diamond from another man. Ridge and Katie interrupted. Deacon asked if Bill had finally been honest about what he had done. Ridge and Katie told Deacon that Ridge had taken Bill for a scary ride in a helicopter, and Bill had finally admitted his role in dumping Ridge out of the helicopter. Hope was confused, and Ridge explained that he had taken pilot lessons while he lived in Paris. Deacon asked if Brooke had dumped Spencer, but Katie said she had not done it yet. Ridge was confident that she would.

In another office at Forrester, Aly and Ivy met. Ivy explained that she had captured Wyatt and Hope in a private embrace and that she was convinced that Wyatt had given Hope the Hope for the Future diamond. Aly defended Hope and claimed that Wyatt was using it to get Hope back in his life. Ivy said that Hope was not blameless. Aly refused to believe that Hope would put Liam through another round with Wyatt.

Later, Liam found Hope alone in her office. He asked if everything had been okay. Hope showed Liam the Hope for the Future diamond, and Liam asked if it was a replica. Hope explained that the diamond's owner had died and left the diamond to Wyatt, and Wyatt had given it to her "just like he said he would."

"Damn it," Liam said, "you know you can't keep that, right?" Hope nodded, but she looked confused.

. . .

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