Wednesday, October 29, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Caroline entered several offices and looked for Rick. Eric entered, and Caroline asked if Eric had heard from Rick, but Eric had not heard anything. Eric warned there was nothing she could do until Rick had cooled off.

"Where is he," Caroline wondered. She said that it was not too late to fix everything. Caroline worried that it would cause more problems if she and Rick didn't patch things up. Eric reminded Caroline that she had been involved with another man -- a difficult thing to hear, but Eric added that Caroline was not the only one to blame. Caroline said that nothing had been more valuable than her marriage.

At the cabin, Rick and Maya were undressed but covered by blankets. Maya awakened first and flashed back to how Rick had undressed her and made love to her. She smiled and hugged Rick, who did not awaken. Maya watched Rick sleep, and she recalled Rick's words from the previous night. He had said that he was glad that he and Caroline had not had a child. Maya remembered Rick had taken off his wedding band and left it on the table. She picked up his wedding ring, grabbed her clothes, and left the cabin.

Maya went to the main house -- Brooke's house -- and walked around the home in a silk robe. "I will never lose you again," Maya said out loud, but not one could hear her. She looked around the house and recalled walking down Rodeo Drive with Rick and kissing him. She remembered trying on dresses at Forrester Creations, and Rick had been wowed.

Maya also flashed back to her stints on the runway, and Rick had been watching and smiling offstage. Rick entered, and Maya handed him coffee. She told Rick that the previous night had been beautiful. Rick realized that he had removed his wedding band. Rick lamented that his father had appointed Ridge CEO. Rick was angry, and Maya agreed no one should have treated Rick so poorly. Maya said that she had spoken up at the meeting because she couldn't stand to watch him be mistreated. Rick said that Caroline and Ridge never would have admitted anything if Maya hadn't spoken up. Maya agreed that she'd been worried that Ridge might fire her, but she couldn't let Ridge and Caroline get away with what they'd done.

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation. It was Caroline, who was thankful that she'd found Rick. She begged him to allow her to explain, and she apologized for breaking his trust. She poured out her heart, and said that she loved him. She started to explain, but she saw Maya. "What is this? Why is she here?" Caroline cried. Caroline realized what had happened. "You didn't," Caroline said. Rick and Maya looked smug. Rick said he had only two words for Caroline. "Screw you," Rick said.

At Ridge and Katie's, Ridge got ready for work, and Katie entered to wish him a good morning. Katie congratulated Ridge. She asked how it felt to be CEO, and he replied that it was not as good as he'd thought it would be.

Katie wondered what had happened, but she assumed that Rick had been upset. Ridge admitted that Maya had accused Ridge and Caroline of having an affair. Katie scoffed and shared that Maya was vengeful. Maya had warned Katie that Ridge and Caroline had been getting too close. Katie said that Maya had been out to get Caroline ever since Caroline and Rick had been married. Katie said that Maya's accusations had been ridiculous, but Ridge remained quiet. "Ridge?" Katie asked.

"We kissed," Ridge admitted. He explained that they had been too close, but Ridge added that he had learned to draw again because of Caroline. He added that he and Caroline would no longer work together. Katie angrily wondered if there was more to it. She wondered if Ridge had been making a fool out of her.

Ridge admitted that he should have stopped. "But you didn't," Katie noted. Ridge tried to explain to Katie that his collaboration with Caroline had drawn him in for a moment, but it was over. "What I want is you. I love you. I do," Ridge said.

Katie said she was confused. She mocked that Ridge felt it was all behind him, and there were no hard feelings. Ridge argued that he didn't want to minimize the situation. He explained that he'd been a designer for so long that he knew what could happen. He promised that it would never happen again. He'd never wanted to hurt Katie.

"I don't think you have any idea how much this hurts," Katie said. She realized that Ridge felt she shouldn't be upset because Ridge and Caroline were artists. "You can't help yourself," she said angrily.

Katie walked away, but Ridge apologized and grabbed her arm. Katie said she'd heard it all before -- from Bill, and she'd heard it more than once. Ridge interrupted that it was not history repeating itself. Katie told him that she had tied the string around her finger every morning as a reminder that Ridge loved her, and they were meant to be together. She said some people felt it was silly that she had continued doing it for so long. Katie tearfully said she clearly wasn't the one who needed a reminder. "I should have tied a string around your ... finger to remind you not to make out with your muse," she said.

Ridge interrupted that Caroline was not a threat to their relationship. Katie argued that she couldn't understand how such powerful men could have so little control. She said that she expected Ridge to be so much better than Bill. "Caroline was your brother's wife," Katie shouted. Ridge tried to dismiss Katie's fears. "We're fine," Ridge said. "No," Katie said.

. . .

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