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Monday, April 2, 2007

At Forrester Originals, in Rick's office, he is surprised to find Ashley there when he walks in. When she notices his black eye Rick admits that Ridge did it. He then explains about how Ridge caught him and Phoebe in the honeymoon suite. Ashley is not impressed and thinks Rick and Phoebe are acting very immature. She doesn't think it is smart for Rick to continue to jeopardize his working relationship with Ridge. Rick is flippant saying it doesn't matter and he is glad that Ridge and Brooke aren't getting married. He adds that the publicity from the scandal could even help their launch. Disgusted by his callous attitude, Ashley walks out.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie thinks everything has been blown out of proportion and tells Ridge he was justified in his actions towards Rick and that he shouldn't have to apologize. Ridge confesses that Brooke is so upset with him that she called off the wedding. Stephanie doesn't think Ridge should feel bad and reminds him that he asked Brooke countless times to keep Rick away from his daughter. Ridge tries to convince himself that Brooke will realize he did the right thing once she calms down. Then he starts getting worried because she hasn't called and fears that she ran to Nick. Stephanie argues that if she is with that "son of a bitch" she doesn't deserve Ridge. Not wanting to take part in a Brooke bashing, Ridge tells Stephanie to leave if she can't be supportive of him. After she leaves, Ridge leaves a desperate message for Brooke saying he knows they can work it out. Ashley walks in after overhearing his message and offers her support.

Downstairs at Nick's, Taylor thanks Jackie for her acceptance and tells her it means a lot. Jackie beams at her future daughter-in-law and thanks her for making Nick so happy. Jackie admits that she didn't think anyone could make him happy but Brooke, until now. After discussing Brooke's upcoming wedding, Taylor confesses that Nick wanted her to marry him the night before, but she wanted to include the family. Jackie is impressed that Taylor doesn't feel a need to rush to the altar. Noticing how long she has been away from him, Taylor tells Jackie she should get back up to Nick.

Meanwhile upstairs in Nick's bedroom, Brooke throws herself at Nick trying to get him to take her back. Nick wards off her advances and tells her to go home, saying tomorrow everything will be different. Challenged by his indifference, Brooke refuses to leave and tells him she needs him back. She then blathers on about how what happened in Sydney really opened her eyes to the kind of man Ridge is. Brooke admits that Nick was right about Ridge all along. Brooke laments ever walking out on Nick in the first place. Not wanting to be a part of her drama, Nick states that he has moved on with his life. Brooke argues that she doesn't care about that since she knows he had rather be with her than Taylor. Nick angrily replies that he is not doing this with her again and adds that it is too late for them. When her words don't seem to be having the desired effect, Brooke decides to get physical pushing him on the bed and straddling him. Before she can take things further, Taylor bursts in the room and demands to know what is going on.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

In Nick's bedroom, Brooke continued to beg Nick to take her back. Brooke jumped on top of Nick and tried to make love to him. At that moment, Taylor came back upstairs and found Brooke. Taylor asked Brooke what she was doing in Nick's bed. Brooke explained that she did not know that Taylor was there. Brooke explained that she was not getting married to Ridge because she called off the wedding. Brooke explained that she was appalled by Ridge's hitting Rick when he found Phoebe and Rick together in the honeymoon suite. Taylor sarcastically explained to Brooke that she cannot call off a wedding to Ridge one minute then try to get back with Nick and the next one. Taylor also informed Brooke that she and Nick almost got married last night but decided to wait. Taylor informed Brooke, however that they were not waiting on starting a family together and that Taylor could be pregnant already. Brooke insulted Taylor and asked her why she would want to have children at her age?

Ashley went to Ridge's office to offer her support to him. Ashley told Ridge that Brooke would calm down and come around. Ashley also said she did not agree with violence but understood why Ridge hit Rick. Ashley also understood that Ridge was trying to protect his child. She told him that her father always protected her and her siblings and gave them unconditional love.

Nick walked Brooke downstairs to escort her out. Brooke again made a play for Nick by begging him to take her back. Nick told Brooke that he knows that Brooke is angry with Ridge, but as always, she would get over her anger and return to Ridge. Brooke asked Nick to tell her that he still loves her. Nick would not.

Stephanie tried to comfort Ridge. Stephanie figured that Ridge and Brooke's relationship was not meant to be. Out of concern, Stephanie called Taylor to warn her that Brooke called off the wedding. Taylor informed Stephanie that Brooke had already been there and Taylor found Brooke in Nick's bed. Stephanie informed Ridge of Brooke's whereabouts and what she had done. Ridge was shocked that Brooke would try to return to Nick so soon after calling of their wedding.

Stephanie saw Brooke at the office. Stephanie told Brooke she was having a good day because she heard that Brooke called the wedding to Ridge off. Stephanie advised that Ridge had advised her many, many times to keep Rick away from Phoebe, but Brooke would not. The end result was that Ridge lost his temper. Stephanie did not condone Ridge's behavior, but certainly could understand why he hit Rick.

After Brooke left, Taylor told Nick she does not blame him for Brooke being in his bed. Taylor told Nick that she still loves him. Taylor told Nick that she understands how strong Nick's feelings for Brooke were and that those kinds of feelings don't just go away. Taylor explained that when Brooke behaves like she just did, she does not stop until she gets what she wants. Taylor warned that now Brooke wants Nick. Taylor felt very strongly that she knows where Nick stands in their relationship; however, Taylor asked Nick a very important question: Where does she stand with him?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Nick is honest with Taylor about his feelings for Brooke, but says that he is a better man with Taylor. Phoebe feels guilty that her relationship with Rick could be the reason why Ridge and Brooke broke up. Rick tells Phoebe that now that the worst is out there, they can finally be open about being together. Ridge tells Felicia that the wedding is off but she tells him to hunt Brooke down. Ridge confronts Brooke about seeing Nick right after calling off their wedding. Stephanie tells Brooke that she wants her out of the Forrester business. Stephanie tells Felicia that Taylor and Nick are planning on having a baby together.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

At the Forrester mansion, Eric, Stephanie, Felicia and Bridget weigh in on the Ridge and Brooke breakup. Eric and Bridget say Phoebe was in no danger with Rick, and Ridge was out of line, but Stephanie disagrees. Steph starts in on how Ridge may have gotten there in the nick of time, and what if Phoebe had wound up pregnant. Eric and Bridget argue with her, but she accuses them both of always making excuses for Brooke, and Felicia agrees. The group breaks up with Steph insisting Bridget stay to talk to her as Bridget rolls her eyes. The conversation, of course, has Steph trying to persuade Bridget to help her keep her mother away from Nick so that Taylor won't get hurt. Bridget says she's not going to help since Brooke knows what she wants, and that Nick is the only man for her. She hopes Nick and Brooke get back together before Taylor gets hurt.

At Brooke's, a frumpy-looking Brooke with messy hair and dressed in a sweat suit, remembers how she and Ridge romantically walked along the street in Australia and how she promised to be with him "forever and ever." Next, she remembers Ridge taking a swing at Rick who falls to the floor with Brooke running to his side. The door opens to her house to bring her back to reality as Rick comes in sharing news that the launch of the Rodeo Drive boutique went off somewhat awkwardly since the press expected a wedding, and there wasn't one. He acknowledges that she was wise to stay away. Stephanie's piercing gaze was no fun for Rick. Brooke warns that if Stephanie and Ridge try anything, but Rick stops her saying he's a big boy. Then, Rick asks about Nick, and reminds her of how happy she was with him and mentions that if she is done with Ridge, she should get back with Nick. Brooke admits she's done, but has hurt Nick too many times and gone back to Ridge way too many times. As Brooke bellyaches that Nick wants to marry Taylor and they are trying to procreate, Rick reminds her that she should hurry up before they succeed. Rick leaves, and Taylor later shows up knocks on the door, and pushes her way in threatening that she won't let Brooke into Nick's life and that Nick recognizes her for what she is. Running back and forth from Ridge to Nick won't work this time. Shaking her finger and spouting warnings, an angry Taylor says she knows she's wasting her time trying to talk to Brooke, and she leaves.

At Nick's office, a steady stream of visitors rolls through. It starts with his mother, who reiterates the litany that Brooke left Ridge, and she made Nick so happy. Now, she's available again and Jackie knows he has the power to forgive her. Nick stops her, and says Brooke will be back with Forrester in no time, and he's found a new life with Taylor who happens to be listening at the door. As Taylor enters, an embarrassed Jackie apologizes for her opining and hopes Taylor isn't offended. Taylor says it's fine. Jackie needs to understand and respect that Taylor and Nick are going to be together. After Jackie and Taylor leave, Rick enters, and he and Nick banter about his battered face. Then, Rick tells Nick that his mother realizes she made a mistake, and to please forgive her. They belong together. Nick reminds him that he and Taylor are starting a life and a family, but Rick tells him he already has a family with little Hope practically considering him her dad. Nick looks a little soft when Rick plays the Hope card, and says he will always be there for Hope. Rick tells him to think about a life with Brooke, and leaves. Later, when Nick is working on his computer, the door flies open with Meriah apologizing that she couldn't stop Brooke who is now dressed to the nines with a great do and makeup -- from coming in. As Nick tells Meriah it's OK, he asks Brooke what she wants. "You," she says.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Ashley is jealous when she sees Rick and Phoebe kissing. Ashley is uncomfortable around Phoebe when they test the new fragrance. Ashley daydreams about some romantic moments of her and Rick in Paris. Bridget sees a picture of Ashley and Rick and realizes their relationship was not strictly business. Rick tells Taylor that he respects Phoebe and that he and Phoebe decided to wait to have sex. Rick and Phoebe discuss the relationships between their mom's and Ridge and Nick. Taylor receives an early pregnancy test from the pharmacy. Brooke tells Nick that she wants to fix the mistakes she made and that she can make him happier than Taylor. Taylor overhears Brooke as she reminds Nick of the family he could have with her and Hope. Brooke confronts Taylor and tells her that she won't back down until she knows that Taylor is pregnant.

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