B&B Recaps: The week of December 14, 2015 on The Bold and the Beautiful
Nicole's “bestie,” Sasha, arrived in town, and when Nicole and Zende's relationship hit a bump, Sasha decided to be Zende's friend instead. Julius ordered Sasha to keep his secret. Steffy avoided arrest after a restraining order violation. Ivy's near-death experience made her want another chance with Liam.
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Monday, December 14, 2015

At Forrester, Eric met with Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole. He informed them that Ivy would make a full recovery from the accident; however, Ivy had filed a restraining order against Steffy, and Steffy couldn't be in the building. Rick noted that it complicated things for the president no to be at work. Eric said they'd deal with the vacuum eventually, but he hoped the cousins could reconcile things.

Talk turned to Nicole's morning sickness, and Rick joked that his genes were kicking in already. Eric was sure it would pass. "Soon, I hope. Like tonight," Zende chimed in. Zende had something special planned. Rick said they deserved it, and Maya reminded the couple to stay vigilant about bonding. Eric advised the couple to guard against Zende feeling left out of the pregnancy.

Nicole received a message from Vivienne and exclaimed that Sasha had arrived in town the previous night. Gleefully, Nicole described Sasha as her best friend.The girls had grown up on the same street. Nicole couldn't remember a time that the girl hadn't been in her life.

Eric guessed the girls had kept in touch. Nicole said they had, but it was different due to the distance. Nicole said Sasha was happy about Maya's success; however, Nicole hadn't announced her pregnancy. Rick believed that, after a while, Nicole wouldn't have to.

Nicole didn't understand why Sasha had arrived in the city without telling Nicole first. Rick guessed the friend wanted to surprise her. "Then why did she go to my parents first?" Nicole asked. She decided that it was reasonable because her mother and Sasha were also close.

Nicole loved Los Angeles, but seeing Sasha would be like having a slice of home. Niciole prepared to take off to meet Sasha at the Avants' hotel room, and Zende walked her out.

In the corridor, Zende said he'd finally gotten Nicole alone. He kissed her and hinted that there would be more that night. He asked her to make it quick visit with Sasha because, that night, Nicole was all his. Nicole said it was a deal .She felt that Sasha would be jealous -- in a good way -- about Zende.

Back in the CEO's office later, Zende thought of getting flowers for Nicole. Rick suggested roses. Maya thought Zende's plans were good, and it was important not to let the couple's relationship get lost in the pregnancy. Zende said he wouldn't let the pregnancy defeat them. He was crazy about Nicole. Maya said the feeling was mutual.

Zende hoped Sasha approved of him. He sensed that her opinion would carry a lot of weight with Nicole. Maya cooed about how nice it would be to have a life-long friend, and Rick wondered if they'd get to meet Sasha. Maya didn't see why they wouldn't.

In the Avants' hotel room, Vivienne prepared for a job interview at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Julius believed she made a good choice with her outfit, but she said she hadn't had that many outfits to choose from.

Noticing that Julius had set up an indoor-putting green, Vivienne said they'd need to speed up their apartment search if he continued to set up toys in there. She hinted that Maya had offered -- more than once. Julius replied that they weren't going to be Maya's charity case.

Vivienne called him bull-headed and changed the subject to a call she'd gotten the previous evening from someone named Sasha, who would be by to see them. Julius was surprised that Sasha was in Los Angeles and didn't know why Vivienne had invited Sasha to the hotel.

Vivienne didn't know she shouldn't have. Julius grumbled about her hinting that the room was cramped. Vivienne quipped that Sasha wasn't wheeling in a cot. Vivienne stated that Sasha was like family. Julius sad he didn't want a parade of people from back home showing up because of Maya's money. Vivienne stated that Sasha wasn't like that.

There was a knock at the door. Vivienne answered and cooed as she greeted the Sasha. Sasha was sure she'd surprised them. "You can say that again," the disinterested Julius replied.

The women chatted and chuckled, and Sasha asked how Julius was. He bit out that he was fine, and she asked if he'd return the question. Julius quipped that, with his own eyes, he could see that she was just fine. Sasha was excited to experience the city. Vivienne said Nicole had been excited to hear that Sasha was there and was headed over, but Vivienne had to leave for her job interview.

Once Vivienne had gone, Julius dismissively remarked that it had been nice to see Sasha. Sasha stated that she wasn't leaving; she was waiting for Nicole. He replied that the two would have to take their reunion elsewhere because he was busy. Watching him putt, Sasha replied that she could see how busy. Julius claimed that golf soothed him before his next big challenge.

Chuckling, Sasha wished she could have seen Julius' face when he reunited with Maya, his "long-lost son." Sasha was amused by how successful Maya had become after he'd "abandoned" her. Julius agreed that Maya had done well for herself, and Sasha asked if Maya would do well by him. He asked if she thought he was trying to hitch a ride on Maya's good fortune.

Looking around, Julius concluded that he wasn't very good at it, and the hotel wasn't exactly "living high on the hog." Sasha remarked that he was biding his time. Julius snipped that she didn't know what the hell she was talking about, and he asked why she was there. Sasha claimed to miss Nicole. Julius didn't buy that Sasha had traveled all that way to visit with a buddy.

Sasha admitted to wanting to better herself and said there was nothing wrong with grabbing opportunity. Julius asked if she thought he was her way in with the Forresters. Sasha replied that she'd kept his secret, and she wanted something in return. "I knew this was coming. I was waiting for this day," Julius resentfully stated. He demanded to know what she wanted.

Sasha was tired of working fast food and said Julius knew she was capable of more. She noted that the Avants were out there, and she wanted to be out there, too. She asked him to open up the Forresters' world to her. Julius said she wasn't meeting a Forrester; she was going back home.

Sasha said he couldn't dictate where she lived. She didn't like working fast food but said she could do it until she found something better. Julius said it wasn't a good idea. She replied that it had been for each of his family members. She guessed he didn't want to invite inconvenient ghosts from the past into his cushy new life. He said he couldn't help her and was looking for work himself.

Sasha exclaimed that she'd done everything he'd asked her to do for him, and so his help and some cash should come her way. Julius asked if it looked like he had cash to throw around. She said it was fine; she didn't cash. She was hard worker and had been named employee of the month three times that year. He told her to go home and make it four because there was no place for her there.

Sasha stated that Julius had no cause to treat her that way. She told him that he'd said he'd go back to Illinois to stay, but since he wasn't going back, neither was she. Sasha was tired of him ignoring her emails and text messages and relegating her to voicemail. She'd had it with all the indignity, and she refused to go back home while "the rest of you" stayed in L.A.

Julius gave in, but he said their deal would remain. "Not word to my family."

Just then Nicole arrived, and she and Sasha erupted with hugs and giggles. Nicole noticed that her father seemed upset and asked what was going on.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
by Pam

At Julius and Vivienne's hotel room, Nicole and Sasha exchanged greetings. Sasha called Nicole "Miss Beverly Hills," and she asked for another hug. The women embraced and discussed how glad they were to see one another.

Nicole shared that she was pregnant. Sasha was amazed, and Nicole acknowledged it was crazy. She added that no one outside the family had heard that Nicole was the surrogate for Rick and Maya. Sasha teased that Mr. Avant would soon have a grandbaby. Nicole explained that Maya and Rick could not have a child on their own. Nicole added that Maya was excited that Nicole was the surrogate.

Sasha noted that Los Angeles was home to Nicole -- and her amazing boyfriend, Nicole added. Nicole noted that she and Zende had a date that night. Discussion turned to Nicole's boyfriend, and Sasha said she was happy for Nicole that she had found a really supportive "keeper."

Julius reminded Nicole that she had to get back to work. Nicole offered Sasha the opportunity to visit Forrester. Sasha was excited. Nicole excused herself to go to the bathroom. Julius warned Sasha not to get carried away at Forrester. He advised her to be back on a bus to Chicago within three days.

Nicole and Sasha later left for Forrester, and Vivienne returned to say that her job interview had gone well. She reminded Julius that they needed to find living arrangements other than the hotel. Julius ignored her and continued to practice his putting.

At Forrester, Nicole took Sasha into one of the offices shared by Wyatt, Liam, Quinn, and Ivy. Sasha noted that the Spencer guys were hot. She added that Forrester was much more exciting than the fast food places that she had been working. Nicole advised her to give it time because the fast food places were helping Sasha get through college. Nicole pointed out some of the dresses that models wore. Sasha marveled at the couture gowns. Nicole said she had to run an errand and would return quickly.

Sasha grabbed a dress and tried it on behind a screen. While she was behind the screen, Zende entered, and he thought it was Nicole behind the screen. He peeked behind the screen and surprised Sasha. They were both embarrassed.

At Forrester, at the rooftop gym, Carter and Zende worked out, and Carter observed that Zende had been working off his frustration and tension. Zende acknowledged he had a complicated relationship, but he had a date with Nicole that night that would be private. He was happy that Nicole would not be sick or have to cancel on him.

At Wyatt's, he and Ivy entered. Ivy walked painfully to the couch, and Wyatt asked what he could get her. Ivy answered that she wanted Steffy to stay as far away from her as possible because she believed that Steffy was dangerous. She tried to get comfortable on the couch and planned to eat the ice cream and muffins that Wyatt had purchased for her. She would watch movie marathons.

Ivy encouraged Wyatt to return to work because she needed him to ensure that Steffy had packed up her stuff and moved out before Ivy returned to Forrester. Ivy believed she would heal faster once she had returned to work. Wyatt left, and Ivy looked tense.

At Forrester, Steffy and Liam entered her office. Liam offered to help her pack, and Steffy thanked him for his support. Steffy refused to leave. She said she would not be kicked out of her family's company. Liam countered that Ivy could extend the restraining order up to a year.

Steffy insisted that no judge would permit that, but he added that she had to be prepared. Steffy angrily said she shouldn't have to leave. Liam understood, but he advised that it was not up to Steffy. She wanted to find a way to get through to Ivy.

Steffy maintained it had all been a freak accident, and she reiterated that it had not been intentional. She had pushed Ivy in self-defense. She wished she could have made Ivy understand and forgive her. Steffy encouraged Liam to try to get Wyatt to get through to Ivy. Liam said there were no guarantees Wyatt would listen. Liam promised to try to get through to Wyatt. Steffy left, but she did not pack up her stuff.

Later, Wyatt entered Liam's office, and Liam asked about Ivy. Wyatt noted that they were all lucky that she was even alive. Wyatt explained that the restraining order had been the only way to make Ivy feel safe. Liam understood, but he felt it was not the only option. Liam didn't want the consequences to punish Steffy. He asked Wyatt to convince Ivy to remove the restraining order.

At Wyatt's, Ivy sat on the couch, drinking tea. Someone knocked on the door, and Ivy painfully got up off the couch to answer the door. Steffy was there.

Ivy begged Steffy to get away from her because she was supposed to be at least 100 yards away. Steffy argued that she needed Ivy to rip up the restraining order. Steffy wanted them to put the incident behind them. "We're family; we need to get along," Steffy said. Steffy added that it had been a terrible accident, and she was sorry.

Ivy fearfully backed away from Steffy and said she didn't want to hear from Steffy, but Steffy persisted and said she wanted Ivy to tear up the restraining order. Ivy continued to back across the room, and she moved quickly to grab her phone, but she lost her balance, fell, and passed out. Steffy knelt over Ivy and desperately screamed at her to wake up.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Liam and Wyatt discussed that Ivy was truly afraid of Steffy. Liam begged Wyatt to talk to Ivy about lifting the restraining order. Wyatt replied that Ivy's fear was very real. She'd had about 5,000 volts of electricity go through her. "This is not a game," Wyatt added.

Wyatt explained that Ivy and Steffy had not had a good relationship since Steffy had fired Ivy. Liam agreed, but he wondered if Wyatt really thought that Steffy would harm Ivy. Wyatt didn't think Steffy would hurt anyone, but bad things happened when Steffy was around Ivy.

Wyatt admitted that months earlier, he and Ivy had planned to leave Forrester because of Steffy. They had asked Bill to help them start a new fashion house, and Bill had thought about it but had declined. Liam was in disbelief, and Wyatt said, "We were both ready to blow out of here." Wyatt and Liam agreed that Steffy needed to stay away from Ivy, and Wyatt promised to talk to Ivy about lifting the restraining order.

At Wyatt's, Steffy knelt next to an unconscious Ivy and tried to awaken her. Steffy called 9-1-1, but Ivy suddenly awakened. Ivy was groggy and wondered what had happened and why Steffy was there. Ivy crawled away from Steffy and ordered her to get out. Steffy tried to apologize, but Ivy continued to shout at her to get out. Steffy got up and left, and Ivy grabbed her head because it hurt.

Ivy called Lieutenant Baker, who was about to eat a hot dog. In a panicked voice, Ivy told the lieutenant that Steffy had been at her house. She explained that Steffy had wanted Ivy to rip up the restraining order. She added that Steffy had kept moving toward her, and Ivy had fallen and hit her head.

Baker asked if Steffy was still there. Ivy said she had gone, and Baker said he would send a squad car and take care of it. He advised Ivy to lock her doors. Ivy hung up and struggled to get to the door, but it opened and Wyatt entered. Ivy was frightened at first and then relieved to see it was Wyatt.

Ivy explained what had happened. She worried that she already had flashbacks and was terrified. Wyatt calmed her and said she needed time to recover. He added that Steffy had never meant to hurt her. Ivy told him she had called Lieutenant Baker. Wyatt worried. Ivy told him that all she wanted was for Steffy to leave her alone. "When Steffy is around, bad things happen," Ivy said.

At Julius and Vivienne's hotel room, Julius and Vivienne discussed that Sasha had left with Nicole. Julius continued to play golf on his putting green in the hotel room during the discussion. Vivienne hoped that Sasha stayed in Los Angeles, but Julius was adamant that she needed to stay a few days then return to Illinois.

Vivienne wondered why Julius was so against Sasha remaining in Los Angeles. She added that Sasha was like family. Nicole and Sasha were like sisters, and the Avants had practically raised Sasha. "No, she is leaving. We discussed it," Julius said.

"Is there something about Sasha I don't know?" Vivienne asked. She wondered why Julius seemed to have such a problem with Sasha. "Did she do something to you?" Vivienne asked. She grilled Julius about what had happened because Julius was upset and sounded like he had something against Sasha.

"Julius, what is it?" Vivienne demanded. Julius insisted that they didn't need to worry about what Sasha was doing. He changed the subject and asked about Vivienne's job interview. Vivienne was suspicious.

At Forrester, Sasha stood in her underwear behind the screen while Zende apologized for thinking she had been his girlfriend. Sasha apologized but showed no signs of shyness and showed off her perfect body. Zende asked if she was going to cover up, and she said she had no problem with her wardrobe.

Zende walked away from Sasha, and she put on her regular clothes. She asked Zende to zip her up, and he obliged. He noted that she had to be a new model. Sasha lied and agreed she was "fresh off the plane."

Sasha wondered if Zende was also a model because he was clearly not cut out for a desk job. Zende also lied that he was a model. He wondered if Sasha was from New York City or Paris. Sasha admitted she was from the Midwest. He guessed that it was not her first modeling gig. She laughed and admitted that she was not a model and had been cashier. They both laughed, and Zende admitted he was not a model. He was an intern.

Zende repeated that he had thought Sasha was his girlfriend, who was a model. Sasha said it was too bad he had a girlfriend. Sasha asked her name, and when Zende answered that it was Nicole, Sasha figured everything out.

"Zende?" she asked. Zende wondered how she had known his name. She hinted that they had a mutual friend, and Zende realized the mutual friend was Nicole, and she was Sasha. "Whoa, I had no idea you were," Zende stopped, and Sasha finished his thoughts for him. "Beautiful? Captivating?" Sasha asked. "And so humble," Zende said.

Nicole entered. "Oh, good, you've met!" Nicole said. She kissed Zende. Sasha said that Zende was a lucky man. Nicole asked about Sasha's visit with her father. Sasha noted that she had always gotten along with Nicole's mom but not with "Mr. Avant."

Nicole worried that Sasha and her dad had been arguing, but Sasha dismissed it. Nicole urged Sasha to stay and not let her father scare Sasha away. Sasha agreed.

At Forrester, Steffy entered Liam's office, and she was clearly distraught. Liam said that they had to abide by the terms of the restraining order, and he reminded her that it was only temporary.

Liam wanted Steffy to hurry and get out of Forrester because Ivy might show up at work. Steffy told him not to worry because Ivy was at Wyatt's house. Liam was distracted, and he tried to figure out what Steffy would need to work from home.

"I went to see Ivy," Steffy admitted. "Steffy!" Liam said, and he started to ask what she'd been thinking, but he paused. Steffy claimed the entire situation with the restraining order was stupid, but Liam interrupted and reminded her that she had violated it. Steffy countered that she had wanted to reason with Ivy and apologize to her.

Liam warned that Steffy had a court order saying she couldn't be near Ivy. "If you violate that order, you are in big trouble," he said. Liam asked how Ivy had been, and Steffy admitted that Ivy had been scared to death -- even petrified to see her. "I tried to calm her down," Steffy said.

Steffy explained what had happened -- that Ivy had backed away from Steffy, and then she had fallen and hit her head. "Oh, my God! She got hurt again?" Liam asked. Steffy maintained that Ivy was fine. Liam asked if Steffy had touched her.

Steffy said that she had checked on Ivy to make sure she was all right. Steffy had planned to take her to the hospital. Liam was distraught. "You can never go over there again. No talking it out. Look me in the eye and say you understand," Liam said.

Liam hugged Steffy and told her to focus on wedding planning, but Lieutenant Baker interrupted the conversation. Baker noted it was the second violation of the day for Steffy because she was at work. Liam tried to defend her and said that they were there to pack up her stuff so she could work at home.

Baker added that Steffy had visited Ivy. Steffy admitted that she had. Baker noted that Ivy had had another accident with Steffy nearby, and Steffy tried to defend herself, but Baker wouldn't listen. "The moment you came close to that woman, you broke the law, and it won't happen again," he said.

Baker noted that Steffy had been in violation of the temporary restraining order against her. "You are under arrest," he said. Steffy looked shocked.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

In the design room, Sasha was blown away by her best friend's pregnancy. Nicole joked that she soon wouldn't be able to try on the purple sequined dress, but it had taken Sasha all she'd had not to try it on. Sasha and Zende exchanged knowing expressions. He reminded Nicole about their plans. Nicole offered to drop Sasha off at the mansion to see Maya, but Sasha said she'd figure out how to get there.

Later, Zende and Nicole arrived in his room at the mansion. She said they could have given Sasha a ride. Zende explained that no one was supposed to know they were there, and it was why they'd sneaked in through the back. He kissed her, but she joked that someone could walk in.

Zende locked his door and hoped Nicole wasn't disappointed about his special evening being in and not out. Nicole wasn't. He kissed her again, but she interrupted, asking his opinion of Sasha. "I don't want to talk about Sasha," he uttered and kissed Nicole again.

Nicole and Zende made out on the sofa. Nicole asked if they should slow down. Zende asked if she wanted it, and she replied that they had all night. He stated that they'd waited a long time for it, and she knew he loved her. He asked her to let him show her how much. He kissed her again, but she pulled back. He asked what was wrong. She said she wanted their first time to be perfect. He said it would be.

Zende pressed Nicole back on the sofa, and as he kissed her, he unbuttoned her blouse. His kisses trailed to her stomach, but there, he froze and looked up at her.

At the mansion, Maya and Rick were happy to see the Avants, who hadn't visited in a while. As Rick made drinks, they discussed Julius' confidence that Vivienne would get hired at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Maya remarked upon how exciting and surprising it had to be to have Sasha in town.

Rick wanted to know more about Sasha, and Maya said Sasha had been the sister Maya hadn't been able to be to Nicole. Julius tried to change the subject to Rick's martini recipe, but Vivienne returned it Sasha, who was like family. Julius changed the subject again to getting Rick on the golf course.

As the Avants and Rick and Maya discussed how Nicole should be resting, there was a knock at the door. Maya answered it and expressed surprise when the woman at the door announced herself as Sasha.

Maya invited Sasha in, but before entering the living room, Sasha said she'd seen the magazines. Maya didn't want Sasha to believe what she'd read. Sasha said she'd been the only one that Nicole had confided in when she'd seen the birth certificate. Maya was glad Nicole had had Sasha to talk to.

Julius grimaced when Maya led Sasha into the living room. She complimented Maya's portrait and was awed at the changes for the whole Avant family. Julius continued to glare, and Sasha grinned.

When Sasha left the group to pour herself some wine, Julius accused her of being there to scope out Maya's house. He declared that Sasha wasn't welcome there, but Sasha quipped that she hadn't gotten that impression from Maya and Rick. Julius believed the couple was being polite.

Sasha said that if Julius wasn't careful, people would pick up on something. He replied that there was nothing to pick up on, and he didn't want her getting too comfortable there. Sasha wondered what he was afraid of but then decided that they both knew the answer.

In the CEO's office, Steffy couldn't believe that Lieutenant Baker had arrived to arrest her. She'd only wanted to have a reasonable talk with Ivy earlier. Baker surmised that it hadn't gone that way and that Ivy wouldn't have hit her head if Steffy had obeyed the order and stayed away.

Ivy and Wyatt arrived. Steffy pleaded with Ivy to straighten things out and said Ivy didn't have to fear her. Ivy said rules were rules, and Steffy couldn't ignore them just because she was a Forrester. Baker remarked that Ivy should be resting at home. Ivy said she'd thought she'd been safe at home; however, Steffy had shown up there, and as it turned out, Steffy was at Forrester, too.

Liam believed there was a way to sort it out without Baker taking Steffy to jail. Agreeing, Wyatt said he understood Ivy's concern, but arresting Steffy wasn't the way to handle it. Ivy nodded at Baker. Baker didn't arrest Steffy, but he said the temporary order would most likely become permanent, and in lieu of the preliminary hearing, a judge would set the new conditions of the order.

Liam thanked Baker for not arresting Steffy. "For now. Gather up your things and go," Baker told Steffy, and he walked out.

Liam decided to mediate between the women. He asked them if they could try to listen to each other, respect each other, and try to understand each other's positions. Ivy called it ridiculous and stood to leave. Steffy said it hurt her that Ivy was afraid of her, and Ivy had it all wrong. Steffy claimed she wasn't a danger to Ivy and hadn't been to Aly.

Steffy wished it hadn't happened and said there had been no malice in her actions toward either cousin. She wanted to get along with Ivy and believed that Ivy loved Forrester as much as she did. Steffy was worried that banishing the president wasn't good for the company and mentioned what the media would do with the issue and how it would impact morale.

Ivy said that everyone knew she'd never do anything to hurt Forrester, but she couldn't pretend things were fine when they weren't. Steffy said she wanted Ivy to try, not pretend. Insisting she couldn't do it anymore, Ivy left. Wyatt shrugged as he closed the door behind them.

Steffy decided to call Ridge because his president wasn't any good to him if she couldn't enter the building. Liam asked if she was thinking of resigning. Steffy replied that the restraining order would most likely become permanent, and she should probably just go back to Paris. He declared that she wouldn't go anywhere, and they'd get through it together.

Liam believed that Ivy's fear was driving her to do things that were harmful to both women. He promised to get through to Ivy, and he left.

At the beach house, Wyatt tucked Ivy under a blanket by the window seat. Ivy asked if he thought she'd taken it too far by calling Lt. Baker. She said everyone thought she should just move on.

Wyatt didn't believe anyone thought it was simple, but the repercussions for the women and the business were serious. He said the women were the future of the company, and it wasn't good for it to be public. Wyatt said that he and Liam were trying to find reasonable solutions, but Ivy had to be open. He added that Steffy did, too, and he wondered if Ivy was open to it.

Later, Liam arrived. He asked if Wyatt was there, but Ivy assumed Liam was there for Steffy. "No. No, I'm here for you," Liam replied. Ivy replied that he'd always been one of the good guys and probably the only good guy. He reasoned that Wyatt might disagree. Ivy said she knew what she had in Wyatt, but she didn't know what Wyatt saw in her.

Liam said that Wyatt loved Ivy. Ivy figured that Wyatt had to in order to get over what she'd done. Liam wanted the best for Ivy. She wanted the best for him, too, but she didn't believe it was Steffy. Ivy didn't want to sound like sour grapes. With a mirthless chuckle, she said that what hurt the most was that she and Liam had been in love and creating a future together.

Ivy felt that Steffy had stolen it. Ivy wondered if Liam ever thought of where she and Liam would be if Steffy hadn't returned to Paris. "Of course I do," Liam replied. He didn't believe it justified punishing Steffy. He felt that Ivy had had a right to be angry with Steffy, but she probably should have cooled off before confronting Steffy.

Liam believed that Ivy had to know that the backstage incident had been an accident and also had to know that the anger hurt Ivy more than it hurt Steffy. He asked Ivy to let the anger go for her own sake, to drop the restraining order, and to not let it go on for a moment longer than it had to.

Back in the CEO's office, Wyatt arrived to check on Steffy. He remarked that he'd had a long talk with Ivy; however, he could only smile sadly when Steffy asked if he'd gotten through to Ivy. He asked where his brother was, and Steffy said that the peacemaker was on his mission, and for her and Ivy's sake, Steffy hoped he could get through to Ivy.

Friday, December 18, 2015

At Forrester, Steffy angrily packed up boxes. She asked Wyatt how Ivy had begun controlling Steffy's life. Wyatt tried to explain Ivy's view, but Steffy dismissed it as him being "team Ivy." He admitted that he was on most things, but a restraining order was going too far.

Wyatt asked if Steffy understood Ivy's point. Steffy did, but the restraining order was too much. He hoped Liam could reason with Ivy. Steffy doubted it and said Ivy had a lot of issues with Liam. She stated that Ivy and Liam had been close, but it had been a while back.

Steffy griped about having to pack up and not work in the building. Wyatt said it was just until Ivy had time to recover from what she'd been through. Steffy insisted that it had been an accident. He believed that, and he was sure Ivy would, too, after she'd had time to calm down from it.

Steffy didn't know why she'd let Liam attempt to talk to Ivy because the two no longer got along. She doubted he could talk Ivy out of the restraining order when Ivy wanted nothing to do with him.

At the beach house, Ivy felt she needed to protect herself, which meant staying away from Steffy. Liam understood Ivy's point of view, but he said she was coming off as spiteful and as if she was controlling Steffy's life. To him, it wouldn't end well for anyone. He implored her to drop the restraining order.

Ivy didn't want to talk about it anymore. It was the first time they'd been alone since the hospital, and she wanted to talk about "us." She noted that they'd once been close -- unless Steffy had magically erased all of it.

Liam agreed that they'd been close, and he said he'd always cherish the memories and care for her. He wanted everyone to tap into that kind of love to help them all move on. Seeing that he really meant it, Ivy stated that "this" was what she was jealous of. She'd had an honest, forthright man, and she'd let Steffy take him away.

"It's really not what happened...but okay, if you do think that, a restraining order?" Liam asked. Ivy said she'd been in love, and then he'd just been gone. Liam said Ivy was with his brother. Ivy relayed that she cared about Wyatt. She was happy with him, and she'd stay happy with him -- only if she knew things would never work out between her and Liam.

Confused, Liam asked if it wasn't apparent that things hadn't worked out. "I mean, I'm engaged to someone else," he cited. He recalled that she'd been grateful that Wyatt had been there for her and still wanted to be with her.

Ivy claimed that those things were true; however, she'd had a near-death experience due to Steffy, and when Ivy thought of Liam spending the rest of his life with Steffy, Ivy couldn't help but think that she and Liam had had good times together and had been happy.

Flashbacks of Ivy and Liam in Paris and in Amsterdam played on the screen. Ivy asked if Liam remembered. Grinning, he said that of course, he did. She admitted to denying it when Thomas had said that Wyatt had been just a rebound, but since then, she'd begun to wonder if she could have had more, if she'd had a chance with "the one."

The accident had made Ivy realize that life was short. She didn't want to regret not telling Liam the truth. "I can't forget about these feelings. Can you?" she asked.

Liam said he'd always be grateful for their time together, but they'd moved on. "I've moved on," he said. Ivy asked if, after all Steffy had done, he still thought she was right for him. He did. Ivy called Steffy a selfish, callus woman, and everything Steffy had done that year should have been enough to convince Liam of it without him having to see Ivy in a hospital bed.

Ivy claimed that every bad incident in her life that year had been due to Steffy. The bad times that year had affected Liam, and he noted how shaken up Ivy still was. Ivy said she'd be happy with Wyatt if Liam married Steffy, but Ivy believed that she and Liam should explore their options to make sure they hadn't made a big mistake. "Can't we just have some time together?" she asked.

Liam relayed that he and Ivy weren't the same people. The Ivy he'd known wouldn't have blackmailed or taken out restraining orders for accidents. Ivy replied that she knew it, he was right, and she'd drop the restraining order. The relieved Liam thanked her and said "this" was who she really was.

Ivy claimed she'd been trying to tell Liam that they were the same, and it was what had drawn them together before. She began to say that before it went any further with Wyatt and Steffy, but Liam cut her off and asked what she wanted.

Ivy wanted one more chance. Cupping Liam's face in her hands, Ivy said she wanted him to give them one more chance, and she kissed Liam.

In Zende's room, Zende sat up while making out with Nicole. She asked what was wrong. He said nothing; it just seemed weird. Nicole said that maybe they should wait. "Yeah, maybe," he murmured. As she rebuttoned her shirt, he asked if she was mad. She wasn't, but he was mad at himself. He knew that having another man's baby inside her shouldn't matter, "but..."

Zende tried to start making out again. Nicole asked what he was doing. He said he wanted to try again. "But you don't want to," Nicole replied. Zende said he wanted to try. Hopping from her seat, she decided that she didn't want to. He wanted to talk about it, but as she left, she said, "Not now."

Downstairs, Julius warned Sasha not to make herself at home, but to Sasha, doing so sounded like a really good idea. Julius and Sasha rejoined Maya, Rick, and Vivienne. Vivienne said that, during her visit, Sasha needed to keep Nicole out of trouble. "At least while she's pregnant," Rick added.

Sasha still couldn't believe what Nicole was doing for the Forresters. Maya said she was grateful and understood what her sister was giving up. Sasha thought it was convenient to make the sister the surrogate; with it that way, Maya could watch Nicole like a hawk. Maya rephrased it, saying they were taking good care of Nicole. Sasha asked if Zende was okay with it. Rick replied that it seemed so.

Just then, the upset Nicole hurried down the stairs with an open-shirted Zende on her heels. Julius immediately asked what was going on. Nicole meekly said she just wanted to go to her room. Zende asked her to talk to him, but she replied that she was tired and wanted to be alone. Nicole continued through the living room, and after apologizing for the interruption, Zende headed upstairs.

"What was that?" Rick asked. Julius suggested that someone check on Nicole, and Sasha decided she needed to leave and let them deal with the family matter.

After Sasha had gone, Julius seethed that he'd told all of them, and the baby was getting between Zende and Nicole. Vivienne said her husband didn't know that. Julius declared that the baby was affecting the relationship, and he hoped Rick and Maya were happy.

Nicole returned to the room. She said she didn't want to talk about things. She just wanted to go to the kitchen. Maya asked Nicole to just say she'd be okay. Nicole said she would be and asked if Sasha had gone. Rick affirmed it, relaying that Sasha had said Nicole was in her thoughts.

Later, Maya and Nicole were alone in the living room, and Maya said that her sister could confide in her about what had happened.

Upstairs, Zende received a knock upon his door. It was Sasha. He asked where Nicole was and if Sasha was looking for Nicole. Sasha wasn't looking for Nicole and had decided it was a safe bet that Nicole wasn't with Zende. Entering the room, Sasha said she'd been looking for him, and it had taken a while because the house was huge.

Zende asked why Sasha was with him and not Nicole. Sasha was sure Nicole had a whole family downstairs, asking what was wrong, and he probably needed the same. She asked him to confide in her and wondered what he couldn't say to a girl he'd already seen in her underwear. He wasn't sure he should get into it; however, she said he could trust her, and she was good at keeping secrets.

Zende relayed that he'd messed up, and he and Nicole had been talking. "Talking?" Sasha repeated. He admitted to it being a little more. He explained that he couldn't. "Couldn't?" she repeated. When Zende looked at her and gestured knowingly, she said, "Oh...why not?"

Zende revealed that it was because Nicole was carrying Rick's baby. He felt bad, but he couldn't help that it was freaking him out. He was determined to find a way to cope with it. Sasha asked if he really had to do that. He insisted that he had to somehow.

Zende wondered what was wrong with him that he'd been unable to do it. Sasha replied that nothing was wrong with Zende. He stated that the pregnancy had just started, but he didn't know if he could make it through. She guessed that she'd arrived in town at the right time. She said she could help him and be the friend he needed.

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American Idol alum Loren Lott joins Y&R
American Idol alum Loren Lott joins Y&R
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