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Monday, September 16, 2002

Taylor reminds Amber that she has to stay out of trouble while she's out on bail. Amber's upset when she hears about Erica's new living arrangement, especially because it means she can't call her own house to talk to Rick or Little Eric. Amber recalls that Erica's mother didn't show up at the party and concludes that Erica told her mother to throw the rock at Amber. Amber is sure that someone is involved besides Erica and is determined to find a way to stop them. Erica is horrified when she realizes that Sheila is behind everything that's happened to Amber. Erica asks Sheila if she had anything to do with Lance's death. Sheila insists his death was an accident and that she's just been trying to help Erica. She points out that now Rick is free of Amber, all Erica needs to do is sink her claws into him and never let go. Bridget tells C.J. that there's nothing to be afraid of because she's feeling the same way he does. She knows it's hard to open up after being hurt so badly, but she assures him that she's not going to abandon him. C.J. and Bridget admit that they need each other. They kiss again, and the other employees start to applaud.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Stephanie told Ridge that her new living arrangement is convenient to Brooke and her baby. Ridge suspected that Stephanie would like to reconcile with Eric. Ridge took the opportunity to voice to Stephanie his hatred for Amber.

Rick visited Amber in her "home arrest" at Taylor's. Taylor advised Rick that if he does not try to believe in Amber, he will let something really beautiful slip away. While visiting, Rick and Amber grew a little closer. Rick admitted to Amber that he still loves her.

In her apartment, Erica demanded to know the truth about her mother and Eric Forrester. Sheila lied and told Erica that the Forrester family simply did not like her and wanted her out of Eric's life. She also continued to lie about Erica's real name. She also kept up the lie that Sheila's father deserted them. Erica realized that her father loved her when Sheila told her that Stephanie and her father tried to take her away from Sheila. When Sheila would not tell Erica the rest of the truth, Erica threatened to ask Rick. Sheila warned that if Rick found out that Erica is Sheila's daughter, he would view her completely differently and she would never have a future with Rick.

At Rick's, Erica empathized with Amber's plight while speaking to Rick. Rick advised her not to feel bad for Amber, as she brought on all her problems herself. He vowed he would not believe Amber's lies that Erica could be responsible for drugging Amber then killing Lance.

Ridge was unhappy to discover that Amber was spending her "house arrest" in his home indefinitely. He tried to usher Amber out of the house. Taylor stopped him and advised that Amber would go to jail if she left their home.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002
by Anna

When Ridge tries to throw Amber out of the house, Taylor tells him that she made a deal with the judge to take responsibility for Amber. Ridge insists that he doesn't want that tramp in his home. Amber says that she's leaving; she'd rather be in jail than listen to Ridge's insults. Ridge doesn't want Amber there, and he doesn't want Rick coming over to visit either. Ridge tells Taylor that Amber is to blame for all the bad things that have happened to Forrester. He says that he won't live with Amber- either she goes, or he goes. Taylor insists that they can work something out, but Ridge disagrees with her and leaves. Amber apologizes to Taylor for causing so many problems. Taylor assures her that everything is okay and that Ridge will come back.

At the guesthouse, Stephanie arrives with the baby. Brooke encourages her to change clothes and freshen up for Eric, who might be stopping by later. Brooke gives Stephanie some hints on how to show Eric that he's wanted. She also tells Stephanie that Bridget named the baby Hope, and Brooke feels that it is a sign that Bridget has hope that things can be worked out between them. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is happy with Brooke's focus on the baby lately, but wonders how long Brooke can stay away from men and sex. Brooke insists that she has higher priorities now, but that her sex appeal will always be a part of her. Stephanie leaves Brooke to go to the house and wait for Eric to come home. While Brooke is trying on some Forrester lingerie, Ridge arrives.

Erica is still troubled after learning Sheila's true identity and of her involvement in Amber's problems. Erica asks Rick if he could ever forgive the person responsible for all the problems with Amber. Rick, assuming that she means Amber, says that he could forgive, but that trust would be much harder to build back. Erica looks at the picture of Sheila in the Forrester album and asks Rick about his father's former wife. Rick tells her about Sheila and James, and about the child they had together. Erica struggles with whether or not to tell the truth. Rick tells her that if Sheila hadn't run away with Mary, Stephanie and James would have raised the girl as part of the Forrester family. Rick says he wouldn't want to see Mary now. He is sure that Mary must be screwed up by now after all those years with only Sheila to look up to. He wishes that James had found her. Rick tells Erica that Sheila was dangerous, but that Mary could be even more dangerous, after growing up thinking that lying and cheating are okay. He doesn't want anything to do with her.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

At home, while trying on the new Forrester negligee, Brooke flirted with Ridge. Brooke told Ridge that she is re-evaluating her priorities the same way that Ridge did with Taylor and his children. When Ridge started to complain about Taylor, Brooke told him that he is lucky to have Taylor. Ridge was floored by Brooke's new attitude.

Eric planted an unexpected kiss on Stephanie. Eric told Stephanie that when she is ready to return to him, he may not be there waiting for her.

At the Insomnia, Bridget told Betsy that C.J.'s kiss was electrified and the best she has ever had. Bridget was not hopeful about a relationship with C.J.. Sally told C.J. that she was happy to hear about he and Bridget's kiss. C.J. told Sally it was simply a kiss and nothing more. C.J. took Bridget aside and told her that he has a business to run so they must put their feelings for one another aside. Before returning to the customers, C.J. gave Bridget another kiss.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Rick and Stephanie discuss Rick's feelings for Amber. Stephanie asks if Rick misses Amber. Rick tells her that he loves Amber but she continues to be in denial about her role in the breakdown of their marriage. Rick tells Stephanie that Amber has a retraining order prohibiting her from being near Erica. Both Rick and Stephanie agree that Erica is not at fault for the trouble between Rick and Amber, but that the only person Amber has to blame is herself.

Ridge continues to make it hard for Taylor and Amber by giving Amber a hard time every chance he gets. He constantly makes comments to Amber about having a criminal living in his house around his kids, or the value of the neighborhood going down. Amber and Ridge bicker back and forth. Meanwhile, Taylor tells Ridge he's not making it easy for her when all she wants to do is help his family. She reminds Ridge that Amber doesn't have a choice but has to stay at their house by court order. Amber says she's going out to the kitchen to avoid any more conflict with Ridge, who tells her that as long as she's out there she should bring him some eggs. Amber brings back a skillet full of scrambled eggs and dumps them into Ridge's brief case. Taylor stands by looking a bit lost as though she's watching two little children squabbling instead of two adults.

Erica returns home and confronts Sheila telling her that she has learned all about her past from Rick and that her mother has lied to her about everything - her name, her father. The only thing she says Sheila hasn't lied about is how much the Forresters despise her. Now, she believes that as soon as Rick finds out who she is, he will want nothing else to do with her. Erica says she has decided to leave LA and go back to the east coast. Sheila tells her that if she runs away, Erica will be just like her and that once she starts running, she will always feel the need to run and hide who she is. Sheila suggests that the one sure fire way Erica can hold on to Rick is by letting herself get pregnant with his child. Sheila tells her daughter the Forrester men care strongly about family and the one thing Amber has never given Rick is a child of his own. At first, Erica can't believe that her mother would suggest that she sleep with Rick to get pregnant just to bind him to her. Sheila convinces Erica that it is the only way she will have a permanent connection to Rick and the Forrester family. If she does this, Sheila tells her she will be able to have Rick and anything else she has ever dreamed of. Erica, weakened by her love for Rick and not really wanting to leave him, finally agrees to do what her mother asks. Sheila tells her she won't regret her decision.

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