B&B Recaps: The week of December 7, 1998 on The Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke shocked and awed the press at her lingerie debut, but Stephanie attacked Brooke and knocked Brooke and Ridge into the onstage bed with her. Rick recommitted himself to Amber and gave his parents an ultimatum. Myles and Macy talked about his past.
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B&B Recaps: The week of December 7, 1998 on The Bold and the Beautiful
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Monday, December 7, 1998

Brooke apologizes to Kimberly for Rick's behavior but explains Rick has been terribly confused. Kim stresses that she doesn't feel the same way toward Rick know that she knows he has been involved with Amber this whole time. Brooke explains that Amber took advantage of Rick and there are other ways Rick can deal with being a father besides marrying Amber. Being with Kim has made Rick rethink his situation which is why Brooke wants Kim to spend time with Rick. Brooke asks Kimberly not to give up on Rick.

Rick feels terrible for hurting Kimberly while Amber thinks Rick is making too big a deal other it. Rick reminds Amber that he should be picking out college majors, not baby names. Amber is devastated that Rick feels he ruined his life because of the night they slept together.

Sally expresses her concern over Macy's fantasies about her father. Sally appeals to James for help but James says he needs an overall picture of why her father left. Sally says she has hated that man since the day he left. Hell hath no fury like a scorned Sally! Myles brings Macy in from the beach when Macy wants to know why he abandoned her and Sally so long ago. Myles asks Macy to believe it when he says it was heartbreaking for him to leave but he had no choice. But why did he have no choice, Macy asks.

Brooke asks Kimberly to give Rick another chance because he is reevaluating his situation with Amber. Brooke thinks only Kimberly is able to get through to Rick now and tries to enlist her help. Kimberly says maybe Rick and Amber will not get married, but it won't be because of her.

Even though Rick is angry over hurting Kimberly, Amber reminds him that they are still going strong. Rick realizes if he had just stuck to his responsibilities he would not have gotten involved with Kimberly while trying to be a normal high school kid. Rick decides the best way he can take control of his responsibilities is to marry Amber. Either in LA or somewhere else if he doesn't get his parents approval, but Rick has got to start taking responsibility for his actions.

Tuesday, December 8, 1998

Macy demands to know whey her father left 25 years ago and although Myles is reluctant to explain, he knows he has to come clean. Myles says he left because he had no choice. Initially, he and Sally were in financial trouble at Spectra but Myles wanted to prove he was not just a dreamer. That's when Myles heard of some people who could lend him some money. After Myles took the money he was arrested for money laundering, but was given immunity if he led the detectives to the people that loaned him the money. Myles had no choice but to leave because he was scared what these people might do to him and his family if they found out Myles was the one who led the detectives to them. It was the only way to keep Macy and Sally safe. Myles loved them enough to leave them.

Kim tells C.J. that Brooke does not want her to give up on Rick, but she can't do that. Kim will be ok, but what about Rick? Brooke made Kim realize Rick is in way over his head and it could wind up ruining his life. C.J. explains that Amber really does love Rick but Kim made him think about what he has done. Kim does not want to her what might have been since there is no future for she and Rick. C.J. gives Kim one of Macy's CD's to help cheer her up when Kim says her father has all of Macy's CDs. Kim's father is Macy's biggest fan. After C.J. leaves, Kim plays one of Macy's CDs and fondly remembers the time she has shared with Rick.

Brooke and Eric want to explain to Rick that Kim represents the opportunities he will be missing if he decides to stay with Amber and raise the child. Rick and Amber walk in with something that want to tell his parents. Rick realizes he can't be a father and at the same time be a typical high school teenager. Brooke reminds her son that if he really loved Amber, he would not be having feelings for Kimberly.

Myles hopes Macy understands the danger he would have exposed her and her mother to if he told them and let them come with him. Macy doesn't know what to believe, but Myles tells her to remember the love between them. Myles reiterates that he never wanted to leave Macy or Sally. He went to all her concerts. Macy and Myles embrace and Macy wants to call her mother but Myles says it still might not be safe so he wants their reunion to remain just the two of them.

Rick says he loves Amber and knows what he wants. Brooke reminds Amber that the other night Amber was worried Rick was falling for Kim, but Amber chalks that up to Rick just getting cold feet. This whole situation with Kimberly is a sign of all the missed opportunities Rick will pass up, Brooke says. Rick has made his decision. Before the baby comes, he and Amber will be married either with or without Brooke and Eric's support. If his parents do not support his decision to marry Amber, then he and Amber will get the hell out of town and never return!

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Taylor believes the whole concept of "Brooke's Bedroom" is glorifying sex when there is enough of that in the world already. Teenage pregnancies and diseases are the results of a world obsessed with sex. Ridge feels that teenage pregnancy and diseases are a result of irresponsibility while Brooke's new line is targeted at mature adults. Taylor reminds Ridge that Brooke has a teenage son that is about to become a father yet she is promoting sex through "Brooke's Bedroom." That is sending the wrong message and will confuse Brooke's kids. Plus the whole point of the new line Taylor believes is to seduce Ridge, but Taylor is not going to let it get to her since what Ridge and Taylor have is perfect. Stephanie walks in as they kiss.

Brooke and Eric are shocked at Rick's claim to marry Amber before the baby is born. Rick says he has got to start taking responsibility for his actions while Eric wonders how he will do that without a high school diploma. Rick reminds his parents that they have given him no choice. He tried to pretend he was a normal teenage kid and dating girls, but that only wound up getting people hurt. Brooke says Rick is feeling this way because he as feelings for Kimberly. Amber asks what more does Rick have to do to prove he loves her? Rick gives his parents an ultimatum: either support his marriage of lose he and his child. What will it be?

Stephanie says Brooke has found her true calling with this new line, while Taylor says too bad it's at Forresters expense. Steph is more concerned about Taylor's marriage and warns her not to underestimate Brooke. Taylor says she trusts Ridge not letting Brooke come between them, but Stephanie advises Taylor not to let her guard down where Brooke is concerned. Taylor can't believe Eric is going along with "Brooke's Bedroom" while Stephanie sees the line as a blatant attempt at destroying Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Rick says he baby needs a father and it's time he started acting like one. Brooke agrees to the marriage in order to get Rick to stay. She tells Eric she couldn't risk Rick leaving but now Brooke will try to talk Rick out of the marriage. If only he had more time with Kimberly. Brooke and Eric are determined to find a way to stop Rick from marrying Ms Amber Moore. Stephanie shows Taylor how Brooke has turned her office into a sex shop. Stephanie says this proves Brooke will stop at nothing to seduce Ridge and advises not to turn your back on Brooke for a minute. Taylor continues to put her trust in Ridge.

Amber is thrilled with the way Rick stood up to his parents and promises to be the best wife. Brooke notices Rick leaving by himself and asks herself how will she get through to him? Rick is trying so hard to do the right thing. Amber thinks she has Rick but Brooke warns Amber's victory will not last long because Brooke is coming after her.

Thursday, December 10, 1998

Thanks to Scott for all his help!

Before they head off to work, Taylor and Ridge are in an amorous moment; Ridge is kissing her neck, but she reminds him she has to meet Pierce. She can see him for lunch if he wants though, she states. Any day but today, Ridge tells his lovely doc; he cannot today, since he has the press conference for the new line. He and Taylor argue about the Brooke's Bedroom line; after seeing Brooke's office, she tells Ridge to promise not to bring the reporters into Brooke's "brothel." Is she the only one who sees how deranged Brooke is, she asks? Ridge reminds her that Brooke is not her patient, for one thing, so she should not talk that way... and besides, he says, this will make money for the company. Taylor says this is not about money; it is about him encouraging Brooke and the example Brooke is setting. Ridge is bothered by her connecting business with their marriage, and how she sees Brooke as a threat. Taylor makes him promise to be careful as he goes to take a call. Saying she will do what she must, she heads out.

Lauren and Brooke are in Brooke's office; Brooke fills Lauren in on what is going on with Rick and then mentions the press conference. Lauren asks if Brooke is, as they discussed, modeling the line, but Brooke says that Stephanie will have a fit. Lauren says it was her idea, not Stephanie's, so Brooke should show her face and body right up front. Lauren adds as she picks up a teddy, "But if you want to call it Stephanie's Bedroom..." They both start to laugh and Brooke spots Taylor at the door. Taylor asks to speak to Brooke alone, so Lauren leaves. Brooke heads for the bed and asks, "What is it?" "I think you know," Taylor states. Brooke is lying across the bed and says something has Taylor upset... she wonders what it possibly can be? Taylor throws some underwear at Brooke in reply, saying it should be perfectly obvious.

Lauren comes into Eric's office dressed to the nines in a sequined black spaghetti-strap dress and a feather boa. Eric is sitting at a table in his tuxedo (for the press conference about the new line). She sits on the table; her legs are showing and he is fondling her legs. What is this all about? He asks. "You're about to get lucky," she says. Lucky? Eric asks. "No, not here... but in Vegas. Our bags are packed and the plane is all set ready to go after the press conference. We'll have fun when we get there," she says. Eric says he can't go. "Yes, you can. I talked to Megan and there is nothing that she can't postpone until next week. You need some relaxation," Lauren points out. He would love to, but something happened with Rick last night, he says. She says that Brooke told her all about it. He can't believe he gave his permission for Rick to marry that woman. "Brooke says you and she bought some time," Lauren says. He should give Rick some time to cool off and take some time himself, Lauren suggests. He says that he can't, because all he would think of was Rick the whole time. She gets upset and says that wasn't flattering. "Don't take it the wrong way. I didn't mean it that way," he tells her. She says, "I guess I am not much of a distraction." He apologizes and says the family is the most important thing right now, and he will make reservations at the Café Russe to make it up to her. She looks at him and says she feels ridiculous in this outfit... and she storms out and slams the door.

Stephanie goes to see Ridge at his office; he is working on the new line. She picks up some see through material and says this is nice. "Yes, that is for Brooke's new line," he says. Just like Brooke, transparent, Stephanie says. Ridge says that she brought Taylor to Brooke's office. "Yes, I wanted to show Taylor what she was up against. You have to do something about Brooke," Stephanie says. "Funny, she said the same thing about you. You went too far, Mother," Ridge states. "What? I caught her in bed like a spider in its web, waiting for you," Steph says. She was napping, Ridge says. "I didn't bring you up to be so naive. I came here to talk to you about the press conference," Stephanie says. Brooke is in charge of it, Ridge points out. That is what concerns her; she's worried about the reputation that her and his father have created. It took a long time for the public to look at their company with taste and elegance. He says Brooke is aware of that. She says Brooke is out to ruin his marriage. The new line is a positive for the company, but it has to be handled properly; if not it will undo all their work. He shows her the itinerary for the press conference, and she seems pleased... but one misstep from Brooke and it could all go wrong, Stephanie fears.

Taylor tells Brooke to give up... she knows what Brooke is after, and it's Ridge. This is not about business, Taylor charges. Brooke says, "You're unbelievable, you know that, Taylor? Your marriage won't last if you would face the reality and stop blaming me." "Reality? You're the one who is chasing after a married man," Taylor accuses. Brooke denies it. Her concern is developing a product line after her own personality... and if Ridge finds that sexy and attractive she can't help that, and she is sick and tired of Taylor's whining about Ridge and her. "You knew what you were getting into. He was in love with me, and you chose to be with him. And you want to play the victim? Forget it! No one feels sorry for you, Taylor. You made your bed, now you lie in it." Taylor says it was a mistake to come here. "You're damned right it was a mistake," Brooke says. Taylor says, "Well, nothing short of public humiliation will wake you up to this delusion. If you were the only one to suffer, I would say fine; but you're going to humiliate everyone and drag them down with you." Brooke asks what the hell Taylor is talking about. Taylor answers, "I'm talking about Eric and Stephanie and all the people who built this reputation on this company. It's their life's work, but to you it is just a tool to manipulate Ridge. I know, I know... this campaign is not about seducing Ridge. It is about your self-expression. YOU'RE SO FULL OF IT! The whole world will know what you're up to, including your children."

"You leave my children out of this!" Brooke warns. "This is impossible. You should be worrying about your children seeing you peddle your wares on TV," Taylor says. "SHUT UP, TAYLOR!" Brooke says. "Don't you think Rick is in enough trouble?" Taylor asks. "SHUT UP! I SAID SHUT UP!" Brooke goes on. "HOW DARE YOU USE WHAT RICK IS GOING THROUGH?" Taylor says, "You don't see the connection? What have you been teaching them?" Brooke says that she isn't ashamed of her sexuality. "No, you're teaching them to use it like a weapon. You've been doing it their whole lives, and then you lie awake and wonder how Rick got Amber pregnant," Taylor accuses. Brooke says, "You're such a hypocrite! Ridge married you because of Thomas." Taylor is quick to justify her own actions as different; they were engaged when Thomas was conceived.

Taylor continues, "I don't know why I use logic with you... and you only see what you want to see. I will tell you this: Ridge will never leave his family. Second, your children; this will come back and hit you in the face. Their friends are going to treat them funny after they see you." That's enough, Brooke shouts! Taylor will not let up; she says it may be too late for Rick, but what about Bridget. "Should she strap on one of these," she asks, pointing to a teddy, "and offer a guy some sex?" GET OUT, Brooke again orders. Taylor pleads with Brooke to stop paying so much attention to her own obsession and to put her children first. Brooke yet again orders Taylor out! She leaves as Brooke throws a bottle at the door. Brooke says out loud, "That is it! I was going to hold back because of you, because you might get offended. FORGET IT! She is afraid of me; she knows Ridge still has feelings for me, and that terrifies her." She picks up the phone and calls Megan in. She cancels the model for the show and has some changes to make. Megan worries that Brooke is canceling the press conference. No, there are just a few changes, Brooke says, and they need to hurry, since there is no time to waste. To herself, she then says that this is one mistake that Taylor will regret for the rest of her life!

Friday, December 11, 1998

Brooke is lounging on her "office" bed with a mischievous smile on her face. "Oh, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor! What a mistake you have made coming into my office and laying into me like that. If you think the elevator incident was bad, wait until you see me today! Yes! I am going to go through with it and it is going to blow their minds!"

Ridge is on the phone with Taylor. "You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you, Doc?" Taylor says that she feels that her opinion should be put on the record. She asks him about the press conference today and he tells her that it will be shown on the fashion channel but it will be so boring that she shouldn't watch. She says that they are introducing a new concept and that has to be exciting news. He tells her that she will be bored to death and that there will be no fireworks today. As she is hanging up, Pierce walks in and asks if she is ready to get back to work.

Eric is in his tuxedo and Stephanie is dressed in formal wear also when Thorne enters the office asking why they wanted to see him. They first ask him about Macy and he tells them that she is still having a tough time of it. They then tell him that they need him back at Forrester. He reminds them that he is working at Spectra now. They tell him that Henry isn't working out too well; he doesn't know the web site or the catalog as well as Thorne. Thorne is puzzled; he didn't think that they wanted him around Forrester. "What gave you that idea?" Stephanie asks. He says that none of them are knocking down his door to get him back. They explain that they have been giving him the space that he wanted, hoping that he would come back on his own. But, they really need him now and they are willing to accommodate his schedule at Spectra if that is what it takes. Really? Thorne asks. Eric says that they are that desperate to get him back; yes, they will share him with Spectra. Thorne agrees and shakes Eric's hand. Then he and Stephanie hug amid joyous laughter. They say that they want him to start now with the press conference.

On the phone, Brooke tells Megan to get everyone together right away; they are going through with it. Just then Ridge comes in and warns her that the press conference will be starting in a few minutes; she needs to start getting ready. She tells him that she is going to be a little late for the press conference and she needs him to cover for her. She says that they should just go ahead and get started on time and she will be there, she promises. I'll be right there, she says as she pushes him out the door. "Just wait until you get an eyeful of this, Ridge Forrester," she says when she is alone. "You will never forget it and neither will Stephanie and she can thank Taylor for that!"

Pierce asks Taylor what is the matter and she tells him about the little visit she paid to Brooke. She is outraged as she explains that Brook now has a new piece of furniture to go along with her desk and credenza. It is a bed! She has turned her office into a bordello, a blatant tribute to sex. Pierce is doubtful, saying that he thinks Brooke is a classy lady. Taylor says that Brooke's Bedroom has nothing to do with class or romance; it is a blatant attempt to turn on the public. Brooke has absolutely no sense of public responsibility. She then tells him that they are televising the press conference today. Pierce says that he is sure that Eric won't let anything go wrong but Taylor says that Brooke will find a way to steal the spotlight. She wants to watch the show.

Lauren comes into Brooke's office and is told by Brooke that she is going ahead with her plan. Lauren thinks that the plan is a little much, even for Brooke, but if the Forresters are fine with it . . . She suddenly realizes that they don't know about the plan. "You are insane, but I love it!" However, she warns that Stephanie won't take this lying down. Henry comes in and tells Brooke that the press is in the house and they are ready to begin. When he leaves, Brooke says that that she is going to get ready and wants Lauren to wish her luck. "I do," Lauren says as Brooke rushes out the door. Alone, Lauren says, "Oh, boy! I hope you survive it!"

The Forrester family walks out on the stage and begin the press conference. Eric welcomes everyone to the press conference and tells them that he is thrilled to announce that they are introducing a new and exciting division. It is something that has never been done before.

Pierce is watching the television and makes the comment that he doesn't even see Brooke. He told her that Eric wouldn't let this get out of hand. Taylor says that since this is her project, she wouldn't mess this for the world. She wonders if the Forresters had to tie her up and lock her in the closet to keep her away from the press conference.

Eric continues with his announcement by saying that the creator of this new division is their CEO, Brooke Logan. He says that his son, Ridge is the top designer for the division and his other son, Thorne will handle the catalog sales and Internet division. He also assures the gathering that Brooke will belong directly to answer all their questions about the new division product line. He then says that Stephanie would like to say a few words.

Taylor says that locking Brooke up in a closet is the only way that the Forresters could underplay her little sex-o-rama. Pierce looks at her and says that he can't believe she would pull anything.

Stephanie begins to talk to the press. "This is a unique product mix," she begins. She says that for the moment they are calling it Brooke's Bedroom, but in the weeks to come, it will probably be changed. As she begins to describe the products, the crowd begins to ohhh and ahhh. The music starts and a unique rendition of "Too Sexy" begins to fill the room. The Forresters are looking around, puzzled, wondering what is going on. Megan's voice is heard over the PA system announcing that Forester's takes pleasure in present the newest in pleasure design. The models come out, all was wearing skimpy sexy lingerie. They flirt with the photographers and strut around to the music. Everyone claps and flash bulbs go off. "And here is the woman behind Brooke's Bedroom, Brooke Logan!" Megan announces. The stage begins to open and as it turns to the audience, there is a huge bed decorated with silk sheets and pillows. Standing in the very middle of the bed is Brooke, dressed in a long purple robe. The crown applauds, as the Forrester's look stunned. "Tell me this is not happening!" Stephanie whispers.

Taylor gasps and puts her hands over her mouth. "I don't believe this!" She says. Pierce just stares.

Brooke takes her time on the bed, shaking her stuff and giving the photographers plenty of time for pictures. Finally she slowly undoes the robe and lets it drop on the bed, leaving her in a purple corset with garters attached to sheer hosiery. She steps down from the bed and, surrounded by her models, she begins the slow walk on the catwalk, stopping to answer questions or pose for pictures. She mentions that this new product line will give women power in the bedroom; they will have the power to celebrate love. Someone asks if this line will be produced for all sizes. Brooke says that it will be. All women are capable of being seductive, from the slim elegant women such as she to the large elderly matrons as their own queen of fashion, Stephanie. As she says this she turns to Stephanie and gives her a condescending smile. She then goes up to Ridge and pulls him out onto the catwalk with her. "Who better to bring you this but the two people whose names are synonymous with love and sexuality and intimacy. She reaches up and kisses Ridge on the cheek.

"How dare she drag my husband into this!" Taylor says, outraged. "Look at those models; look at how young they are. And she calls herself a mother? She has gone over the top this time. She is going to fall!"

Brooke is saying that they are going to redefine sex and sexual pleasure. Everything in the bedroom has a purpose from the doorknob to the bedstead; from the sheets to the towels. Everything in the bedroom is there for a purpose. Someone asks what market they are targeting and she tells him any market that breathes. If it has blood and desire coursing through its veins, it will be targeted. These products are for indulging oneself; for fantasizing. "That's enough Brooke!" Stephanie says from the back. A woman reporter asks if this doesn't go against the Forrester image of class and elegance. Brooke off-handedly answers that this is a new age; it is out with the old and in with the new. "You all know the story of Ridge and Brooke Forrester. It is full of passion, sexiness, and sexuality and that is our legacy." As Stephanie begins to go forward, Eric says that the press conference is over. "You look chilly, Brooke," Stephanie says. She grabs a sheet from the bed and begins to wrap it around Brooke while asking if this is better. Brooke tries to push her away. They end up tussling and falling on the bed. As Ridge tries to break them up, he also falls in bed. Brooke is now sandwiched between Ridge and Stephanie while the flash bulbs go off and questions are hurdled at the trio.

The entire scene is caught on television. "Look at her," Taylor says. "She is self-destructing in from of everyone. You are finished, Brooke. My husband will never be a part of this again." Pierce looks doubtful, but intrigued by what Taylor is saying.

Back at the press conference, Eric is trying to end the press conference. He is totally ignored by the press as he runs back and forth telling them that there is to be no pictures; the press conference is over.

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