Tuesday, October 14, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Caroline ran into another office to get away from Ridge, but he followed her. Caroline said there was no way she would collaborate with him any longer. "I am married," she said. Ridge quizzed her about why she was so flustered every time they were together. "We are a team, and I'm not gonna let that go," Ridge said. Ridge eyed Caroline. "Quit looking at me like that with those eyes. It's confusing," Caroline said.

Ridge countered that they had something very special that only happened once in a lifetime. Caroline argued that Ridge wanted her on his team because he wanted to be the top dog at Forrester. She added that they had kissed each other, and it was not okay. "I'm incredibly disappointed in myself," she said. Ridge encouraged her to stop overthinking it.

Caroline countered that Ridge had given her all the attention he had in order to use her. She admitted she had feelings she couldn't explain, and she worried about them. She reminded Ridge that he had been engaged to Katie. He advised her that they had a passion for work. "You keep your hands to yourself, and I need to keep my lips to myself, and that is just the way it has to be," Caroline said as she turned away. She walked away.

Ridge smiled. "I am married to Rick, and what about Katie?" Caroline said. Ridge told her she had married the wrong man. "He's not on your level, and he never will be," Ridge said. He added that they both had passion for the company, and he wanted Caroline to run the company with him as CEO and her as his partner.

Caroline refused to side with Ridge over her husband. Ridge noted that Rick didn't know how to fulfill Caroline. "You can do better," he said. Ridge told her that they were the future of Forrester. Caroline accused him of being a cold liar. "How dare you?" she said.

"I don't lie," Ridge answered. Ridge grabbed Caroline and kissed her again. She prepared to slap him, but Ridge grabbed her hand. Caroline grabbed Ridge and kissed him passionately then ran away. Ridge looked surprised and shaken.

On the Forrester rooftop, Ivy and Liam had lunch, and Liam teased that he had no intention of taking his shirt off and pumping iron like the rest of the people exercising on the roof. Ivy giggled that she hadn't expected him to remove his shirt, but she liked the idea.

Ivy said she liked getting fresh air on the rooftop because it kept her away from the drama. Liam said that he had enjoyed time with Ivy and the Forresters at dinner. He laughed as he said that he'd had a great time talking to her dad. They discussed that Hope was pregnant, and Wyatt would probably claim that the Hope for the Future diamond had created a human. They laughed. Liam invited Ivy to dinner at his house. She agreed to meet him later.

In Hope's office, Hope set a book down on her desk, and Aly interrupted. Aly pointed out that Wyatt's mother had manipulated Liam and Hope again. Aly told Hope that if Hope was never going to return to Liam, Aly wanted Ivy and Liam to get together. Hope didn't know why Aly insisted on telling Hope about Liam.

"Why are you with Wyatt?" Aly exclaimed. Hope turned away, and Aly saw the book When You're Expecting on Hope's desk. Aly asked if the book belonged to Hope. "Yep. I'm pregnant," Hope replied.

Aly and Hope discussed that Wyatt, Liam, and Quinn knew about the pregnancy. Aly surmised that Hope had stayed with Wyatt because of the baby. "I'm in love with Wyatt," Hope said. Aly wished that Liam and Hope could have been together.

Hope maintained that she had a life with Wyatt. She wanted Aly to stop talking about Liam. Aly reported that Liam had spent a lot of time with Ivy, and she knew they would fall in love. Aly left.

Liam entered. Hope asked if Liam had spent a lot of time with Ivy. Liam agreed he and Ivy had spent time together, and he had met Ivy's father. "I just want you to be happy," Hope said, but she was frustrated. "We almost made it. We almost got our life back. God, what happened to us?" she exclaimed. Liam patted Hope on the back, and Hope threw her arms around Liam.

Later Ivy and Aly discussed that Hope was pregnant, and Aly was convinced that it was the only reason Hope had stayed with Wyatt.

. . .

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  • Hope tells Deacon he can't be in her life if he's with Quinn.
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