B&B Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on The Bold and the Beautiful
The Forresters flew to Milan, Italy, but their showing got off to a slow start. Eric asked Stephanie to marry him in Como, but he was puzzled when she didn't show up at the altar. Ridge bought an engagement ring for Brooke, and Brooke finally learned that Ridge was the father of Taylor's baby.
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Monday, October 27, 1997

On the plane to Italy, Ridge is leaving the restroom when Brooke stops him. She wants to join the mile high club and leads Ridge back into the restroom. Thorne notices Ridge and Brooke are in the restroom together with the occupied sign on and he couldn't be happier. Thorne wants Brooke to make love to Ridge so Taylor can finally be free of Ridge, free to love again.

Amber is at Insomnia confiding her troubles about Sheila to the waiter. Grant and Macy are also there. Grant doesn't think Forrester has a chance to pull off a good showing in Italy since they had only a few weeks to put a collection together. Grant admits he has financial success but wishes he had a friend to share it with. Macy takes the hint, leaves the table, and surprises Grant by singing a song to cheer him up. It works. Grant is impressed by Macy's singing. Amber comes over to their table and congratulates Macy on a song well sung. Amber mentions it must be nice singing to your boyfriend. Grant wonders why Macy didn't correct Amber when she called Grant her boyfriend. Macy asks Grant the same question.

Lauren is a bit down once she takes stock of what she is doing. She's flying to Europe on an impulse to chase after Eric. There's nothing wrong with fyling after the man you love, Sally comforts. Lauren wishes Eric was more like Ridge by being more of a risk taker. Sally reminds Lauren that Eric is taking a huge risk by having a showing in Italy and says she would take Eric any day over Ridge.

Stephanie realizes Ridge and Brooke are not in their seats. She notices Thorne smiling at the occupied sign on the airplane restroom and deduces Brooke and Ridge are in there together. Eric is not concerned that Ridge is in there with Brooke. Ridge needs someone now that he doesn't have Taylor, Eric says.

Brooke and Ridge can't keep their hands off each other. Brooke wants Ridge to make love to her in the restroom! The "fasten you seat belt" sign comes on and the flight attendent knocks on the door telling them the plane has begun it's final descent into Milan. Brooke and Ridge need to take their seats. Almost, but not quite, Brooke...

Lauren still can't believe what Stephanie said to her in the beauty salon. Sally can't wait for Queen Stephanie and her royal brats to face their Waterloo. Eric is going to need support once the showing fails, Sally advises. Lauren will be their to pick up the pieces. The Forrester collection will be the biggest flop heard around the world, Sally predicts. Forrester will be so far down after this they will never find their way back up.

The Forresters arrive in Italy. The scenery is breathtaking. Nothing Forrester has ever done has had this much at stake, Eric announces. This is Forresters only chance to present a collection so great the world will never be the same. If not, this will be Forrester's final showing.

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Sally and Lauren arrive at the hotel the Forresters are staying at, the Villa D'Este. they sneak in wearing dark glasses and hats so the Forresters will not recognize them. Using a fake accent and phony name, Sally asks the clerk for their room. The clerk can not find Sally's name on the reservation list. Sally raises hell. She demands she and Lauren are given a room at once! The clerk gives in and finds Sally and Lauren a room. Once in their room, Lauren wants to know what Sally is planning during their stay in Italy. Just relax and enjoy the ride, Sally advises.

Eric realizes this showing is Forresters biggest ever and if it is not a success, it could be the end of Forrester. Eric calls a minister to his room and arranges to meet the minister after the showing in the town square. He plans on proposing to Stephanie and marrying her right then and there. One more thing, Eric says. Don't tell Stephanie. It's a surprise.

Brooke is glad to be away from LA and Taylor. This is the moment she has been waiting for. After the fashion show, Brooke plans on marrying Ridge.

Stephanie asks Ridge what Eric is up to. Ridge doesn't know but advises his mother if Eric does propose again, give the guy a break and marry him!

Back home in LA, Taylor is planning on calling Ridge and telling him the truth. Doctor Santana warns against any contact with Ridge. Taylor doesn't agree with the doc when she says Taylor's blood pressure is down because Ridge is out of town. Taylor wants to know why Brooke and Ridge aren't engaged if they are so in love.

Ridge admits he is still in love with Taylor, but she's carrying Thorne's baby. Ridge can no longer rely on Taylor the way he can rely on Brooke. The one thing Ridge can count on is Brooke's loyalty.

Eric gathers the press to talk about Forrester's exciting showing. Caterina arrives with the top designer in Italy, Rocco Borroco. The Forresters are sharing their collection with some of his designs. The press starts to hound Eric with questions about his aborted wedding and Forrester's late spring showing. Eric promises their showing will be fantastic.

Lauren realizes if the Forrester showing is not a success, Eric will need her to get him through this.

The models are preparing and everyone is buzzing backstage. Stephanie tells Eric no matter what happens, she knows he will have done his best.

Brooke wants Ridge to make her a promise. If everything comes together, she wants Ridge to promise her that they will be together. This time forever. Ridge vows if they are together again, this time it will be permanent.

Taylor phones Thorne and asks to speak to Ridge. Thorne says he's busy with Brooke. They've been together ever since they left LA. Taylor wants to hear it from Ridge if it is too late for them. Taylor can hear Ridge in the background but Thorne refuses to let Taylor speak with him. Instead, Thorne hangs up on Taylor.

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

The Forresters are feeling the pressure to have a great showing. If not, this could be the company's showing. Eric gives the models and everyone involved a pep talk. He wants everyone to put to rest the rumors of Forrester's decline and show the world the magic of Forrester.

The press is buzzing with anticipation. What will the reaction be since most buyers have already bought their spring collection?

Sally and Lauren are in line incognito. Neither one has a gold ticket required for entrance. Sally, in a blond wig, says someone stole she and Lauren's tickets. Sally starts giving the guy taking the tickets a hard time when he doesn't let them in. Eventually, Sally and Lauren get in.

Forrester Spring '98 begins. No one seems impressed by the initial group and the Forresters start getting a little concerned. Is this the end of Forrester? There is no reaction to the second group either. Sally is delighted that Queen Stephanie is down for the count. Caterina is mad because her career will be ruined if the showing doesn't turn around.

Ridge and Brooke can't bear to watch and head off by themselves. Even though, she might lose her fame and social status, Brooke says all her joyful moments in life are about love. Ridge and Brooke have never lost that.

Stephanie tries to comfort Eric. She has never been more proud of him at this moment because she knows he tried his best.

The third group of models are received to more of a reaction from the audience. The tide seems to be turning much to Sally's chagrin. The fourth group gets an even bigger applause. The crowd seems enchanted with the designs. Ridge and Brooke hear the crowd reaction and decide to join in . Caterina wears the showstopper and it is gorgeous. Everyone is delighted with the showing. Brooke and Ridge kiss, so do Eric and Stephanie. All the Forresters take a bow at the end of the showing. Forrester '98 is a success!!!

Thursday, October 30, 1997

The champagne is flowing as are the toasts as the Forrester clan celebrate pulling off the comeback of the decade. Catarina, the model with the huge ego, starts to flirt with Clarke and it ends with her planting a huge kiss on him. Stephanie leaves the gathering to take a bath before the party later and then Thorne heads out also.

Sally is carrying on about how insane this is; she didn't come all this way to see the house of Forrester rise like the proverbial Phoenix. She had wanted some heat, some mass hysteria, and some public humiliation. Lauren is calm through all of this mayhem; she is focused on Eric who she believes is making the biggest mistake of his life as he rekindles his romance with Stephanie.

Thorne is packing up some presents to take home from the trip; one for Taylor and one for the baby. There is a knock at the door and Brooke comes in and gives him a nice hug of thanks for supporting her to get Ridge back. She tells him that it is going to happen for them and they are definitely on the right track; she knows that by all of the past times she has gotten engaged. She then asks Thorne why he is so nervous about all of this. Thorne blows off her questions and tells Brooke that he is so happy for her, because she deserves it. Brooke leaves.

Taylor is in bed at the beach house and she can see the baby's heartbeat on the monitor and can't wait to tell, "daddy" about this. Taylor tells her doctor that she has thought about everything and in the past believed that Brooke was the one Ridge wanted to be with and now she believes that she is wrong about that, so she could be wrong about other things too... " You want him back" says Dr. Santana. The doctor believes that if Taylor tells Ridge and he rejects Taylor; the results from all the stress could lead to a miscarriage. She wants to know if Taylor is that sure of her feelings for her to go and tell ridge the truth.

Thorne is trying to reach Brooke to tell her that she left her purse in the room when the phone rings. Thorne at first thinks it is Brooke returning his voice message, but it is Taylor once again trying to track down Ridge. Thorne doesn't miss the opportunity to tell her that Brooke and Ridge have spent every moment together while on the trip. Taylor only wants to tell Ridge the truth and she wants Thorne's help in getting his big brother to at least return her phone calls or to talk to her.

Eric isnt going to the party to celebrate the showing. Ridge thinks that the next time he sees his father he and his mother will be on their honeymoon. Ridge tells his dad that he won't be at the party either. Lauren then phones Eric give him congrats and tells him that, strangely enough, she too is in Italy visiting a friend in Milan. She pleads with him not to marry Stephanie; if they could only spend some more time together he would know that she was the one for him. Eric tells her that what they had was wonderful, but it is time to move on.

Ridge is at a jewelry shop and is looking for something very special for an engagement ring. The first ring the salesman shows him is a twelve karat diamond but Ridge wants something a little bit more unique for the love of his life. He wants the ring to be like nothing else in the world, something like the woman he is about to ask to marry him. Of course the salesman has the perfect ring tucked away for a special customer such as Ridge; it is a huge ring, fully encrusted with diamonds.

Stephanie is back in her room and she sees an envelope on the table. She picks it up and reads: "My love. I still call you that for you are still my love and always will be. I hope the look that I have seen in your eyes the last few weeks means I am once again your love, that you have found it in your heart to forgive me, that you long in your heart to be together as much as I do. If I am right, I will know it when you arrive at the main square in town in front of the church. The mayor has agreed to marry us. If you do not come, I will know that I am wrong and I won't bother you again. I love you Stephanie. Please be my wife, Eric."

Eric just got out of the Mercedes and is in the town square early and very excited.

Brooke goes to her room but realizes that she doesn't have her purse. She returns to Thorne's room and hears Thorne telling Taylor on the phone that Ridge is in love with Brooke and her having his (Ridge's) baby won't change that. Taylor tells Thorne that she doesn't want to go through life thinking, "what if?" Thorne agrees to talk to Ridge and have him call her back. Thorne turns to see Brooke standing there. "Taylor is pregnant with Ridge's child? Not yours? Thorne, please tell me it isn't true," she begs as the tears begin to swell in her eyes.

Friday, October 31, 1997

Eric is in the townsquare with flowers awaiting the arrival of his bride-to-be. The mayor is preparing for the wedding. In the meantime, why not sit in the restaurant, drink some coffee and relax. Eric wants to be waiting in the square, but he gives in and goes into the restaurant. Sally is ranting. You cannot give up, she tells Lauren. But Lauren tells Sally that Eric seems to be determined to marry Stephanie. Sally can visualize Queen Stephanie gloating. "I can see it now," Sally dramatizes. I'll be at home and I'll hear this awful screeching outside my door. It will be Queen Stephanie crossing the Alps on her elephant---Hannibal's wife, come to join him in conquering the world. "I'll never be rid of that woman," Sally laments. Lauren is amused at the dramatics. Stephanie is lakeside. She needs a ticket into Como. A kind gentleman tells her that the boat taxi will be back soon. She tells him that she is going into Como to be married. Of course, she could always drive there. Oh no, the man tells her. It is good luck to take the boat on your wedding day. He tells her to wait and he will get her a ticket. Taylor and Thorne are conversing. She demands that he agree to help her speak to Ridge. He doesn't believe that it will help to tell Ridge that he is the father of her child, but he finally agrees to tell Ridge to call. He hangs up and when he turns he sees a devastated Brooke standing there. Taylor is pregnant with Ridge's baby? Is that what I just heard you say? Tell me it isn't true! Taylor hangs up the phone as Dr. Santana enters the room. "Did you reach Thorne?" she asks. Taylor tells her that Thorne has agreed to help her. She overreacted before when she saw Ridge and Brooke together. Now she realizes that Ridge does not love Brooke or they would be engaged by now. The sales clerk hands the small package to Ridge. Here is your beautiful engagement ring, he tells Ridge. Ridge is leaving. To himself he says "Today is the day, Brooke." While waiting at lakeside, Stephanie rereads Eric's letter. What a wonderful idea to be married in Como. Sally puts down the phone. She can't reach Stephanie. She is either out or has returned to the States. Lauren sees her at the water taxi stand. I think she is about to take a boat ride, she says. She will take more than a boat ride if I have anything to say about it, Sally declares. Thorne tells Brooke to calm down. Is it true? The baby is really Ridge's baby? How could this happen. Thorne explains. Taylor went to Brooke's house the day of his parents wedding to tell Ridge about the baby. That is when she saw the two of them in bed together. Taylor suffered an anxiety attack and ended up in the hospital. She almost lost the baby. Taylor has panic attacks and they are all associated with Brooke and Ridge. The doctor tells her that she has to stay calm or she could still lose this baby and it may be the last chance she has to have a child. So I am the cause of these panic attacks? Brooke ponders. Thorne tells her that that was when he and Taylor decided to cut Ridge out of her life. But now, she is suffering from guilt and wants to tell Ridge. Ridge has to be told, Brooke says.

Sally joins Stephanie at the water taxi stand. I am your worse nightmare come true, Sally tells the Queen. "What are you doing in Italy?" asks a stunned Stephanie.

Thorne can't believe that Brooke is thinking of telling Ridge. He is close to proposing to you, he tells her. Brooke can't believe that there is a hitch in all their plans. They were almost there. She has waited and hoped for this day to come, and now she has to tell Ridge that he is the father of Taylor's baby. Thorne reminds Brooke that Taylor most fears that Ridge will want Brooke. What is to assure anyone that once Ridge marries Taylor, he will be true to her. Look how often he has gone back to Brooke. Brooke then gets a call on her cell phone. It is Ridge. He is waiting for her at the upper garden. He wants her to join him. Brooke tells him he will be right there. It's his baby. He has to be told, she says as she leaves the room.

Back in the restaurant on the square the mayor approaches Eric. The plans are almost ready. Where is the bride. Eric assures him that she will be there soon.

Stephanie finds it laughable that Sally came to the fashion show. How does it feel to be at the most important event of the season? Sally tries to downplay the fashion show, but Stephanie continues to twist the knife. She quotes from il figaro: "Spring has just began." She tells Sally that she is going to bury her and her pathetic fashion house. She then announces that she is going into Como to meet Eric. They are going to get married. All the dirty tricks Sally pulled the last time didn't work. She tells Sally to leave but Sally tells the "self-righteous windbag" that she is going nowhere; she is going to stop her. Stop me, Stephanie asks. She then pushes Sally into the lake. She climbs into the boat that is moored there and starts the motor. She drives away and leaves Sally in the lake. Sally climbs out of the lake shouting that Stephanie had better come back here. You can't dump me and leave me like this. I have had it with you!

Brooke enters the garden and sees Ridge looking out at the landscape. He turns and they stare into each other's eyes.

As she taxis across the lake, Stephanie is talking to herself. She believes she can trust in Eric again. Now she knows for sure that he loves her. All those fears concerning Lauren were silly. Today, she will make sure that Eric knows how much she loves him and wants to be married to him. Suddenly the boat begins to make some strange noises. She looks around and says, "This doesn't sound good."

The mayor wants to know if the children will be at the wedding. Eric says that this is a deeply personal moment for him and Stephanie. It will be just the two of them. Then he looks out at the empty square. I wonder why she is so late, he says.

Taylor believes that Ridge has always loved and wanted her. When he returns from this trip we will begin our life together---just the three of us.

Ridge tells Brooke that she looks radiant. He thinks he knows what she is thinking but she doesn't believe so. You are thinking why did it take this jerk so long to appreciate me, Ridge guesses. She tells him that that isn't what is on her mind. He continues guessing. You are wondering if I really mean it this time. Well I do mean it. I know now what I want. I have made a decision. I want you to be my bride. Will you marry me?

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