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Thorne's reaction surprises Katie
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

In Bill's office, Bill taught Will about dividends by comparing them to the time Will spent with a female friend and the things Will got in return for it -- like friendship and sharing lunch sandwiches. Will said he loved spending time with his father, and Bill replied that spending time with Will was Bill's number one priority.

The topic turned to Bill's sword necklace. Will was curious about it, and Bill explained that it represented family and loyalty. Will recalled that his brothers had once had the same necklaces. Bill said they still did, but they didn't wear them as often.

Bill conveyed that he'd had the necklaces made for Will's brothers, and when Will was old enough, he'd have one, too. It would remind Will to be a warrior. Bill growled. Will growled back. Pretending to be startled, Bill said Will had scared him, and it had been perfect.

The time arrived for Bill to take Will home, and the father and son expressed how great the half day had worked out for them. Bill felt that he had people to thank for the new time he had with his son. Bill asked Will to guess what car they'd take. Will guessed the blue convertible. Bill affirmed it, and the two said it was awesome at the same time. Before Bill and Will left, Bill made a call to ask someone to track Brooke down.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Hope asked Brooke if it were true. Brooke said that it sounded worse than it was, and Hope stated that kissing Bill sounded pretty bad. Brooke insisted that Bill had initiated the kiss. Hope asked why Bill had thought he could do it. Brooke explained that he'd been swept up in happiness about the support she'd given him in the custody case, but kisses would never happen again. Brooke declared that she had no interest in Bill.

"Of course, she doesn't. She's with me," Ridge said as he entered the room and kissed his wife. Ridge guessed that Hope knew what had happened with the kiss and said it had been just another way for Bill to take advantage. Brooke asked why Ridge always got so upset and angry when they discussed Bill. She didn't know why Ridge gave Bill that power.

Ridge bit out that he couldn't stand that guy. Brooke understood it, but she said Ridge knew that he was her beloved husband. She had a lunch meeting to get to but promised to show him how much she adored him once she was at home later.

Once Brooke had gone, Ridge locked the door and asserted to Hope that he and her mother were fine. Hope was glad to hear it and said that, for what it was worth, she knew her mother did not have feelings for Bill. Ridge replied that he knew how pushy and devious that guy was. Hope thanked Ridge for being understanding. Ridge said they were good as long as Brooke stayed away from Spencer.

In the design office, Thorne questioned Katie about her decision let Bill spend more time with Will. Katie said that Bill and Will wanted it, and Thorne asked what had happened to the custody agreement. She replied that she didn't think it was the way to go, and Thorne asked what she meant. Katie replied that she was going to give Bill as much access to his son as he wanted.

Thorne questioned the decision because of how hard she'd fought for custody. Katie said she'd wanted her son's father in her son's life, and it was happening. "For God's sake, he's Will's father," Katie snapped. Thorne wondered if Bill had threatened her, but she denied it. Thorne felt like he wasn't getting the whole story.

Katie decided to tell Thorne something, but she told him that he couldn't tell a soul about it. She insisted that Brooke would kill her. Thorne agreed not to, and Katie revealed that Ridge had gotten the judge to rule in her favor. Thorne asked how that had happened, and Katie explained Ridge's connection to the judge and the "favor" Ridge had asked of the judge.

Katie said Ridge could get in a lot of trouble and possibly go to jail. She couldn't imagine what would happen if Bill found out. Katie said that her sister had sworn her to secrecy, but she hadn't felt right keeping it from her new husband.

Katie was still shocked that Ridge had done something like that. Thorne hadn't believed that Ridge had it in him. "Good for him," Thorne said. Katie frowned dubiously at him and asked if he was serious. In Thorne's view, Ridge had done them a favor.

Katie yelled that Ridge had committed a crime. Thorne reasoned that Ridge had done it for them and for Will. Katie replied that she'd been put upon to find a way to live with it. She emphasized that they hadn't gotten a legitimate judgment, and that might haunt them later. Thorne doubted anyone would find out, but Katie said he didn't know that.

Thorne stated that, with all the evidence, there was no way the judge would have ruled against her. Katie said they didn't know that. It felt dirty to her, like something Bill would do. Thorne said they hadn't done anything wrong, and Ridge had chosen to put himself in that position. According to Thorne, Ridge had done the wrong thing for the right reason, and Katie didn't have to feel guilty about it.

In the CEO's office later, Ridge was at his desk, and Thorne was informing him that Katie had decided to discard the custody ruling and let Bill see Will as much as possible. Ridge thought it was a shame because the ruling had been the best decision. Thorne agreed that it had been, no matter how the judge had arrived at said decision.

Thorne said he knew what Ridge had done. Ridge didn't know what Thorne was talking about. Thorne repeated that he knew what Ridge had done. Ridge snarled. "And I want to thank you for it," Thorne added, and Ridge grinned. "We need to stop Spencer. He's done. I want him out of our lives," Ridge told Thorne.

At Il Giardino, Brooke wrapped up a meeting. As soon as the person she'd met with left her table, Bill strode up and asked if she'd mind if he joined her. "Yes, I do mind," Brooke responded. She added that she'd been just about to leave. Taking a seat, Bill said he'd just sit down with her for a minute because there was something very important she needed to hear.

Brooke told Bill that they shouldn't even be talking. She explained that Ridge knew about the kiss and the meetings and was not happy about them. Bill said he was sorry, and he'd meant it when he'd said he hadn't wanted to cause problems for her. He stated that she'd gone to the mat for him, and he couldn't thank her enough.

Bill revealed that Katie was allowing him to see Will whenever he wanted, and he'd just had an amazing afternoon with Will. Brooke said it was great, but he should be thanking Katie. Bill was grateful to Katie but knew "damn well" that Brooke had turned Katie around. Bill asserted that Brooke had never doubted him or his love for Will, and Brooke had been willing to risk fighting for them. Brooke replied that he hadn't deserved to lose Will.

Bill thanked Brooke for standing up for him and Will when it could have created problems for her. It was a testament to her strength and integrity. He saw her as a "hell of a woman" whom he was lucky to have in his life. He'd been an idiot to let her slip through his fingers.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn, Eric, Charlie, and Pam had lunch together in the living room. Quinn was impressed by the meal. Charlie credited Pam, who said it really hadn't been that hard. Quinn scowled as Pam explained that there was a magic room in the house called a kitchen, and it had a refrigerator and stove in it.

Pointing at her portrait on the wall, Quinn quipped that she felt more at home in her living room. Pam thought the portrait was okay for a replacement piece, but she was more fond of the original work of art. Eric said Stephanie's portrait had been gorgeous up there, but Quinn's was "there now," and it was beautiful.

"Speaking of seconds..." Pam said, and Quinn shot Pam another look. Pam asked if anyone wanted more food from the kitchen. No one did, so Pam said she'd leave the leftovers for Eric, so he wouldn't starve. The comment earned her another glare from Quinn.

As the lunch wound down, Charlie spilled water all over the coffee table. He stammered as he tried to clean it up, and Pam wondered why he was so nervous that day.

Later, Charlie and Pam were in the kitchen, and in the living room, Quinn wondered if she should get back to Forrester. Eric asked her to spend the afternoon at home with her husband and said he had pull at her office. The couple discussed how nice lunch had been with Pam and Charlie. Eric thought Pam and Charlie made a cute couple, and Eric was glad Pam had found someone. Quinn said Pam and Charlie were a quirky couple, and Charlie had seemed more so than usual that day.

Quinn and Eric went over some of Sally's designs, which Eric said paired nicely with Quinn's inspired pieces. Quinn brushed it off as Eric just saying that, but Eric insisted that he didn't give out design compliments lightly. She thanked him and kissed him.

Pulling Quinn close, Eric wondered how many more hours until martini time. Quinn pushed him back, saying there were too many, especially with Charlie and Pam still being in the kitchen. The couple had been in there a long time, and Quinn hoped everything was okay.

In the kitchen, Pam pulled a hot pan of lemon bars out of the oven. She saw Charlie with a tablet and asked what he was doing. Charlie had put something together for her, and he wanted to show her. "Look. It's Pam and Charlie's greatest hits," he said, thumbing through pictures of the two of them.

A flashback montage played of Pam and Charlie baking together and falling in love. It also contained clips of their medieval adventures. Pam thought it was great of him to make the photo slideshow, and she said she loved it. "And I love you, my little lemon bar," he replied.

Pam turned her back to get some utensils, and Charlie sneaked to do something with the pan she'd taken out of the oven. As she prepared to slice the lemon bar, Charlie pointed out a lump in the corner bar and said it had never happened before. Shrugging, she figured it was fine, but he insisted that it was a big bubble.

Pam decided to cut it out of the pan and throw it in the garbage. Charlie started to stammer in protest and said they couldn't let it go to waste. "Fine then. You eat it," she said, and chuckling, she shoved it into his mouth. Charlie looked as if he might choke. Pam stared at him in concern. Slowly, he pushed something out of his mouth and held it between his lips.

Pam gasped as she saw a diamond between Charlie's lips, and he grinned, exposing the ring clamped between his teeth. Bewildered, Pam asked what he had in his mouth. As he removed the jewelry, he said it was an engagement ring for her. Pam said it was beautiful and guessed it was why he'd been nervous all day. She called him the sweetest man on earth.

Charlie told Pam that people said to go big or go home. He asked if she'd go big with him. He wanted to be her knight in shining armor. Charlie loved her that day. He'd love her the next day and forever. He asked if she'd do him the honor of being his wife. The tearful Pam gasped a "yes" and said she'd marry him. She hugged and kissed him.

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