Wednesday, September 17, 2014
by Pam

At Wyatt's place, Quinn continued to try to justify her actions. She smiled and said that Hope would never leave Wyatt, but Wyatt was sick of Quinn and her manipulations. Wyatt told her to get out. Quinn left. Wyatt recalled all his time alone with Hope and the leap of faith they had taken on their wedding day. He looked at his wedding ring.

At Liam's, Liam told Hope that Quinn had pushed Ivy into the Seine. Liam insisted that they could turn back the clock and start over. "I'm right by your side at the Eiffel Tower," Liam said. Liam refused to allow Quinn to poison their lives. "I missed you so damned much," Liam said. Hope agreed she had missed Liam, and they discussed their failed relationship and weddings. They noted that that the had always come out stronger. Hope pointed out that they'd had their chances, and she loved the memories, but she was married.

Hope reminded Liam that their life didn't work out the way they'd planned. She added that she knew how hurt Liam had been, but she was disappointed that he had tried to blame Quinn for something that had happened to Ivy. Hope insisted that what had happened in Paris had nothing to do with Quinn, although she knew that Quinn had been an easy target. "She was in Los Angeles," Hope said.

Liam told Hope he had proof that Quinn had been in Paris. He had proof that Pam and Charlie had provided, and Hope was in disbelief that Liam or anyone would believe evidence from Pam. Liam showed Hope the scan from customs; airline records that proved Quinn had been on Liam's flight; and security footage of Quinn stealing a scooter and following Liam's car before she had pushed Ivy off the bridge.

Hope refused to believe it, but she said she saw a resemblance. Liam said Quinn had tried to disguise herself, but he had already confronted Quinn, and she had admitted it. "Quinn put Ivy's life at risk to keep us apart," Liam said. Hope was shocked. "I can't even wrap my brain around this right now," Hope said. Hope and Liam discussed that they would have been married, but Hope continued to lament that Liam hadn't been at the Eiffel Tower at 3 p.m. "The moment was full of disappointment and embarrassment," Hope said.

Liam said it had all been part of Quinn's plan. Hope said she had to talk to Wyatt, but Liam shared that he had already told Wyatt. They continued to discuss that Hope had chosen Liam, but Quinn had chosen Wyatt for Hope. Hope lamented that she'd had to deal with thinking Liam had left her at the Eiffel Tower when he'd actually been there, and she tearfully acknowledged that Quinn had engineered everything. Hope received a text message from Wyatt asking her to return home. "I have to go talk to Wyatt and Quinn," Hope said. She and Liam hugged, and Liam said it wasn't too late for them.

In Bill's office at Forrester, Quinn barged in. "Our little Ivy falling into the Seine secret is no longer a secret," she announced. She worried that everyone had discovered what she had done. Bill had no sympathy. Quinn demanded that Bill had to help Wyatt save his marriage. Bill refused. He ordered Quinn to stay away from Liam, Hope, and Wyatt because they had to settle everything on their own.

Bill advised Quinn to stop making mistakes. She predicted that Bill didn't want Hope with Liam, but Bill didn't want to get involved. Quinn accused Bill of meddling before, and Bill agreed, but he said Hope had to decide what to do. Quinn shouted that Hope wouldn't leave Wyatt because the facts remained the same: Liam didn't meet Hope on time, and it didn't matter how it had happened. Quinn insisted that Hope and Wyatt were happy. She wanted Bill to convince Liam to respect that. Quinn left.

At Liam's, Bill entered and asked how Liam was. Liam said that Hope had a choice to make. Liam assumed that Bill had arrived to persuade Liam to move forward and leave Hope and Wyatt alone. Bill agreed that was what Quinn had wanted. Liam admitted that he expected Hope to leave Wyatt, but Bill didn't seem convinced that would happen. Bill wondered what Hope would do.

At Wyatt's Quinn returned, and Wyatt told her to get out because Hope was on her way home. Quinn refused and promised to apologize to Hope. Quinn launched into her analysis of Hope and Liam's relationship and many failed marriages. Quinn promised that Hope would never leave Wyatt. Quinn defended her actions because she had helped Hope see what was best for her. Wyatt insisted that Quinn had to leave, but it was too late.

Hope entered, and Quinn immediately started to apologize. "Don't! Stop talking," Hope seethed. Hope added that Quinn had claimed she had been in therapy and getting help. "You're just as sick as you ever were," Hope said.

Hope accused Quinn of risking Ivy's life just to keep Liam and Hope apart. Quinn insisted that Ivy had never been in any real danger. Hope said that Quinn had no idea what could have gone wrong. Hope accused Quinn of never caring about her son and not having a moral bone in her body, "This is who you are," Hope said.

Quinn rolled her eyes and looked defiant, and Hope continued to name all the people Quinn had hurt: Ridge, Ivy, Liam. "Your own son is just as much a victim as the rest of us. What you have done -- it is disgusting and unforgivable. I just hope to God that Wyatt hates you as much as I do," Hope said.

. . .

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