Thorne blindsides Katie with an admission about their marriage
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

In Forrester's CEOs' office, Pam gave Hope some tickets to Medieval Knights. Pam had gotten them for Hope and Liam to have a night out at some point in the next several months. Hope thanked Pam and hugged her. Sally said she'd told Pam there had been nothing to worry about. Hope asked if Pam had been nervous about giving her the tickets.

Pam replied that some people said she could be pushy. Pam was proud of Hope for soldiering through her loss and reclaiming her life. She was sure it wasn't easy for Hope and Liam and thought the next step might be getting out. Hope said it felt like a nightmare, and she thought that, at any moment, she'd wake up from it and see Beth full of life. "If only," Hope stated.

Wyatt arrived, and Pam exited. Wyatt was pumped that HFTF's leader was back, and he was eager to get down to business. Hope wasn't aware that she'd been scheduled to meet with Wyatt and Sally. He replied that it would be brief if Hope was up for it.

Sally and Wyatt asked if they could run something by Hope. Pulling out sketches, Sally said that she worked for Intimates, but she'd tried out some designs for HFTF after hearing that Forrester was ramping it up. The designs were rough in Sally's opinion, but she thought they spoke to Hope's message.

Hope stated that the designs were really good. She expressed her appreciation for Sally and Wyatt's efforts to get her mind on something else. Sally asked if it was working. Hope responded that it sometimes worked, but at other times, her mind kept returning to the question of why she'd had to lose her baby girl.

Sally decided that they could do the meeting another time. Hope said she loved the concepts, "but..." Wyatt readily responded that it was too soon, and he and Sally understood. Hope wasn't resolved to leave the presentation at that because she had to work and find a way out of her grief. She began to second-guess herself, saying, "If I just had --"

Wyatt instructed Hope to stop beating herself up about what had happened. In his view, she'd done the best she could. "Except the one thing that could have made a difference," Hope responded. Hope couldn't let go of the feeling that, if she hadn't fallen asleep, Beth would be with her right then.

At Katie's house, Thorne walked into the living room and saw Katie working away on her tablet. He asked what she was doing, and she told him that he had to wait and see that night. He asked for a clue. Katie flipped the tablet around and showed him a heart that asked if he'd be her valentine. "Will you?" she asked.

Thorne and Katie discussed Will's schedule that day. It was a teachers' work day, and Thorne asked who'd watch Will. Katie thought Thorne might want to do it if he didn't have anything pressing at the office. Thorne sighed. She asked what was wrong. Thorne hoped she knew what she meant to him. Katie suspected that more was going on than he was saying.

Thorne said he'd always be grateful to Katie and Will for letting him into their family. Katie responded that she was grateful for Thorne. She said it wasn't easy to commit to a family the way Thorne had, and he'd done it without hesitation. She considered herself and Will to be lucky.

Thorne said he was the lucky one "to have had what we had." Katie flashed a quizzical look at him. "That's what makes it even harder to say what I have to say," Thorne continued.

Katie stated that she didn't know what "this" was about. Thorne explained that it was about their family, and as hard as it was for him to say it, he didn't think their marriage should have happened. "What?" Katie exclaimed. She asked if he wanted to end their marriage. Thorne replied that he thought it was the best thing for him, Katie, and Will.

Confused, Katie said she thought Thorne had just expressed his love for her. She'd thought they were happy, and she'd thought he was happy. Thorne stated that he did love her, and it wasn't anyone's fault. It was something that had been building within him for a while. He claimed that if they were both honest with each other, they knew it was true.

Katie was speechless. Thorne proffered that they'd gotten married quickly, and the custody hearing had been around the corner. He said they'd cared about each other, but there was no denying that they'd gotten married for Will's sake, too. According to Thorne, a lot had changed in the interim. Bill was back in Will's life, and Will was happy.

Thorne claimed to be thrilled about the improvements because the child's well-being had been what had united them. In Thorne's view, Bill was really stepping up as a father, and Thorne felt that he was in the way. Thorne was happy that a new Bill had emerged and that Will had a good relationship with his father. Thorne didn't want to get in the way of it.

Katie began to speak, but Thorne cut her off, adding that he had his own issues. He missed his daughter and suspected that Liam and Hope's loss had exacerbated the feeling. Thorne suspected that he was using Katie and Will to fill the hole left in his heart. Realizing that fact didn't mean he loved them any less. In fact, Thorne loved them too much to let it continue.

Thorne walked toward the door and pulled an envelope off the table. He stated that having the papers drawn up had been the hardest thing he'd had to do, but he didn't want to lie to her. He been feeling like he already was. Presenting the papers, he said he thought they should annul their marriage.

In the Forrester studio, Zoe was deep in thought. Xander approached, hoping to distract her with thoughts of celebrating the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day. He wanted to do something special for her. "Okay... I guess," she murmured. He claimed to understand why it was hard to concentrate on anything other than what she'd learned from Flo.

Zoe admitted that even though the adoption papers had appeared to be official, she remained skeptical. Everything pointed to Flo being the biological mother, but Zoe still had questions. Xander assumed the main one was how her father fit into it all. Zoe reasoned that her father had a big heart, and women had taken advantage of him before.

Xander asked if Zoe thought Flo had done that by showing up with a pregnancy sob story. Zoe didn't know and considered that it might be true that Flo had had to give up the baby because she'd fallen on hard times. Xander thought it was a heck of a coincidence that Steffy just so happened to adopt that same child.

It disturbed Zoe that Flo couldn't answer simple questions like who her doctor had been and when her baby had been born. Zoe said she'd even pulled back Flo's robe. "What?" Xander asked. Zoe replied that she'd been wrong to do it, but she'd needed answers. He assumed that Zoe thought Flo was lying about being the mother -- even though her name was on the papers.

Zoe figured that it sounded crazy. She insisted that something didn't feel right. She was bothered by Reese and Flo's strange behavior, and she was determined to get to the bottom of it. Grabbing her purse, she revealed her intention to head back to Reese's place. Xander wished her luck, and she exited.

At Reese's apartment, Flo sent a second text message to Reese, alerting him that his daughter was asking a lot of questions.

Later, Flo answered her phone and yelled at Reese for taking so long to call her. Reese claimed that he'd been busy, but she accused him of blowing her off. He told her to calm down.

Unbeknownst to Flo, the front door began to open. It was blocked from fully opening by a chain lock on the inside. Through the crack in the door, Zoe's face appeared.

The frantic Florence informed Reese that his daughter had his spare key to the apartment and had seen the adoption papers. Reese asked Flo to tell him that Zoe hadn't seen Steffy's name on the papers. Flo told him that Zoe had obviously seen that, and Flo had done everything she could to convince Zoe that Flo had birthed the baby. He asked if Flo had left out his role in it.

Flo replied that she hadn't revealed what Reese had done, but Zoe would persist in asking questions. She ordered Reese to get Zoe to back off or else people would figure out the truth about Steffy's baby. Flo asserted that "all hell" would break loose.

Upon ending the call, Flo noticed her front door moving. She rushed to it, unlatched the chain, and saw Zoe on the other side of the door. Zoe demanded to hear the truth about the baby at that instant. Flo didn't know what Zoe had heard but asked her not to jump to conclusions.

Zoe marched into the house, picked up the adoption papers, and asked why Flo and Reese had been worried about Zoe seeing Steffy's name on them. Flo pretended not to know what Zoe was talking about, but Zoe asserted that she'd heard it with her own ears.

Zoe had also heard that Flo had said that she hadn't told Zoe about what Reese had done. Zoe reasoned that Flo had told Zoe that he'd facilitated the adoption, which meant there had to be something else that Flo and Reese were hiding. Flo didn't know what Zoe expected Flo to say. Zoe asked Flo to just be straight with Zoe.

In Flo's silence, Zoe continued recounting what she'd heard about Flo wanting Reese to get Zoe to back off before people discovered what Reese and Flo had done. Zoe threatened to go to Steffy and the police if Flo didn't explain it. Flo begged Zoe not to do it. Flo said she hadn't known what Reese had done until it was too late.

Zoe asked what Reese had done. Shrugging, Flo replied that he'd helped with the adoption. Zoe conveyed that she already knew that much and asked who the baby had belonged to if it hadn't belonged to Flo. Zoe demanded to know how her father had gotten his hands on an infant.

Flo told Zoe that she'd have to ask Reese. "I'm asking you!" Zoe exclaimed. It was obvious to Zoe that the child wasn't Flo's. Zoe ordered Flo to tell Zoe or else Zoe would go to the cops. "He switched the babies! Your dad -- he switched the babies," Flo revealed.

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