Wednesday, August 20, 2014
by Pam

At Quinn's warehouse, where Quinn lived, Deacon couldn't believe that the drawings Quinn had stolen were Ridge's. Quinn wondered how long Ridge had planned to keep the secret. Deacon wondered why Ridge would want to keep it a secret that he could no longer draw. Quinn explained that Ridge was too proud and embarrassed to admit what had happened. Quinn noted that Katie and Ridge were at Il Giardino. She told Deacon they needed to go there and find out what had been happening with Ridge.

At Brooke's, Bill made a pitch to get married, but Brooke reminded Bill that he had gone too far in what he had done to Ridge. Bill agreed. He promised to focus on the relationship that he and Brooke wanted to build. "I want to focus on our future," Bill said. He sat down next to Brooke, and he promised that their families would get along. He added that there would be peace between Liam and Wyatt because he had faith that Hope could accomplish that. "She is an exceptional young lady," he said.

Brooke wondered how Bill planned to mend fences with Ridge, and Bill vowed to become Ridge's new best friend and golf buddy. Brooke maintained that Bill needed to respect family. Bill agreed, and he promised to be a good stepfather to Brooke's sons and daughters. He added that he would get along with her sisters and even invite Ridge to his poker games.

Brooke giggled and said that Bill had lofty goals. Brooke worried that Hope had a crazy mother-in-law, but Bill felt she could handle it. Bill told Brooke that he had changed and promised to be a better man because of Brooke. Bill reminded Brooke of all the fun they'd had.

Brooke flashed back to the balloon trip, the trip to Paris, and their time in Abu Dhabi. "Marry me. Stay in this incredible adventure with me," Bill said. Brooke agreed to marry Bill. She giggled, and they kissed. Bill called the captain of his yacht and informed him that Bill and Brooke would be marrying on the yacht in the next few days -- after Brooke and Bill hosted a party to welcome Hope and Wyatt home.

At Liam's place, Aly and Ivy tried to convince Liam to tell Hope that he had been at the Eiffel Tower and had waited for Hope. Ivy apologized for falling into the Seine and preventing Liam from getting to the appointed spot at the appointed time. Ivy reminded Liam that he had not been that late. She was surprised that Hope had not waited.

"You have to tell Hope. She needs to know you were there," Aly said. Liam reminded Ivy and Aly that Hope had married Wyatt the very same day that she was supposed to marry Liam. Ivy and Aly maintained that it was never too late. Liam said that nothing would change it.

Liam flashed back to rescuing Ivy and then racing to the appointed spot in a soaking wet suit as fast as he could. He lamented that he had been late enough for Hope to run off with Wyatt. Aly said that Wyatt probably had pressured Hope. Liam agreed, but he said it had been all on him. He refused to blame anyone else. Ivy and Aly said that Liam had been a hero and a gentleman. Liam shared that his father had told him to let it go, and Liam agreed Bill was correct.

At Il Giardino, an outdoor restaurant, Ridge told Katie that he had worried that Brook would still marry Bill. Katie was silent. Ridge said that he was reminded every day of what Bill had personally done to him by dropping him out of a helicopter. Ridge could no longer draw.

Katie encouraged Ridge to tell Brooke about his temporary loss of skills, but Ridge refused. Katie reminded Ridge that they had to attend a party that Bill and Brooke had planned for Hope and Wyatt. Ridge promised to attend because he had raised Hope and felt like her father. He loved her. Ridge wondered why Brooke couldn't see what everyone else saw in Bill.

Ridge complained that he had lost his identity. Katie again encouraged Ridge to tell Brooke. Ridge refused and begged Katie to keep the news between them.

Deacon and Quinn sat nearby and listened intently to Ridge and Katie's conversation. Katie admitted that she hated to see Ridge struggle. She lamented that Bill had gotten away with all he had done. Katie again encouraged Ridge to tell Brooke what Bill had cost him. She reminded Ridge that he could have died.

Nearby, Quinn and Deacon overheard that Bill had been guilty of costing Ridge his ability to draw. Quinn smiled.

. . .

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