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Liam worries that Taylor could snap again
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

At Forrester, the Logan women took over the CEO's office for coffee and doughnuts. Brooke perched on the conference table that had been pushed aside to accommodate a table full of treats. Her sisters and daughter sat around the treats table. Their meeting was about baby names, and Hope stated that all names were in play. "Except for 'Taylor,'" Brooke replied.

Donna said she'd never suggest "Taylor" as a baby name. Katie wondered why Taylor was even coming up in conversation. Hope asked if they could get back to baby-naming because she had a meeting in a couple of hours. Katie wondered if Liam should be in on the discussion.

Hope replied that he was spending time with Kelly. Donna cooed about how sweet it was and asked if it was just the two of them. Hope remarked that Steffy was there. Brooke stated that Taylor was there, too, and that was why Liam was there. Donna and Katie exchanged confused expressions, and Hope nervously cleared her throat.

As the discussion continued, the topic turned to Hope loving that Liam was dedicated to his children and their mothers. Katie was sure Steffy could use his help. Donna mentioned that Steffy had her mother, who probably couldn't get enough of Kelly. Hope and Brooke exchanged looks. Katie noticed it and asked what was going on.

Katie hoped Taylor wasn't giving Brooke grief again. Hope spoke up and said there wasn't a problem with Taylor. "Is there, Mom?" Hope pointedly asked. Brooke replied that there wasn't one as long as Taylor stayed away from Hope and Hope's daughter. Katie asked if Taylor had been to see Hope. Brooke affirmed it and said Taylor was still upset that Liam was with Hope.

Donna thought it was understandable, but Brooke stated that it went even deeper than that. Donna inquired how deep. "Mother," Hope said in a warning tone. Brooke decided it was enough to say that she didn't want Taylor near Hope or Hope's baby -- or Kelly. "Her own grandchild?" Katie asked. Brooke stated that Taylor was not to be trusted.

Hope told everyone that it was no secret that Brooke and Taylor did not get along, and Hope wanted to just leave it at that. Katie had the feeling that the issue involved Hope, too. Brooke stated that Taylor had changed, and she hadn't been herself.

Donna pointed out that Taylor "sure as heck" hadn't been herself at Hope's wedding. Katie remarked that the cake fight had been over the top for even Taylor. "That was nothing," Brooke bit out. Brooke's sisters wanted to know what she meant. Brooke remarked that no one had ever lost his life in a cake fight. Donna considered that they might in a fight with Pam's lemon bars.

Hope decided that they'd worn out the topic. Disagreeing, Katie asked Brooke what was going on with Taylor. Brooke said it was more than her sisters could imagine, and if they found out, they'd be shocked.

In the studio, Reese wanted the scoop from his daughter on Taylor Hayes. Annoyed, Zoe said he'd spent more time with Taylor than Zoe had. He remarked that Taylor was an interesting woman, and Zoe quipped that she was sure he had found Taylor "very interesting."

Reese received a call from someone. On the call, he tersely emphasized that he was "Dr." Buckingham. He let the caller know that he'd moved overseas. He said he'd have his accountant handle the address change, and the bill would be paid immediately.

After the call, Reese chuckled, remarking, "Credit card companies, right?" Zoe asked if he owed them money, and he responded that a bill had been lost in the mail.

Zoe asked why he'd moved from London. Reese stated that he'd gotten two wonderful opportunities -- one at University Hospital and one on Catalina Island. Zoe didn't get it and said he'd loved London. Reese replied that he hadn't loved it as much as he loved his daughter, and his move to Los Angeles was a fresh start for both of them.

Unsure of why her father needed a fresh start, Zoe stated that he'd enjoyed his London practice. Reese agreed that he had, but he said that she'd left town. She quipped that they hadn't been "joined at the hip over there." He asked her not to doubt that he loved her.

Zoe said her father loved a lot of people -- her mother, the woman before her mother, and the women after them. "Hey," Reese replied. Zoe said she was just saying that he had a history of going from woman to woman, and they'd been well-off women who could, in his words, help him maintain a certain lifestyle. He questioned whether he'd said that, and she scoffed.

Reese admitted to loving beautiful women and said it was all the better if they happened to be wealthy. He maintained his position that he was there for his daughter, and he believed that getting the job in America had been a sign. He told her that she knew how he believed in signs.

Reese believed that he was where he belonged, and he and Zoe were better off for it. "And now that I've fortuitously met Dr. Hayes -- " he began saying. Interrupting, Zoe cited the fact that Taylor was the mother of Zoe's boss, and Zoe didn't want Reese messing things up for her.

Reese claimed that he'd never do that. He had to leave for work, but before going, he joked about Zoe putting in a good word for him with Steffy regarding Taylor.

Later, Xander arrived. He was psyched about a beach party and asked if Zoe would go. The distracted Zoe affirmed it, and he asked if something was bothering her. She revealed that she was worried about her father, who could get a little intense. Xander understood and said parents could be intense about their kids. Zoe replied that Reese's focus was on Steffy's mother.

"Your dad and Dr. Hayes?" Xander asked. Zoe reminded him that he'd seen the pair at the party. He stated that they'd seemed pretty friendly with each other. Prefacing that she'd never told Xander a lot about her father, Zoe said she got a little uneasy about Reese sometimes. Reese could be charming, outgoing, and smart, but he wasn't very good at relationships.

At the cliff house, Taylor, Liam, and Steffy were in the living room after they'd put Kelly down for a nap. Liam asked how Taylor was, and Steffy quickly said her mother was fine. Taylor replied that she'd been tempted to have a drink the other night. Steffy added that Taylor had decided on her own not to drink, without anyone having to intervene.

Taylor acknowledged Liam's concern about her in light of her exchange with Hope the other day. Liam said Taylor had almost gotten out of control. "But I wasn't out of control," Taylor responded. She admitted that she'd vented and said it wasn't healthy to repress anger. She felt that Liam had overreacted to the situation by telling Hope about Taylor's role in the shooting; Hope, in turn, had told Brooke, "and that threatens my freedom!"

Liam said it hadn't been his intention to threaten Taylor's freedom, but Hope had had a right to know. Steffy replied that the damage was done; however, he insisted that there was no damage, and no one would call the police. Taylor stated that he didn't know that, and he'd given Brooke what she'd been waiting for her entire life -- complete power over Taylor.

Taylor feared that she'd lose everything if Brooke used that power. Taylor insisted that what she'd done didn't define who she was, and she insisted that Liam convince Brooke and Hope that Taylor wasn't an evil person.

Liam said he didn't think Taylor was an awful person, but for him, it wasn't about her character. It was about what she could be capable of. He had to protect his daughters and his wife, and he needed to know if he had to protect them from Taylor. Steffy flashed an astonished look, but he stated that, because Taylor was a mother, she had to understand his dilemma.

Taylor shot back that Liam had to understand her dilemma. Taylor asked if he wanted Kelly to grow up with her grandmother in prison. Taylor demanded to know what he'd say when Kelly asked why he hadn't kept his wife and mother-in-law from putting Taylor in prison.

Grabbing her purse, Taylor said she had to meet her A.A. sponsor. Taylor told Liam that he was a good person. She implored Liam, for the sakes of Steffy and Kelly, to convince Hope and Brooke not to say anything about Taylor's misdeed.

Later, Liam and Steffy checked on Kelly and remarked that she slept with abandon, just like Steffy. Steffy thought Liam was the father every girl would want, and he replied that he could say the same about Steffy as a mother. He was glad their daughter never had to question her parents' love. "Or her grandmother's," Steffy added.

Liam claimed not to question Taylor's love for Kelly. He just wanted Kelly to be safe. Steffy asked if he thought she'd have Taylor around Kelly if there was a hint of a threat. Steffy believed that Kelly was Taylor's lifeline, and Kelly didn't need protection from her grandmother.

Liam didn't want to disrespect Taylor. He was thankful that Taylor had given him Steffy, and Steffy had given him Kelly. Steffy said he questioned her mother's stability, and she reasoned that she had, too. He wondered why Steffy no longer questioned it.

In Steffy's silence, Liam said Taylor probably hadn't set out to murder his father; however, she had indeed lost her grip on reality and had done something tragic. Liam wasn't saying Taylor was a serial killer, but he didn't think Steffy could deny Taylor's capacity to snap. Steffy asserted that her mother would never, ever harm Kelly.

Liam didn't believe it, either, but he wondered if they knew for a fact that Taylor wouldn't lose it again the way she had with Bill. Steffy affirmed it, saying that Taylor had gone through months of intensive therapy to ensure it wouldn't happen again. Even though Hope, Brooke, and Liam didn't believe Taylor was a good mother and grandmother, Steffy did.

Steffy knew what her mother was and wasn't. She insisted that what had happened with Bill had been a one-time event. Steffy begged Liam to convince Brooke and Hope to believe it as deeply as she did. "Because they could separate my mom and our child!" Steffy said, explaining, "That would be the end of her, Liam. That would be the end of my family!"

At the hospital, Taylor arrived in the office of her sponsor, Dr. Lisa Burr. Surprised, Lisa remarked that it had been a long time since they'd seen each other. Taylor unceremoniously said she needed help, and she'd been tempted to have a drink the other night.

Taylor conveyed her temptation to drink someone else's discarded glass of wine. She'd wanted to pick it up and down it. Lisa stated that Taylor hadn't done it. Taylor affirmed that she hadn't. In Lisa's view, it was a win, and Taylor had gotten through it.

Taylor replied that she just wanted to get her life together for many reasons. Lisa said the reasons were Kelly and Taylor. Lisa asked Taylor not to be down on herself because, someday, Taylor would be in Lisa's shoes, in her own office, sponsoring another in need while patients waited outside the door.

Taylor was merely interested in getting through that day. Lisa was confident that Taylor would. Lisa asked Taylor to wait there while Lisa checked on a patient. Taylor agreed, and Lisa exited, leaving the door open.

Just then, Reese strode by Dr. Burr's office and noticed Taylor inside. He entered the office, greeted her, and remarked that it was a small world. He wondered if everything was okay with her and if she was a patient there. "Sort of," Taylor meekly replied. Shrugging, he decided that whatever the reason for her appearance, he was glad to see her.

Taylor volunteered that she and Dr. Burr were friends, but Reese noted that Taylor had said she was sort of a patient. Chuckling, Taylor acknowledged that she'd said it. He remarked that she was a mysterious woman. "To myself, most of all," she responded. He asked what she meant.

Taylor said that when a person thought she had life down pat, that was when the person was really in trouble. "And you are?" Reese asked. Claiming to be speaking generally, she asked if he'd ever felt like that. Reese was sure he had, but he tried not to be too introspective. He remarked that Taylor, on the other hand, delved into the mind each time she was with a patient.

Taylor chuckled, and Reese said he loved her laugh. Even though they'd just met, he found it interesting that he'd run into the very person he'd been with the night before the very next day at the hospital. Taylor asked if it was a sign or something. He thought it could be, and he felt as if he'd known her longer than twelve hours. He also sensed that something was upsetting her, and he said he'd be honored if she'd let him help her.

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