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Brooke was skeptical of Liam and Steffy's plan to test Thomas. Thomas hid his obsession with Hope behind his relationship with Zoe. Hope hoped that a romance between Zoe and Thomas would signify the end of Thomas' fixation on her.
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Thomas hid his obsession with Hope behind his relationship with Zoe
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The deep divide about Thomas continues The deep divide about Thomas continues
Monday, December 23, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Hope tried to reassure Liam that everything would be okay, but Liam was still leery of her working with Thomas. Hope promised that it was all about designing and that she wouldn't allow Thomas to manipulate her again.

Later, Hope returned to the room after checking on Beth, and Liam brought up what they'd do about Beth while Hope worked. Hope said that they had many resources with family, and she could even take Beth to Thomas' office.

Liam wished there was a way around Hope having to work with Thomas, and he was worried that a look or rejection from her could set Thomas off. Liam couldn't shake the feeling that trouble was right around the corner.

Hope said she'd see the signs of trouble, but Liam replied that one couldn't see signs from unstable people until it was too late. Hope and Liam discussed Brooke's insistence that Thomas was psychotic, and Hope asked if Liam was trying to scare her out of it.

Liam replied that he and Hope had their family and life back. Having their home and daughter had seemed like an impossible fantasy. He reasoned that he just might be trying to scare her enough to get her to realize what she was jeopardizing by moving Thomas further into her life.

Hope didn't like causing Liam so much anxiety. Liam said it was what love was. He said they should be protecting each other. He just didn't know if he could protect her. She asked what he thought Thomas would do. Liam didn't know, but he felt that it was only a matter of time before something set Thomas off.

Hope expressed her love for Liam and his need to protect their family. She was also concerned, but she had to do the showdown to save her life's work. She promised that she wasn't naive about Thomas, and she would be careful. Hope hoped that Thomas' feelings for Zoe would cause his feelings for Hope to fade away.

At Eric's house, Brooke and Ridge continued to argue about Thomas. Ridge insisted that Thomas was being genuine and had moved on with Zoe. Brooke brought up the "research" she'd been doing on psychotic behavior, and she posited that Thomas' obsession with Hope -- and with Brooke -- "ticked off all the boxes."

Ridge sarcastically expressed surprise that Thomas was obsessed with Brooke, too. Brooke stated that Thomas hated her. She believed that Thomas wanted to steal Hope from Liam and to steal Ridge from Brooke.

In the design office, Thomas gazed at the drawing he'd made of himself and Hope making out. He said that Hope would soon be his.

Later, Quinn and Thomas were in the office together, talking about Hope's decision to hire him for HFTF. Quinn remarked that Hope might be ready to move on from the past. Thomas replied that Brooke couldn't, which was why Ridge was getting a divorce. He felt that Ridge deserved happiness, something Shauna wanted to give him.

Quinn cautiously said that Shauna would make any man happy. Thomas revealed that he knew that Shauna and Ridge had made out with each other. In Thomas' mind, Ridge was trying to find someone that he was compatible with, and that someone should be a woman like Shauna.

Thomas decided that he should call Ridge to give him the news about Hope. On the call, Ridge expressed happiness that Hope had changed her mind, but Thomas heard Brooke say, "She what?" Thomas grimaced and asked Ridge to tell Brooke not to worry about it because he only wanted the best for the mother of his son.

Back at Eric's house after the call, Brooke was puzzled by what Hope could be thinking. Ridge said that it was simple; Thomas was a talented designer, and without him, HFTF was finished. Ridge assumed that Hope had seen that Thomas was moving on with Zoe.

Brooke returned to the topic of how Thomas felt about her and the divorce. Ridge said that Thomas felt bad about their marital problems. Brooke, who'd learned not to trust anything Thomas said or did, was surprised that Ridge believed Thomas. Ridge quipped that it was because she thought he really didn't know his kids.

Brooke called Thomas a master manipulator. Ridge decided that they were going in circles. She felt that her daughter was walking further into the lion's den. Correcting Brooke, he said Hope was walking further toward forgiveness. Brooke refused to forget what Thomas had done.

Ridge asked Brooke to sit with him on the white chair nearest the foyer. They squeezed onto it together, side-by-side, and he tried to convince her that there was nothing to worry about. He said that Hope and Thomas would just be drawing little pictures together. Brooke, however, insisted that they'd be alone together for hours.

Ridge stated that he'd be there, and Charlie, Eric, and Quinn would be there, too. Ridge added that Brooke could be there if she wanted to be. "It's Forrester Creations! What do you think's gonna happen?" Ridge asked. Ridge asked her to have some faith in him, his son, and what they were trying to do.

Ridge wanted more than anything to rip up the divorce papers. He missed his wife. He wanted Brooke to be at home with him, and he wanted her in his bed. He asked her to try to forgive his son. Shifting in the seat, Brooke put her arm around Ridge's shoulders and rested her head against his neck.

Brooke wanted to reunite with Ridge more than anything. Ridge kissed her cheek. He replied that it would take one simple thing. It wasn't simple to Brooke, who didn't know how to forgive a person who didn't know what it meant to be sorry. He called her stubborn.

Hopping from the seat, Brooke yelled that she was a terrified mother. She asked why Ridge couldn't see that. Ridge yelled back that he couldn't see something that wasn't true. In his view, Thomas was not a psychopath or lunatic. Brooke persisted in her belief that Thomas needed serious professional help, and she hoped he got it before something happened to her daughter.

"And before we can't fix this anymore! I love you, Ridge, and I can't imagine my life without you," Brooke said and began to cry. Ridge hugged her.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Steffy was skeptical about Thomas and Zoe's kiss and about Zoe's resolve to help Steffy and Liam. Zoe affirmed her gratefulness for her job and willingness to do what Steffy needed. Steffy didn't want Liam to be right about her brother, but she was worried that Thomas might still be fixated on Hope.

Steffy wanted to believe that Thomas had changed, but it puzzled her that Thomas, who'd been crazy about Hope, was suddenly interested in Zoe. Zoe wanted to believe it. Steffy asked if the kiss between Zoe and Thomas had felt real.

Zoe acted confused by what Steffy was getting at. Steffy wondered if the kiss had been timed for Hope's benefit. Zoe remained coy about it. Steffy reminded Zoe of her commitment to help Steffy and Liam. Steffy needed to know if Thomas was moving on or if he had used Zoe and the kiss. Steffy asked if Thomas was still obsessed with Hope.

Zoe wanted to believe that the kiss had been real. She cared about Thomas and had watched him almost lose his son. Steffy noted that he still could because of the custody arrangement. Zoe thought that would be a shame because Thomas had become really focused on Douglas and designing. She was starting to think Thomas was beginning to focus on her, too.

Steffy hoped it was true because a lot was at stake. Zoe was committed to finding out the truth about Thomas, and she hoped to prove that Ridge was right. It would be a relief to Steffy if Zoe could accomplish that.

Zoe thought that Thomas had good qualities. She wasn't scared of his edginess, even if he sometimes went too far. In her view, it made him a creative designer. Steffy stated that Zoe could romanticize it all she wanted, but Thomas "going too far" had put the family in harm's way in the past.

Zoe didn't want it to happen again. She figured she'd know if Thomas was using her as a cover. As Steffy thanked Zoe for the meeting, Thomas opened the office door and pulled it close to him when he saw Zoe in the room with Steffy.

Steffy divulges her and Liam's plan to Brooke Steffy divulges her and Liam's plan to Brooke
Tuesday, December 24, 2019

At Brooke's house in the morning, Brooke was still skeptical about Hope working with Thomas, but Hope didn't know what options she had if she wanted to save her line. Hope stated that Thomas had said he'd moved on. Brooke asked if Hope really believed it.

Hope was fully aware of what Thomas was capable of, but she hoped things might change due to his interest in Zoe. Brooke didn't get Thomas' sudden interest in Zoe or Steffy's equally sudden decision to rehire Zoe. Brooke wondered what it could be about.

In Brooke's view, Thomas and Zoe's relationship seemed too convenient. Though Hope had her doubts, too, she said the pair had looked legitimate. Brooke wasn't buying that Zoe and Thomas had become an "insta couple" or that Thomas had completely moved on from Hope.

Hope didn't know if Thomas had completely moved on, but she acknowledged that he seemed to be making an effort. It was enough for her to hope that he'd work with her without trying to make it into something more. Hope promised to remain vigilant, but she was optimistic because Thomas moving on with Zoe was good news for all of them. "We'll see," Brooke replied.

In the Forrester design office, Thomas saw Zoe and noted that she'd gotten there early. Zoe was so excited about her job that she'd arrived practically at dawn. Noting that he'd seen her talking to his sister the previous day, Thomas asked what it had been about.

Zoe explained it had been good to merely talk to Steffy. Thomas asked if that was all it had been. Zoe asked if he minded that she'd told Steffy about their kiss. Thomas kissed her and said he didn't mind who knew that they were spending time together.

Later, Zoe was alone when Carter arrived. He saw that the rumors he'd heard were true about Zoe's return to Forrester. Zoe stated that she was just as surprised about it. He replied that he wasn't there to judge Zoe, but he was amazed by Steffy's ability to forgive.

Carter had heard rumors about Zoe and Thomas, and Carter asked about the romantic setting Thomas had created for her. Zoe flashed a surprised look, and Carter said that word had gotten around. Zoe claimed not to be the type to kiss and tell. Though she didn't know what to call her and Thomas, she said they were trying to show others how much they'd grown and changed.

Zoe sensed that Carter was skeptical. Carter admitted he was skeptical where Thomas was concerned, but it meant something to him that Ridge had faith in Thomas. Zoe said that Steffy still had her doubts, too, but Zoe thought she might be able to help Steffy with them.

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Steffy were the first to arrive for a mysterious meeting Thomas had called. Steffy seemed troubled, and Ridge asked what was going on with her. She replied that the real question was what was going on with Thomas.

Eric arrived, and Thomas strode in afterward. Thomas wanted to meet to tell his family how excited he was to be officially back at Forrester and working on HFTF. He was grateful for his family's support and grateful that Hope had let him work on her line.

Steffy asked if Thomas was really ready to work closely with Hope. Thomas figured that Steffy was really asking if he was still obsessed with Hope. He admitted that, in the past, he'd lost all perspective where Hope had been concerned. Ridge said that Thomas had become a better man. Thomas appreciated his family for giving him another chance.

Thomas felt that he had another chance with Hope, too, but he asserted that he was not fixated on her anymore. He knew that he had a professional relationship with her, and his only personal relationship with her pertained to Douglas. Thomas understood that she had a family with Liam, and Thomas said that he was moving on to new things and a possible romance.

Steffy hoped that was true. She wanted it to be a fresh start for her brother, but she questioned whether he was really moving on with Zoe. Thomas didn't know what the future held for him and Zoe, but he and Zoe were trying to move on from their past regretful decisions.

Thomas didn't think Steffy's doubts were about Zoe. He thought they were still about his feelings for Hope and advised his sister to watch his actions going forward. He was sure she'd see that he'd respect the boundaries between him and Hope at work and at home. He promised that he wouldn't let them down. Ridge hugged Thomas.

Later, Steffy was working alone when she heard Brooke say, "How could you, Steffy?" Brooke expressed her distaste for Steffy's decision to rehire Zoe after what Zoe had done to Hope and Steffy. Brooke demanded to know what Steffy had been thinking.

Steffy remarked that Zoe's return wasn't what it appeared to be. Steffy said she'd put her differences with Zoe aside because "we" needed her. Brooke questioned what that meant, and Steffy revealed that Zoe was part of Steffy and Liam's plan.

Brooke asked what the plan was all about. Steffy explained that Liam was doubtful of Thomas. Steffy wanted to believe that her brother had changed, but she also had her doubts. Steffy said that she and Liam had gone to talk to Thomas' friend, Vinny, and had found Zoe living in Vinny's apartment. Brooke asked if it meant that Zoe and Thomas really were seeing each other.

"To some extent," Steffy answered. Brooke reasoned that Thomas had just become better at hiding his obsession for Hope. Brooke was sure that Steffy missed her brother and wanted him back, but in Brooke's view, Thomas had become different. Brooke stated that he was dangerous, and his fixation on Hope was getting worse.

Steffy said that "we" weren't sure about that, and that was where Zoe came in. Steffy conveyed that Zoe was working there to be Steffy's eyes and ears. Zoe had been hired to spy on Thomas and see if he was really fixated on Hope. Steffy had her doubts about Zoe, too, but she said that Zoe had been desperate to get her job back and prove herself.

Brooke questioned Zoe going along with the plan when she had feelings for Thomas. Steffy was hoping that the relationship was genuine -- for everyone's sakes, including Hope's.

Back in the design office, Hope arrived. Zoe, who'd been behind a clothing rack, appeared and greeted Hope. Hope was standoffish with Zoe, who spoke about how happy Thomas was to be back on the line. Hope voiced her displeasure with Zoe's return to Forrester.

Zoe began to speak about what could happen in time, but Hope cut her off. Hope could not get over what Zoe and her father had done, and Hope was only working it out with Thomas for Douglas' sake. Zoe said that Hope couldn't hate Zoe more than Zoe hated herself for what had transpired with Beth.

Changing the topic, Hope asked Zoe to tell her about the relationship between Zoe and Thomas. "How serious is this really?" Hope asked. Hope reasoned that Zoe had already lied enough, and Hope just wanted the truth.

Zoe asked if it was really that hard to believe that Thomas could be interested in her. She claimed that the secret had caused her and Thomas to know each other in ways that others didn't. Deciding to tell Hope the same thing she'd told Steffy, Zoe said that Thomas was sexy and talented. He was a risk-taker. It didn't scare her. It fascinated her.

Thomas entered the office. Glad that Hope and Zoe were both there, he wanted to take the time to say something. He'd just told his family how grateful he was for his second chance, but he wanted to say it to Hope, too. Thomas was sorry for the past, but he was grateful that Douglas had two loving parents.

Thomas was grateful to be working with Hope. He figured that she was probably still second-guessing it, and it would take time to earn Hope's trust. He asserted that he'd do it by being an amazing father to Douglas and by kicking butt on her line. It was hard for him to admit that he'd been obsessed, but it was true.

Thomas said that "that Thomas" was history, and he was looking forward, not backward. Standing beside Zoe, he told Hope that he wouldn't let her down, and Hope wouldn't regret trusting him, believing him, or letting him back into her life.

MERRY CHRISTMAS: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air MERRY CHRISTMAS: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air
Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and there will be no "lost" episode as a result. Regular programming resumes on Thursday, December 26, and will pick up where the Tuesday, December 24, episode concluded.

Thomas uses Douglas and HFTF to draw Hope in Thomas uses Douglas and HFTF to draw Hope in
Thursday, December 26, 2019

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke wasn't comfortable with developments but was glad that she and Steffy were on the same page. Clarifying that they weren't, Steffy said she wanted to trust her brother, but Brooke wanted to prove that he was a psychopath. Brooke replied that they both wanted the truth, whatever it was, and she wanted to get it before Hope suffered again.

Steffy stated that Zoe would let them know if she saw signs that Thomas was still fixated on Hope. Brooke asked if Steffy could make peace with Thomas as Ridge wanted her to. Steffy figured that learning the truth would help her do that. Steffy didn't want to spy on Thomas. She wanted to believe he was a good man, and that was why she was doing what she was doing.

Brooke reasoned that if she were right about Thomas, Steffy needed to know that. Steffy agreed that they needed to know if Thomas was getting better or still fixated on Hope. Brooke thanked Steffy for taking it seriously and helping Brooke protect her daughter.

Brooke knew that Steffy thought Brooke was out to get Thomas, but it wasn't true. Because Hope and Thomas had to work and co-parent together, Brooke would be relieved to learn that he was stable. Brooke just didn't want to worry about Hope all the time.

Brooke said that Ridge thought that she had a vendetta against Thomas, but she just wanted to protect her daughter. Steffy countered that Ridge wanted to protect his son. Brooke replied that she and Ridge wanted Thomas to heal, but he needed serious, professional help. Steffy snapped that it wasn't up to Brooke to decide what Thomas needed.

Brooke explained that she couldn't take Thomas' word for it, and Ridge saw that as a betrayal. It was heartbreaking to her because she loved Ridge and didn't want to live her life without him. She couldn't forgive or trust Thomas the way that Ridge wanted her to, and she was determined to never let Thomas hurt her daughter again.

Later, Sally and Steffy reviewed some of Sally's designs. Critiquing a black romper with flaring pants, Steffy said it was reminiscent of Sally's old line. "It's a good concept, but not great. A few changes, and we'll get there," Steffy concluded. Steffy divulged that her brother was just as competitive as she was, and she wanted to win the show.

Sally asked how Thomas had gotten onto Hope's team. Steffy replied that Hope wanted to save her line. Sally had been under the impression that Hope had had concerns about Thomas because of the past. Steffy stated that it was a complicated relationship, but "complicated" might be the only kind of relationship that Thomas was capable of having.

In the design office with Hope and Zoe, Thomas wanted to know what else he could do to prove himself to Hope. Thomas felt that he needed Hope to trust him, and he wanted to do everything he could to prove that he was a changed man. "Do you believe me?" he asked.

Hope stated that she had faith in him to help her win the showdown. Thomas showed her a sketch of a design he thought would do it. Looking at it, Hope said it was like he'd read her mind. He replied that he'd just listened to her.

Zoe flashed a troubled look as she watched Hope and Thomas. Hope said that she couldn't do the showing without him. Thomas exclaimed that they'd crush the show. Stating that Hope and Thomas didn't have a lot of time to work, Zoe decided to take off. Thomas asked if he could see her later. She told him that she'd like that. Hope rolled her eyes when Thomas kissed Zoe.

Later, Hope was with a model, going over a dress, when Thomas arrived with a surprise -- Douglas. Observing the dress, Thomas told Douglas that it was the result of good collaboration. Thomas asked if it could be the first piece in the collection. Hope affirmed it and sent the model out. Douglas said he liked seeing his parents smiling and working together.

A discussion ensued about Douglas working at Forrester when he grew up. Hope explained that it was a family tradition, and Douglas asked if Mommy would work there with them. Thomas said it was why he was working to make sure that Hope's line would stick around. Hope added that Thomas was doing a good job of it.

Thomas thought it was easy when it was something one believed in. He felt that the line would change many lines. Hope thanked him for saying it. Hope told Douglas that no matter what he'd be when he grew up, Thomas and she would love the boy forever.

"Even if you don't live together?" Douglas asked. Thomas said they'd always be a family. Hope agreed and hugged Douglas. Thomas made a gesture as if asking for permission. Hope nodded. Maintaining a little distance, Thomas cautiously put one of his hands on Douglas' back and the other on Hope's back.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Liam took a conference call. Afterward, Wyatt asked how Liam's plan was going. Liam stated that his plan wasn't off the ground yet, but Thomas' was. Wyatt was surprised to hear that Hope had actually hired Thomas for her line. Liam explained that she felt as if she'd run out of options to help her win the showdown.

Liam told Wyatt that Thomas and Zoe were dating. Wyatt asked why Zoe hadn't said that when Liam and Steffy had been formulating the plan. Liam explained that, at that time, Thomas hadn't even noticed Zoe's interest because of his fixation on Hope. Wyatt thought it compromised Zoe, but Liam reasoned that it gave Zoe incentive to get to the truth.

Liam was grateful to Zoe for taking the risk. Wyatt remarked that it was also complicated because Steffy was testing her own brother. Liam said that Steffy was praying Thomas would turn out to be on the level. Wyatt stated that Steffy had to know it could go the other way.

Liam believed that Steffy wouldn't blindly defend her brother. Liam said that, if he were right about things, then Thomas was a danger to everyone -- including himself. As Thomas' sister, Steffy would want to get him the help he needed, but she needed the truth first. Liam was sure Steffy could handle it and would do the right thing.

Later, Liam was alone when Brooke arrived to find out why he hadn't told her about his plan with Steffy and Zoe. Brooke insisted that she'd needed to know because she was trying to protect Hope, too. Liam apologized. She didn't want to hear apologies. She wanted to hear if it would really work. Liam said it wasn't a perfect plan because it would take time.

For Brooke, there was no time because Thomas was in Hope's orbit, working closely with her. Brooke was scared because Hope believed that she needed Thomas, which was exactly what Thomas wanted. Liam was on the same page as Brooke and said that Zoe would come through for them.

Brooke questioned putting their faith in Zoe. Liam felt that it was their only option. He said that Zoe had seen Thomas' unhealthy fixation, and that was why they'd asked for her help.

Brooke didn't want to make things about her, but she informed Liam that she and Ridge had signed divorce papers. She said that Thomas had really destroyed her marriage. She couldn't forgive or trust Thomas the way Ridge wanted her to.

Whenever Thomas was around Brooke, the hair on her neck would rise. She knew that Thomas was up to something. Liam said that Zoe would find out if it was true. Brooke hoped so and said that Thomas needed serious psychological analysis.

Again, Brooke brought up Hope's belief that she "needed" Thomas in order to save her line. That really bothered Brooke. Liam assured her that Hope hadn't forgotten what Thomas had done, and he added that he hadn't, either. Liam was thankful that he'd gotten there in time.

Flashbacks of Liam rescuing Hope from Thomas at Forrester before Thomas' helicopter had arrived played on the screen. Liam wondered what would have happened if the helicopter had made it. He feared that they might never have seen Hope again. Agreeing, Brooke said that Thomas would have taken Hope away.

Brooke didn't trust Thomas. She asserted that he was dangerous, and it made her blood run cold to think of Hope and Thomas being around each other.

Hope freaks out when Thomas makes an inappropriate gesture Hope freaks out when Thomas makes an inappropriate gesture
Friday, December 27, 2019

At Spencer, Brooke was livid about the proximity and time Thomas had with Hope. Liam said that Thomas wasn't expecting to have more eyes on him, but Brooke didn't think the biased Steffy or Zoe would be able to detect Thomas' dark side. Liam reasoned that the women had already seen it, and neither wanted to be fooled by Thomas again.

Brooke said that, to her, it seemed that Ridge wouldn't admit that there was something wrong with Thomas because it would be like admitting to failure as a father. Ridge wouldn't face that even if it meant giving up on their marriage. Liam was sorry and said Thomas was like a wrecking ball in people's lives. Liam didn't trust Thomas alone with Hope for one second.

Brooke wasn't overly optimistic about Liam's plan. She believed that Thomas would make Zoe and Steffy see what he wanted them to see, which was that he was indeed a changed man. Liam said Brooke didn't have a lot of faith in Steffy and Zoe. Brooke stated that she didn't where Thomas was concerned, and Zoe, in particular, didn't inspire confidence in Brooke.

Liam said that Zoe was ashamed and eager to make up for what she'd done. He felt that her feelings for Thomas highly motivated her to find out what was really going on with him. Liam wanted to believe that people could change, and he needed to test Thomas and find out what they were dealing with. Brooke urged Liam to work quickly because Thomas used time and proximity to his advantage. Liam concluded that they were on the same page. In the CEO's office, Sally and Steffy talked fabrics, and Steffy offered Sally some tips about how designs meshed with class at Forrester. The team discussed Hope's progress, and Sally was impressed that Hope had found a way to work with Thomas. Steffy said that one sometimes had to set aside reservations for a bigger plan.

Sally was stoked about going up against Thomas but worried about the history between him and Hope. Sally was sure Liam had a problem with the pairing. Agreeing, Steffy said she hated watching Liam struggle. She noted that everyone sympathized with Hope, but Liam had struggled, too, when he thought he'd lost a daughter. In Steffy's view, no one acknowledged that.

"Except you," Sally replied. She saw that Steffy still cared about Liam. Steffy said that she saw half of her life in Liam, and he was in her daughter, too. She knew he'd protect Hope in ways that Thomas couldn't imagine.

In the design office, Hope liked one of Thomas' designs but couldn't articulate a change she wanted. Thomas handed her a pencil and asked her to show him. As she discussed the changes she wanted, Thomas homed in on her breasts and lips. He placed his hand over hers, and immediately releasing the pencil, Hope asked him what he was doing.

Thomas began to apologize, but Hope hopped up from her seat, saying that they needed to call it quits if his plan was to use the line as a way to get close to her and touch her. He claimed that he was trying to create a mutual vision.

Hope quipped that one saw visions with his eyes, not hands. Thomas claimed that his father had taught him that way, and he even colored with Douglas that way. Hope told him to look her in the eyes and swear that he wasn't hoping for more between them.

Thomas asked why he'd do something to scare her off. He admitted that he'd always care for her, but he respected her relationship with Liam. He claimed to be moving on with Zoe. He was eager to see where that took him. He asserted that he was no longer obsessing over Hope.

Just then, Zoe arrived. She'd gotten Thomas' message and asked if he was ready to go. Thomas asked of a second more with Hope. He kissed Zoe, and Hope stared around awkwardly. Zoe left, and Thomas asked Hope if she could watch Douglas that night.

Thomas was apologetic that it was last-minute, but he'd spontaneously asked Zoe out. Hope was happy to watch Douglas and finish a board game they'd had going on. Thomas said they made a great team as parents and at work. He hated to think he'd made her second-guess working with him. Hope said she understood, and she urged him to go and have a good night.

Later, Hope was alone when Steffy arrived to see how things were progressing. Hope thought it was going well for being behind, and Thomas' designs had gotten her half of the way there. Steffy asked where Thomas was, and Hope revealed that he had a date with Zoe.

Steffy asked what Hope, who knew Thomas better than anyone, thought about the couple. Hope had been skeptical at first, but from watching the looks and interactions between them, Hope had started to believe that something was brewing between them.

Steffy asked how Hope felt about it. Though Hope still had her issues with Zoe, Hope supported a relationship between Zoe and Thomas. Steffy said it was better than Thomas focusing on someone he couldn't have. Hope thought that Thomas was taking a big step toward Zoe because he'd asked Hope to watch Douglas for an entire night.

Steffy found that interesting, and Hope said Steffy could imagine Hope's relief. Hope wanted it to mean that Thomas was finally moving on. Hope was rooting for the relationship and wondered if it was possible to trust that Thomas' romantic intentions were elsewhere. Hope said that if Zoe and Thomas were really real, Hope could stop living with suspicion where Thomas was concerned.

At the Forrester mansion, Zoe and Thomas arrived. Zoe was impressed by the candlelit scene he'd set on the coffee table before the fireplace. She wondered if the house was kind of "trafficky," but Thomas said he'd made sure that they would have privacy for their special evening. He pulled her in for a kiss.

The two sat on the floor by the fireplace. Thomas said he'd set up the scene to make up for the one they hadn't had at the office. Zoe asked if she had to worry about Hope walking in. Thomas replied that Zoe didn't have to worry about Hope or anyone else interrupting.

Zoe took a moment to absorb it all. Things were happening so fast, and she'd not so long ago thought her life had been on track with her job and Xander. She'd lost it all when she'd gotten pulled into her father's scheme. She was amazed that there she was, modeling again and in the mansion on a date with Thomas. She'd never dreamed that she'd get a second chance.

Feeling fortunate, too, Thomas said that his family had forgiven him, and Hope had set aside enough in order to co-parent Douglas. "And there's you," Thomas added. Thomas was glad that Zoe was there. She was, too, but she'd never predicted herself with Thomas.

Thomas asked if Zoe had never noticed him noticing her. Giggling, she said she hadn't. He claimed that he'd noticed how beautiful she was, like a mystery he'd wanted to figure out. He kissed her, but she pulled back and remarked that she'd never felt him noticing her.

Thomas stated that Zoe had been with Xander, and Thomas had been thinking about other things. Zoe said Thomas had been crazy in love with Hope, and when Zoe had kissed him in Vinny's apartment, Hope had been all he could talk about. Before things went further, Zoe wanted to know if "this" was really all about her or if she was a distraction from Hope.

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