Wednesday, January 28, 2015
by Pam

At Spencer, Katie and Liam bantered about business. Katie admitted that it was nice to return to Spencer. Liam said there was a buzz in the building that everyone had welcomed her back.

Liam noted that he didn't want anything awkward between them because he had been named president and she had been named vice president. Liam respected that Katie had at one time been CEO. Katie said that she was happy for Liam.

Liam proudly announced that Bill had reinstated some of Katie's initiatives, and he added that he hoped Bill and Katie would work things out on a personal level as well. Liam teased that Katie could do a lot better than Bill, but she had made Bill a better person. Katie did not want to get her hopes up about a future with Bill. Liam said he felt Bill had been humbled.

Katie said she would stay open to whatever headed her way. She changed the subject to Liam and Ivy. Katie wondered if Liam and Ivy had taken their relationship to the next level, and Liam laughed. He said that he had been very lucky to meet Ivy. He complimented Ivy's personality and her beauty and said he had a future with Ivy.

Katie admitted that she had been a fan of Liam and Hope, but she recognized that Hope had left for Italy, and Liam reminded her that Hope was still married to his brother. "I'm glad you're moving on," Katie said.

Liam returned the conversation to Katie and Bill. Katie dished that Bill could be very charming when he wanted something. "I have to be grateful to Brooke for stepping away and giving us the space to rediscover each other," Katie said. She hoped she and Bill could become a family again with Will.

At Quinn's, Deacon offered to grab breakfast for them, but Quinn said she was too busy. Deacon tried to romance Quinn, but she was distracted. Deacon asked what was wrong. Quinn answered that she was worried about Brooke's return.

Deacon teased that Quinn was jealous. Quinn scoffed, but he had clearly hit a nerve. Deacon reminded Quinn that he was not with Brooke, but Quinn noted that he and Brooke shared a very sordid past. Quinn quizzed Deacon about his past with Brooke.

Deacon tried to minimize his relationship as an affair that had resulted in the birth of Hope. Quinn reminded Deacon that he had been married to Brooke's daughter when he'd had a hot and heavy affair with Brooke.

Quinn called Brooke a glamorous, successful sex symbol, "if you like blondes," she said. Quinn added that Brooke had been at the center of many scandals. Deacon agreed, but he added that he was with Quinn.

Quinn announced that there was big news at Spencer with Liam as president and Katie as vice president. Quinn noted that if Bill returned to Katie, it left Brooke without a man.

Deacon wondered why Quinn was worried about Brooke. He wondered if she was insecure. Quinn scoffed, but Deacon knew she was concerned. Deacon promised that he wouldn't leave her. He called her adorable, and Quinn told Deacon to stop being so confident, or she would throw something at him.

Quinn reminded Deacon that not so long before, she had thought Bill would return to her and Deacon would end up with Brooke. "Baby, I'm not interested in Brooke," Deacon said. He promised to share his life with Quinn. Quinn caressed Deacon's face, and they kissed.

At Brooke's house, she recalled romantic moments with Bill on a balloon ride, in Europe, on a boat ride, in his helicopter, riding through Abu Dhabi in a convertible, and their wedding. She smiled as she flashed back through all the memories.

Brooke remembered when she had told Katie that she was leaving Los Angeles to give Bill and Katie a chance to be together. She flashed back to Katie's skepticism because Katie was in love with Ridge. Brooke had reminded Katie that Will would have the chance for his parents to be together. "I want Ridge," Katie had said. Brooke remembered that she had promised to take herself out of the equation and give Bill and Katie one more chance.

Brooke looked thoughtful as she remembered her last visit with Katie, but her flashbacks were interrupted when her doorbell rang. She opened the door to Bill. Brooke wondered how Bill had heard she'd returned. Bill confessed that he'd been keeping tabs on her.

"Seeing you like this -- I can't tell you how it makes me feel," Bill said. He confessed that it did something to him seeing her pretty blonde hair and her beautiful green eyes. Bill noted that he had texted, called, and emailed while she'd been gone, but she had never responded.

Brooke halfheartedly apologized and said that she'd been really immersed in her work, and she'd dealt with Hope. Brooke admitted that she didn't think Hope had fully dealt with the loss of her child, and she didn't know if Hope and Wyatt would be able to save their marriage.

Bill said he'd been glad to learn that Brooke had returned, and he had looked forward to seeing her again because he wanted to tell her how he felt. "You walked out on me," Bill said bitterly.

Brooke said she didn't know what to say. "Did you ever think about us?" Bill wondered. He asked if she had recalled how much they'd felt for each other and how much he had loved her.

Bill said he had been blind. "Everyone warned me about you, and look where it got me. You turned your back on us. I am done fighting for you. What I want is my family and to spend the rest of my life with your sister," he said. Brooke looked calm.

Bill admitted that he had hurt Katie terribly, but he would make it up to her. Brooke was happy for Bill. She said that she had known she frustrated him, but it had all worked out in the end.

Brooke said that she had become a better person, and Bill would be there for his son. "You and your family have a new beginning," Brooke said. She added that they would lock their memories away forever. Bill nodded and left. Brooke tearfully watched him leave.

. . .

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