Tuesday, October 28, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Eric chastised Ridge and Caroline for their dalliance. Caroline said she had to find Rick, but Eric advised her to leave Rick alone. Eric turned his attention to Ridge. "She's your brother's wife," Eric shouted at Ridge. Eric calmed down and told Ridge that Rick thought Ridge was trying to take everything away from him. "Were you that afraid that I would choose him as the CEO? Did you plan this?" Eric asked.

Ridge tried to explain that he had never planned to hurt anyone. He defended his and Caroline's actions as those of two passionate people -- two artists. "One thing led to one another," Ridge said. Eric angrily disagreed. "You should have had the maturity to walk away. Not another word," Eric ordered.

Eric again chastised Caroline and Ridge for betraying Rick. Eric said that at least Caroline had the decency to feel horrible. Eric noted that they had spent hours together, supposedly for the company, and had instead betrayed Rick. "He's my flesh and blood," Eric said.

Ridge furiously said that Eric was pulling the bloodline card, but Eric dismissed his concern and said that Rick had been suffering, and that meant that Eric suffered. Ridge angrily said that neither Eric nor Rick had suffered. Ridge asked if Rick had died in his arms. Eric paused. "Little Ricky will be just fine if he chooses to be," Ridge sneered.

Ridge wondered what Eric wanted. He asked if Eric wanted him to apologize and to admit that he had been wrong. "Well I can do that," Ridge said. Ridge explained that he had been lost after the accident and had lost his ability to draw -- he'd lost his career until he started to work with Caroline. "She helped me," he said.

"We helped each other," Caroline said. Eric said they both were responsible for their feelings. He told them they should have stopped or asked for help. He blamed himself for not stepping in. "The two of you have given me a lot to think about," Eric said, and he left.

Ridge worried that Eric had changed his mind about the CEO's position, but Caroline was discouraged that her marriage was in trouble. Ridge shushed her. He asked her why she had confessed in front of everyone. Caroline said that Maya had laid it all out there. "You confirmed it," Ridge said. Caroline insisted that she'd had to tell the truth.

Caroline realized that Ridge only cared about the CEO position. "Rick thinks that you're conning me. Is that true? Were you just playing me?" Caroline asked. Ridge replied that he hadn't meant to hurt her. He added they had been a great team and had created something amazing.

Caroline angrily suggested that Ridge had known what he had done. She guessed that their partnership had been a joke. She wondered if he had gone home to Katie each night and laughed about the girl with the crush. "Naïve Caroline making a big fool of herself," Caroline said.

Ridge argued that Caroline had never been a joke to him. He added that after he had left a session with Caroline, he'd always had memories of her -- even when he'd gotten into his car. "I couldn't get the smell of your hair out of my head," he said.

Caroline worried that she had lost her husband, but Ridge said that Rick would return to her because he knew better than to leave. "What he knows is that I've been kissing you," she said. Ridge countered that Rick had always been a hothead, but he would blow off some steam. "He knows what he has in you. Little Ricky is a lot of things, but he's not stupid," Ridge said.

Caroline wondered how Rick would stay if he had to wonder what was going on every time Ridge and Caroline were alone. Ridge said that they would no longer be together, but they agreed that what they'd had had been "pretty amazing."

"We got carried away, and the lines got blurred. For the record, the times we spent together were some of the most magical moments in my life. And I didn't mean to hurt you. It wasn't my intention," Ridge said.

In Hope's office, she looked at sketches, and she sent a text to Rick. Carter entered, and Hope said she had been worried about Rick. Carter said that he was convinced that Maya had gone after Rick. Hope lamented that Caroline had been so foolish and had done something with Ridge, of all people. Carter said that Maya had never given up on Rick. Carter said he should have seen it coming with the "millions of ways she avoided planning the wedding. She was just waiting for Caroline and Rick to implode," Carter said.

Carter wondered if the Forresters would have fired Maya if she had been wrong. Hope said that people in love often did crazy things and took big risks. Carter and Hope agreed it had all paid off for Maya because she had gotten exactly what she'd wanted. Carter wished it hadn't been at the expense of Rick and Caroline.

At the cabin, Rick had been drinking whiskey and had trashed the place, and Maya tried to calm him down. She guessed that he had returned to the "scene of the crime." "I keep picturing their hands, their lips," Rick said. Maya nodded and said that she wouldn't leave him alone. Rick shook his head and gulped more whiskey. He lamented that he and Caroline had been newlyweds. "This is where my marriage ended," Rick said emotionally. Maya looked concerned but smug.

Rick's phone rang, and it was Caroline. He told her to stop calling him. Caroline begged him to meet her at home, but he refused. She asked if he had been drinking, and she offered to pick him up, but he refused. "I'll be fine," Rick said coldly. Caroline begged him not to hang up on her, but he did.

Maya moved closer to Rick. Rick poured another glass of whiskey. He thanked Maya for standing up and telling the truth. Rick guessed that Caroline would have continued lying and playing him if Maya hadn't called her out. "She would have never confessed," Rick said.

"Stop torturing yourself," Maya said. Rick shook his head. "I should have never married her," Rick said. Maya said that she understood Caroline had been beautiful and in the right place at the right time. Rick added that it had been a Forrester-Spencer merger and had seemed right.

Rick took off his wedding ring. "Thank God we didn't have a child. My marriage is over," Rick said. He lamented that he had never mattered to Caroline, and he gulped more whiskey.

Maya sympathized with Rick. "I never stopped caring about you -- even when it seemed like I should give up. I love you," she said. She kissed him and reminded him that she had loved him ever since the first day they'd met at Dayzee's. Maya reminded Rick that Caroline had disappointed him then, and he had turned to Maya then. "Turn to me now," Maya said, and she kissed him passionately. They made out on the couch.

. . .

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