Wednesday, October 15, 2014
by Pam

In Hope's office at Forrester, Hope met with Liam, and she repeatedly lamented that she and Liam had been so close to having a life together many times. Hope wondered how it had happened, and they discussed that they had been manipulated, but they had also allowed it to happen. Liam asked how Hope felt.

Liam said that he'd done some reading on pregnancy symptoms, nausea, and morning sickness. Hope thanked him for worrying about her. They both grew teary eyed. "Liam, I love you so much for caring," she said.

Liam worried about Quinn, but Hope maintained that she and Wyatt had discussed that Quinn was not allowed anywhere near Hope or the baby. Liam advised a new security system. Hope promised to be a mother lion where her baby was concerned. Liam warned that she would always be looking over her shoulder.

"I know what she's capable of," Liam said. Liam received a text message, and said he had to leave. Hope inquired if it was about work, but he said that it had been from Ivy. Hope looked despondent and admitted that she was jealous. Liam hugged her, and Hope left.

At Hope and Wyatt's, Wyatt entered, and Quinn walked out of another room. Wyatt advised her that she was not permitted to be there, but Quinn argued that she was his mother. Wyatt reminded her that she had threatened his wife. Quinn refused to be the exiled grandmother.

Quinn insisted that she had apologized and expected to be forgiven. She maintained that she was not a controlling bitch of a parent, but Wyatt scoffed. Quinn insisted she would be part of Wyatt's family. Wyatt disagreed. "Hope and I are having a baby, and whatever Hope wants, she gets. She doesn't want you to be a part of our life," he said. Quinn looked hurt.

At Forrester, Ivy and Aly talked on the rooftop. They agreed that Hope had stayed with Wyatt only because of the baby. They worried about Wyatt's mother. "Poor Liam," Aly said, but Ivy wondered if Hope and Liam had really been meant to be together if they had tried and failed so many times.

"Hope and Wyatt made that baby themselves," Ivy pointed out. Aly agreed, and she said it opened the door for Ivy and Liam. Ivy smiled and shared that Liam had told her father how she was sophisticated and had been the only reason Liam had survived the entire Hope situation. "I'm so happy for you," Aly said. Ivy said that Liam had invited her to dinner. Aly was convinced that Liam and Ivy were going to be good together.

At Hope and Wyatt's place, Hope arrived and asked about Wyatt's day. She apologized for her position on his mother. Quinn came out of another room and said she was glad she had caught Hope at home. Hope coldly told Quinn that she had nothing to say to her. Quinn started to argue, but Hope interrupted and advised Quinn that she was not invited back into Hope and Wyatt's home.

Quinn whined that Wyatt was the only family she had. "I am not accountable for that," Hope said. Quinn begged Hope to forgive her. Quinn reminded Hope that her mother was also going to be a grandmother and would be crushed if Hope had turned her away. "Imagine the pain that she would feel if she could never be a part of your baby's life," Quinn said. Quinn continued that babies should draw families together, but Hope stared at her coldly and did not respond.

At Liam's, Ivy arrived, and she was impressed that Liam had lit candles and started a fire in the fireplace. Liam opened wine and poured it. They agreed they had each saved one another's lives in one way or another. Ivy teased that Liam had endured a grilling by her dad, but Liam said he had done all the talking. "So what are we drinking to?" Ivy asked. "New beginnings," Liam responded, and they toasted.

. . .

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