Tuesday, November 18, 2014
by Pam

At Katie's, Bill and Katie discussed that Will had slept late, and Katie explained that it was because Will had not slept well during her visit to her father's place in Dallas. Katie reminded Bill that kids often didn't sleep well in a new environment. Bill didn't remember too much from his childhood. Bill asked if Katie's dad still hated his guts, and Katie confirmed that her father hated Bill for what he had done.

Bill changed the subject and wondered where Ridge had gone. Katie said that Ridge had not been at the house while she'd been in Dallas. Bill asked for a cup of Katie's coffee because he hated the organic stuff that Liam made. "I knew there'd be something you'd miss about me eventually," she said.

Katie returned with coffee, and she and Bill discussed that Bill hadn't had Will overnight since Brooke had left. Bill couldn't believe that Brooke had taken off. He lamented that Will had started to like the nursery they had made for him at Brooke's place.

Katie said that she knew how much it hurt Bill to have a woman take off on him. "It looks like you and Smidge are going to beat us to the altar after all," Bill said -- he took the opportunity to call Ridge the wrong name.

Katie doubted that would happen. She wondered if he'd heard about Ridge and Caroline. Bill said he had been aware that they were working together. "Is there something else?" he asked. Katie told Bill that Caroline had helped Ridge draw, and they had often been uninterrupted at Forrester. Bill had heard how much assistance Ridge had needed, and how much everyone had blamed Bill. "I'm well aware, which I always found to be BS," he said.

Katie went on about Caroline and Ridge. Bill interrupted that he had previously asked if it had bothered Katie. She admitted that it had not bothered her "Before. And that was the truth," she said. "Before what?" Bill demanded.

Katie dished that Ridge and Caroline had apparently gotten carried away. Katie said that they had kissed and nothing more. Bill was angry. "She's just a kid," he said of Caroline. Bill angrily added that she was a newlywed.

Katie said Ridge and Caroline were artists. She believed Ridge -- that they had not had sex. She said that Ridge had been carried away, and Caroline had idolized Ridge. Bill wondered if Ridge ever admitted to any wrongdoing.

Bill realized that the situation with Ridge and Caroline was what had sent Katie to Dallas. Katie agreed, but she said Bill had taught her stand up and fight. "So I'm back," she said. Bill asked if Katie would set ground rules for Ridge as she had for him. Katie wondered if Caroline could give Ridge something that Katie could not. Bill made fun of her comment and reminded her that Ridge made dresses, and Caroline was the same age as his daughter.

Katie defended Ridge because he had needed help. Bill assumed that Ridge had used Caroline and seduced her to secure his spot as CEO. "Is that what you're telling me?" Bill demanded. Bill said that he had to leave. "No one is going to treat the women I love that way," he said.

Katie told Bill to calm down, but he left. Will's voice could be heard on the baby monitor, and Katie told her son not to worry. "Daddy's gonna take care of it," she said and smiled.

At Forrester, Eric congratulated Rick on music he had found for the fashion show. Rick credited Maya. Rick said he'd wanted something new for the day. Caroline and Ridge entered, and Rick invited them to join the discussion about the fashion show.

Rick announced that the show would be streaming live, and Maya added that she had scheduled posts on twelve social apps. Ridge mocked her and said it would be great to market the show with apps and a video game. Rick advised Ridge to stick to what he loved best or second best -- and he looked at Caroline.

Eric interrupted and said that Jarrett would be joining them for an advance story because he had always been good to Forrester. Jarrett entered and noted that the designs were a collaborative effort between Caroline and Ridge. Jarrett said he'd meant no offense to Caroline, but he wondered why Ridge had chosen to work with Caroline.

Jarrett suggested that the collaboration had been from Rick, and Caroline and Ridge did not argue. Rick noted that Jarrett had already written his story. After Jarrett left, Rick mocked both Ridge and Caroline and suggested they could have done more to promote their line, but Ridge and Caroline argued that no matter what they had done, Rick would not have been happy.

Eric interrupted and advised Rick that they all had to work together. Caroline begged Rick to reconsider his relationship with her. Rick refused.

Rick told Ridge and Caroline that Maya had put together the schedule for the fashion show, but Ridge said it was ineffective. Rick said that Maya would review it. Ridge scoffed that Rick was letting Maya make fashion decisions. Maya stood up to Ridge and said she was perfectly capable of handing everything -- and she knew what Rick wanted.

Ridge encouraged Rick to return to his wife. Rick looked at Caroline, and Caroline said that every time she looked at Rick, she had seen the hurt and disappointment in Rick's face. She knew that he still loved her. She saw anger, and she wanted to wait for the anger to fade, but she couldn't wait forever.

Rick suggested that since the line was finished, Rick would hire a young design student to help Ridge and hold his hand. "If that's okay with you," Rick snarked at Caroline. Eric wanted to return to business. Rick said he had decided to raise the prices on the new gowns, since Eric had such faith in the line. Prices Rick suggested ranged from $10,000 to $35,000 per design. Ridge, Eric, and Caroline noted that Forrester had never asked that kind of price before.

Ridge noted that Rick was trying to kill the line, and he wondered if Eric would let him do it. Caroline warned Rick that if the line failed, he would fail with it. She said she wanted him to shine, but if he chose to ruin the line, she would still survive. "I'm tougher than you think," Caroline said.

Rick countered that he had wanted their marriage to shine. "Stop being a child," Ridge advised. Eric said the meeting had ended, and he demanded to speak to Rick alone. Rick ordered Caroline and Ridge to leave. Rick said Maya would stay because she was the only who had his back.

Eric warned Rick that he had given him the CEO position and expected him to be responsible and fair. Rick maintained that he was, but Eric said that Rick was willing to sacrifice the company because of his personal vendetta. Eric warned that if Rick fired Caroline, it would be foolish because she was going to be one of the hottest designers around after the show was over and her designs had debuted.

Rick wished he had the knack his father did to keep his "ex-lovers on the payroll." Eric looked at him and angrily replied that Rick had acquired quite a mouth since he had been CEO. Maya defended Rick and maintained that she would make sure Rick was happy. Eric frowned at both of them and walked out in disgust.

In the back of the showroom before the fashion show, Ridge told Caroline he was sorry about Rick. Caroline said nothing had changed. She regretted that they had done all that work for nothing. "It looks really good," Ridge said. He lamented that none of it would sell due to the price, but it was a beautiful collection.

"He just wants to bury what you and I made together," Caroline said. She tried to defend Rick and added that he was hurt. Ridge disagreed. "He's being a brat," Ridge said. Caroline worried that Rick didn't care anymore, and she wondered how much more she could take. Ridge hugged her. Bill walked into the other side of the room and saw Caroline and Ridge in an embrace. He angrily shook his head.

. . .

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