Wednesday, July 16, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge tried to sketch, but he was still frustrated. He had done better than the last time he had tried, but he was still unable to put his ideas on paper. Katie was nearby. She offered to leave if she had been a distraction. Ridge asked her to stay. They embraced. "I can't connect my mind and my hands," Ridge said.

Ridge let his mind wander, and he saw the helicopter blades and the Spencer logo on a jacket. He threw out another sketch, and he noted that he never should have gone to Abu Dhabi. Katie and Ridge discussed that he'd had the right motive -- to save Brooke from marrying Bill. Katie blamed Quinn for sending a photo that had made Ridge think it was necessary to save Brooke from Bill. "I wanted your sister to know the truth, and it was a waste," Ridge said. He lamented that he hed tried to pull of off a cartoon hero caper.

Ridge recalled getting into the helicopter with Brooke. He should have buckled up, he said. And then he remembered the helicopter banked. He stopped as if he'd remembered something else. Ridge grabbed his phone. "What are you doing," ?" Katie asked. "Getting some answers," Ridge replied.

Ridge called Kyle, the Forrester private airplane pilot. Ridge asked who had piloted the helicopter that Ridge had chartered. Kyle said that the helicopter Ridge had chartered had never left the airport. Ridge argued that a chopper had picked up Brooke and Ridge, but Kyle maintained that it had not been the chartered helicopter. Ridge wondered whose helicopter it had been and who the pilot had been. Kyle had no idea. Ridge hung up.

Ridge told Katie that he remembered more each day. He insisted that he had seen a Spencer Publications logo. He wanted to find out the truth. Katie maintained that it had been an accident, but Ridge didn't think it was an accident. He promised that if it had been an accident, he would let it go, but he didn't believe anything about it had been accidental. He believed it was had been part of a plan.

Ridge flashed back to when he hed climbed into the helicopter. He remembered the Spencer logo and realized they had been in the wrong helicopter. Ridge looked like he remembered more about the incident.

In another office at Forrester, Maya looked at photos. Oliver entered and asked if she had seen Aly. Maya answered that she had not seen her but intended to see her before she left Forrester. Oliver explained that he had fallen in love with Aly, and he had already told her about the recording.

Maya smirked and said that he had lost Aly, but Oliver disagreed. "She'll never believe you again," Maya said. Oliver left, and Maya lamented that they had both lost Forresters. Carter entered and told Maya that he hoped her actions had not ruined things for Aly and Oliver the same way she had ruined things for Maya and Carter. He left.

Oliver continued to look for Aly, and Aly hid from Oliver. In an office, Aly spoke to the vision of her mother. Aly told her mother, Darla, that she had made a mistake in thinking that Oliver had cared about her. Darla reminded Aly there was nothing to fear. Darla wondered if Aly was sure that Oliver didn't care about her.

Aly told her mother that Oliver had confessed that he had originally dated her to keep his job, but his feelings had changed and he truly cared about her. Darla reminded Aly to trust her feelings and her heart. Aly said that Oliver had been her knight in shining armor.

Darla advised her Aly not to forget her feelings for Oliver. Pam entered wearing a medieval costume, and Aly shared that Oliver had been insincere. Aly worried that she couldn't be with someone who had led her on. Aly maintained that Oliver had only wanted to keep his job.

Pam believed Oliver had been sincere about his feelings. Aly confessed that she wanted to believe him, but she didn't want to see him. They could hear Oliver shouting Aly's name in the corridor outside the office. Charlie entered in his medieval costume.

Charlie and Pam convinced Aly to attend another medieval feast with them. "Let's storm the castle," Charlie said. Aly smiled. Charlie, Aly, and Pam exited the office and sneaked into the Forrester main lobby to hide from Oliver. They headed toward the elevator. In the hallway, Oliver ran into Carter, and Carter told Oliver that he had been rooting for Aly and Oliver as a couple. Oliver looked toward the elevator and saw Pam, Charlie, and Aly leave in their medieval garb.

At Spencer, Justin told Bill that he had been worried about contracts that Carter had at Forrester. Justin said he had run into Ridge at Forrester, and he Ridge had been weird. Bill told Justin to stop worrying because Ridge would be groggy for weeks. Justin worried that Ridge would get his memory back, and Bill disagreed.

Justin said that Bill need to be realistic and understand that if Ridge did find out what had happened, he would be like a mad dog looking for answers "in a cold sweat of comeuppance." Bill reminded Justin that there had been no flight plan, and the only two people who knew about the chopper were Bill and Justin. Bill maintained that they had to agree that the helicopter had never taken off. There had been no flight plan, and the only two people who knew the truth were Bill and Justin. Bill believed they were in the clear.

At the medieval feast, Pam, Charlie, and Aly sat down to their feast, and Aly looked depressed. Behind the stage curtain, Oliver looked out into the audience and spotted Aly.

. . .

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