Tuesday, July 22, 2014
by Pam

At Katie's place, Katie asked Ridge if he still felt the same about Bill since he'd had a chance to sleep on it. Ridge reminded Katie that Bill had no moral compass. "Ridge, we are talking about attempted murder," Katie reminded him.

Ridge was infuriated by Bill's arrogance "more than anything else," he said. Katie wanted Ridge to be 100 percent sure in his accusation. Ridge assured her that he was positive of what he had seen. Ridge was convinced that Bill had chartered a helicopter in Abu Dhabi. "Do you believe me?" Ridge asked. "Of course," Katie answered. She promised to help Ridge prove his theory.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Bill discussed that Ridge had blamed Bill for the incident, and Brooke wondered if it was time for Ridge to seek professional help. "I just feel horrible -- so compromised," Brooke said. Bill said that he hoped Ridge found help before his potential slander continued.

Brooke left the room, and Bill took a few phone calls. Brooke reentered and wanted to know what Bill had been talking about. Bill admitted that he had planned a wedding for them in Catalina. Brooke was surprised that Bill wanted to get married in a few hours. "Don't you?" Bill asked Brooke. She agreed, and they hugged.

Brooke thanked Bill for believing in them and never giving up. "I'm a flawed man, Brooke," he said. Bill said he had made mistakes in judgment, but he never wanted to lose Brooke. Brooke assured him that he would never lose her.

At Spencer, Alison advised Adele that a fully stocked bar meant that every bottle had to be full. Adele wondered if she was supposed to throw out half bottles. Alison suggested that Adele be creative. Adele doubted that Bill wanted to waste booze, but Alison told her to follow orders. Adele left, and Deacon entered.

Deacon called Alison beautiful in Italian. Alison wondered why Deacon would risk running into Bill. "Your boss did run me out of town," Deacon said, but Deacon added that Bill knew Deacon was in town because Deacon had met with Brooke and Hope. Alison insisted that Deacon should not be at Spencer.

Deacon maintained that he was a sucker for brunettes, but with a face like Alison's, hair color didn't matter. Deacon asked for a hug, and Alison teased that she wasn't sure Deacon deserved one, but she obliged. They hugged.

Alison admitted that she was glad that things were good between Deacon and Hope. Deacon fondly recalled the time that he and Alison had spent in an Italian farmhouse. Deacon reminded Alison that he had been defensive, but he wasn't that guy anymore.

Deacon wanted the chance to prove that he was different. Alison agreed to give him the chance. Deacon played with a helicopter model in the office. He remarked that Bill not only had a helicopter but a model of it.

Deacon said that he and Alison were close to rich people but had no way of ever experiencing what rich people could experience. Deacon suggested they hijack Bill's helicopter. He teased that they could do it and have a good time.

Alison confessed that the helicopter was on the yacht in the Middle East. She advised that she really couldn't talk about it. Deacon noted that rich people never had to worry about crowded airports.

Deacon lamented that the rich life never seemed to trickle down. Deacon added that Bill didn't even have to employ a private pilot because he had one in Justin. Alison took a call from Bill and noted that he was chipper. Bill told her that he was planning his wedding with Brooke, and it would take place that day.

After Alison had hung up, Deacon noted that Bill and Brooke were getting married. Alison agreed. Deacon added that it had to be convenient that Justin was a pilot. Alison turned secretive and noted that it was none of Deacon's concern.

Alison warned that Deacon had to leave, and Deacon asked if he could spend some time alone with Alison. She agreed and told him that he had her number. Deacon promised to call her. He left and looked satisfied with the information he had gathered.

At Katie's, Adele entered with file folders. Katie thanked Adele for her loyalty. Adele promised that she had collected everything she could. Katie noted Bill had always been obsessive about documenting how money had been spent. Katie, Ridge, and Adele searched through receipts but found nothing for a helicopter. Ridge was frustrated, but Ridge and Katie thanked Adele for trying.

Katie encouraged Ridge to sit down and relax. Ridge lamented that Bill's lackey had dumped Ridge into the sea out of a helicopter and had gotten away with it. Ridge worried that he would never uncover the truth. Ridge insisted that Bill had to have made a mistake. The doorbell rang, and Deacon entered.

Deacon shared that he had discovered that Bill's helicopter had been docked on the back of his yacht in Abu Dhabi. Ridge and Katie thanked Deacon. Ridge noted that Bill had been lying to everyone. "Thank you, Deacon. Bill Spencer is officially out of business," Ridge said.

. . .

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