William "Bill" Spencer, Jr.
Actor History
May 12, 2009 to Present
Other Names
Bill Spencer
"Dollar" Bill (nickname)
Currently unemployed
Owns 49% of Spencer Publications
Former co-CEO of Spencer Publications
Owns 12.5% of Forrester Creations
Resides At
A cliff house in Malibu as a guest of his son, Liam Spencer (in a home Bill owns)
Formerly the Logan Mansion (200 N. Beston Place, Los Angeles, CA)
Formerly his Beverly Hills mansion, 3197 Holden Drive (once owned by Taylor Hayes Forrester)
Formerly a beach house in Malibu, California (once owned by Taylor Hayes Forrester)
Formerly New York City
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Katie Logan [married: 2009; divorced: 2013]
William Spencer, Sr. (father; deceased)
Karen Spencer (half-sister)
Caroline Spencer Forrester (half-sister; deceased)
Caroline Spencer (half-niece)

Wyatt Fuller (son, with Quinn Fuller)
Liam Cooper Spencer (son, with Kelly Cooper)
William Logan Spencer (son, with Katie Logan)
unnamed child (with Brooke; miscarried)
Flings & Affairs
Quinn Fuller
Kelly Cooper
Donna Logan (flirtation)
Steffy Forrester (not consummated)
Brooke Logan
Crimes Committed
  • Tried to blackmail Eric Forrester into selling him Forrester Creations [2009]
  • Tried to bribe judges at the Forrester Creations/Jackie M fashion challenge [2009]
  • Plotted to kill Amber Moore and his unborn grandchild [2011]
  • Trapped Hope Logan in a gondola in Aspen, Colorado [2011]
  • Bribed two doctors and faked Steffy Forrester's MRI to keep Steffy with his son, Liam [2012]
  • Locked his wife, Katie Logan, in a tower to prevent her from exposing his schemes to Liam [2012]
  • Sicced the paparazzi on a pill-dependent Hope Logan [2012]
  • Bribed a warden to spring Hope Logan's father, Deacon Sharpe, from jail to prevent Hope's wedding to Liam [2012]
  • Threatened to kill Deacon Sharpe [2012]
  • Kissed wife Katie Logan's sister, Brooke Logan, thinking Katie wanted a divorce [2012]
  • Suspected of pushing niece Caroline Spencer over a balcony [2013]
  • "Stabbed" himself in the chest with his sword necklace to manipulate Liam [2013]
  • Crashed into Brooke Logan's car while driving drunk [2013]
  • Slept with Brooke Logan, again thinking Katie wanted a divorce [2013]
  • Tried to blackmail Maya Avant into staying away from Caroline's ex-boyfriend, Rick Forrester [2013]
  • Tricked Katie into a reunion to get her to sign over control of Spencer Publications [2013]
Health and Vitals
Sustained minor injuries in a drunk driving accident [2013]
Slapped by Katie Logan [2013]
Slapped by Brooke Logan [2013]
Slipped while mountain climbing and slammed into a cliffside [2013]
Jabbed with his sword necklace by Quinn Fuller [2013]
Brief Character History

Bill Spencer, Jr. is the previously unknown son of publishing magnate Bill Spencer, Sr. They had never been close, but when the elder Spencer died, Bill came to Los Angeles to carry out his father's last wish: to avenge his one true love, Stephanie Forrester, by destroying Eric Forrester and Forrester Creations. Bill encouraged Stephanie, who had defected to rival fashion house Jackie M, to rant about the Logans in a damaging video blog. Eric refused to sell Forrester to Bill, who blackmailed Eric with the knowledge that Eric had hired an illegal immigrant years ago. But Stephanie recorded the conversation and threatened to go public unless Bill backed off.

A consummate womanizer, Bill put the moves on an unresponsive Donna Logan. Later, Bill met Donna's sister, Katie Logan. Fresh from a breakup with Nick Marone, Katie got drunk at the Cafe Russe, but Bill chose not to take advantage of her. Instead, Bill got to know Katie, who challenged Bill's tendency to be a shark. When Katie found the DVD of Bill's father laying out his mission to Bill, Katie questioned Bill's growing feelings. But Bill insisted his devotion was genuine, and proposed. Bill knew Katie wanted to do something special after a second chance at life via a heart transplant, so when Bill finally secured Forrester Creations, he made Katie its CEO.

Young Steffy Forrester was intrigued by Bill and kissed him. But Bill still married Katie in her old San Fernando Valley neighborhood. Resenting Bill's control of their company, the Forresters unsuccessfully tried to sabotage Bill by creating the ugly Dare fashion line. Steffy took things one step further and used Bill's attraction to set up a seduction. Bill bit, but Steffy put on the brakes and stole Katie's engagement ring from Bill's bedroom. Steffy threatened to show it to Katie if Bill didn't sign Forrester over to Steffy. Bill fumed and vowed revenge, but secretly admired Steffy's ruthless behavior.

Bill befriended Donna, whose marriage to Eric was in trouble, and suggested Donna ask for half of Eric's Forrester stock in the event of a divorce. Bill began to think of the Logans as the family he never had, offering to join forces with Stephen Logan against Eric and blasting his right-hand man, Justin Barber, for exposing Brooke's "mistaken identity" sex to the world. But later, Bill had no problem exposing Brooke's daughter, Bridget, when she had her own paternity scandal, saying he'd already given the Logans "a free pass." Bill also convinced Donna to sell him the 12.5% of Forrester she'd gotten from Eric, and tried to buy an additional 25% from Steffy.

Liam Cooper, an intern at Spencer Publications, revealed that his mother, Kelly Cooper, had died and sent him to Los Angeles in search of his father. Kelly had dated both Bill and Thorne Forrester, who insisted on a DNA test. Bill scoffed to find he had a son in the forthright Liam, but Katie encouraged Bill to develop their father-son bond. Bill wanted Liam to man up and disapproved of Liam dating the gentle Hope Logan, so Bill tried to press Hope's ex-boyfriend, Oliver Jones, into winning Hope back. Failing that, Bill arranged a coming-out party and introduced Liam to the press as "the world's most eligible bachelor," which made Liam uncomfortable. Bill backed off and accepted Hope.

Bill went ballistic when Amber Moore claimed that Liam was the father of her baby. After Amber's mother, Tawny Moore, managed to fix the paternity test, Bill offered Amber $500,000 to leave town. But Amber wanted more, so Bill bought a cliff house that had a faulty balcony and moved Amber in, hoping Amber would fall to her death. Steffy returned from working in Europe determined to have Bill for herself, and caught Bill luring Amber to the edge. A tree branch fell, almost doing the job for him, but Steffy saved Amber. Katie walked out when she discovered Bill's plot, but Steffy told Bill she "got" him and was better for him than Katie, who demanded Bill seek therapy.

Bill snarked his way through sessions with Steffy's mother, Dr. Taylor Hayes and seemingly made up with Katie off-screen.. But when Steffy's brother, Thomas, went missing at sea, Steffy begged Bill for help. After Bill used his resources at Spencer to rescue Thomas, he reciprocated Steffy's declaration of love. Steffy had family problems and leaned on Bill for support, igniting a full-blown affair. Taylor caught them before they could make love and kicked Bill out of the house. Bill was ready to leave Katie, who surprised him with a vow renewal ceremony. But Katie had a heart attack when Taylor told her about the affair, and Bill chose to stay with Katie. Steffy was devastated, but fell for Liam after he saved her from drowning in her bathtub.

Steffy's father, Ridge Forrester, punched Bill over his involvement with Steffy, so Bill went to Nick with an offer to buy 50% of Jackie M in order to crush Forrester. Nick was tempted, but Nick's mother, Jackie Marone, ultimately nixed the deal. Bill again deemed Hope unsuitable for Liam, so he teamed with Steffy to get rid of Hope. On Bill's orders, Steffy kissed Liam at Liam's bachelor party. Hope saw it and left her engagement ring on Liam's mantel. Liam offered the ring to Steffy, and Bill capitalized on it by sending Steffy and Liam to Aspen. When Hope followed, Bill arranged a wedding for Steffy and Liam, which Hope was forced to watch while trapped in a gondola, courtesy of Bill.

Katie was outraged when Bill gave Steffy a seat on the Spencer board and planned a "family vacation" to Cabo San Lucas. Bill stayed behind, helping from the sidelines when Hope and Thomas ended up at the same resort as Steffy and Liam. But Hope and Liam saw each other, and Steffy was injured in an ATV accident. Knowing that Liam wanted to return to Hope, Bill fixed Steffy's MRI to say she had a life-threatening blood clot that could worsen under stress. Liam felt obigated to stay with Steffy. Katie got suspicious, and soon uncovered Bill's plot. Bill locked Katie in a tower to keep her from exposing him, but when she escaped and told Liam, Bill found himself alone. Hope threatened to go public with Bill's crime, but never made good on it. Bill and Katie again resolved their issues off-screen, though one night Bill fantasized about Brooke during dinner.

Bill's half-sister, Karen Spencer, paid occasional visits from New York, but relocated to Los Angeles when her daughter, Caroline Spencer, took a job at Forrester. Bill raised an eyebrow when he met Danielle and assumed she was Karen's roommate. Fearful that Bill would be homophobic, Karen was adamant that Bill not find out Danielle was her spouse and that Caroline was their daughter, even as Karen arranged a job interview for Danielle at Spencer. Bill was intrigued by Danielle's international exploits as a freelance writer and thought that Danielle was coming on to him. But when Karen finally explained about her relationship with Danielle, Bill gave Karen his acceptance.

Discovering that Hope was taking antianxiety medication to cope with the press labeling her an adulteress, Bill stepped up his anti-Hope campaign and arranged for Hope to be besieged by paparazzi in Aspen. The scheme netted Bill a photo of Hope popping a pill, but Bill didn't use it. Instead, Bill sprung Hope's father, Deacon Sharpe, from jail as part of a plan to prevent Liam's wedding to Hope in Puglia, Italy. The scheme almost worked, but when Liam married Hope anyway, Bill publicly apologized to Hope and accepted her into the family. However, the union didn't last, and when Liam showed up to his do-over wedding with dyed hair and a tattoo after a night of clubbing with Steffy, Bill berated Liam for begging Hope's forgiveness on his knees wearing only underwear, and demanded that Liam start acting like a Spencer.

When Katie told Bill she was pregnant, Bill insisted she get an abortion. Bill later softened and admitted he was only afraid Katie would die trying to carry a baby to term given her heart condition, and warmed to the idea of having another son. Later, Katie found Deacon in Bill's office, and the truth about Bill's misdeeds triggered Katie to go into an early labor. Bill found himself making an impassioned prayer in the hospital chapel as Katie flatlined on the operating table. Katie recovered, but couldn't forgive Bill for breaking the law and putting their family in danger. Bill told Donna and Brooke about Deacon when Katie slipped into postpartum depression; the sisters only agreed not to prosecute Bill for the sake of Katie and baby Will. Afterwards, Bill threatened to have Deacon killed when Deacon tried to blackmail Bill into giving him a job at Spencer.

Bill was mystified when Katie disappeared. He and Brooke followed clues to Aspen, where Bill found an envelope with Katie's wedding ring and a note asking for a divorce. Bill was sad, then angry; Brooke was worried that an unconscious Bill had committed suicide when she found an empty bottle of pills beside him, but he was only taking a nap. Bill and Brooke, who had just lost Ridge, comforted each other, and were surprised by a hot-air balloon ride that was arranged for them. They didn't know that Katie, in her melancholy, was paving the way for Brooke to replace Katie as Bill's wife and Will's mother.

Brooke was devastated when Stephanie died at the Big Bear cabin. Bill arrived to comfort Brooke, which led to a kiss. Afterwards, they were shocked to find Katie back home and ready to reclaim her life. Katie admitted to a guilty Bill and Brooke that she had been trying to set them up. Bill and Brooke swore each other to secrecy about the kiss, but Taylor overheard and told Katie about it. Bill and Brooke swore the kiss meant nothing, and Katie forgave them.

Meanwhile, Caroline overheard Bill and Katie discussing how he used Deacon to sabotage Hope and Liam's wedding. Caroline confronted Bill, who menacingly told Caroline he wouldn't let her tell Liam the truth. When Caroline accidentally fell over the balcony during the argument, many suspected Bill of pushing her.

Bill brushed it off when Katie smelled alcohol on his breath at the hospital, but was aghast when Katie, Brooke, Taylor, Karen, and Danielle staged an intervention on him. Bill disagreed when Katie insisted he made bad decisions when drinking. Hope crashed the intervention literally by bashing her way into his house with a golf club, furious at having discovered how Bill sabotaged her wedding to Liam. Bill neither admitted nor denied Hope's claims, but was more forthcoming when Liam later demanded answers. Liam washed his hands of Bill, who stabbed himself in the chest with his sword necklace. Liam backed off, but Bill had purposely stabbed himself in his money pouch to further manipulate his son.

Bill was annoyed when Katie got rid of all his alcohol. It was revealed that he and Katie hadn't been making love, so Brooke arranged a night of passion for them, which backfired when Katie smelled whiskey on Bill's breath. Brooke pleaded Katie's case despite the sparks that remained between her and Bill, who thought of Brooke while in bed to Katie.

Bill's frustration escalated when Katie wanted to spend all her time with baby Will. Meanwhile, Brooke fretted over Taylor's increasing influence over Eric, who had begun dating Taylor. Bill encouraged Brooke to counter Taylor by becoming more active at Forrester, starting with rebooting the once successful Brooke's Bedroom lingerie line. Brooke stated she was too old to model lingerie, but Bill bolstered her confidence and talked her into showing off the undergarments she was already wearing.

With Bill's help, Brooke interrupted Thomas' marketing presentation with a mini showing of Brooke's Bedroom. Eric green-lit the project, and Bill celebrated with Brooke, who was still clad in the sexy skivvies. Taylor spotted them, but when Taylor berated Brooke, Bill told Taylor that Brooke would be a role model for women over 40 and that Taylor should get over her obsession with Brooke. At Taylor's urging, Katie interrupted Bill and Brooke's boozy flirting just as they fell onto the bed Forrester used as a prop. Katie blasted Bill, who felt it unnecessary to tell Brooke nothing was going to happen between them and decried what he felt were Katie's "rules and regulations." Bill privately told Brooke he felt like he married the wrong sister.

Later, at home, Bill and Katie tried to come to terms, but when Bill wanted sex from his wife, Katie said she didn't have it to give. Bill drowned his frustration with booze, then swerved into Brooke's car while driving drunk. Brooke hid Bill's car and took him home to recuperate, not wanting Katie to find out. When Brooke called Katie and told her Bill was spending the night without revealing why, Katie marched over and found a shirtless Bill in Brooke's bed. Bill and Brooke explained about the accident, but Katie swore she was done with her marriage to Bill, and took off her wedding ring. Bill and Brooke took this to mean they were free to make love. As they reveled in their afterglow, the hospital called with news that Katie had suffered heart failure.

Brooke blamed herself when she found out Katie hadn't been taking her anti-rejection medication. Bill felt bad for Katie, but reiterated that his marriage was over. Bill responded to Taylor's questions by firing her as Katie's therapist and deriding Taylor's seeming vendetta against Brooke. Katie's first word upon awakening from her coma was "ring," so Brooke insisted Bill put it back on Katie's finger. Bill reluctantly agreed, surprised when Katie apologized for suspecting him and declared that she trusted him implicitly. Bill bought Katie expensive diamond earrings, saying only that he was committed to his family.

Bill was on hand when Liam married Steffy in an unusual ceremony that saw Steffy riding up the aisle on a motorcycle wearing a black dress/suit ensemble. Bill toasted the couple, and Steffy's uniqueness, but Justin half-jokingly remarked to Bill that Liam had finally married Steffy without any undue influence from Bill. Bill supported Liam when the pregnant Steffy had a motorcycle accident and miscarried. Liam was furious that Steffy had ridden her motorcycle after he'd told her not to, so Bill had Liam direct his anger at Bill instead, telling Liam that Steffy didn't need to hear it.

Bill helped Caroline put together a fundraiser for her cancer foundation, which was also designed to capture the attention of her boyfriend, Rick Forrester. When Caroline cried that Rick was interested in the wrongly convicted Maya Avant, Bill dug up dirt on Maya and found out she could be sent back to jail if she came within 500 feet of her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Graves. Bill had his assistant, Alison, send Jesse to the club where Maya was and snap photos of them. But Maya refused to be intimidated by Bill, so he made plans to ensure that the district attorney saw the photo of Maya talking to Jesse, which, as a violation of her parole, would send her back to prison and away from Rick.

Bill was surprised when Rick called him down to Forrester and onto a set that had been set up like a jail. Maya, who was modeling for Forrester, announced that Caroline had arranged the jail shoot to embarrass her, and that she had told Rick everything about Bill's blackmail. Rick warned Bill to leave Maya alone and locked Bill in the fake cell to make his point. Bill smirked, but seemed to get the message.

When an urgent Brooke showed up with something important to tell him and Katie, Bill sensed Brooke was about to admit to their affair. But Brooke fainted before she could say anything. Brooke brushed it off as stress, though privately admitted to Bill that she had just miscarried his child. Bill and Brooke covered their sadness at the birthday party Katie threw for Brooke, but Taylor found out the truth and exposed their affair in front of all the guests! Bill and Brooke tried to explain to Katie that she had set the wheels in motion herself by pushing them together during her postpartum depression, but Katie responded by slapping Bill and disowning Brooke, and throwing them both out of the house.

Bill bunked with Liam, then attempted to curry favor with Katie by buying her a diamond tiara. Katie instead asked for the house and 1% of Spencer Publications in a divorce. Bill knew Katie could ask for much more, so he signed the papers. Karen, who owned the company equally with Bill, walked in and announced that Bill now only owned 49% of its stock. Still holding 50%, Karen was Spencer's majority stockholder and appointed Katie its new CEO. Katie's first order of business was to fire Bill and have him removed by security guards! Bill admitted Katie had learned well by his example.

At lunch with Liam, Bill spotted a woman he recognized as Quinn Fuller, whom he had dated long ago. Bill approached Quinn and confirmed her identity, thanking her for designing his ubiquitous sword necklace. Quinn's son, Wyatt Fuller, who wore an identical necklace, listened as Bill recounted their relationship and recalled she had been pregnant. Wyatt realized that Quinn, who had told Wyatt his father was dead, had lied to him all his life: Bill was his father! Quinn claimed that Bill had given her money for an abortion, and Wyatt berated Bill for not taking responsibility for his child. Bill insisted that Wyatt was now family, and invited him to stay with him and Liam over Quinn's objections.

Bill was glad to care for baby Will at Katie's request, surprised when Brooke was also asked to babysit. Things got a little charged as Brooke and Bill discussed their affair and resulting miscarriage, but they expressed relief that Katie appeared to be forgiving them. Later, Bill discovered hidden cameras in the house; when Katie approached Bill for a reconciliation, Bill berated Katie and spat that he was glad they were divorcing.

Bill traveled to Monte Carlo, where had Brooke had gone to represent Forrester at a fashion event. Bill told Brooke about the cameras and declared his love for her, even chasing Brooke through the streets of Monte Carlo when his admission caught her off guard. Bill agreed to hear Katie out before making any decisions, but after their conversation devolved into bitterness, Bill headed to Brooke's and told her it was time they started their life together. Bill made love to Brooke, then moved in with her. Hope objected strongly to the news, aghast that her mother would pursue a relationship with a man who had worked so hard to sabotage Hope's life. Bill promised Brooke he would make things up to Hope.

Bill was amused to hear that Wyatt had kissed Hope and that Liam had punched Wyatt over it, but still insisted that Liam and Wyatt get along. Bill got to know Wyatt a little and was pleased by how much they had in common. But after Wyatt heard about Brooke from Katie, Wyatt got in Bill's face and accused Bill of walking out on Will just as he had walked out on Wyatt. An angry Bill turned on Wyatt and kicked his newfound son out of Spencer and out of the family. Bill's feelings for Brooke deepened after she went to Wyatt to defend their relationship. At Brooke's urging, Bill ultimately mended fences with Wyatt.

Bill was furious when Katie took Will with her on an extended business trip to New York. At first resisting the impulse to have Katie followed because it would scare her off, Bill changed his mind and hired a private investigator anyway, though he found it frustrating that Katie and Danielle had successfully pulled a bait-and-switch on the detective. When a guilty Brooke suggested that perhaps Bill should return to Katie, Bill affirmed his love for Brooke. Katie came back unexpectedly to discover that Bill was living with Brooke, and Bill surprised Brooke by asking him to marry her as soon as his divorce was final.

Bill clashed with Katie in the Spencer board room and on the home front as she refused to let Will visit him at Brooke's. Bill decided to take Brooke mountain climbing in Aspen, but Bill was so distracted by his scuffles with Katie that he slipped and nearly fell to his death, saved only by the harness that Brooke had begged him to wear. Bill pledged his love to Brooke, but broke her heart by reconciling with Katie, who was dubious about a reunion but allowed Bill back into her bed.

Justin soon arrived with papers returning control of Spencer to Bill and allowing him joint custody of Will. Bill gently convinced her to sign, then ran to Brooke bragging how he had tricked Katie so he could have his company, his son, and Brooke. But Bill was surprised when Brooke threw him out for betraying her sister, and even more surprised when he discovered Brooke had replaced his documents with leaves she had brought back from Aspen. Bill moved back in with Liam, swearing Brooke would be his again.

Tired of Wyatt's interference in his relationship with Hope, Liam asked Bill to have a chat with his half-brother. Bill's ironic support of Liam and Hope fell on deaf ears, and when Quinn overheard it, she blasted Bill for choosing one son over the other, drawing blood with Bill's sword necklace and licking it from her finger.

Ridge came back to town after having spent a year living in Paris, determined to reunite with Brooke. But when Ridge recoiled after learning how Brooke and Bill's affair had hurt Katie, Bill saw an opening and showed Brooke photos that Justin found depicting Ridge with his arm around a man at a gay pride celebration. Brooke refused to believe Bill's contention that Ridge was gay and pushed for Bill to reconcile with Katie, who wanted nothing to do with him. As Brooke readied to remarry Ridge, Bill got drunk and allowed himself to be comforted by Quinn, resulting in a night of raucous, S&M sex.

Bill was happy when Brooke's wedding was sabotaged by Katie, who "fainted" to stop the ceremony because she had fallen for Ridge. Bill felt it was a gift, and, after he implored Rick to look after his heartbroken mother, Bill again asked Brooke to come back to him, but she sent him away. Bill came home to find Quinn in his bedroom ready for another round of whips and chains; just as things got hot and heavy, Brooke came over to talk to Bill, who stashed Quinn in the closet so Brooke wouldn't discover her.

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