Angela Forrester
Actor History
Never appeared on-screen
Eric Forrester (father)
Stephanie Douglas (mother; deceased)
Thorne Forrester (brother)
Kristen Forrester (sister)
Felicia Forrester (sister)
Ridge Forrester Sr. (maternal half-brother)
John Douglas (grandfather; deceased)
Ann Douglas (grandmother; deceased)
Pamela Douglas (maternal aunt)
Brief Character History

Angela was born microcephalic. In order to spare Eric, Stephanie told him that Angela had died at birth. Stephanie secretly bought a home in her maiden name and hired a medical staff to care for Angela. In a freak accident, Angela's doctor forgot to lock her wheelchair brakes, causing Angela to careen down a hill to her death. Although the doctor told Stephanie about the accident, he lied that Angela needed extensive plastic surgery because of her injuries and hired a woman to pretend to be Angela during Stephanie's visits, bilking Stephanie out of large amounts of money in the process.

The Forresters eventually learned that "Angela" was alive and accepted her into the family. But soon Stephanie discovered that "Angela" was an imposter. "Angela" and the doctor fled, and Stephanie was forced to grieve her long-dead biological daughter.

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