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Monday, September 22, 2003

In Massimo's office:
Massimo discussed the problem of the group in Calixto that threatened his business with Nick and the Admiral Perkins. He was worried about Ridge and the possibility of kidnapping. Nick reminded Massimo that Ridge was safe on his honeymoon. Massimo ordered bodyguards for Ridges' children and Jackie. Admiral Perkins advised Massimo and Nick to be cautious as well.

Brooke and Ridge are on their honeymoon they discussed the happiness they felt at finally being married. Brooke promised that she would accept Stephanie and get along with her. They attempted to make love when a parrot sitting in the window interrupted them. Brooke and Ridge remembered seeing the parrot before. Ridge tried to get the bird to leave and chased it away.

Amber was trying to convince Oscar that he should help her set Deacon up by telling the judge everything that he knows about his past. Oscar was reluctant to help he doesn't want to get involved.

Massimo's office:

Nick wanted to go to Calixto to keep an eye of the developments there and Massimo ordered his jet to be ready for take off. Massimo recalled a time when an employee of his had his child kidnapped and commented that he now knows how that man must have felt.

Brooke and Ridge continue their love making when Brooke remembered a wedding gift she had gotten for Ridge. She gave him a pocket watch on a gold chain inscribed with the word "Unforgettable." The parrot returned to the window, was trying to get inside the room when Ridge. Frustrated at the parrot's antics pulled the shade down not knowing that someone was watching them from the shadows

Massimo's jet:
Aboard the jet the pilot told Massimo and Nick that Ridge was in Calixto. The pilot was reluctant to give any more information, because he promised Ridge he would not tell where he had taken him and Brooke. Nick told the pilot that it was an emergency and that Ridge would thank him. The pilot told them that Ridge was at a resort on Calixto Island. Massimo concluded that the group was after Ridge and urged the pilot to get them there.

Bridget entered the room to take Amber to X-ray and Amber told her all about Oscar knowing Deacon years ago and how she thinks that Oscar can help them get Little Eric back. Bridget told Amber that she should just give it up that Rick was at the house packing Little Eric's things so that he could go live with Deacon and Macy. Bridget tried to get Amber to see that it was a lost cause. Bridget suggested that Amber keep her brilliant ideas to herself and they leave for X-ray. Bridget returned later to see Oscar and apologized for Amber's behavior. They discuss Deacon, Bridget told Oscar that she was married to Deacon and it was something that she was not proud of. Oscar was speechless as Bridget left the room.

Brooke went to take a shower and change into something sexy. While Ridge admired his gift he also got a bottle of wine ready when the bird started squawking from inside the room. Ridge was baffled at how the bird could have gotten into the room. He then noticed the door ajar. He walked over to investigate it when someone sneaked in behind him and hit him over the head with a candlestick. The kidnappers put an unconscious Ridge in a van and drove off. When Brooke exited the shower looking for Ridge the room was empty.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

On the Marone jet, Nick and Massimo frantically tried to figure out which resort that Brooke and Ridge were staying at.

Meanwhile, Brooke called a resort worker when she finished her shower and realized that Ridge was gone. She was not convinced by the worker that Ridge had gone out to a bar drinking. She instructed the worker to call the police. Massimo arrived at the resort to discover that Ridge had already been kidnapped. Brooke assumed that Massimo kidnapped Ridge. She would not answer Massimo's questions. Brooke would not believe that Massimo had nothing to do with Ridge's kidnapping. When Nick arrived, Brooke trusted him enough to believe that Massimo did not kidnap Ridge. Nick made a promise to Brooke that he would find Ridge and bring him back to her.

In LA, Samantha bought Stephanie a new wardrobe. She hired Raphael to fix the hideous haircut that a drunken Sally had given to Stephanie. Raphael gave Stephanie a total make-over!

When Ridge woke up he found himself tied out. The kidnappers informed him that he was going to help them gain retribution. Ridge tried to convince his kidnappers to let him go. Ridge assumed it was a case of mistaken identity, until they called him Mr. Marone!

While in the hotel room, Massimo received a ransom note from the kidnappers. The note instructed Massimo to provide them with ten million dollars worth of gold or Ridge would die!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
by Anna

In the abandoned building, a lady comes to bring the kidnappers some food. She offers Ridge a few bites and tries to clean the blood from his face. The men stop her and tell her to deliver the note.

Ten million dollars worth of gold coins arrives at the hotel and Massimo prepares to meet with the kidnappers. Nick assures Brooke that they'll get Ridge back. The note comes, instructing Massimo to come alone with the gold to the pier. Nick wants to come too, but Massimo insists that they must do as they're told in order to get Ridge back safely. After Massimo leaves, Nick receives a call telling him "we'll stay with him." While Nick and Brooke wait, Nick tells Brooke that Ridge doesn't understand the dangers of the world. Nick promises to do a better job of protecting his brother.

Bridget stops by to visit Oscar in the hospital. He wonders what she ever saw in Deacon. Oscar explains that he was friend with Deacon for awhile in Las Vegas when Deacon worked at Oscar's dad's casino. He tells Bridget that since his dad died, Oscar has tried to run the casino alone, but the syndicate has wanted a piece of the action. Bridget tries to talk him out of going back, that it is too dangerous, but Oscar says that casinos are in his blood. He admits to always wanting to run a club, and Bridget encourages him to go after that dream. Oscar tells her that she's beautiful. Bridget, flustered, leaves to go back to work.

The kidnappers head out to meet Massimo, leaving Ridge behind. The woman stays behind with Ridge. He questions her and asks for her help. She tells Ridge that if Massimo does what he's told, then everything will be okay.

The men meet Massimo at the pier. He insists on seeing Ridge first before he gives them the gold. When he resists them, the men pull out their guns.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

In the hotel room, Massimo told Nick and Brooke that he had been set up. He explained that he tried to hold the gold until he saw Ridge. Instead, the kidnappers took out guns and threatened to kill him and Ridge if he did not hand over the gold. The bellman delivered a second ransom note to Massimo. Nick noticed that the bird seemed upset with the bellman who delivered the ransom note.

Anna brought water for Ridge to drink. He quietly asked her about the ransom. He explained to Anna how worried he was about his father and wife. Anna coldly told him, that it is his problem. She advised that the kidnappers would kill both she and Ridge if they saw her speaking to him. The kidnappers brought the telephone over to Ridge. An unnamed person told Ridge over the telephone that his wife and father would be killed if the ransom was not received. While the kidnapper who was guarding Ridge got drunk, Ridge started to cut the rope with which he was tied with. He used the pendant that Brooke had given to him as a wedding present.

In LA, Deacon tried to convince Macy to do a world concert tour. Macy told Deacon that she is not interested in leaving LA because she wants to be with him and Eric. Deacon gave Macy a concert tour jacket with her name on it.

Brooke told Nick that the bird seemed to like Ridge. Nick figured out that the bird may have witnessed Ridge's abduction. Nick left the hotel and followed the bellman to a bar. Nick observed whom the bellman was sitting with. Nick figured that these men were the kidnappers. Nick saw the men at the table drag the bellman out of the bar. Nick heard a commotion, and then he heard Anna scream. He saw her rush to the bellman's side. Nick felt the bellman's pulse and told Anna he was dead. Nick begged Anna to lead him to Ridge.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Brooke and Massimo argue about what Massimo thinks was a foolish act on Nick's part. Massimo says that Nick doesn't have enough experience dealing with criminals like the guerillas' holding Ridge. Brooke says that Nick will succeed because he is resourceful and loves his brother.

When Nick learned that the bellman was involved with the guerillas' he was determined to follow the man, thinking it would lead him straight to Ridge. Before this can happen, the guerillas' kill the bellman. Nick convinces the bellman's grieving sister, Anna to finish what her brother started. Anna tells Nick the guerillas' are expecting her to bring them food. Nick decides this will be the perfect opportunity for him to disguise himself to gain access to the kidnap location.

The guerillas' are furious that Massimo has refused to pay the second ransom, and threaten to send Ridge home dead to his father. Before they can hurt him, they receive a phone call instructing them not to hurt him, but to let him make a phone call to his family proving that he is still alive. Ridge calls the hotel and reaches Brooke. He tries to reassure her that everything will be all right. He tells her they haven't gone through all that they have to be together, for everything to fall apart. His phone call is interrupted by one of the guerillas'. Nick, who sneaked in with Anna, sees one of the men tell Ridge he almost feels sorry for him - just before he kicks him. Under his breath, Nick whispers to himself, "Hang in there."

Charlie Webber arrives at the hotel and lets the information slip to Brooke that Massimo has not approved the payment of additional gold for Ridge's safe return. Brooke is furious hearing this news, and becomes even angrier when they tell her they are going to follow a lead and won't let her come with them.

Bridget visits Ozzie who shares the good news of his new business venture with her. She helps him hang a lucky horseshoe that Ozzie received from his father. One thing leads to another and they share their first kiss.

Massimo returns and Brooke tells him that Ridge called, and that he was obviously being threatened. Back at the kidnap sight, He eases over on the pretense of giving Ridge water, lets Ridge see who he is, cuts the ropes that bind Ridge's hands. Together, they fight off the guerillas', killing one of them. Before they can leave, Ridge is surprised by a lone figure holding a gun on him. "You", he says and the camera pans to the face of the ringleader of the guerillas', none other than Sheila Carter.

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