B&B Recaps: The week of February 1, 2016 on The Bold and the Beautiful
Quinn led Liam to believe that they were married, and Liam laid a passionate kiss on his “wife.” Wyatt revealed to Steffy that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Sasha attempted to seduce Zende, but he held fast to his commitment to Nicole.
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The Bold and the Beautiful (Monday, February 1, 2016) Quinn is conflicted about Liam Quinn is conflicted about Liam
Monday, February 1, 2016

At Forrester, Wyatt was surprised that Steffy was at work so early. She said she had a lot to do because she'd lost "her VP." She corrected that the company had lost its vice president, and Liam had apparently resigned from everything. Wyatt guessed there had still been no word from Liam.

Steffy hadn't heard from Liam and didn't know what to think. Wyatt said he'd been thinking about their beach day and make-out session. He was hoping something good could pan out of it. Steffy chuckled shyly and asked his plans for the day. Wyatt had heard his mother was back in the office. Quinn was without Deacon, so he wanted to check on her.

In the design office, Quinn tried to work but wound up thinking about Liam kissing her cheek. She slowly reached for her cheek but stopped when Wyatt arrived. Quinn wasn't surprised when Wyatt said Liam hadn't contacted Steffy. Quinn wanted to know how the day had gone for Wyatt and Steffy. Wyatt replied that he wouldn't kiss and tell, and Quinn gasped in excitement.

Quinn was adamant that Steffy and Wyatt were meant to be. Wyatt said Steffy still had feelings for Liam. He thought Liam was off his rocker for blowing Steffy off and completely disappearing. Wyatt was starting to think Liam had left town. Quinn remarked that his brother could be unpredictable, but Wyatt replied that one could read Liam like a map. He asked when Liam had ever surprised Quinn.

Quinn's mouth gaped open, but she said nothing. Wyatt believed that Liam not even bothering to show up meant that Liam had had it. She urged Wyatt to make his move because no one knew how long Liam would be off the grid. Wyatt didn't want to change the pace with Steffy. He was building something with Steffy, and doing so took time.

Quinn stated that he might not have time, and if she could keep Liam away forever, she would. Wyatt told Quinn not to even go there. It wasn't necessary. He felt that things were going great, and Steffy was seeing him separate from Liam. Wyatt wished Liam would stay wherever he was, but there was nothing more Quinn could do for Wyatt. Quinn hugged Wyatt. She knew how much Steffy meant to him, and Quinn said she'd do anything to make him happy.

At the cabin, Liam eased himself out of the bed. He got dizzy and collapsed on the floor.

Later, Quinn arrived and was startled to see an empty bed. She quickly located Liam on the floor. As she helped him up, he murmured that he'd gotten dizzy and fallen. She asked if he was hurt, and he said that his shoulder might be hurt. Quinn massaged it and asked if it was better.

Liam absently replied that it was. He was frustrated by his condition and not knowing who he was. Quinn settled him back in bed and assured him that he just needed rest. "Are you gonna take care of me?" he asked. She replied that she would. She decided to get him a sandwich. "You're not gonna leave me?" he asked. She said that she wouldn't. As he rested, she silently agonized over the situation.

When Quinn returned, Liam cowered like a vampire from the sunlight shining on his face. He told Quinn it hurt his eyes, and she closed the curtains. Liam practically attacked the sandwich, and Quinn noted that he had an appetite after not eating a quite a while. Liam asked why she cared about him. She stated that he needed help, and she was in a position to do something.

Liam said it was "so kind." Quinn replied that no one had ever accused her of it before. Liam wanted to stay with her and get better. She was fine with it and asked if he'd gone anywhere while she'd been at work. Liam said there hadn't been anywhere to go. He still had a lot of questions. Everything was confusing and disconnected, but he didn't feel disconnected from her.

Touching her hand, Liam said he couldn't thank Quinn enough. Quinn told him to trust her -- he had. He stroked her fingers, and she stared at their hands. He asked what the problem was, and she stated that no one had touched her like that before. She slipped her hand away, saying they couldn't do it. "You don't know what you're doing," she decided.

Liam took Quinn's hand again. He clasped it in both of his hands, and he and Quinn stared at each other. She quickly decided to leave to get him some water.

Liam resumed eating his sandwich, and Quinn watched him from the doorway. She recalled locking him in the Forrester steam room and decided that he'd hate her more than ever.

In the other room, Quinn rationalized that she just needed to give Wyatt and Steffy more time. "Come on, Quinn! Once a wimp, always a wimp!" She said to herself. She flashed to him kissing her cheek and told herself that it was crazy. She peeked in on Liam, who'd fallen asleep.

Back in the CEO's office, Steffy was thinking of her day with Wyatt. Thomas entered to talk numbers, but he quickly noted that something was off with Steffy. Assuming it had to do with Liam, Thomas asked if she'd heard anything yet. It was unbelievable to Thomas that Liam had left without any explanation.

Steffy said that she was just trying to move on and forget all of it. Thomas figured it had to be hard after all she'd invested. He wondered if there was another guy. From her reaction, he assumed that there was, and he called the guy a miracle worker to get her to move on from Liam.

Steffy responded that she wasn't over Liam, but the guy had shown her a way through the pain. She said the guy had taught her what she should have known all along. "That it just wasn't going to work out..." Thomas murmured. Angrily, Steffy responded, "He ended things with a text!" She asked how Liam could treat her like that after all they'd been through.

Thomas told Steffy to wipe Liam off the bottom of her boots and move on. Thomas asked about the new guy, and Steffy said he had to promise not to throw a book at her. He replied that he'd only do it if the guy's last name was Spencer. "It is. It's Wyatt Spencer," Steffy replied.

Thomas got upset about it being Wyatt, Liam's brother. Steffy asked what was wrong with Wyatt, and Thomas replied that it was Wyatt's last name for starters.

Steffy defended Wyatt, saying that he was sweet and supportive. She revealed that Wyatt had taken her to the beach and gotten her a motorcycle. Thomas rolled his eyes and murmured "Oh, geez." She said Wyatt had helped her over her anxiety with the vehicle, and she'd gotten on the bike. She'd enjoyed it. It was like a new chapter in her life, and she felt as if she'd finally awakened.

Steffy claimed to be helping Wyatt, too. Thomas assumed it was due to Ivy, and Steffy said Ivy had been out of her mind to let Wyatt go. Steffy hadn't realized how special Wyatt was until then.

Wyatt arrived. "Speak of the devil," Thomas quipped. Wyatt knew that he wasn't one of Thomas' favorite people, but he claimed he would be one day. Wyatt stated that he wasn't Liam, and he wouldn't abandon Steffy.

Later, Thomas had gone, and Wyatt told Steffy that he'd meant what he'd said to her brother. Wyatt believed she deserved respect, and he would be by her side if she wanted it. He wouldn't try to change her, which was the biggest difference between him and his brother.

Steffy looked conflicted. Wyatt knew she was still struggling with everything. He said that breaking up over text message was terrible. Wyatt promised that they could get through it together, and she wouldn't feel that kind of pain with Wyatt, not ever. Steffy hugged him.

The Bold and the Beautiful (Tuesday, February 2, 2016) Brooke's exit from Spencer raises questions Brooke's exit from Spencer raises questions
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
by Pam

At Spencer, Bill sat in his office and flashed back to when Brooke had kissed him and called him "the love of my life." Katie entered, and Bill greeted her with a hug. Katie kissed him passionately. Bill thanked her for the warm romantic greeting, and Katie thanked him for their life together.

Katie rehashed why she couldn't work with Brooke, and Katie noted that Brooke had reached a level of selfishness that she couldn't believe. Katie poured a scotch and drank it. She wondered why Brooke could be so selfish. Bill told her that they had no control over what had happened. "Let it go," Bill said. Katie refused. "She betrayed me again. I'll never be able to forgive her for that," Katie said.

Katie started to rant about Brooke. She lamented that she should have seen Brooke's betrayal on its way. Katie was in disbelief that Brooke had told Bill he had been the love of her life. Katie angrily said that Brooke had to have been fixated on Bill for months. Katie announced that Bill was married to her, and it had been too much for Brooke to handle.

Bill caressed Katie. "It was just words. There was no harm done," Bill said. He tried to soothe her. He told her that Brooke had been emotional and had clearly been carried away without realizing the impact until the fallout.

Katie paused and glared at Bill. "Are you defending her? I really don't want to hear that," Katie said sternly. Katie said she could have forgiven almost anything, but Brooke had been trying to ruin her marriage. "I feel so stupid," Katie said. She added that Brooke had been "in full seduction mode" in order to go after Bill.

Katie regretted that she had given Brooke the benefit of the doubt too many times. "I'm not going to make that mistake again," Katie vowed. She promised to cut Brooke out of her life and remembered that other people had told her was crazy for inviting Brooke to work at Spencer. "Others saw that she would betray me," Katie said.

Katie continued to insult Brooke. She said that Brooke had lied to her face, and Brooke had been ecstatic to be close to Bill again. "She wanted you back in her bed," Katie seethed. "Not a possibility," Bill insisted.

"She can't change. She's a wrecking ball, but not with my life," Katie said tearfully. Bill embraced Katie and tried to get her to calm down. Katie thanked Bill because he had not "fallen into her arms" and left Will and Katie.

Katie told Bill how much she loved him and said she knew he loved her. "Your heart is here. I'm yours, and you're mine," she said. "Never doubt it," Bill said. Katie kissed him. They embraced.

At Forrester, Brooke met with Eric, Rick, and Maya. She announced that she was no longer working at Spencer Publications. Eric said he was happy about the change because he had missed her.

Maya noted it hadn't taken long for Brooke to return to Forrester, and Rick wondered what had happened. Brooke said that it "just didn't work out." She felt it was best for Katie that Brooke was not at Spencer, but Rick remembered that Katie had been excited about Brooke working at Spencer. Rick wanted to get a news release out about Brooke's return, but Brooke didn't want to draw any attention to the situation. Maya received a text message from Nicole that she couldn't find her vitamins, and Maya picked them up and took them to Nicole.

After Maya had left, Brooke noted that Rick was clearly glowing, waiting for the baby to be born. Rick agreed, but he wondered if something was wrong. Rick worried aloud that he had been missing a few pieces in Brooke's hasty return to Forrester.

Rick remembered that Katie had visited him to discuss that Brooke had joined the team at Spencer. "Aunt Katie was really stoked," Rick said. Brooke looked guilty, and Eric encouraged Rick to let it go. Rick agreed, but he worried that something had happened and that it would be announced sooner or later.

Rick left, and Brooke admitted to Eric that she wished she had resisted the impulse to tell Bill that she still loved him. She said Katie would never forgive her, but Eric felt Katie would eventually forgive Brooke. "Give it some time," he said. Brooke sighed and said she could never deny that she loved Bill. "I never stopped," she said.

In Zende's office at Forrester, Nicole admitted she knew that Zende had been disappointed in her. He agreed and chastised her for using her influence with Rick to get Sasha fired. Nicole said she had struggled with hormones. "Baby, you're beautiful," Zende said.

Nicole admitted that she had been wrong. "Forgive me? I got her rehired," Nicole said. Zende reminded Nicole how hurt Sasha had been. He kissed her. "I want to lose myself with you," he said. He locked the door and passionately kissed Nicole. They made out, but Nicole stopped. They discussed that they had tried to be intimate a few times, but it hadn't been right.

Nicole urged Zende to wait until she had finished the pregnancy. Zende claimed he would die of frustration. They kissed again and overheard Maya outside the door. Maya tried to open the door, but she noted it was locked.

Nicole opened the door and said she and Zende had been kissing. Zende kissed her goodbye because he had to go to a photo shoot. Maya gave Nicole her vitamins and asked how things had gone with Sasha. Nicole admitted that she had taken a cheap shot in getting Sasha fired -- selling out her best friend. Maya congratulated her for getting Sasha rehired. "It says a lot about your character," Maya said. Then, Maya asked, "Are you really okay with Sasha and Zende working together again?"

In the studio at Forrester, Sasha discussed her predicament with Julius. Sasha noted that Nicole had stabbed her in the back. Julius added that Nicole had made it right. Julius encouraged Sasha to get a job somewhere other than Forrester. "I belong with my family -- that's you, Dad," she said. She reminded him that she was a result of his affair with her mother.

Julius tried to encourage Sasha to leave Forrester. She wanted him to bond with her, but he had ignored her. "I'm tired of being relegated to daddy at a distance," Sasha said. Julius defended his decision to keep her a secret from his family. "Vivienne would have lost her mind," he said.

Julius professed that he did not want to lose his wife. "I can't imagine life without her," he said.

Julius begged Sasha to keep his secret. Sasha said she was not very obedient. "Maybe I am the way I am because of you," she said. She boasted that she had a photo shoot to prepare for. "Why modeling?" Julius asked. "If Myron can do it, so can I," Sasha responded.

Sasha reminded Julius that she had stolen many of Nicole's boyfriends in high school, and she had plans for Zende. Julius advised her to stay away. "He is way too fine for nerdy Nicole," Sasha said. She noted that Nicole was "having her sister's husband's baby -- that's messed up, and you know it," Sasha said. Nicole said she was leaving because Zende was waiting for her for a photo shoot, and uttered, "Bye, Dad."

In the photo studio, Zende photographed Sasha, and she unzipped her dress and encouraged him to take a few shots for his "personal collection." Zende looked confused and backed away. "What are you up to?" Zende asked. She moved closer to him. "You know I'm with Nicole, right?" Zende asked.

Sasha professed that she had no loyalty to Nicole after Nicole had worked so hard to get her fired. "I don't owe her anything," Sasha announced.

The Bold and the Beautiful (Wednesday, February 3, 2016) Sasha makes a move Sasha makes a move>
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
by Pam

At Spencer, Bill reminded Katie that he was devoted to Katie and Will. Katie worried about Brooke's admission that Bill was the love of her life. Bill anticipated that Brooke had never intended to act on her words, but Katie noted that Brooke had wanted Bill to reciprocate that he had the same feelings.

Katie maintained that she had wanted to help Brooke, but Brooke had wasted that chance. "I won't give her another one. She can't be a part of our lives anymore. Thank you for understanding even if you don't agree," Katie said.

Bill said he understood, and he wanted to protect Katie. She smiled and thanked him. Katie left to pick up Will and said she would see Bill at home later.

At Forrester, Brooke told Eric that she had felt she had to be honest with Bill about her feelings, but she wished she had kept her mouth shut. Eric reasoned that Brooke had acted from the heart. Brooke said she would never jeopardize Katie's marriage. "Katie thinks I deceived her," Brooke said. She explained that Katie believed that Brooke had taken the job at Spencer in order to get close to Bill.

"She called me sick," Brooke said. She added that Katie had lashed out at Brooke with an entire litany of Brook's mistakes with Stephanie and others. Eric acknowledged that Brooke had made mistakes, but she was not the same person. He believed that Katie would eventually see that Brooke was not a threat to her family.

Eric wanted to cheer Brooke and everyone up. He said they would have an impromptu dinner with everyone to celebrate that Brooke and Eric would soon become grandparents again. He asked Brooke to join him in the studio to invite everyone out to dinner. Brooke suggested that Eric should invite everyone, but Brooke had a few things to finish before she could leave. Eric agreed, and he left.

In another office, Maya and Nicole discussed the photo shoots that included Zende and Sasha. Maya pointed out that Sasha was spending a lot of time with Zende. Maya wondered if Nicole trusted them together.

Nicole trusted Zende, and she added that Sasha had always gotten guys away from Nicole when they were younger, but things were different. Maya wondered if Sasha was jealous. "Girls like Sasha don't get jealous. They get what they want," Nicole said. Rick entered and said he wanted to check out the photo shoot with Zende and Sasha. He invited Nicole and Maya to attend with him, and they all left for the studio.

In the photo studio at Forrester, Zende shot photos of Sasha and tried to keep everything on a professional level in spite of Sasha's periodic flirtations. Zende admitted that he was glad they could be a fashion team together again, "but I am committed to Nicole," he said. Sasha said that Nicole was the girl who had stabbed her in the back. "Not so sure we're besties anymore," Sasha said. She added that the only reason Nicole had gotten her fired was because she didn't want Sasha near Zende. Zende shot more photos.

During a break, Sasha opened up. "Nicole has always been jealous of me. She thinks I can't be trusted around her boyfriends. I should teach her a lesson and prove her right. It would serve her right. Nothing's gonna happen. What kind of friend does that?" Sasha ranted.

Zende encouraged Sasha to pour her emotions into her feelings at the shoot. She did, and Zende captured an engaged and intense Sasha. He complimented her because it made for interesting shots. "Sexy," Zende said.

Sasha stopped and noticed that Nicole, Maya, and Rick had entered the studio. Maya noted how well Sasha and Zende worked together. Rick liked the attitude that he'd seen in Sasha in the shots. He added that he was glad Nicole and Sasha had worked things out.

Eric entered and said he wanted to take everyone out to celebrate the fact that Brooke and Eric would soon be grandparents again. Everyone agreed it would be fun, but Zende backed away, and Sasha grew quiet. Zende quietly declined the invitation to Nicole.

"This is you and your sister's thing. It's something you should do without me," Zende said. Nicole worried he would be home alone, but Zende said it was fine. Sasha listened intently. Later, Zende and Sasha left.

Maya wondered if everything was all right between Zende and Nicole because Zende hadn't wanted to join the family celebration. Nicole said Zende needed a break from the pregnancy. Rick interrupted and encouraged Maya and Nicole to check out the photos Zende had taken. "Sasha is lovely," Rick said. He noted that Sasha had an intensity in the photos that he hadn't noticed before. "They really bring something out in each other," Rick said of Sasha and Zende. Nicole tried not to show any emotion.

Rick stepped away, and Maya worried that Zende didn't want to accompany them to dinner. Nicole maintained that she wasn't concerned about Zende. Maya encouraged Nicole to call Zende.

Katie was at home with Will, and she eyed a photo with Brooke in it. She turned the photo over so she couldn't see it. Katie flashed back to her encounter with Brooke at Spencer. Brooke had said, "If you ever need me ..." Katie had responded, "Never again."

Katie turned to Will. "I love you," she said to the boy. "I will never let anything happen to our family."

Later, Katie sat alone in the living room. She poured a drink and looked at family photos that included Will, Katie, and Bill. She flashed back to unhappy times when Bill and Brooke had been together. Katie drank the liquor. She flashed back to when she had told Bill to get out of her house. She remembered Brooke had told Bill that he was the greatest love of her life. Katie seemed obsessed.

At Forrester, Brooke was at work on her computer, and she heard the door open. "I'm almost done," she said, thinking Eric had returned to take her to dinner with the family. She turned and saw Bill.

"Does Katie know you're here? You have to focus on your family," Brooke said. Bill agreed, but he said he needed to make sure that Brooke was all right. Brooke reminded Bill that Katie had cut Brooke out of her life. "I'm not giving up on the two of you," Bill said. He promised to get through to Katie.

Brooke worried that the stress and anxiety Brooke had caused was not good for Katie. Bill agreed and said Katie needed a little time. Brooke was worried, and Bill was worried about both Katie and Brooke.

At the Forrester mansion, a shirtless Zende was in his room, dancing to music. Sasha entered unannounced. Zende was surprised and wondered what she was doing there. Sasha smiled. Zende was uncomfortable. "Good job today. Rick was really impressed," Zende said. "I didn't come here to talk about work," Sasha said.

Sasha wondered why Zende didn't want to join in the family celebration. Zende answered that it was between Maya and Nicole, and he didn't want to attend. But it was no big deal. He supported Nicole's decision to have a baby for Rick and Maya.

Sasha said she couldn't believe that Nicole expected Zende to wait until after she had delivered the baby to be intimate. Zende said he had agreed. Sasha noted that it took a long time to recover after a baby was born. She added that Nicole wouldn't be "ready to jump" Zende's bones so quickly.

Sasha smiled wickedly. She added that Zende was far too sweet, thoughtful, handsome, sexy, and sophisticated. Sasha put her hands on Zende's chest, and he backed away. She followed him. "I know you're attracted to me," Sasha said. Zende removed her hands.

Sasha said she had never realized Nicole could be so selfish, and Sasha could see that Nicole's decision was frustrating Zende. Sasha offered that she could be with Zende. "We can keep it quiet. I'm good at keeping secrets. Call it friends with benefits or whatever you want. Nicole never has to know," Sasha said. Zende looked skeptical.

The Bold and the Beautiful (Thursday, February 4, 2016) Quinn claims that she and Liam are married Quinn claims that she and Liam are married
Thursday, February 4, 2016

At the beach house, Steffy and Wyatt were happy to be off work. She was worried that all their fun and drinking was giving her "party body." He said she was sexy and claimed he'd tell her so the next year, too. Steffy replied that he was sure of himself, and he said he knew a good thing when he saw it.

Wyatt wondered if he and Steffy should get back to work. It was hard for Steffy to be at the office. She was upset about Liam leaving the company, but his disappearance didn't make any sense. She decided she shouldn't be discussing Liam with Wyatt, but Wyatt claimed to get it.

Steffy and Wyatt agreed that it was weird of Liam to drop off the face of the planet. Steffy wondered if Bill had heard from Liam. Wyatt stated that he'd been too caught up with Steffy to talk to Bill. Bashfully, she admitted to enjoying every moment with Wyatt. Steffy just wished she knew where Liam was.

Later, Wyatt was alone when Quinn called. Quinn sensed something in Wyatt's voice when he greeted her. He admitted that Steffy was worried about Liam, but he was enjoying the chance Liam's absence was giving him with Steffy. Quinn urged Wyatt to make his move and do something special for Steffy, because they never knew when Liam would be back.

Steffy returned to the room, and Wyatt rushed off the phone. He told Steffy that he had an idea if she was up for it. "Another adventure?" she asked. He replied that it was something like it.

Later, Wyatt took Steffy out on the beach for a sunset picnic. Steffy was cheerful until he mentioned that he'd wanted to get food from a place with great truffle fries, but they'd been closed. Wyatt saw the change in her face and referenced the pretty ocean. He kissed her.

At Quinn's mountain cabin, Liam checked himself out in the mirror as if he were looking at a stranger. Quinn caught him when he spun around too fast to walk, and he said he was lucky to have her.

Though Liam was grateful for Quinn, he was also confused about who he was. He asked if he could borrow "this for a second." Quinn snatched up her laptop before he could get it. She said she'd take care of it, and she just wanted him to heal.

Quinn used her laptop, and Liam asked if she'd found anything. She closed the device and knelt before him. She said not to worry about it, and she knew everything she needed to keep him safe. He asked how long they'd be there, and she replied that it would be as long as it would take. Grasping her hand, he told her that she was "so good" to him, and he didn't know how he'd repay her.

Later, Liam had fallen asleep. Quinn peeked in on him and went to the other room. She retrieved a pouch from a drawer, and her mind churned in thought.

Liam entered the room to talk to Quinn. He said that he didn't know her, and he didn't know himself; however, he could feel that he was happy. He was grateful to have someone invested in taking care of him. He wished he knew what he'd done to deserve it. Quinn said he'd been asking a lot of questions, and it was time he got some answers.

Quinn didn't want Liam to be upset that she knew more about him than he realized. Liam said he didn't even know her name, and asked what it was. Looking at a New Year's Eve hat across the room, she said her name was Eve. He asked what his name was, and she replied, "Adam. Your name is Adam."

"I'm Adam, and you're Eve?" Liam asked. Quinn added that she was also his wife. Liam's eyes bulged, and he incredulously repeated the statement. "Yeah, I'm your wife," she said, holding up her hand and displaying a wedding band.

In Zende's room, Sasha hit on the shirtless Zende. She thought it was a shame his body wasn't being put to good use. He reiterated that he and Nicole were waiting. Sasha said it would be a long time until Nicole had Maya's baby; however, Sasha was ready right then, and no one had to know.

Rubbing Zende's bare arms, Sasha offered to be friends with benefits. She could tell he was hurting for benefits. "I'm good," he replied and strode away. Sasha sashayed over to him, surmising that Nicole was off celebrating the baby while Zende was in his room, getting hot and bothered. Rubbing her backside against him, she suggested that they find a way to ease the frustration.

Zende repeated that he was with Sasha's best friend, Nicole. Sasha called Nicole a former best friend and didn't feel she owed anything to Nicole after the betrayal with Rick. Zende asked if "this" was revenge. Locking his door, she said it was two people helping and being there for each other.

Sasha insinuated that there was a reason their photos were so amazing. She said they connected and "vibed." She believed that spending late nights at the studio would make it only natural for them to get closer. She cocked her head to kiss him, but Zende stopped her.

Zende said that Sasha was beautiful and sexy. He loved working with her, but the only woman he wanted was Nicole.

At Forrester, Bill suggested that Brooke be patient and take of herself. He thought Katie would get over her anger. Brooke exclaimed that she wasn't worried about herself but about her sister.

At home, Katie had a drink in one hand and a picture of herself and Brooke in the other. "You betrayed me again," Katie said. As Katie sat by the fireplace and ranted at Brooke's image that Brooke had promised her, Bill arrived. He asked if Katie was okay.

Katie pretended to be fine, but it didn't sound convincing to Bill, who said she had to keep herself relaxed. Katie couldn't get Brooke's words to him out of her head. All Brooke had ever done was break Katie's trust, and Katie said she'd be stupid to let it happen again. Bill believed Brooke loved her sister. Katie didn't. He said the anger wasn't good, and Katie had to find peace with the situation.

Katie didn't want to hear her sister's name anymore, but Bill said it was something they needed to discuss. Katie was adamant that Brooke had wanted to create a secret between her and Bill; it wasn't an accident or mistake -- nor was it something Katie would get over.

Katie checked on Will and returned to thank Bill for supporting her and letting her vent. She called him her rock and rock star. Bill replied that he was her husband, and he loved her. They kissed and hugged, but Katie still looked distressed.

At Il Gardino, Maya, Rick, Nicole, and Eric looked over the menu, grateful for the chance to celebrate together. When Brooke finally arrived, she apologized for being late. Rick asked where she'd been, and she said she'd been trying to get a handle on something.

Brooke remarked that sisters were special. Maya called Nicole "auntie" and expressed that they couldn't wait for the due date. For Nicole, who still battled morning sickness, it couldn't arrive soon enough. She said she'd be lying if she said the sickness wasn't affecting her relationship with Zende.

Brooke was confident it would all work out with Zende. Maya suggested that Nicole find Zende and remind him of how important she was in his life, and Eric said they could get Zende a slice of tiramisu to go. Nicole thought it would be good to have alone time with Zende.

Later, Nicole arrived in Zende's room with a dessert box. He thanked her and hoped she wasn't upset that he hadn't joined them at the meal. Nicole claimed she understood his need for some alone time. He kissed her and said he'd missed her. Being in the house had made him appreciate being with her. He said he hadn't been looking for a mate, but he was very glad he'd found her.

Nicole said that she should get him dessert more often. Zende stated that no matter how rough things got, he had no doubt in his mind about them. He was okay with waiting to be intimate because he loved her, and it made everything worth it. He kissed and hugged her.

The Bold and the Beautiful (Friday, February 5, 2016) Liam and Quinn share a kiss Liam and Quinn share a kiss
Friday, February 5, 2016

At Quinn's cabin, Liam was surprised to learn from Quinn that she, "Eve," was his wife. She informed him that he was named "Adam," and his friends had ribbed him about it when she and Liam had met. Liam wished he remembered their marriage, but Quinn hadn't expected him to.

Liam smiled at the thought of being married and wondered why Quinn hadn't told him sooner. She said she'd been hoping he'd remember on his own. Cupping his face, she admitted to worrying that he wouldn't remember what they'd meant to each other.

Liam clasped Quinn's hands and assured her that he felt something. He sensed that she was important him, but his brain couldn't connect the dots. Quinn hugged Liam. She told him not to be upset; he was doing his best, and it was all she could ask.

Liam wondered why he didn't have a ring. When Quinn said he hadn't liked how it felt, he found that strange. She reasoned that commitment was more than a ring. He said he might start wearing one. "If you want," she said as she checked his phone. Bill had texted that he was worried about Liam.

Liam tried to get up to turn on the radio, but he got dizzy. Quinn helped him sit down, and he called her a doting wife. She said that it was in sickness and in health, and he'd do the same for her. It suddenly occurred to Liam to ask if they had kids. He panicked about forgetting them.

Quinn replied that they'd talked about it, but they didn't have any. She said they lived a private life together. Smiling, Liam said it was like a modern-day Adam and Eve. Liam was glad to be stuck in Eden with her. Quinn murmured that it was because she was the only one he knew at the moment.

Holding her hand, Liam said it wasn't true. He was grateful for her standing by him when he didn't even know he was her husband. Quinn said she wouldn't let it affect anything, and she reasoned that they could make new memories. Hearing things like that from Quinn gave Liam a sense of why he'd married her. He said it could be fun to fall for her all over again.

Quinn took her hand away and said she had some work to do. She left the room, and a commercial played on the radio. In the jingle was the phrase "cha-cha-cha." Liam sat up and furrowed his brows in thought. He stuck his head in the doorway of the other room, where Quinn pretended to be working, and asked if they ate a lot of Mexican food.

Quinn asked why, and Liam said he might have had a memory. She offered to have a huge fiesta that night. He agreed to it, if she'd let him cook. He asked if he knew how to cook. He was tired of being a burden. She asked if he couldn't stand up long enough to cook. Struggling to sit beside her on the bed, Liam decided to order in if it would make it easier for her.

Quinn had a strange expression on her face, and Liam asked if he wasn't normally helpful. She said it was his thing, and he was the kind of guy to jump off a bridge for someone. Chuckling, he called it an exaggeration. She assured him that it wasn't. She said that some people thought kindness was a weakness, and she'd once thought so herself; however, he'd helped her change that way of thinking.

Quinn told Liam that he was a very special person. Grinning, Liam added that he was also her husband. "My husband," she repeated with a tight smile. He felt that if he was good and kind, it had to be because of her. Quinn shifted uneasily. He said that he saw goodness in her, and it was in her eyes. "No....nuh-uh..." Quinn said, diverting her eyes from him.

Liam insisted that it was true. When he looked at Quinn, he didn't need memories. The past didn't matter because the woman who'd taken care of him and nursed him had told him all he'd needed to know. He said he didn't remember her, but he knew who he was. He leaned in to kiss her.

The agonizing Quinn pushed him back. She said it had to be strange for him to not remember. Liam said it was strange for her, too, but he liked getting to know his wife all over again.

Liam's lips touched Quinn's, but she shrank back, shaking her head. Quinn told Liam that he didn't have to, but Liam responded that she was his wife, and he was her husband. Quinn let Liam kiss her. She seemed to fight the desire to give in as his kisses trailed down her neck. Quinn let go and responded to Liam's passion.

At the beach, Steffy and Wyatt had their picnic. Music played over the scene as they strolled along the beach and kissed at sunset. Steffy thanked Wyatt for all he'd done for her to lift her up in Liam's absence. She felt like she deserved more than Liam was willing to give.

Wyatt said he wasn't like Liam and didn't run from problems. Steffy said it wasn't Wyatt's style. She felt different, and she didn't have to wonder what Wyatt was thinking or feeling. He asked what he was thinking, and she said it was that being with her felt right. He replied that she was good, and she giggled. He asked what else he was thinking, and she responded that he knew she felt the same.

Wyatt stated that they should make it last, and Steffy said it was fine by her. He told her that he was serious, and he wanted to make it last forever. She asked what he meant. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he uttered and kissed her. Steffy's mouth gaped in surprise.

Wyatt said he wasn't expecting an answer. He just wanted Steffy to know how he felt. He hadn't meant to make her head spin. He decided to let her have a moment to process it. He promised not to be obsessive, but as he walked away, he told her that he'd ask her again and again. "Oh, and I'll ask you again!" he said from far away. Steffy grinned at him.

Steffy sat alone on the beach and remembered times with Liam. She sighed in frustration, asking, "Where are you, Liam?"

At Bill's house, Bill tried to lighten the mood by getting Katie to say, "so what" to Brooke's feelings. He reasoned that it wasn't a big deal and happened to him all the time. He believed that all women had a thing for him at one point or another.

"I mean, look at me. They can't resist me. I'm Dollar Bill Spencer. Women hit on me. I reject them. We move on," Bill reasoned. Katie shook her head incredulously at his ego. He said the point he was trying to make was that she needed to let it go and get past it.

Katie was willing to let him believe he was the most desirable man in the city. Bill motioned bigger, and she added the whole country. He motioned again, and she said the world. He nodded.

The problem for Katie was that they were discussing her sister, who should know it wasn't okay. Katie hated to even have to deal with it when they'd been doing so well. Bill said it was what he was trying to impress upon her -- that they were as good as they'd ever been.

Katie wanted to change the subject. She asked if Bill had heard from Liam. She suggested that he text-message Liam that he was back as the magazine editor. Bill quipped that Liam wasn't back as anything until he bothered to get back with his father first.

Later, Bill and Katie were talking when a text message arrived from "Liam." Liam said not to worry about him. He needed to clear his head and was traveling. Bill wondered "what the hell" was wrong with his son. Katie decided to check on Will and advised Bill to text Liam back.

Bill was too irritated with Liam to do it. Katie said not to be because it was something Liam obviously needed to do, and they all had their breaking points. Bill stated that it wasn't too late. She assumed he meant for Steffy and Liam, but Bill replied that he'd meant for the Logan sisters.

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