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Monday, February 3, 2003

Brooke wants Deacon to leave, but Deacon insists he loves her too much. She slaps him. Ridge starts to call the police, but Deacon convinces Brooke that their secret shouldn't come out in front of the cops, and maybe the press. Brooke tries to break it to Ridge that she made a mistake when she was lonely. Deacon adds that he was Brooke's ‘mistake' because they were lovers. Ridge is stunned. Brooke tries to convince Ridge that it was the most shameful thing she's ever done and she just wants to put it behind her. Deacon reminds her that she's forgetting something -- or someone. Ridge forces Brooke to face her and admit that Deacon is Hope's father. Ridge is shocked when he realizes that Brooke was carrying on for months behind Bridget's back. He grabs Brooke and wants her to tell him that none of it is true. Amber is horrified to see the X rating on the tape and tells Jimmy she needs to buy it from him. Amber watches the tape. When Amber sees the producer's name on the credits, she calls Rudy right away. Eric tells Stephanie she'd better accept that Ridge's future is with Brooke because there's nothing that can be done to stop them. Stephanie can't believe Eric knows about Brooke's affair

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Due to CBS news coverage of the memorial service for the fallen Columbia astronauts, today's show will be pre-empted in most parts of the country. In others, CBS will air a classic episode. The episode originally scheduled for today will air tomorrow, Wednesday, February 5th.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003
by Anna

At Eric's, Stephanie tells Eric that she can't support Brooke and Ridge together. Eric tells her that Bridget has gotten past what Brooke did, but Stephanie is sure that Bridget hasn't. Bridget is just pretending that she doesn't know what her mother is capable of, just to keep peace in the family.

At the Insomnia, Bridget is distracted by thoughts of the ring Ridge is planning to give Brooke. Thomas calls and tells Bridget he was sent to his room so that his dad could be alone with Brooke. He tells Bridget that he is not ready for what is about to happen, but Bridget comforts him, saying to be happy for the people you love.

Amber goes to see Rudy. She is angry that he is selling the video they made. She reminds him that it was something she did just for him and that she was young and stupid at the time. He says she will thank him someday for making her a star. The video has become very popular and he has sold over 4000 tapes already.

Ridge is shocked when Brooke admits having an affair with Deacon. He is sure that he can't get past what she's done and wants her to leave. Brooke insists that her relationship with Deacon is in the past and it has nothing to do with her relationship with Ridge. She reminds him that he is the man she has always loved. Deacon tells Brooke that she'll never be good enough for Ridge. After Deacon leaves, Ridge wants Brooke to take Hope and go too. Brooke is sure that they can get through this together, and if Bridget can get past what she did, so can they. Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn't want her around his kids, and he can't believe that he was about to replace Taylor with Brooke. Ridge walks out, saying he is already trying to forget her. Brooke is left alone to cry.

Thursday, February 6, 2003

At home Bridget was felt guilty about leaving Ridge and the children. After leaving Brooke, in a rage, Ridge went to Bridget's. Ridge told Bridget that Deacon revealed that he is Hope's father. Ridge questioned Bridget as to why she did not tell him what Brooke and Deacon had done? Ridge apologized to Bridget for all the pain that Brooke and Deacon put her through. Ridge told Bridget that he no longer supports Brooke-he may never want to look at her ever again! Bridget told Ridge that she has forgiven Brooke and he can also. Ridge encouraged Bridget to let her feelings out and talk to him about her pain over Brooke and Deacon's affair, and their baby-her half-sister, Hope. Bridget denied that she was still hurting until finally she broke down crying in Ridge's arms.

Eric and Stephanie went to Ridge's expecting to find he and Brooke having a romantic evening. They were surprised to see Brooke alone and very upset. Brooke informed them that Deacon had ruined her evening with Ridge by revealing to Ridge that he is Hope's father. Eric assured Brooke that when he located Ridge, he would be able to reason with him and calm Ridge down. Eric promised that everything would be okay between her and Ridge again.

Eric arrived at Massimo's office while trying to locate Ridge. Eric informed Massimo that Deacon told Ridge that he is Hope's father. Eric was appalled that Massimo does not approve of Ridge having a relationship with Brooke.

Amber demanded that Rudy stop the production of his X-rated video about her. Amber threatened that if he did not, he would regret it.

After Eric left Ridge's house, Stephanie took the opportunity to beret Brooke. Stephanie sarcastically told Brooke that Ridge's finding out that Deacon is the father of her child is a blessing in disguise. Stephanie gloated that Ridge now really sees Brooke as she really is. Stephanie congratulated Deacon for doing something that she could not do all of these years! Brooke was distraught and broke down in tears.

Friday, February 7, 2003

Thorne talks to a reporter about Macy's return. Tricia doesn't think Macy is going to thank him, but Thorne insists he's done Macy a favor. He's sure that once the story comes out, Macy will stay in L.A. He says this is where Macy belongs, and she has to be reminded of that. Thorne explains that he let Macy slip through his fingers before and he's not going to lose her again. After they take Sally home from the hospital, Clarke admits to Macy that she's the only one who could save Sally. Ridge comforts Bridget and promises her that they're going to face her troubles together. Bridget recounts the night she found out about Brooke and Deacon's affair. She admits that she thought she had put the hate and anger behind her until Ridge showed up tonight. Lorenzozo wants Macy to go back to Europe with him before someone recognizes her. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door and the phones are ringing all at once. Darla opens the door and reporters rush in. Macy realizes there's no use hiding because her secret is out, and Sally suggests they schedule a press conference. Thorne calls in the midst of the mayhem and assures Macy that he loves her, and he's not giving up on her.

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