B&B Recaps: The week of June 8, 1998 on The Bold and the Beautiful
Ridge asked Brooke to sign the annulment papers. Eric walked out on Stephanie and expressed a renewed interest in Lauren. Stephanie's support for James literally drove Sheila crazy. Raymond, Amber's high school friend turned singing sensation, arrived back in Amber's life.
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Monday, June 8, 1998

Ridge and Taylor are back home with Thomas while Ridge is worried about Brooke and the kids. They will recover because Eric is with them, Taylor says. Over time Rick and Bridget will learn to trust Ridge again. Taylor is also concerned for Brooke and realizes this is not easy on her. When Taylor reached out to Brooke the other day, that is what made Ridge realize the family would be there to support each other. Taylor knows it's not easy for Ridge to give up Brooke and the kids, but is sorry she ever doubted his love.

Eric consoles Bridget reminding her that Ridge will still be a part of her life. It won't be the same, Bridget says. Eric advises Bridget and Rick they will have to learn to live with Ridge's decision and someday they will understand what Ridge did and why. In the meantime, Eric promises to spend more time with the kids and Brooke, who has the family's support, including Stephanie.

Stephanie sympathizes with a weeping Brooke and offers to put the bitterness behind them for the sake of the children. Brooke wants no part of Stephanie and orders her out of the house. Brooke blasts the Queen claiming she poisoned Ridge's mind trying to convince him to stay with Taylor. You hate everything about me, Brooke continues. Stephanie only wanted to help, but realizes it is best for the two of them to keep their distance. Brooke couldn't agree more and informs the Queen she will not allow her to see Rick of Bridget ever again!

Ridge can't stop thinking about Brooke. Taylor acknowledges this is a terrible time for Brooke but she can either accept the situation or fight it. Either way, Ridge can not accept responsibility for Brooke's actions. Taylor wants Ridge to focus on the future. You are the one thing that keeps me going, Ridge says.

Stephanie is stunned that Brooke would deliberately keep the children away from her. A good mother does not deprive a child from someone who loves them. Rick and Bridget have already turned against you because they understand your part in keeping Ridge away from me, Brooke counters. Stephanie doesn't take Brooke's threat seriously since she will soon marry Eric and be a part of Eric's family with Rick and Bridget. Brooke accuses Stephanie of using Eric to get close to her kids, and doesn't want her children exposed to Stephanie's lies. "You lied about being pregnant," Stephanie yells. "Your whole marriage was a lie, you bitch, you slut!!!!!!" Eric is furious when he hears Stephanie scolding Brooke. Stephanie apologizes. Eric can't handle Stephanie's hatred of Brooke. It's no use for him trying to spend the rest of his life defending Brooke to her. Stephanie tries to explain, but Eric just wants Stephanie to leave. Stunned that Eric will not even hear her side, Stephanie leaves as Eric embraces Brooke. .

Tuesday, June 9, 1998

After spending the night with Bridget, Eric makes breakfast and allows her to skip school so they can spend the day together. Eric's days of being a distant father are over. He promises Bridget he will be spending more time with she and Rick. Bridget would love to spend the day with her father, but she has a test so she heads off to school.

At Insomnia, Amber fills in C.J. about the latest goings on at the Forrester camp. Amber wishes there was something she could do to cheer Rick up. Pop singing sensation, Raymond, makes an entrance, which catches Amber off guard. Amber and Raymond were high school buddies but haven't seen each other since. Raymond explains he is touring with his band along the pacific coast and is opening for Janet Jackson. Amber and Raymond notice how well the other has filled out since high school. C.J. advises Amber to stop drooling over Raymond, who claims he is just an old buddy. Amber is clearly smitten and knows Raymond is headed for the big time.

James packs his personal belongings at his office when Stephanie stops by to bend his ear. Steph admits she blew it with Eric when she berated Brooke. However, Stephanie isn't giving up on Eric yet. Sheila leaves Mary with a babysitter while she heads to James' office to surprise him. Dr. Nunez interrupts James and Stephanie with the news that he had a run in with Sheila. Dr. Nunez says Sheila was quite forceful and recommends she get counseling. James orders the doc out.

Eric surprises Lauren and explains his great mood is due to having his kids back. Eric feels so blessed to have those two children in his life and promises the kids will get to know him better. Lauren likes the change she sees in Eric who kisses her passionately.

Sheila overhears James explaining to Stephanie that his involvement with Sheila brought on his firing. Stephanie recommends James seek legal help. James thinks he shouldn't have to get an attorney since his record speak for itself. Sheila was a sociopath before he cured her. Stephanie promises to help James get through this and gives him a hug as Sheila coldly looks on...

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Eric admits he has always had feelings for Lauren, he has just been burying them. He's come to the realization that as much as he cares for Stephanie, their personalities are too different. Eric can't overcome Stephanie's hatred of Brooke. Eric declares his relationship with Stephanie over. Lauren is shocked at what she is hearing but can't help think that if Eric hadn't seen Stephanie lose her temper with Brooke, he would not have kissed her.

Sheila overhears Stephanie tell James at his office that Sheila can't go around intimidating his colleagues, particularly, Dr. Nunez. Stephanie kisses James, offers her support, and offers to be his character witness at the hearing. Sheila is furious Stephanie kissed James and that he listened to her advice. Stephanie is trying Sheila's patience. Later, James comes home and Sheila asks him if anyone stopped by the office today to see him.

Amber tries talking to Rick who is bummed out over Ridge leaving and the emotional state his mother is in. Amber suggests they take Brooke out to lunch to cheer her up, but Rick nixes the idea. Rick accuses Amber of not being able to understand what Brooke is going through since she has never loved anyone like Brooke loves Ridge. Amber asks Rick not to shut her out, but Rick wants to be alone.

Eric tells Lauren he didn't come over because he gave up on Stephanie. Eric came here because he realized he has been ignoring one of the sources of joys in his life, Lauren. Eric wants to show Lauren how important she is to him. Lauren is cautious to pour out her heart because she has been rejected so many times. Eric thanks Lauren for being a wonderful friend, but he is excited about a relationship with her if she still wants it. Lauren is shocked. She has wanted Eric since she moved from Genoa City to LA. Lauren tried to move on when Eric was with Stephanie, but Eric has always been her dream. Eric is the man she has always wanted.

Amber heads over to the Insomnia where she runs into Raymond who sees she is upset. Amber and Raymond reminisce a little about their high school days. Amber marvels at how big of a star Raymond has become. Even though he is a famous rock star, Raymond says there is still something missing. Someone special, like Amber.

Dr. Nunez came by to see James who wished Sheila had not confronted him since she only made matters worse by threatening him. Sheila just wanted to help. She offers to be his confidant but James says he already has his friends, like Eric, Brooke, and Stephanie. James also nixes the idea of Sheila going to his hearing when she suggests she could be his character witness. He already has a character witness, James explains. Stephanie calls and tells Sheila to give James the message that she cleared her schedule and is able to be his character witness. Sheila is furious and thinks Stephanie is out to get her. Stephanie is just going to have to be stopped!

Thursday, June 11, 1998

Sally is conducting business as only she can when Lauren comes into the office and screams. Sally says, "You scared me out of my new hair dye!" Lauren says that she couldn't keep it in any longer; she adds that everything is fabulous, amazing, ideal. Eric has finally seen the light; Steffers is out and yours truly is in!

Eric is in his office when Stephanie walks in. She just saw Bridget and she seems better but a little distant. Coldly, Eric tells her that she is still trying to deal with the situation. Stephanie says that she wants to explain what happened the other night with Brooke.

At Insomnia, Macy and Grant are watching the excitement of the crowd. Grant wonders who this guy is and Macy explains that he is a friend of Amber's and the hottest thing in town. He needed a place to rehearse in front of an audience and she went for it.

Amber tells C.J. that she went to ninth grade with Raymond before her folks moved out west. When one of the waitresses wants Amber to introduce her to Raymond after the show, Amber isn't sure she can. "Oh, I get it," she says. "You want to keep him all for yourself!" C.J. isn't impressed.

Raymond is ready to sing another song and he dedicates it to a person very dear to his heart, Amber Moore. Amber is cheering enthusiastically.

Ridge is spending time with the baby. I can tell that he loves you, Taylor says. Almost as much as his daddy loves him, Ridge agrees.

After putting Thomas to bed, Ridge says it is amazing being with Thomas. He looks into his eyes and can see himself reflected right back at himself. Taylor says that she understands he has been through a difficult time and would still like to be there for Bridget, but Ridge says that what Bridget needs is to be with Brooke and Dad. Taylor assures him that she will come around in time.

The hard part is over, Taylor says. I am looking forward to the future as a family. We will rediscover all that we had before things began happening to us. We'll get it all back again and it will be even better.

Lauren says that Stephanie decided to give Brooke one more for the road and Eric heard it all. She forgot to count to ten, says Sally with a laugh.

Stephanie says that she saw how hurt and devastated Brooke was and she tried to reach out to her. She told her that all that had gone on before was behind them and they could make a new start. Then something happened; things went haywire and that is when Eric walked in.

Raymond gets everyone to clap then he begins his song, "My Way." He even goes up to Amber and gives her a little twirl. C.J. just stands there with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

"So the evil queen showed her true colors at last," Sally muses. She has lost Eric for good, Lauren says. I have waited so long and put my heart on the line so many times for him and now it is finally paying off. Sally wonders how Stephanie will react when she finds out that Eric is finished with her. She warns Lauren not to get too complacent; never underestimate that woman's die-hard quality.

Stephanie says she wanted Brooke to know that she had her full support. Eric says that isn't what he saw. She agrees. She lost it and she is sorry. "You snapped and it doesn't surprise me one bit!" Eric tells her, angrily.

Taylor thinks that now that everything is over, they should get married as soon as they can.

When the song is over, Raymond winks at Amber. C.J. suggests that she call Rick, but she says she talked to him earlier and he nearly bit her head off. "I tried to reach out," she says. "But he was so cold and angry. I can't deal with any more of that tonight." After C.J. walks away, the waitress brings Amber a napkin from Raymond with his hotel and phone number on it.

"How many mea culpa do I have to do?" Stephanie asks. "What more can I do?" Eric tells her that she made it impossible for Brooke to be with her children when they needed her. He doesn't care how Brooke reacted; he told her not to come there in the first place. He says that her anger and bitterness is out of control. It is like a cancer and he will not take it anymore. The other night was the final straw. "It is over between us, Stephanie," Eric says and walks away.

Taylor says that parents raising a child together should be married and this time it will be better. Ridge says when he looks at her beautiful smile, he remembers why he fell in love with her in the first place. She makes him a better man. She has changed his life in so many incredible ways. She is an unusual, unbelievable woman. That is why he loves her and always will. So, let's go for it! They can be married next week if she wants to. Taylor gets so excited that she is bumping into herself. She has to call the minister----no, she has to call her father---. Ridge says that what she needs to do first is this; he grabs her and they kiss.

Friday, June 12, 1998

Eric tells Stephanie that it is over between them; he will not live the rest of his life defending his family from her. You can't change, he says, and I can not live with that.

Brooke is at work when Rick comes by. He doesn't want her to bury herself in her work, but she tells him that work helps her focus on the things in her life that she has some control over. How could Ridge do this? Rick explodes. It must be eating him up inside living with Taylor and still in love with you. We all know it is true--even Taylor.

Taylor tells Ridge that there is still a lot to work out before they can get on with their future. He has to get the annulment if there are going to get married. He says that he is a married man only in the eyes of the law, but she says that he is also married in Brooke's eyes. As long as he leaves that door open, it gives Brooke and the children hope that he will go back to them.

Stephanie says that she is sorry about what happened with Brooke; she just overreacted, but she can change. She is changing; she is seeing James. Please don't give up on all that we have. Eric says he doesn't want to hurt her but he has to protect himself. They can still be friends.

Rick suggests setting Brooke up with a friend's dad. He is just her type, but Brooke says that there is only one man who is her type. The time that she and Ridge spend together was perfect; he brought her so much joy. She is thankful that she has Rick and his sister and all her memories. That is all she needs.

Ridge wants to wait to talk to Brooke. She and those kids have been through hell. Taylor says that there is never going to be a good time. The only way to get Brooke and the kids to move on is to show them that he is moving on and that means getting the annulment papers signed. Ridge goes to the phone and calls Brooke.

Brooke tells him that he can come over to see her. When she hangs up, she wonders what to make of it. She wonders if he realizes that he can't leave the family after all. Rick says that he hopes she is right; just in case, he is going to leave her alone for the meeting. As Rick leaves, Brooke has a hopeful look on her face.

Stephanie says that Eric can't just throw everything away; they can work through this. Again she tells him that she didn't go over there to argue with Brooke; she honestly wanted to help. She wants him to think about their family for a change. Things are finally going well. Ridge and Taylor are planning a wedding; she and Eric are planning a wedding. NO, Eric tells her. There is no wedding. I told you the wedding is off. I don't have it in me any more to forgive. I don't want to hurt you, but our relationship has run its course. We may be friends, but we will not be husband and wife. Stephanie begins to cry. Please don't do this, she begs through the tears. "You killed it!" Eric says and walks out of the room leaving Stephanie crying bitterly.

Taylor is holding Thomas as she tells him that Daddy is out making everything all better for them. Then he will be free and they can get married. It will be painful, but he has to go through this.

Ridge arrives at the office and after a little small talk, Brooke asks what he wanted to see her about. He shows her the envelope and she knows that it contains the annulment papers. "I need you to sign these, Brooke," Ridge says. "I need you to help me end our marriage right now. This cannot wait." As she takes the papers and looks at them, a tear slowly slides its way down her cheek.

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