Wednesday, August 27, 2014
by Pam

At Wyatt's beach house, Brooke helped Hope move in. "I can't believe that he was there," Hope lamented about Liam. Hope admitted to her mother that she was confused. Brooke noted that no one could have predicted what had happened. "You married Wyatt," Brooke said.

Hope said it all messed with her head because she and Liam had so much history. Brooke wondered what Hope wanted to do, and Deacon entered and interrupted. Deacon delivered Hope's cat -- whom she and Liam had adopted from the shelter.

Hope was elated to see the cat, but Deacon sensed that something was wrong. Hope shared that there had been a misunderstanding about what had happened in Paris. She explained that Liam had been a hero -- a chivalrous hero who had rescued Ivy after she had fallen in the Seine. As a result, he had been late to meet Hope at the Eiffel Tower. "I'm so proud of him. I was so lucky to have him in my life," Hope said.

Deacon wondered if Hope wanted to change her mind, but Hope maintained that she had taken vows with Wyatt. She told Brooke and Deacon that she needed some time alone. Brooke and Deacon left.

At Quinn's place, Quinn reveled in Wyatt's success of marrying Hope, and she boasted that she had partied with the Forresters and fit in. Wyatt warned her not to be too hasty. He reminded her that she had only been invited because it was a wedding celebration. Quinn continued to celebrate and cheer Wyatt on for having won Hope. Wyatt confessed to Quinn that Liam had been in Paris, and Hope would have married him, but he had been late because he had rescued Ivy after she had been knocked into the river.

Wyatt quizzed his mother to ensure that she had not been responsible for anything that had delayed Liam. Quinn insisted she had done nothing. Quinn was irritated that Liam had shared his story with Hope at a party that celebrated Wyatt and Hope's wedding. Quinn smiled that her baby had gotten married on the Spencer yacht.

Wyatt warned that Quinn had to stay away from Liam and Hope. Wyatt added that he was still concerned about Ricardo's death, but Quinn insisted that she had done nothing wrong. Quinn said that the diamond had worked its magic and put Wyatt and Hope back together. Wyatt agreed.

Wyatt said that he wanted Quinn in his life, but she had to fit in. He started to lecture Quinn again, but she stopped him and handed him a velvet bag with jewelry in it. Wyatt peeked inside and approved. He thanked his mother.

At Forrester, Ivy and Aly met on the roof, and Ivy looked at her jewelry designs. Aly maintained that she was glad they had convinced Liam to share with Hope that Liam had been in Paris. Aly felt it would change Hope's mind about her marriage. Ivy disagreed. "At the end of the day, she's married to Wyatt." Ivy believed that Hope would honor her commitment.

Aly reluctantly agreed. Aly wondered if Ivy had seen the person who had knocked her into the Seine. Ivy said she hadn't, but she was sure it had been a woman. Aly joked that all the Forresters needed to stay away from places that overlooked large bodies of water.

Aly noted that Ivy liked Liam, and Ivy admitted that she did. Ivy added that she had given Liam a friendly peck on the cheek in Paris and had "felt something." Ivy and Aly discussed that Ivy planned to invite Liam to an end-of-summer party at the Bikini. Aly smiled.

In Liam's office at Spencer, Liam flashed back to how he had desperately tried to get to Hope at the Eiffel Tower. He recalled they had gotten the cat together. He wiped away a tear. Ivy entered, and she showed Liam some photos of her new jewelry designs. Liam told Ivy that she was very talented and every bit as talented as Quinn. Ivy was happy to get the exposure for her line.

Liam realized that Ivy had shown up to check on him. He thanked her. Ivy said that she had spoken to Hope after the party. "She is still in love with you," Ivy said. Liam noted that Hope was married. Hope had chosen Wyatt. "She wasn't forced or manipulated. She had her eyes wide open," Liam said. Ivy invited Liam to the party at the Bikini, and Liam agreed to go. Ivy and Liam embraced.

At the beach house, Hope sat on the bed with her cat. Wyatt entered and said that it was nice to see her there, waiting for him, and it was nice to be married. Wyatt worried that Liam had laid a guilt trip on Hope, but Hope said that it had thrown her a little, but she was fine. Wyatt said he had a gift for them from his mother. Hope looked skeptical, but Wyatt said it was okay. He pulled out the velvet jewelry bag with matching wedding bands inside. Wyatt noted that they had gotten married so fast that "we kind of skipped a few beats," he said.

Wyatt put the ring on Hope's finger and said, "With this ring, I pledge my life to you." Hope tearfully placed the ring on Wyatt's finger and said, "With this ring, I commit myself to you as my husband from this day on." She added that they would rock and roll wherever life might take them. They embraced.

. . .

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  • Deacon seeks an answer from Brooke.
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