Tuesday, January 20, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Caroline displayed some new designs on easels for Eva, Pam, Oliver, Ivy, and Aly. Pam complimented Caroline on the new designs that Ridge and Caroline had completed. Rick walked in, and everyone looked nervous. Oliver offered that he had some of the photos of Ivy's new jewelry accessories and how they would work with the designs.

Rick studied the designs. "Where is the head designer?" Rick demanded. Caroline answered that Ridge had said that Caroline could handle the meeting. "I disagree," Rick uttered with a sneer. He insisted that it was a concept meeting, and the head designer was required to be there.

Caroline stood up to Rick and asked for specific critiques, but Rick shouted that he would run his suggestions past the head designer, "not the helper. Let's move on," he said. Rick turned his back on Caroline, and Caroline angrily glared at Rick.

The team sat down at the table and discussed that Aly had developed some shoe designs. Rick reviewed them and said it was a great idea, but he didn't want to rush into a new product line. Caroline and Ivy argued that it was a natural for Forrester, but Rick maintained that it was a risk. Rick didn't want to endanger profits, but he encouraged Aly to keep designing.

Rick welcomed Eva back from the international office. He asked about the buzz at International, and Eva shared that it was all about Ivy. Rick noted that it was her jewelry, but Eva said it had been her modeling. "It created quite a stir," Eva said.

Rick said that it had been a mistake. "Ivy's not a model," Rick said. Everyone argued that Ivy had been an Internet sensation, but Rick argued that Ivy was not a model, and he wanted all of the shots redone with Maya -- a professional model. "That's what we pay her for," Rick said. Arguments continued, but Rick said he had made the decision to reshoot with Oliver in charge.

Caroline suggested that they discuss how Maya and Maya's sister were going to impact the company. Caroline worried that Maya and her sister would worm their way into positions of power at Forrester. Rick said that Maya and her sister were not points of discussion.

Caroline angrily told Rick to stop messing with Ivy, Aly, and the company when it was really Caroline he was lashing out at. Rick was furious. "I want you all to leave. Caroline, Ivy stay," Rick bellowed. Everyone left, and Rick shouted, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

At Spencer, Katie sat in Bill's chair, and Liam greeted her. He congratulated her on her position as vice president. Katie smiled and remarked that she had to congratulate Liam as the new president at Spencer. Katie was happy that Bill had asked her to rejoin the business. "I think he wants you back in his life," Liam said with a smile.

Liam and Katie chatted about Bill's new attitude, and Katie was glad that Bill valued her opinion. Liam noted that Bill had mellowed -- thanks to Katie. Katie said that Bill had heard about Rick and Maya. Liam wondered if Bill had gone to visit Rick or Maya. Liam hoped it had been Maya because Rick had been creating havoc at Forrester. Liam confided that Rick had made life miserable for Caroline and Ivy.

Liam explained that Ivy had caught Rick with Maya while he'd been married to Caroline. And Rick had threatened Ivy. Liam said he wouldn't stand for Rick treating his family members so poorly. Katie noted that Liam was a lot like his father with his protective nature about all things family. Liam agreed.

Katie concurred that Rick had been completely out of control at Forrester, and she offered to talk to Rick, but Liam didn't think it would do any good. He said he would speak to Rick himself.

At the Forrester mansion, Bill grilled Maya, but she stood up to him. Bill surmised that Maya would be out of Rick's life within 24 hours. Maya scoffed that Bill didn't know anything about Rick. Bill reminded Maya that Rick had married -- and was still married to -- his niece.

Maya said that things had changed. Bill pointed out that they would change again. He added that Maya had a lot to learn. She guessed that he expected her to listen and obey.

Maya said that Bill was standing in her home. Bill laughed. "Are you a Forrester? Will you ever be a Forrester?" Bill said, amused. Maya was unfazed. Bill said he wanted her out of the house and out of Rick's life, and he usually got what he wanted, "Not this time. I'm not going anywhere," Maya said.

Bill shook his head after he'd gazed at the painting of Maya. Maya argued that Rick had been the best thing that had ever happened to her. Bill reminded her that she was out of her league. She said that she would soon be married to Rick, and she was the lead model at Forrester. Bill laughed. "Forrester changes its lead model more often than I change my underwear," he said.

Maya demanded that Bill leave. Bill used his phone to take pictures of the portrait of Maya on the wall. Bill said he would have the photos for posterity and have a nice little chuckle someday. "The new matriarch? Pathetic. You're a joke," Bill said, and he left.

Outside the office Forrester, Pam, Aly, and Oliver could hear the arguing inside. They lamented that Eric had left Rick in charge. Liam showed up, and they told him that Rick had been insulting to Caroline and Ivy. Liam was angry.

Inside the office, Rick, Caroline, and Ivy argued. Caroline maintained that she had been fighting for the company. She said that Rick had no good reason to ignore that Ivy had an international following. Rick reminded her that he was the CEO, but Caroline replied that he had "slapped the label on your door."

Rick maintained that the designs had not been her best efforts. Caroline insisted that Rick's critiques had nothing to do with the dresses. Ivy agreed it was all about Ridge and Caroline. Rick resurrected his argument that Caroline had betrayed him, and Ivy freaked out on Rick -- that he had been sleeping with Maya while Ridge and Caroline had exchanged a few kisses.

Rick argued that he had tired of hearing about a few kisses. "I can see that it's not over. Is it, Caroline?" Rick demanded. Caroline didn't look at Rick. Rick babbled about how Caroline had begged and pleaded to get back together with him, but she had been spending more time with Ridge. Ivy told Rick to stop berating Caroline.

Rick freaked out and told Caroline she was fired. "You're finished here," Rick screamed. Liam entered, and knocked Rick on the floor. "You do not speak to these women that way. Do you understand?" Liam shouted. Rick laughed from the floor. Liam angrily glared at Rick.

On the rooftop, Aly and Oliver discussed that Rick had shot down Aly's shoe designs. They agreed that Rick had been totally unreasonable, but Oliver felt that Rick needed to get back to normal. "He's not himself," Oliver said. Oliver said that someday everyone on the planet would be wearing a pair of Alys by Aly Forrester.

Later at Spencer, Katie looked up and saw Bill. "You never looked sexier," Bill said. Katie thanked him and asked if he had visited Rick or Maya. Bill said that Maya was not going to give up without a fight.

Katie and Bill discussed that everyone made mistakes. Bill noted they were still together in spite of their mistakes. He added that it was just the beginning. "I want you back, Katie. It's gonna happen," he said. Katie teased that he was quite positive and sure of himself. She said that could get him into trouble. Bill smiled and said he wanted to get into trouble with Katie. "I will. We will," he said.

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