Wednesday, July 30, 2014
by Pam

In an office at Forrester, Aly and Ivy discussed that no woman could resist a piece of jewelry like the Hope for the Future diamond. Ivy wondered if Hope wasn't enjoying two men fighting over her. Aly said she didn't trust Wyatt, and Wyatt entered and overheard her mistrust. He told Ivy that many people would disagree with Aly.

Rick entered, and Wyatt asked him for permission to call a press conference. Rick didn't like the idea, but Wyatt promised it would be worth the effort for a surprise announcement. Rick wanted to know more, but Wyatt asked for cooperation and promised it would be the next evolution of the Hope for the Future line. Rick agreed.

In another office at Forrester, Liam angrily advised Hope to return the Hope for the Future diamond to Wyatt. Hope explained that Wyatt wanted her to have it because of its connection to the line. Liam shook his head and demanded that she return it because it was an inappropriate gift. Liam knew what Wyatt was up to.

Hope tried to defend Wyatt. "Please don't do this," she said. She reminded Liam that he and Wyatt had just started to act like brothers, and Liam noted that Wyatt was trying to get Hope back. Liam wondered how Wyatt had gotten the diamond. Hope explained that Ricardo had died, and he had left the diamond to Wyatt.

Liam couldn't believe it, and Hope launched into her impassioned explanation of her belief that the diamond carried magic. "Don't you remember what it did for the line? People were completely under its spell," she said. She added that the diamond had repeated its journey from Ricardo through Wyatt to Hope.

Liam was skeptical. Hope argued that it was special. Liam reminded her that the last time the diamond had entered their lives, their relationship had fallen apart. "This is not how I want you to see this," Hope insisted. However, Liam argued that Wyatt had seen the diamond as another opportunity to get back together with Hope.

Hope maintained that Wyatt had had no idea that he would get the diamond back, but Liam reiterated that Hope had to return it to Wyatt immediately. Hope looked defiant. She maintained that keeping it was a good business decision for the line -- the most success that Hope for the Future had ever seen. Liam said every time he saw the diamond, it reminded him of seeing Hope and Wyatt splashed all over everything.

Hope's phone rang, and Wyatt told her that he needed her in the showroom immediately. Hope said she had to go to the showroom. Liam told her it was the perfect opportunity to return the diamond. Hope looked despondent. Liam argued that if she kept it, Wyatt would see it as a sign of encouragement. Liam insisted that it was important "for us," he said. Hope agreed. "I'll give the diamond back," Hope said. She kissed Liam, and Liam thanked her.

In the showroom, Carter, Rick, Maya, Oliver, Aly, and Ivy watched while Wyatt discussed preparations. Carter lamented to Rick that he had almost married a woman he didn't even know. Rick encouraged Carter to cut Maya some slack because she'd had a tough life, lost her daughter, been in jail, and finally had seen a chance at getting a little control and power in her life. Carter watched Maya while Rick talked.

Nearby, Oliver told Aly that he needed some alone time with her, and she promised they would get together. Liam and Hope entered, and they were surprised that the news media had gathered. Liam was not optimistic when Wyatt took the stage.

Wyatt welcomed everyone. He announced that he had the Hope for the Future diamond. Wyatt shared that Ricardo, the owner, had died and left the diamond to him. Wyatt asked Hope to join him on stage. Wyatt held up the diamond, and everyone gasped. Wyatt officially offered it to Hope and asked her to accept it.

"Here it is. It's yours. All you got to do is take it," Wyatt said. Liam looked disgusted, and Hope smiled at Wyatt but looked nervously at Liam. She did not respond.

At Brooke's, Deacon showed up and asked to talk to her. He said that he wanted to make sure Brooke was okay after her breakup. Brooke admitted that she didn't know what to think about what Bill had done. Deacon said that Bill hadn't cared that he'd hurt many people. Brooke didn't want to talk to Deacon about Bill.

Deacon admitted that he and Brooke had a complicated history, but they shared an amazing daughter. Deacon explained that he had become a better man and wanted Hope to be proud of him. Brooke agreed that Deacon appeared to be trying.

Deacon shared that Wyatt had inherited the Hope for the Future diamond and had given it to Hope. Brooke was shocked. She recalled that the gem had a lot to do with how Hope and Wyatt had started their relationship. Brooke said Hope had to return it. Deacon argued that Hope should keep it and flaunt it.

Brooke insisted that she would advise Hope on the situation. Deacon agreed and flattered Brooke. She smiled.

. . .

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