B&B Recaps: The week of December 20, 1999 on The Bold and the Beautiful
On the night that Rick and Amber renewed their vows, Stephanie sprang a surprise wedding for Thorne and Macy. Brooke arrived in time to see Macy and Thorne at the altar. Despite family pressures, Thorne declined to go through with the wedding. While on the phone with Little Eric, Becky heard him say, 'Mama.'
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Monday, December 20, 1999

Thorne wonders what is going on with his mother but Ridge and Taylor don't know what she is up to. However, they tell Thorne again that it is important that he not upset Stephanie. A happy Macy interrupts their intense conversation. Suddenly, she realizes that she has interrupted something private and wonders what it is.

Macy comments on how beautiful Amber looks in her wedding gown. Amber says that it fits differently this time but she is just glad she could still get into it. She asks when Macy will be tying the knot with Thorne and Macy cryptically answers that it will be sooner rather than later.

Kimberly still can't believe that Rick will go through with this. When he comes up to her, she begs him not to go through it. Rick repeats all the arguments that he has given her in the past. He has to do this for his son. He also lets her know that things are not as bad between him and Amber as Kimberly imagines.

When Rick leaves Kimberly, Amber arrives and the two get into another quarrel. Amber isn't above rubbing it in that she is remarrying Rick and as she leaves, she hums the wedding march.

With all the guests assembled, Stephanie addresses the group. She welcomes everyone and tells them how proud she is of Rick and Amber. She is proud of the way that they have overcome all the obstacles in their way and that overcoming them has only made the marriage stronger. Now they have chosen to renew their vows in front of all of the guests.

The minister arrives and the ceremony begins. First he makes a little speech about how happy he is that Rick and Amber have come this far. At first, he was doubtful that they would make it but he is happy that he was wrong.

While the ceremony is going on, Kimberly sneaks off to the study and searches until she finds Becky's phone number. She calls her in Paris and demands her help. Frightened, Becky thinks that something is wrong with the baby; however, Kimberly tells her that it is Rick and Amber. Still frightened, she demands to know what is happening. Kimberly finally tells her that Rick needs her help because he is renewing his vows with Amber and he is doing this against his will. She gives all the reasons why this ceremony shouldn't happen but Becky isn't buying it. She tells Kimberly to wake up and smell the coffee. Rick obviously wants to be with Amber; Kimberly should stop looking for problems that don't exist and start seeing what is right in front of her nose. She then hangs up.

During the ceremony, Rick and Amber exchange their own written vows. Just as Amber says "I do," and Rick is about to say his, Kimberly walks out of the study. The two of them exchanges looks but are interrupted by the baby speaking up. Everyone laughs and Rick turns back to the minister and says, "I do." The bride and groom now exchange a deep kiss much to Kimberly's sorrow.

As he shares a moment with his mother as well as a glass of champagne, Stephanie looks longingly at Thorne and Macy. She says that she regrets that her stroke has put their plans on hold. Ridge strongly assures her that the delay wasn't her fault. She says that she will make up for that tonight. Ridge is troubled by what she says. He goes to Taylor and tells her that he believes that his mother's plans have something to do with Thorne and Macy. She says that they can't let that happen, whatever it is. They can't let Stephanie find out about Thorne and Brooke tonight!

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Brooke is distracted when Megan tries to get her to make a decision about the suits worn by the male models. After the models are sent from the office, Brooke tells Megan what she is worried about. Megan tells her that if they try to get Thorne to do something against his will, he will tell them about her. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

Pictures are taken of the bride and groom with their baby. Since the baby is getting a little cranky, they decide to take him home and put him to bed. However, the maid reminds them that they are on their honeymoon and she will take care of the baby. Amber takes Rick home where she has a surprise waiting for him. Kimberly watches with her heart breaking. Before they leave, Darla tells her to toss the bouquet. Macy catches it.

Ridge tells Eric that something is going on with his mother and he thinks it has something to do with Thorne. Eric asks Stephanie what is going on and she tells him what she has planned. She wants nothing more than to see her youngest son settled and happy with Macy. Eric disapproves but can't give Stephanie a reason to stop the wedding. He goes to Ridge and Taylor and tells them what is happening. Ridge says that if they tell Thorne this, he will blurt out his love for Brooke. They have to do something to stop this.

Ridge goes to Thorne and mentions that he needs a word with him. Thorne doesn't want to go with him but it is Macy that puts a stop to their leaving. She tells him that it has been weeks since she has had this guy to herself.

Ridge goes back to tell Eric and Taylor what is going on. While they are hashing and rehashing the situation, Stephanie calls Thorne and Macy to her side. She tells Macy to go ahead and give Thorne the good news. Thorne is confused but that is nothing compared to how he feels when Macy tells him that she wants to marry him tonight. He stares at her then at his mother then back at Macy. "I'm sorry," he says. Stephanie thinks he is refusing because of her condition. To prove that she is up to another wedding, she struggles out of her wheel chair and shows him that she can stand. She reminds him that she promised to walk down the aisle for him.

Ridge returns to the room to overhear C.J. telling Kimberly about Macy asking Thorne to marry her. He rushes over and tries to take Thorne away. As they leave, he assures Macy that everything will be all right. Adam isn't so sure himself as he watches from the sidelines.

Ridge takes Thorne into the study where he and Eric both jump all over him. Ridge and Eric both think that marrying Macy will be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999

Eric and Ridge beg Thorne to marry Macy at the dinner party. Eric urged him that he can't marry Brooke and that it won't work. Eric also tells Thorne to do it for Stephanie, for health reasons. Macy worries that Thorne does not love her and won't go through with the marriage. Everyone, including Adam thinks that Thorne has just been taken off guard with the impromptu wedding ceremony. Thorne says that Ridge and Eric do not understand his feelings about Brooke. Eric says that he cannot be a part of a woman who cannot and will not be a part of the family. Thorne accuses them of not understanding his commitment to Brooke. Eric tells Thorne that if he continues with Brooke, he will regret it later on down the road and will jeopardize his mother's health. Thorne makes it clear to them that he is not going to give up Brooke Logan.

Brooke can't figure out what is going on at Stephanie's. She wonders why Sally, C.J. and Adam were invited to a family dinner party. She wonders why the Spectra's and the Forrester's are together at a dinner party and what does this mean. She asks Megan why Stephanie would invite Macy's family to her house. She says Stephanie wants all the family together for a reason. She says that they are probably raking Thorne over the coals and wishes she could be there for him. Eric thinks back in his marriage to Brooke and what he gave her and his feelings for her back then and that Thorne is not the first man to love her and no matter what he gives her, it will not be enough to satisfy her. He pleads with Thorne not to give Macy up or else he will regret it just like he did and says do not make the same mistakes he made.

Sally and Adam ponder why Thorne is acting this way. They hope that it is because the wedding has been sprung on him all of a sudden. Adam says if there is another reason why Thorne does not want to marry his daughter, he wants to know what it is. Macy tells Stephanie that she may not wait much longer to find out if Thorne is going to marry her. Stephanie reassures her that he loves her and will not let her down. Thorne tells Eric that it is different what he had with Brooke and what he (Thorne) has with her. Eric asks him if she told him she loved him. Eric continues to tell him what happened on their honeymoon including that he believed that their love was so powerful, he had to leave Stephanie to marry Brooke. He told Thorne that they were as committed to one another as any couple are but that because of her ways, their union was doomed right from the start and tells Thorne that his is doomed also.

Eric tells Thorne that she is not going with him because there is nobody else to be with but that she wants to stay connected to a Forrester so marry him is the next step in her plan. Thorne does not stand a chance against her. Eric asks Thorne who she looks at during their board meetings and it is certainly not Eric or Thorne but Ridge. Eric asks Thorne who has been with him in the worst of times and who will continue to be and it is certainly not going to be Brooke but Macy. Eric promises Thorne that if her marries Macy, he will not regret it. Brooke calls the Forrester's to talk to Stephanie but Helen, the maid, tells her that she is busy with something equally important and divulges to her that Macy and Thorne are getting married. Brooke says "Oh my God! They can't be." Thorne returns to the living room and to the wedding guests. Macy tells him to tell her if he is going to marry her or not.

Thursday, December 23, 1999

Brooke cannot believe that Thorne and Macy are getting married at the Forrester's and she leaves to go there. Macy asks Thorne if he is going to marry her. He tells her he would do nothing to hurt her and the wedding begins. Rick asks Amber if the wedding is over yet. Amber comes out in a Cat Woman style outfit and says if the honeymoon has not started yet, it will now.

The minister begins the ceremony and welcomes everyone. All of a sudden, Brooke shows up. Brooke looks on as they begin their vows. Thorne interrupts the ceremony and tells Macy that he cannot go through with it after all. He explains to her what they have been through and she comes back and says what they are about to go through in their lives together. She further tells him that this is obviously not what he wants and never did. She tells him that she is ready to be with him and has been all along. She tells him still that if he is not ready to be with her by now, then he never will be and says that she can't wait for him any longer. She storms out.

Thorne's decision not to marry Macy upsets Stephanie and she asks Eric to escort her out of the room. Darla, Sally, and the rest of the family look on in disgust and awe. Rick and Amber begin to make love until the phone rings. He tells her to answer it and he will wait for her in the bedroom. Becky is on the other end of the phone and asks her how everything is going. Amber tells her that she and Rick had just renewed their vows and she congratulates her. She knows the baby is all alone at the Forrester's with Helen and she debates whether to call there.

Adam blasts Thorne about his lack of character and Sally asks him what has happened to make him act this way. She begs him to go and make up with Macy. He says that he will not do that and Adam lunges at him. They are about to at it when Ridge demands that Clarke get him out of the house before something happens. Ridge tells Thorne that he should have let Adam tear him apart. Amber and Rick make a second attempt at making love, which succeeds. Thorne tells Eric and Ridge to stop telling him how to act and what to do with his life and he tells them to get into the study and prepare Stephanie for what he is about to do with Brooke. Becky calls Forrester's to talk to baby Eric and she breaks down and tells him how much she loves him and has missed him. All of a sudden, the baby says "MAMA" into the phone and Becky cries, "He Called Me MAMA."

Thorne sees Brooke and she consoles him. He tells her that it was hell what he did to Macy. She tells him that she is so proud of him and he says that he does not feel proud. Brooke says that he let her leave with some dignity and that she heard Macy say that she will go on without him. Brooke declares that they are halfway there and she embraces him. Eric cannot believe what Thorne has done and is very angry. Ridge comes out to console his father. He tells Ridge that this has got to stop especially where Stephanie is concerned.

Friday, December 24, 1999

Ridge and Taylor host a dinner party at their new home. Stephanie asks Ridge if Thorne is coming. Taylor brings the twins out to see everyone. Eric asks Ridge where he thinks Thorne is and he says "I don't know, but I've got A Pretty Good Guess." Brooke arrives at Thorne's for dinner and apologizes for being late. Brooke is surprised that he has made dinner. He tells her that she has made it the best year of his life and they kiss and embrace. She thanks Thorne for all he has done and he says that there was no way that he was not going to see her tonight. Brooke heard that Taylor and Ridge were cooking dinner for the family and says that he should be there but he tells her that he wanted to be with her. She says that she cannot imagine anything better than sharing Christmas Eve with him. She tells him she loves him.

Becky wraps a Christmas gift for baby Eric. She says, "What Did You Get Me?" and it is a picture of him and she puts it on. She looks at his picture and begins to cry. She tells his picture that it is time to see what he got her. She tells him that she will help him open it. She unwraps it and it is a teddy bear and says that it is a special one and that the next time she sees him, she will give it to him. She goes into how she is thousands and thousands of miles away from him on Christmas Eve.

The kids open their gifts and Taylor asks Stephanie if she is feeling okay. She says she is grateful to spend Christmas with her family and that she did not think she'd ever see Christmas again after having her stroke. Brooke and Thorne are eating dinner and he asks her what she is thinking about. She says "The Meaning of This Holiday." He says, "It Is About Love." She tells him that it would be wonderful if a Christmas Angel came and touched Stephanie's heart. Thorne says it will happen eventually. He predicts that they will spend Christmas next year with the family. She says that it would be a miracle. She asks him how he can be so confident. He hopes that Stephanie will come around and come to love her.

Ridge lights the tree. Ridge shows Stephanie the ornament she bough him. Taylor brings out an ornament for Thomas and hangs it up. She is giving thanks for being with her family since her illness and hopes to be able to spend more Christmas's with her family. Ridge gives thanks also for all the things that have happened this year and hopes that there will be many more Christmas's to come. Everyone goes to eat dinner and Amber asks if she can say something. She tells everyone how when she was growing up, there were no presents and her dad was gone and mom working a lot and she wishes that everyone remembers that it is about the children and not food, gifts and grown-ups. She thanks everyone for giving her, her first Christmas and for feeling like a child again. Eric plays the piano and everyone sings Christmas carols. Becky is eating her dinner and someone comes to the door with a delivery. It is a gift basket from Amber. She says, "Amber Remembered Me." Amber calls Becky and she thanks her for he gift and thanks her for all she has done for her. Amber tells her that she should feel good about herself for what she has done for Little Eric. She shares the carols everyone is singing with Becky. She thanks Amber and they wish each other Merry Christmas.

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