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Monday November 1

Brooke can see that she isn't getting anywhere with Ridge so she starts to leave his office, saying that of all people she was sure that he would be the one who would understand. Ridge stops her and tells her that she isn't leaving the office until she gives him an answer. Is she going to stop seeing Thorne or not? Brooke tells him that this is not Ridge's business and she will thank him to stay out of it. "So that is your answer?" Ridge asks. "You are not going to give up my brother?" She says that she isn't going to stop seeing Thorne and unless he can apologize for the way she has been talking to her, then they have nothing else to say. Ridge tells her that no good can come from her relationship with Thorne while at the same time, she is jeopardizing his mother's life. Brooke scoffs at this, saying that his mother will make a full recovery; she is a strong woman. Ridge reminds her that the reason his mother had the stroke in the first place is because she saw her and Thorne together. Brooke says that something like that doesn't cause a stroke; it was the stress she was under for a long time worrying about Taylor and the children, plus all the others in the family. Ridge says that there is too much at stake here; she has to think about what she is doing to his family. Having the family back together is something that his mother has wanted for a long time and now it has finally happened. He won't allow her to upset things. He asks her if she is really that selfish. Is her infatuation with his brother really more important than his entire family? Brooke tells him that she isn't out to destroy anyone and she isn't just fooling around with Thorne; she really loves him; she loves him more than anyone she has ever loved. Ridge says that he still can't understand how this could happen. Did she just suddenly wake up one day and realize this great love? Brooke tries to explain how her love for Thorne is different than any love she has ever known. She ends by saying that he makes her happy. Isn't that what you always wanted? She asks him. If that is what you want for me, then let me have it! She tells him that he is holding her future in his hands. She says that she knows that he has always put family first; that was the reason he left her to go back to Taylor. She doesn't blame him any more because she understands and respects him for what he has done. She ends by begging him not to take Thorne away from her. When he starts to say something, she tells him not to speak but to just think about it. She leaves the office.

Stephanie is telling Thorne and Macy what a miracle it is to be a family again. She tells him that she is going to be fine; she wants him to stop worrying about her and concentrate on his beautiful Macy. Thorne is visibly uncomfortable. Macy says that it is so fantastic that Stephanie is taking such a positive attitude about her condition. Stephanie says that now she sees things so different. When she looks at her paralyzed arm, she doesn't think about all the therapy she will need to get it working again; instead she thinks about the ring on her finger. When she looks at the two of them, she doesn't see obstacles but love and commitment. She can now see things as they really are.

Giovanni finishes a picture taking session with Kimberly. As he begins to talk to her, Amber comes to the doorway and listens. Kimberly tells him that she has been thinking about what happened at his place the other night. She says that she isn't comfortable with it. She liked kissing him, but she wants their relationship to be professional. He says that he understands; she is still young and her feelings need time to develop. Don't worry, there won't be any tension between them. She is young and sensitive and not ready for something personal with him, yet. He leaves and Amber comes in. She begins talking about what a hunk Giovanni is. Kimberly tells her that there is nothing going on between them; it is a professional relationship. Amber asks her why there is nothing there. Is it because she has a boyfriend from school? She denies this also but when amber implies that no one is asking her out, she says she gets plenty of offers. Amber comes to the point and says that she knows the reason she isn't dating anyone else; she is still hung up on her husband. She tells her that she needs to get it through her head that Rick is a married woman with a child. She tells her not to bother denying it because it is so obvious she can see it in her face. But if she is hoping she will end up with Rick, she is crazy. She says that it isn't pretty the way she follows him like a little puppy, salivating after him. She says that this pursuit of her husband is over right now.

In Paris, Raymond invites Becky to have a bite to eat with him. They go to a sidewalk café where Becky impresses him by ordering in French. He asks her how Amber is doing and Becky talks about how good she has it. She is surprised that Amber hasn't been bragging about knowing such a big star but Raymond says that when he knew Amber, they were both just kids living on the street. Becky begins talking about Eric, going on and on about what a cutie pie he is. Raymond asks how the marriage is going and inadvertently mentions Kimberly. Becky says that she didn't know Kimberly very much, she was friends with Stephanie and C.J.. But, she adds, they were just breaking up when she came into the picture. "What?" Raymond exclaims. "Rick is still seeing Kimberly?" Becky is confused but from all that Raymond has to say, she realizes that Rick was hung up on Kimberly in the past. This is news to me, she tells him, wide-eyed.

As Brooke leaves Ridge's office she runs into Thorne. She tells him that she has been appealing to Ridge to allow them to see each other. She says that she thinks that she got through to him. They embrace happily. However, inside the office, Ridge is pacing. Finally he says that he would do anything for Brooke but he can't do this.

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Tuesday, November 2

At Insomnia, Rick wants to study for tomorrow's chemistry test but C.J. is more interested in fooling around. He shows Rick a magazine with the latest pictures of Kimberly modeling for the Princess Line. He goes on about how beautiful she is and says that she is probably still hung up on Rick. Rick says that is ridiculous; he is a married man with a baby. C.J. sobers up long enough to tell him that he admires how he has handled this whole situation.

In Paris, Becky wants to know about Rick and Kimberly. Raymond says that he doesn't think that they are an item right now since Becky already said that the marriage was sound, but there was a time when the two were pretty heavy. But Becky isn't reassured. Raymond insists that Rick loves his son and would never abandon him.

Amber goes on and on at Kimberly about being hung up on Rick. She tells her that the only reason she has this job at Forresters is because Brooke is hoping that if she and Rick spend a lot of time together, it will break up Rick's marriage but it isn't going to work; Rick is just as committed to the marriage as he ever was. She flaunts her position and puts Kimberly down because she is only being used. "You are just a big old fat worm wiggling on a hook to Brooke," Amber taunts. Kimberly comes back at her saying that she is one to talk since she used every trick in the book to get Rick. She says that Rick would never have married her if it hadn't been she was pregnant. The two get into a fight and Amber is pulling Kimberly's hair out when Rick comes in.

Rick demands that Amber go home. When she has left, he demands to know what was going on. Kimberly says that it was just something that got out of hand. She is sorry that she let Amber push all her buttons but it was clear that she was there to humiliate her. She says that Amber is the most vicious and vile person that she has ever met and she is sorry that Rick ever married her. Rick says that she is just insecure even though she doesn't have any reason to be but Kimberly thinks it is something else. She says that the only reason Amber would be this mean to her is because she has another secret out there that she is scared to death that they will learn about. There is nothing she would like more than to discover what she is hiding.

While Raymond is away from the table for a few minutes, Becky decides that she needs to find out just how secure her baby's home life is. She whips out her cell phone and makes a call to Amber. Amber has just walked in the door from the confrontation with Kimberly and Becky's voice is not what she hoped to hear. Becky asks if she has sent the pictures of the baby. Amber stalls, saying that she isn't sure this is a really good idea. Becky wants to know if Rick is seeing much of Kimberly; this confuses Amber since it is coming from out of left field. Becky says that a little birdie told her that the two of them had something special going at one time. Amber insists that just is not the truth and she wants to know who would tell Becky something like that. "Oh, here is my little birdie now," Becky says as Raymond returns to the table. "Say hello to my little birdie." She hands the phone to Raymond and he asks Amber how she is doing and how the baby is. Before Amber can find out what Raymond has been saying to Becky, Becky takes the phone and tells Amber that she has to hang up; this is an expensive call. Amber is left wondering what is going on. She grabs the phone and calls her mother only to get the machine. She leaves a message that she needs her mother to come to LA tonight.

In Paris, Becky says goodbye to Raymond and tells him that she lives just upstairs if he ever wants to come by. He says that since he will be in Paris for a few weeks, he just might do that. But, the next time, he wants them to talk about something else besides Amber.

The phone rings just as Amber is going out and she makes a dive for it. She thinks it is her mother; Becky says that it is just like her to call her mother as soon as she hung up. She then tells Amber that if she thinks that she is safe just because she is in Paris, she better think again. If she thinks that her son is not in a happy loving home, she will come back and take him. To start with, she says that maybe pictures will ease her mind that her son is happy.

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Wednesday, November 3

Becky looks through a fashion magazine at Kimberly's pictures. She asks herself why she is badgering Amber about her marriage. Why can't she let it go? It is because of her baby, she decides. She has to know if the marriage is sound or not. If her son is the only thing holding that marriage together then the happy home Amber brags about is just a disaster waiting to happen. She relives Amber's passionate plea to her for Eric, recalling that Amber says that loving and taking care of Eric is the most important thing in her life. She knows it is true for Amber but what about Rick? She has to find out the truth. There is no use asking Amber; she wouldn't get a straight answer. She is sure that Rick wouldn't admit the truth either. No, she has to have a talk with Kimberly. She remembers Amber talking about Kimberly's father working at Spectra. She calls the International operator and asks for the number for Spectra Fashions.

Amber meets Rick at Forrester and tries to apologize for what happened with Kimberly. Rick says that they are married and he is committed to her. If she can't believe that, then this is something they need to discuss but not here and not now. Amber tells Eric that he shouldn't worry. She has handled Kimberly and she can handle Becky; she won't let anything threaten his family.

Amber and Rick take the baby to see Stephanie in the hospital. Stephanie says that now Eric is really her grandson now, legally. She tells him that she loves him. She looks at the parents and tells them that she loves them also; she loves them as if they were her own children. She tells them that when she gets home, she is expecting them to baby sit her at times until she is strong enough to baby sit Eric and Amber agrees. "We feel the same way," Amber tells her. "We are family and family comes first, right Rick?" Rick agrees but from the look on his face, Stephanie knows that something is wrong. She asks if anything is wrong but Rick assures her that there isn't anything. Rick says that it is time to leave. As they are heading out, Stephanie asks Amber if she can talk to Rick alone for a few minutes. Amber says that she will go on home and meet Rick there later. Once they are alone, Stephanie asks what is going on and Rick tells her about the fight between Amber and Kimberly. He can't figure his wife out. He has tried to assure her that nothing is going on but she is still insecure; it is so frustrating.

Tawny is relaxing at the Forrester pool and giving Helen a hard time when Amber arrives home. She tells her mother about her latest conversation with Becky. Tawny tells her to leave her cousin to her; she will take care of her.

Kimberly goes to Spectra and tells Sally about her fight with Amber. She tells Sally about how much she dislikes Amber and how she knows that she isn't good for Rick. Sally tells her that no matter what she thinks, Rick is married to Amber and he is devoted to his child. She says there is nothing Kim can do but from the look on Kim's face, she isn't so sure about that. The phone rings and Sally answers it. She tells Kimberly that an international call is coming in for her; it is a Paris reporter. Confused, Kimberly takes the phone. Sally leaves to take care of business and to give her privacy. It is Becky on the phone speaking with a fake accent. When Kimberly tells her that she needs to clear an interview with Forrester, Becky tells her that she isn't after an interview about the Princess Line; she wants something more personal for her readers. She asks what kind of food she likes, has she ever been to France, is there a man in her life. Kimberly says that there isn't a man in her life and Becky feigns shock and disbelief. A beautiful young girl like her and she has no boyfriend? She wonders if she is involved with one of the Forrester men. Isn't the youngest Forrester son about her age? Kimberly denies that there is anything there except friendship and tells Becky that Rick is married. As Becky continues to insist that there are rumors that there is something between the two even though Kimberly continues to deny it, Kimberly threatens to hang up. "Wait! Wait!" Becky calls out. "Who are you and why are you asking me all this?" Kimberly asks. "You aren't a reporter, are you? Amber is behind this, isn't she? Tell me who you are right now or I'll hang up."

"Alright, I'll tell you," Becky says.

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Thursday, November 4

Kimberly tells the "reporter" that she has the phoniest French accent she has ever heard and wants to know why she is doing this to her. Becky tries to get her to listen to her but Kimberly says that she is going to hang up. Quickly Becky admits that she isn't a French reporter. She tells her that they have a lot in common. Kimberly doesn't believe her until Becky tells her that she has the same empty feeling in her heart. She knows how it feels to want to be with him but can't; she knows because she has the same feelings. Kimberly is aghast! You are in love with Rick also? Becky says that Rick isn't the one and Kimberly demands to know who she is talking about. Becky says she can't tell her because she made a promise. Kimberly won't accept this and says that if she doesn't tell her, she will hang up. Becky is beside herself, torn between telling Kimberly and keeping her word to Amber. "I could change your life with one sentence," she cries out. Angry at not getting a straight answer, Kimberly hangs up. Becky yells into the phone but there is no one there.

Stephanie tells Rick that she really wants to help him and Amber. Rick assures her that she is a help just by being around. She asks him what Amber has to feel insecure about but he doesn't know. "I think you do know," Stephanie quietly says. Rick looks nervous but doesn't answer. Stephanie asks if he spends time with Amber, do they talk, go out? He says that he hasn't the time for those things. He is a college student with a part time job. Stephanie says that if the job is interfering with his time with his family then he should quit the job. He answers that he enjoys the job. Stephanie wonders if it is the job or the girl he sees at the job that he enjoys. When Rick asks what she is talking about, she tells him that Amber is insecure about him spending so much time with Kimberly. She then asks him what it is that he wants to do with his life. He answers that he wants to be a good father and husband. Stephanie reminds him that what he wants for himself is just as important as what he wants for his family. She then asks him how he feels about Amber. "She's my wife," Rick answers. "I know you want me to say that I love her, but..." Stephanie says she wants him to be honest. He then tells her that she is acting like she has something to hide again. It can't work if she isn't open with him. Are you open with her? Stephanie asks. Are you open with her about Kimberly?

Tawny tells Amber not to worry about anything; she will handle Becky. Amber wants to know what she means by handling it. She warns that if she is too confrontational with Becky, it could backfire on them and Becky could take the baby away from her. She couldn't stand it if she lost her baby. She thinks that if she just sent the pictures to Becky, she would be satisfied. Tawny rants that Becky is a stupid ungrateful twit and she isn't going to let her get away with this game she is playing. If Amber sent the pictures it would only satisfy her for a little while then it would be something else and then something else. No! It has to stop and it has to stop now or the truth will come out; Becky will make sure of that. She is a loose cannon who has to be put in her place. You cannot pussyfoot around someone like that or you would just be creating a monster. Amber gives in and tells her mother to go ahead and call Becky but Tawny says that she isn't going to call her; she is going to Paris and see her in person. She is going to let her know for the last time that the game is over; it stops in Paris once and for all. "You won't do anything stupid, will you?" Amber asks, worried. Tawny says that nothing is ever stupid when it comes to protecting her daughter.

Sally returns to her office and asks how the interview went. Kimberly tells her that it wasn't a reporter after all but someone asking questions about her and Rick. This only goes to prove that Amber is hiding something. She says that she would love to know what that secret is. Later, when she is alone, Kimberly wonders how Rick would feel if she found out Amber's secret and told him. She decides that he would be happy about it because it would mean that he was free and they were free to be together.

Taylor is ready to leave the hospital. She stands there with her two girls in her arms with Jack and Ridge standing beside her. The doctors and nurses are there to say goodbye to her. They say that she is an inspiration to the entire staff the way she has fought this disease and won. Taylor tells them that she learned a lot while confined to that small room about the frailty of life. She never fully understood how caring for someone could have such far-reaching effects but now she understands that even a simple act of kindness can bring unimaginable joy into someone's life. As they start to leave, she mentions that she needs to take the girls home but she is sorry that they don't even have a room of their own. "But who cares?" she asks. "We are out of here." Ridge looks at Jack and repeats, "Who cares?" and the two men smile knowingly.

Later, Ridge leads a blindfolded Taylor up to the door of a strange house. He leads her inside and then takes the blindfold off. Taylor is stunned when she looks around and Ridge tells her, "Welcome home." She is very happy at what she sees. Ridge explains that he bought the house from Pierce because she always loved it; besides, Pierce was always in New York and didn't need it. He tells her that they will raise their children here in this house and it will be a happy house. He tells her that it was her faith that pulled them all through this ordeal. He feels like he has some of her faith now and he can only thank her for that. Taylor hands the babies to Jack so that she can throw her arms around her husband and kiss him.

Amber tells herself that she just has to focus on Little Eric and Rick and let her mother take care of Becky. "Oh, Mom, keep your cool over there---just keep your cool!"

In Paris, Becky is devastated. "Raymond was right," she says. "Rick and Kimberly do love each other. Where does that leave my baby? It leaves him in a loveless home. I can't let that happen to him!"

In her seat on the plane, Tawny thinks, "You are not going to do it, I won't let you. I will stop you for good! It is time to bury this secret for once and for all!"

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Friday, November 5

The doc comes in to see Stephanie and asks how she is doing. She says that she is stronger but a little shaky and he says that that is to be expected. He tells her that he is really impressed with her quick recovery. She tells him that she can't wait to recover enough to go home and be with her family. "Then today is your lucky day," the doc announces. "You are going home today."

Thorne and Brooke start the day with a long kiss. She asks about his mother and says that she is glad that she had a good night. "Soon she can go home," Brooke says. "She will get better and better until she is well. Then we will be free to get on with our lives as well. I promise you that when that day comes, I will make you the happiest man in the world." Thorne says that he just hopes that she got through to Ridge. She believes that she did but says that they have to block out the things that Ridge and Eric have to say and listen to their hearts. Thorne gets a call and tells Brooke that it was the nurse. She called to tell him that his mother is going home today. Brooke is excited by the news. He grabs her hand and tells her to come on.

Meanwhile, Ridge and Eric are in the waiting room talking. Ridge tells him about his visit from Brooke. He says that Brooke pleaded with him to allow her to be happy with Thorne. She is in complete denial, he says. She has it in her head that now Thorne is the only one destined to make her truly happy. "Far be it from me to interfere with true happiness," Eric says. "But I can't allow them to hurt Stephanie."

It is night in Paris but Becky is sitting at her desk at Forrester. She studies Brooke's business card. "If you only knew," she says. "If you only knew the secret Amber is keeping from you and the rest of the family! Aloud she says that that precious little boy is hers; he is my child! Raymond comes in and hears her talking to herself. He says that he is there to pick up a few things and she says that she is glad that he is there. She has something interesting to tell him. She says that after they talked the other night, she did a little digging on her own. She called Spectra and had a long chat with Kimberly Fairchild and it was very enlightening. Why did you do that, Raymond questions, horrified at what she did. Becky tells him that she had to be sure of Rick and Amber's marriage for Little Eric's sake. He tells her that she is letting herself become too involved in the marriage and the life of the child. "What does it matter to you anyway?" Becky says. He says that Amber is a friend of his. He doesn't want her thinking that he is gossiping about her marriage behind her back. "Relax!" Becky tells him. "We are in Paris, thousands of miles from Amber and Tawny. They can't touch us here. I needed to be sure that Eric was all right, that is all." He tells her that she is tripping. She sits behind her desk and goes on about how all she wanted was just one little picture and that witch, Tawny, wouldn't send her one. Let it go! Raymond tells her. He tells that she has a good thing here. She is in Paris with a wonderful job. He would hate to see her blow it. "Don't worry about me," Becky tells him. "Amber is the one you should be concerned about." He shakes his head and says that he has to get going. Alone, Becky again contemplates Brooke's business card.

The plane is getting ready to land as Tawny finishes her drink. "Look what you have driven me to," she says. "Do you think I would let you ruin my daughter's life? No, I am stopping you dead in your tracks!" She takes out her address book and goes over Becky's address.

Stephanie is alone thinking about going home. Now that Taylor is well and home with the twins, all they need to complete the family is for Thorne and Macy to marry. Ridge and Eric come in, happy that she is going home. Ridge tells her that she is going to have the whole family waiting on her hand and foot, but she says that she would rather be well enough to take care of herself. Eric warns her not to expect too much too soon. He tells her that there is to be a welcome home party for her. The doctor comes in with the discharge papers and Eric goes to the desk to sign them for her. The nurse comes in with the wheelchair and everyone leaves so that she can get Stephanie ready to go home. Alone, the nurse helps her into a sitting position at the edge of the bed and begins to take her blood pressure. Stephanie stares at the wheelchair and down at her useless hand. She suddenly breaks down and begins to weep uncontrollably. The nurse leaves her sitting there alone and goes for the doctor. Eric comes in and rushes to her side. She tells him that she has made a big mistake by marrying him. He deserves someone whole to be with him in these years that should be so good for him. He tells her that he loves her and they will get back what they had when they were young. He knows that she will walk again and he will be there beside her when she does. He refuses to let her give up. She breaks down and tells him that she loves him so much. As she cries on his shoulder, neither of them is aware that Ridge is standing there watching. Ridge looks out the viewing window just as Thorne and Brooke walk up hand in hand. "Damn you both!" he whispers.

Tawny is pounding on Becky's door when the apartment manager comes up the stairs to see what all the commotion is about. She begins charming him. She tells him that she is Becky's mother and she has come a long way to see her daughter. She finally talks him into letting her into the apartment.

Amber holds Eric and paces beside the pool. She tells Eric that Grandma has gone to Paris to make sure that his Aunt Becky doesn't do anything to ruin his happiness. Her mother won't let her down again---not this time. She can't! She will make Becky realize that Eric is better off with her.

Becky arrives home and lets herself in to her dark apartment. She is shocked to see someone standing by the balcony. She rushes to turn on the lights and asks what Tawny is doing in Paris. "You didn't think I would allow my favorite niece to go live in Paris and not pay her a visit, did you?" Tawny asks sweetly. Becky says that she has to go back to work but Tawny grabs her by the arm and tells her in no uncertain terms that she isn't going anywhere.

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