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Monday, March 21, 2011

In Bill's office, Bill advised a disoriented Liam to go home. Jarrett entered with Ridge's Taboo cancelation memo. Jarrett said that, though it had been a productive press conference, he didn't believe that Taboo was supposed to exist anymore. Upon reading the memo, Bill wondered what had pushed Ridge's buttons and how Jarrett had gotten his "sticky little English fingers" on the document. Jarrett swore he'd found it on the floor.

Liam wondered why Ridge would write the memo ending the line, but hold a press conference about the line's continuation. Jarrett stated that Ridge had been strangely stone-faced during the event, but could have changed his mind about cancelling the line. Bill thought Ridge was capable of changing his clothes twice in a day, but not his mind.

Liam supposed that Thomas had known about the cancelation, but had "headed [Ridge] off at the pass." Bill asked if Liam actually thought a son would undermine his father that way. Liam frowned, and Bill announced that they had their cover story.

Liam reasoned that Brooke and Thomas might not have known about the cancelation, and irresponsible reporting could open the Spencers up to a lawsuit. Bill theorized that Brooke and Thomas had challenged Ridge in a public forum. Citing that sales for Taboo were through the roof, Bill figured Ridge had squashed Taboo because his wife and son had crossed the line.

Liam ushered Jarrett out and tried to reason with Bill. Bill claimed they lived for tabloid firestorms, but Liam doubted Katie would agree. Bill declared that being Katie's sister didn't warrant Brooke a free pass. Bill said Forrester had used the tabloids to promote Taboo; however, the press was a double-edged sword. "Welcome to the other side of the blade," Bill said.

Liam implored his father not to publish the rumor without facts; however, Bill said Brooke was no friend of Liam's. Bill cited that, after the pregnancy news, Hope couldn't dump Liam fast enough to please Brooke. Liam anguished over hurting Hope with bad press, so Bill begrudgingly said it might be wise to hold off for a few days to give the story time to develop.

In Thomas' office, Dayzee and Thomas kissed. He remarked that Steffy had grown power-hungry, so Dayzee was the only person he counted on to give it to him straight. Dayzee took advantage of the statement to advise him against warring with his father, but Thomas quipped that he'd done enough apologizing. She said only the injured party could decide that, and she was sure Thomas didn't want to lose his father.

Across the hall in Ridge's office, Ridge raged that he and Brooke were equal partners at home, but not in the office -- or in raising his son. Brooke asserted that Thomas was an adult, and Ridge wouldn't have treated other designers the way he'd treated Thomas. Ridge asked what gave Brooke the right to interfere in his relationship with his son. Brooke expressed her worry that clamping down too hard would cause him to lose Thomas.

Ridge asked if she thought she'd been right to defy him by holding a press conference. Brooke claimed she'd been buying time to have a reasonable discussion with him about the Taboo cancellation. Someone knocked on the door, and Ridge rasped at the person to return later. Entering anyway, Thomas said he'd normally comply, but later might be too late.

Thomas apologized for putting Ridge in a bad position, but Thomas said he'd done the same thing that Ridge would have done. Thomas stated that he and Ridge had both been wrong, but Ridge had been wrong first. Ridge replied that he'd acted within his rights as CEO. Thomas accused Ridge of punishing his son just because he could. "I stopped you -- for today -- because I could," Thomas asserted.

Ridge was certain that Thomas had an agenda involving Brooke. Thomas admitted that he'd thought about Brooke; however, it was only because she'd been the only one at the company who'd believed in him. Thomas claimed that Ridge had cared about Hope and Steffy's dreams, but hadn't even known what Thomas' dreams were.

Thomas swore the kiss hadn't been a big deal. He figured he'd been sorting out what Brooke was to him, and the kiss had helped, because it had left him feeling foolish. Ridge thanked Thomas for having the courage to discuss it; however, Ridge felt he was in a quandary. Continuing the line would be like rewarding Thomas' defiance, but killing the line would leave the public to speculate about the dynamics between Ridge, Brooke, and Thomas.

As they spoke, Ridge got a call about an urgent matter at Forrester International. Thomas stomped toward the door, and Brooke urged him not to walk out. Thomas replied that Ridge had left him with only one direction.

Thomas left, and Ridge prepared to go to Paris to deal with a labor strike. Brooke asked if he'd really leave without closure. Ridge said Thomas hadn't liked Ridge's idea of closure. She offered to accompany Ridge to Paris, but he said they both shouldn't be gone at the same time.

Brooke assured Ridge that he had nothing to worry about with her and Thomas, but Ridge noted that, regardless of the reason, she'd defied him in a room full of reporters. Ridge felt disrespected, but Brooke reasoned that it would have been worse if he'd lost the love and respect of his son. She insisted that she'd been trying to prevent that.

Brooke hoped the trip would give Ridge time to think, and she asked him to call from Paris. Ridge claimed it'd be hard to do with the time difference. He told her to take care, and she remarked that it wasn't the end of anything. She said she loved him enough to stand up to him when it was right, and she'd be there when he returned. Brooke believed that he'd forgive her -- and possibly thank her. Ridge sadly touched her hair and left.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
by Pam

Eric was hard at work on designs in his office. Stephanie entered and admired his work. Eric told her that he had been inspired at the press conference. He announced that the designs were for the Taboo line. Stephanie dished that the Taboo line had been cancelled. She snarked that Eric was once again obsessed with designing for Brooke's body.

Eric tried to ignore her remarks, but she continued and reminded him that Ridge had cancelled Taboo because Thomas had kissed Brooke. Eric made fun of the event and called it ancient history, but she brought up that Thomas had kissed Brooke on the plane. Eric said that Brooke had been asleep when Thomas had kissed her. Eric wondered how Stephanie was going to make that event Brooke's fault, but Stephanie reasoned that Brooke could turn men on no matter what she was doing.

Eric quizzed Stephanie about what had happened that was so scandalous after the kiss. Stephanie said that Brooke had awakened. Eric mocked her and likened it to a fairy tale. He was unimpressed that anything tragic had happened, and he begged Stephanie to stop gossiping about something so silly.

Stephanie was not dissuaded. She reminded Eric that Brooke and Thomas had defied Ridge's order to cancel Taboo. Instead, they'd stood in front of reporters and announced that Taboo was going to expand and include a women's line. Eric seemed amused. He planned to talk to Ridge, but Stephanie explained that Ridge had left on an emergency trip to Paris. Eric said that he would talk to Thomas and Brooke. Stephanie thanked him.

Thomas entered Ridge's office to talk to Ridge, but discovered that only Brooke was in the office. Brooke shared that Ridge had gone to Paris for some emergency negotiations. She felt that it was best and that Ridge needed some time alone. Thomas apologized for all the trouble he had caused.

Hope and Oliver entered and said that they had prepared for the Taboo shoot that had been scheduled in the studio. Brooke and Thomas seemed to have forgotten about it, but said that they could handle the shoot in the office rather than the studio. Hope and Oliver said that they would return with the equipment. After they left, Thomas said that he didn't want to cause any more trouble. Thomas told Brooke that it was all right with him if they cancelled the shoot. Brooke dismissed the idea.

While Oliver and Hope were waiting, they had a late lunch and teased one another. Hope remarked that no matter who her mother was with, you could always imagine them as a cute couple. Oliver seemed embarrassed.

Hope and Oliver returned for the photo shoot in the office and got shots of Thomas and Brooke dressing a female mannequin. Stephanie and Eric entered. Stephanie expressed her disapproval, and Eric surprised everyone and said that he had designs for the Taboo line as long as it was all right with them. Thomas was honored. He excitedly asked to see the designs. Brooke was excited.

Thomas and Eric left Stephanie and Brooke alone in the office. Brooke happily announced that Eric clearly agreed with keeping the Taboo line alive. Stephanie seethed that Brooke had disappointed everyone. Stephanie told Brooke that they had made it so far in getting along together, and then Stephanie bitterly spat that Brooke had thrown Stephanie's love right back in her face.

Brooke countered that Stephanie's love must not have been worth much if she had withdrawn it the first time they had an argument, and Brooke disagreed with her. Stephanie shouted that Brooke had defied Ridge. Brooke told Stephanie that she loved Ridge too much to allow him to destroy Thomas' career and his own relationship with Thomas over a misunderstanding.

Brooke reminded Stephanie that Thomas wanted to make his own way in the fashion world and get out from under Ridge's shadow. Brooke added that she had helped raise Thomas and had seen the change in him since he had experienced success. Brooke refused to allow Stephanie and Taylor's paranoia to ruin a money-making campaign that had built a name and career for Thomas. Stephanie was speechless.

Eric and Thomas discussed Eric's designs, and Thomas was encouraged and elated that his grandfather was working for him. Eric told Thomas that he had worked very hard as a young man to build a company that his children and grandchildren would take over. Eric hoped that Thomas was ready, and Thomas happily said that he was ready to take over. Later, Brooke congratulated Thomas on earning Eric's support of the Taboo line.

On board the Forrester jet, Ridge prepared for takeoff, and Taylor boarded the jet. Ridge asked why she was there, and Taylor stammered that someone had called the house to confirm that Mr. Forrester would be on time for the takeoff for Paris. She said that they must have called the wrong Mr. Forrester.

Ridge wondered why that had led her to the airport, and Taylor admitted that she had visions of Thomas commandeering the jet for an ill-advised trip to Paris to promote Taboo. Ridge seemed amused that she had been so spontaneous. Taylor said that she needed to talk to Ridge about canceling the Taboo line. She was furious that he had allowed Thomas and Brooke to defy his orders. She refused to get off the jet until they had resolved some issues.

Ridge warned that the plane had to leave. Taylor sat down and buckled her seatbelt. She said that she would return when the jet returned. In flight, she walked around the cabin and imagined Brooke asleep on the plane with Thomas kissing her. Ridge seemed to read her mind and assured her that he didn't know where the kiss had happened.

Taylor warned Ridge that he had had to do something about Brooke and Thomas and the Taboo line. Ridge warned that if he canceled it, he would look foolish. He said that he needed to reconsider his options. Taylor trotted out the reminder that Ridge had said he would leave Brooke if anything inappropriate ever happened again.

Ridge reminded Taylor that he knew he had said that he would run right to Taylor for protection. He added that he had never meant anything by it unless Brooke and Thomas had been involved in some torrid affair. Taylor looked disappointed. Ridge reminded her that she was a married woman.

Taylor finally fessed up that Whip had put the original pictures of Brooke and Thomas on the Internet. Ridge suggested that Taylor deserved better. He wondered if she truly loved Whip. Taylor said that she was happy and that Whip treated her like a queen.

Stephanie called and interrupted the conversation. Ridge videoconferenced with her on his computer. Stephanie reported that Brooke and Thomas had just finished a photo shoot for Taboo. Stephanie prattled on about how Brooke was the wrong woman for Ridge because she had not respected his wishes. Stephanie insisted that he needed to talk to Taylor, a woman who respected him. Ridge never let on that Taylor was with him, but Taylor happily acknowledged Stephanie's compliments.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
by Pam

On the flight to Paris, Ridge listened as Stephanie warned him that Brooke was not the woman for him. After Ridge concluded his conversation with Stephanie, Taylor agreed and reminded Ridge that Brooke had let him down again.

Taylor reiterated that Ridge had told Brooke what would happen if she let him down again. Ridge blamed Thomas for lying to Brooke at the press conference. Thomas had convinced Brooke that he was going to announce that Taboo had been cancelled. Ridge knew that was why Brooke had agreed to stand up with Thomas at the press conference. Taylor pointed out that Thomas and Brooke had defied Ridge's authority.

Taylor trotted out her "Brooke is bad" speech, and she wondered what it would take for Ridge to finally admit that Brooke had crossed all the lines that Ridge had drawn for her. Taylor prattled on that Brooke had defied him and he continually made excuses for her. Ridge said that Taylor had painted a Brooke and Thomas conspiracy theory that he refused to agree had happened. Ridge added that Taylor and his mother remembered only the bad things that Brooke had ever done.

Taylor admonished Ridge for wishing that it would all go away. Ridge admitted that Taylor had warned him about the Taboo line in the beginning, but he had refused to listen in those early stages. Taylor reiterated that Brooke was involved in yet another scandal that Ridge had said he wouldn't tolerate. Taylor claimed that she didn't want to see Ridge get hurt again.

At Bill and Katie's new Malibu beach house, Tawny visited Amber. Tawny gushed about the size of the house and how their plan to bilk Bill and Liam of money with the idea that Amber was carrying Liam's baby had worked. Tawny wondered why Amber wasn't jumping for joy. Tawny asked why Amber had only shared bad news about how Liam had almost died and Amber had almost died. Amber reminded her mom that the trailer explosion had almost killed Liam and the fall over the cliff could have killed Amber.

Tawny said that Amber was sitting waiting for Liam to show up for a visit. Tawny said that things were looking up. Amber begged Tawny to leave so that Liam would not become suspicious of them. Liam arrived, and Amber and Tawny greeted him, but Amber encouraged Tawny to leave. Tawny left, and Amber said that she had heard about Liam's breakup with Hope.

Liam refused to discuss his breakup. Liam said that he had heard about Amber's fall and wanted to make sure that she and the baby were all right. Amber said that she was glad to see him because it was lonely at the house. She added that her mom's trailer had tried to kill Liam and his dad's house had tried to kill her. Amber said that it had been a series of accidents.

Amber assured him that she and the baby were fine. Liam said that his father apparently did not hate Amber as much as they had thought because he had set her up in the beach house. Liam apologized because he had not seen Amber sooner. Liam promised to stop by more frequently and see Amber on occasion, but not to move in. Amber begged him to visit for dinner because she had planned to cook Vern, a huge lobster.

Liam was amused that she had named her dinner, but Amber reminded him that she was lonely. She encouraged him to return for dinner and read to the baby in her belly. Liam agreed and left. Tawny returned and Amber said that she had planned a dinner party for herself, Liam, Oliver, and Hope. Tawny nixed the idea, but Amber said that she could go on and on about the baby, and Hope would realize that she had no future with Liam. Similarly, Liam would realize he had no future with Hope, and it would open the door for Liam to have a relationship with Amber.

Tawny walked around and said that the beach house needed a new coat of paint. She encouraged Amber to look on the bright side. Since Liam was a single man, he had needs. Amber looked disgusted and reminder her mother that she was pregnant. Tawny said that pregnancy had never stopped her from having sex.

At Bill's office, Katie and Bill were making out. Katie said that she had missed Bill because he had returned late the previous night after a meeting and he had left early for a meeting in the morning. Bill amorously said that he had no meetings on his agenda, but Katie said that she did. Katie said that she had found the blueprints for the new house and wanted to remodel to make the place their own.

She told Bill how much it had meant to her, as a kid, to look up at the cliffs where the house was. She said that it would be perfect to live there and wake up next to Bill every day. She added that it was the perfect place to build their lives together and that their children would swim on the beach where she had played as a child. She added that Amber had to get a place of her own. Katie kissed Bill and said that he was the most generous man she had ever met for putting Amber up at the beach house.

Katie left, and Steffy entered and locked the door. Bill asked if he had asked her to lock the door. Steffy said that he had called her, so it must have meant only one thing. She sat on Bill's desk. She purred that he must have wanted something from her. She wondered if he wanted to discuss secrets, and she slyly asked how he was planning to kill Amber. Bill called her a comedian.

Steffy encouraged Bill to share his darkest secrets with her and to trust her. She wanted Bill to move closer to her. Bill moved closer and whispered that he had a question for her that he couldn't ask his wife. Steffy slid closer to Bill as she sat on his desk and leaned in.

Bill asked what was up between Thomas and Brooke. Steffy laughed, and she was disappointed that it was business he wanted to discuss. She told him that Taboo was all an act, but Bill handed her the memo where Ridge had canceled the Taboo line. Steffy wondered where he had found the memo, and Bill explained that it had been on the floor at the Taboo press conference.

Steffy said that the memo was clearly a mistake because the press conference had announced an expansion of the line. Bill mercilessly wondered what had happened that had made Ridge want to kill one of the most successful lines in the history of Forrester Creations. Bill surmised that there was a story, but Steffy insisted that he had no story.

Steffy changed the subject. She reminded Bill that she'd been attracted to him because he was dangerous. Katie listened outside the door, and Steffy poured her heart out. Steffy admitted that she had been unable to forget about him when she went to Paris. She added that she had tried. She recalled that she had been romanced by men that most women could only dream about. She said that no one had excited her the way that Bill had.

She encouraged him to tell her about how he had lost control with Amber. Bill remembered seeing Amber fall over the balcony and he admitted that he knew he had needed to do something. He might have killed her for all the physical and emotional pain that she had caused for Liam. Katie walked out of the shadows, and Steffy jumped off the desk. Katie was incredulous and she confronted Bill about wanting to see Amber dead. Bill looked away.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Bill's office, Katie ordered Bill to say whether he'd intended to kill Amber. Bill admitted that there was more to the tree limb story. Steffy tried to speak, but Katie told her to get out. Steffy left, and Katie demanded to know what Bill had done up on that cliff.

Bill asserted that he hadn't pushed Amber, but Katie guessed that he would have if fate and the branch hadn't intervened. Bill couldn't say that for certain, but he roared that Amber had threatened his son, and he'd needed to protect his family. Katie asked if she were his family, because he hadn't thought of her or their life together while he'd contemplated pushing Amber. Katie huffed that Steffy might find murderous behavior admirable, but Katie did not.

Noting that Steffy seemed to be hanging around Bill a lot, Katie asked "what the hell" Steffy had to do with it. Bill responded that Steffy had saved Amber. Katie wondered how often he'd been meeting with his little confidante. Bill clarified that he loved Katie and admitted that he hadn't been thinking in regard to Amber. Katie agreed that he hadn't been thinking, because the baby was his family, too. Bill, however, refused to accept the pregnancy as anything other than a manipulative violation of his son.

Katie wished she'd listened to her instincts about Bill being up to something. Bill stated that, sometimes, one had to be willing to cross the line, and protecting his family qualified as one of those times. Katie asked him to tell her every detail about the day Amber had fallen -- and why he'd chosen to confide in Steffy Forrester.

Bill repeated that Steffy had saved Amber, and Katie asked what Steffy had been doing at the house. He explained that Steffy had forgotten her purse earlier. "No, what was she doing there in the first place?" Katie demanded to know, because she doubted Amber and Steffy were friends. Bill quipped that parasites had no friends, but Katie insisted that Amber was a human being. Bill declared that Liam and Katie were his world, and though he'd made a mistake, he'd stop at nothing to keep them safe. Katie asked what would happen the next time Amber did something out of line.

Katie was bewildered, because she'd thought she'd known her husband, and she'd been defending him whenever someone had warned her about him. Katie sobbed that she didn't know what to do, because she loved Bill dearly. He acknowledged that he might seem like a stranger to her; however, he was sure that they could get past it.

In Ridge's office, Steffy strode in and asked Thomas what was up with him sitting at their father's desk as if everything were fine. Citing that she'd seen the memo, Steffy guessed that the plane kiss had been a big deal after all. She wondered if he were really that in love with Brooke, "or is it just lust?" Thomas countered by asking her the same thing about Bill Spencer.

Steffy reasoned that Katie was all wrong for Bill. She said Katie hadn't delved into Bill's layers for fear of what lurked there. Thomas guessed his sister liked Bill's dark side. Steffy stated that Katie was in denial to think Bill would ever be a straight-laced husband, but after that evening, Steffy doubted Katie would ever see her husband the same way again.

At the Malibu house with Tawny, Amber prepared dinner for Oliver, Hope, Liam, and herself. Oliver called to cancel, but Amber urged him to seize the chance to show Hope that Liam's future was with Amber. Oliver gave in and said he and Hope would be there. After the call, Amber rushed Tawny out the door. Tawny left just as Liam arrived.

Liam saw four places set at the dinner table, and Amber announced that she'd invited Hope and Oliver to join them. "Awesome idea, right?" Amber beamed. Liam replied that it was anything but an awesome idea, because he didn't want to rub Hope's face in things. Amber claimed that she was just making the situation better for everyone.

Back at Forrester, Oliver broached the idea of going to a dinner party at Amber's house with Hope. Hope guessed he was kidding; however, he explained that Amber had a point about Hope accepting that Liam was having a child with Amber. Oliver noted that Hope's life was at a standstill. She agreed with him and decided to accept the dinner invitation to prove that she could handle herself and the situation.

Later, Oliver and Hope arrived at the Malibu house, and Hope murmured that she was out of her mind to go through with the dinner. Oliver stated that Hope could still change her mind. Just then, Amber whipped open the door and said that "we" were really excited that Hope and Oliver could make it.

Hope and Liam exchanged glances, and upon entering, Oliver complimented Amber on doing well for herself with the house. Amber claimed that Bill had accepted the way things were. Hope assumed that everyone expected her and Liam to follow suit. Liam whispered to Hope and Oliver that he hadn't known they'd been invited. Liam offered to let them bail out, but worried that it would leave him alone with Amber.

Amber cut in to call Liam a kidder. Sitting on the arm of Liam's chair, Amber patted his thigh and remarked that they'd started picking out baby names. "I'm sorry -- we did?" Liam asked. Amber prattled on about having a little Billy or Ambrosia to read bedtime stories to. Hope seemed nauseous as she looked away.

Friday, March 25, 2011

In Bill's office, Katie said Bill had to help her understand how he could plan to kill someone. Bill reasoned that he'd felt compelled to save his son, because the police wouldn't do anything about Amber. He said he hadn't planned murder, but once the idea had occurred to him, he'd been unable to get it out of his mind. To Katie, buying the house seemed very calculating, and she wondered why he'd confided in Steffy instead of his wife.

Katie reminded Bill that she was his partner, and it upset her that he'd turned to the one woman who wanted nothing more than to take their marriage down. Too distraught to talk anymore, Katie hurried to the door. Bill guessed she was walking out on him. Katie said she needed time to think, but she was sure that Steffy was probably just a phone call away.

Later, Katie was driving when Nick called her about retrieving his windsurfing board. Katie tried to sound chipper, but wound up sobbing. Nick wondered what was wrong, and she cried that she needed a place to stay. Nick invited her to his boat to talk.

When Katie arrived at the Shady Marlin, Nick guessed Bill was the reason she needed lodging. Instead of answering, Katie tossed back a beer. Donna arrived, and Katie said she'd called her sister to meet her there. Nick went up on deck to let the women talk alone. Donna assumed Katie's distress had to do with Steffy, but Katie stated that it was worse than that.

In a jumble of words, Katie explained that Bill had been freaked out by Amber's pregnancy. Donna, however, assumed Bill was handling it well, because he'd bought the Malibu house to help Amber. Katie exclaimed that Bill hadn't bought it to help Amber; he'd bought it to kill her. Katie figured he was lucky that Mother Nature had almost done it for him when a tree branch had knocked Amber over a ledge. Donna gasped that Amber was dead. Katie said Steffy had rescued Amber and kept Bill's malice toward Amber a secret.

In Ridge's office, a preoccupied Steffy text-messaged Bill, but then erased it without sending it. She left work and checked for Bill at his office. When she saw that he wasn't there, she traveled to his house to find him alone in the dark and drinking by the fireplace. Assuming that Katie had left him, Steffy said she didn't know why Katie couldn't understand him.

Bill sardonically wondered why Katie wouldn't understand that he'd been on a murderous rampage, and he'd confided it in Steffy instead of his wife. He ordered Steffy to never say another negative word about his wife. "Not ever again," he warned. Steffy claimed she hadn't meant to insult his wife. He insisted that Katie had every right to be upset, just as Steffy had been when she'd first figured out what Bill had been contemplating.

Steffy asserted that Katie and Bill didn't get each other the way he and Steffy did. Grabbing his lapels, she asked what she could do to help. Bill told her to go to her father's house, and if she saw Bill's wife, relay that he was waiting at home. "What if she doesn't show up?" Steffy asked. Bill declared that Katie would show up, and he'd wait as long as it took.

Later, Bill called Katie and asked her to meet him at home. Katie refused, but Bill said he wouldn't lose her. He wished to work things out together, but Katie sobbed that she needed time on her own. Katie clicked off the line, and Bill clenched his jaw.

At the Malibu house, Hope and Liam exchanged sullen glances as Amber continued to sell herself and Liam as a family. During dinner, Amber remarked that Liam was excited to see her ultrasound at her upcoming doctor's appointment. Oliver said he hoped to share that kind of moment someday with the right girl.

Unable take it anymore, Hope abruptly called it a night. As Hope pushed away from the table, Liam hopped up, too, and asked to speak to her alone. Oliver said he'd pull the car around, and Hope agreed to have a talk with Liam. She went outside, and Oliver advised Liam to do the right thing.

Liam joined Hope on the porch and hugged her tightly. Hope declared that she couldn't handle being around Amber. "It's just you and me right now," Liam said and passionately kissed her. As they kissed, a torn Hope said she'd always wanted Liam to be her first. She'd dreamed of making love to him in a beautiful place like the beach house. "Let's go then," Liam said.

Hope jerked away and said she couldn't do it because of the baby. Liam insisted he could take care of his responsibilities, but he had to have Hope, too. Oliver pulled the car around, and Hope broke away from Liam to climb inside. Liam screamed as they drove away. From an upstairs window, Amber glanced down and thought, "That's right, Liam. Come to Momma."

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