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Brooke Logan
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Actor History
March 23, 1987 to present
July 1987 (temporary recast)
Sandra Ferguson
May 1997 (temporary recast)

Said to be 21 in 1987, making date of birth 1966

Graduated from college in 1987


Unspecified position at Forrester Creations

Former editor of Eye on Fashion

Former co-vice president of Forrester Creations

Occasional model at Forrester Creations

Former president of Forrester Creations

Former executive at Forrester Originals

Former CEO of Logan Designs

Former CEO and majority stockholder of Forrester Creations

Creator of the Forrester men's line and the Brooke's Bedroom line

Started Forrester International

Creator of the BeLieF formula

Former chemist working in Research and Development at Forrester Creations

Former caterer's assistant

Majored in chemistry in college

Attended Sherman Oaks High School

Resides At

The Logan Mansion (200 N. Beston Place, Los Angeles, CA)

Temporarily lived and worked in Milan, Italy

Formerly the Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)

Formerly an apartment in Los Angeles, CA

Formerly a condo in Los Angeles, CA with Eric Forrester

Formerly Waterton Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA

Marital Status

married to Ridge Forrester, Sr. as of February 8, 2018

Past Marriages

Eric Forrester, Sr. [Married: 1991; divorced: 1992; first time]

Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 1994; declared invalid: 1995; first time]

Grant Chambers [Married: 1997; declared invalid: 1997]

Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 1998; annulled: 1998; second time]

Thorne Forrester [Married: 2001; annulled: 2001]

Whipple Jones III [Married: 2002; annulled: 2002]

Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2003; annulled, technically invalid: 2004; third time]

Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2004; declared invalid: 2005; fourth time]

Eric Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2005; annulled/not consummated: 2005; second time]

Dominick "Nick" Marone [Married: 2006; divorced: 2007]

Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2009; declared invalid: 2009; fifth time]

Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2009; divorced: 2011; sixth time]

Ridge Forrester, Sr. [Married: 2012; not legalized: 2012; seventh time]

Bill Spencer, Jr. [Married: 2017; annulled: 2018]


Stephen Logan, Sr. (father)

Elizabeth Henderson Logan (mother; deceased)

Stephen "Storm" Logan, Jr. (brother; deceased)

Donna Logan (sister)

Katie Logan (sister)

Helen Logan (grandmother; deceased)

Marcus Walton Forrester (nephew)

William Logan Spencer (nephew)

Eric Forrester III (grandson; deceased)

Nicole Marone (granddaughter; deceased)

Logan Knight (grandson)

Elizabeth Forrester (granddaughter)


Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Ridge; 1989)

Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr. (son; with Eric; 1990)

Bridget Forrester (daughter; with Eric; 1993)

unnamed child (miscarriage; with Ridge; 1998)

Hope Logan (daughter; with Deacon; 2002)

Ridge "R.J." Forrester, Jr. (son; with Ridge; 2004)

Jack Hamilton Marone (biological son; with Nick; 2007)

unnamed child (miscarriage; with Bill Spencer, Jr; 2013)

Flings & Affairs

unnamed high school boyfriend (deceased)

Dave Reed (broken engagement)

Ridge Forrester

Steve Crown (kissed)

Connor Davis

James Warwick (broken engagement)

Pierce Peterson (dated)

Victor Newman (kissed)

Thorne Forrester

Deacon Sharpe

Nick Marone

Dante Damiano (dated)

Oliver Jones (mistaken identity sex)

Bill Spencer, Jr.

Crimes Committed

Kept Ridge's love letter from Caroline on Thorne and Caroline's wedding day [1987]

Knowingly cheated on Eric with Ridge [1991]

Slept with Ridge thinking Eric was going back to Stephanie [1991]

Slapped Steve Crown [1993]

Slapped Stephanie Forrester [1993, 2005]

Withheld the knowledge that Taylor was alive from Ridge [1995]

Arrested for child abduction and violation of custody agreement [1996]

Changed the time of her wedding to prevent Taylor from telling Ridge about Thomas' paternity [1998]

Got pregnant during a prolonged affair with Deacon Sharpe, her daughter's husband [2001]

Dumped spaghetti sauce on Tricia Quick [2002]

Tried to strangle Stephanie Forrester with a feather boa [2003]

Technically cheated on Ridge with Nick just after Ridge was presumed dead [2003]

Slapped Amber Moore [2005]

Pulled Stephanie's breathing tube from ventilator and dared her to die [2005]

Fired a shot at Stephanie using the gun Stephanie gave her to shoot herself [2005]

Slapped Taylor Hayes [2008, 2010, 2012]

Slapped Katie Logan [2008, 2013]

Brawled with Taylor in a pond [2010]

Unintentionally cheated on Ridge by mistaking Oliver Jones for Ridge [2010]

Kept Liam Cooper's refusal to annul Steffy's marriage a secret from Hope [2012]

Lied to Ridge about texting Deacon [2012]

Kissed sister Katie's husband, Bill Spencer, thinking Katie wanted a divorce [2012]

Obstructed justice by hiding Bill Spencer's drunk driving accident from the police [2013]

Made love to Bill Spencer, again thinking Katie wanted a divorce [2013]

Slapped Bill Spencer [2013]

Switched legal papers Bill used to dupe Katie with a pile of leaves [2013]

Slapped Ridge Forrester [2013]

Blackmailed Katie Logan into returning control of Spencer Publications to Bill Spencer [2014]

Kissed Bill Spencer despite his marriage to Katie [2016]

Health and Vitals

Almost raped by unknown assailants [1987]

Miscarried Ridge Forrester's baby [1989]

Collapsed while pregnant and almost injected with an unknown substance by Sheila Carter [1992]

Knocked unconscious after being pushed into a pool by Ridge [1993]

Suffered amnesia due to brief reactive psychosis [1996]

(Presumably) miscarried Ridge's baby [1998]

Slapped by her daughter, Bridget Forrester [1998[

Punched, choked, and terrorized by Stephanie Forrester [1999]

Injured in a car accident with Macy Alexander [2000]

Pushed through a window by Kimberly Fairchild [2000]

Knocked unconscious when Kimberly Fairchild dropped a heavy photographer's light on her [2000]

Fell from the Eiffel Tower [2001]

Shot in an altercation with Sheila Carter [2002]

Brawled with Sheila during Ridge's kidnapping [2003]

Fell on Nick's boat while pregnant [2003]

Suffered panic attacks [2004, 2012]

Unintentionally raped by Ridge Forrester [2006]

Choked and held at gunpoint by Stephanie Forrester [2007]

Raped by Andy Johnson [2007]

Donated bone marrow to baby Jack Marone [2007]

Nearly drowned and starved in the aftermath of plane crash [2011]

Suffered minor injuries when her car was hit by a drunken Bill Spencer [2013]

Began experiencing symptoms of menopause [2013]

Miscarried Bill Spencer's baby [2013]

Slapped and knocked to the floor by Quinn Fuller [2015]

Fell and hit her head on a table while drunk [2015]

Slapped by Katie Logan Spencer [2016]

Brief Character History

Brooke Logan is the daughter of Stephen and Beth Logan; Brooke was raised in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley with her sisters, Donna and Katie Logan, and their brother, Storm Logan. Stephen had abandoned the family years earlier, so Brooke worked alongside Beth as a caterer while studying chemistry in college. Brooke was nearly raped and started dating her investigating officer, Dave Reed, but met fashion designer Ridge Forrester while catering a Forrester party. Brooke broke her engagement to Dave and befriended Ridge's fiancée, Caroline Spencer.

After Ridge and Caroline's wedding was called off, Brooke hid a letter Ridge wrote to Caroline apologizing for an indiscretion; Brooke lost Caroline as a friend when she confessed to intercepting Ridge's message. Brooke dated Ridge, eventually moving in with him and miscarrying his baby. Later, when Caroline wanted Ridge back, Brooke became intrigued by Ridge's father, Eric Forrester, who pursued Brooke despite being in a 30-year marriage to Stephanie Forrester. Brooke nearly aborted Eric's baby after Stephanie lied that Eric was coming back to her; Brooke had to wait to marry Eric while Stephanie stalled the divorce.

Brooke became Caroline's confidante when Caroline was stricken with leukemia; Brooke agonized over finally going to Ridge with the news against Caroline's wishes. Brooke moved into a posh L.A. condo with Eric and gave birth to their son, Eric Forrester Jr. (Rick); Brooke pined for Ridge, even after Ridge moved on with Caroline's doctor, Taylor Hayes. A chemist, Brooke created the wrinkle-free formula BeLieF for design house Forrester Creations and celebrated with Ridge by making love on the lab floor. Brooke and Ridge were intimate again when they believed that Eric wanted Stephanie back thanks to a forged letter from Stephanie.

Brooke asked Eric for a divorce, agreeing with his request that she continue living with him for two final months. Brooke disrupted Ridge's wedding to Taylor by announcing she was pregnant; however, Brooke wasn't sure if Ridge or Eric was the father. Brooke tried and failed to win Ridge back, eventually giving birth to baby Bridget at the Forresters' Big Bear cabin with Taylor giving Ridge instructions over the phone. After a paternity test named Ridge as Bridget's father, Brooke hired Eric's new girlfriend, Sheila Carter, as her children's nanny and annoyed Taylor by bringing Bridget to visit Ridge as often as possible.

When Ridge wouldn't leave Taylor, Brooke dated attorney Connor Davis, who informed Brooke she had a legal right to the BeLieF patent. Furious when Ridge tried to sweet-talk her out of her rights, Brooke obtained 51% of Forrester Creations and appointed herself CEO, even slapping Stephanie, who struck Brooke first. Brooke created a men's line, putting Ridge at the helm; Brooke fell into the pool and knocked herself unconscious when Ridge playfully shoved her.

After Taylor was presumed dead in a plane crash, Brooke became engaged to psychiatrist James Warwick, but accepted Ridge's proposal instead. Brooke finally married Ridge in a lavish beach ceremony, then honeymooned with him in Morocco, where they were guests of Prince Omar Rashid. Once home, Brooke cared for Ridge when he was blinded in a lab accident and was horrified to learn that the hospital volunteer treating Ridge was actually Taylor, who had been saved by Omar but held prisoner in his palace. Brooke tried to keep Taylor's existence from Ridge, but when the truth came out, Brooke learned her marriage to Ridge was invalid. Brooke heaved a sigh of relief when Ridge asked Taylor for a divorce, clearing the way for Brooke to remarry Ridge.

Brooke stood between Sheila's gun and Stephanie when Sheila's criminal past was revealed. After Sheila was paroled, Brooke harshly rejected Sheila's overture of friendship; soon a letter surfaced claiming Brooke had fixed Bridget's paternity test. Because no one knew that Sheila had tampered with the original test, a new test revealed Eric as Bridget's father; Brooke lost custody of her children to Stephanie and disappeared to Barbados, where Brooke suffered from "brief reactive psychosis" and considered two dolls her children. Once Ridge brought Brooke home, Brooke was arrested by Stephanie for running off with Rick and Bridget.

When Stephanie appeared to be going insane because Sheila was poisoning her with mercury, Brooke rallied at Stephanie's bedside and roused her nemesis from her catatonic state. Brooke gave new friend Grant Chambers a friendly kiss, causing Ridge to propose to Taylor at a fashion show; Brooke rebelled by marrying Grant, though their marriage was never legal due to a fraudulent sea captain. After Brooke gave Grant a position of power at Forrester, Grant was shot. Brooke couldn't believe Ridge had done the deed, and later blanched when Ridge confessed that the teenage Rick, who hated Grant and had descended into a world of heavy metal and violent video games, pulled the trigger.

Brooke agreed to help Ridge's lovelorn brother, Thorne Forrester, win Taylor, who was carrying the incarcerated Ridge's baby. Brooke remarried Ridge and tearfully told Ridge she'd miscarried their own child during their honeymoon. Brooke was further devastated when Ridge demanded an annulment for her part in deceiving him about his and Taylor's son, Thomas. Brooke interfered in Ridge and Taylor's marriage by encouraging Pierce Peterson, who had a yen for Taylor; Brooke dated Pierce and Genoa City's Victor Newman in front of Ridge to make him jealous. When that didn't work, Brooke created the sexy Brooke's Bedroom line and got into a tussle with Stephanie on live television.

The tables turned when Brooke disapproved of babysitter Amber Moore, who had become pregnant by an underage Rick. Later, Brooke found herself terrorized by Stephanie, who hated Brooke for getting into a relationship with Thorne. After Thorne reunited with his ex-wife, Macy Alexander, to keep his fling with Brooke from an ailing Stephanie, Brooke went to Macy to get her to sign Thorne's divorce papers. Brooke jumped into Macy's car during their argument and narrowly avoided injury in the same accident that killed Macy. At Macy's funeral, Brooke's continuing affair with Thorne was exposed by Macy's family, causing Stephanie to have a second stroke.

Brooke married Thorne, but lost him when Ridge tricked her into admitting she'd always think of Ridge as the love of her life. Brooke rededicated herself to pursuing Ridge until she received a call that her father, Stephen, was dying. Brooke rushed to Paris, falling from the Eiffel Tower during a blind date. When Brooke's mother, Beth, revealed that Stephen had been paid five million dollars by Massimo Marone to get Brooke out of Ridge's life, Brooke turned her back on Stephen.

Brooke was unhappy when Bridget married bad boy Deacon Sharpe. Brooke appealed to Deacon to leave Bridget, leading to a full-blown affair between Brooke and Deacon, during which Brooke got pregnant. When Stephanie publicly exposed Brooke's pregnancy, Forrester PR man Whip Jones claimed responsibility; Brooke married Whip to keep Bridget from finding out she was carrying Deacon's baby. Brooke went into labor after Bridget overheard the truth on a baby monitor; Brooke, who had been encouraged by Stephanie to turn over a new leaf, named her baby Hope.

Unaware that Sheila had returned wanting Eric back, Brooke walked in to find her former friend holding a gun on Eric and Taylor; Brooke was shot in the scuffle but so was Taylor, who died from her injuries. Helping Ridge through his loss, Brooke dumped spaghetti sauce on grief counselor Tricia Quick, who had gotten close to Ridge. After it turned out Ridge was really the biological son of Massimo, Brooke was disgusted when Ridge developed an attraction to Bridget, who was no longer his sister.

Brooke briefly dated Ridge's new half-brother, Nick Marone, but once Ridge bought rival design house Spectra Fashions and renamed it Logan Designs, Brooke remarried Ridge in the jungles of South America. When Ridge disappeared, Brooke found out that Sheila kidnapped him; Brooke hid in the trunk of Sheila's car and found Nick with Ridge at the kidnap site. During the ensuing melee, Ridge was seemingly killed falling into a furnace; in her grief, Brooke made love to Nick, horrified when she turned up pregnant but didn't know if Ridge or Nick was the father. When a paternity test named Nick as the father, Brooke annulled her marriage to Ridge and nearly walked down the aisle with Nick, but a second test confirmed Ridge had sired her child, whom she named Ridge Jr. (R.J.). Brooke remarried Ridge and stepped in as a mother to Ridge's older son, Thomas Forrester, and twin daughters, Phoebe and Steffy Forrester.

Brooke was stunned when Amber showed her a photo of Ridge and Bridget in an embrace; when it came out that Amber was only trying to get revenge on Ridge for ruining her relationship with Thomas, Brooke slapped Amber. Brooke's marriage to Ridge hit another obstacle when Ridge disappeared and Brooke received a voice mail in which Ridge said he was leaving her -- it was all a plot of Ridge's ex-girlfriend Morgan DeWitt, who had previously terrorized Ridge and Taylor and saw an opportunity to have Ridge's baby when Ridge fell and lost his memory. Brooke was able to help Ridge remember things after Amber spotted Ridge with Morgan in Italy and brought him home.

Brooke worried when Ridge claimed he'd seen Taylor alive; indeed, Taylor had been healed by Prince Omar and detained at his palace in Morocco. Brooke was relieved when Ridge agreed to stay with her, but soon Stephanie had a heart attack and asked Ridge and Taylor to reunite as her last wish. Brooke found out that Stephanie faked the attack, prompting Brooke to yank the tube from Stephanie's ventilator and dare Stephanie to die. Brooke turned her attentions toward Nick, who was already married to Bridget; Brooke shot at Stephanie after Stephanie presented Brooke a gun with which to kill herself. To prove to Bridget she wasn't interested in Nick, Brooke dated Dante Damiano and briefly remarried Eric.

By the time Ridge was free again, Brooke was no longer interested, so Brooke was surprised when Ridge brought Stephen to town to mend fences with Brooke. Taking antianxiety medication for stress, Brooke was out of it when Ridge made love to her, after which he apologized for unintentionally raping her. Brooke found love with Nick, but when Ridge had a heart attack, Brooke was shocked to see Stephanie working to put Brooke and Ridge back together, which included putting nude photos of Brooke on a billboard hoping to drive Nick away.

Brooke let Ridge kiss her but became furious when Nick retaliated by having a one-night stand with Bridget; when Bridget turned up pregnant, Brooke pushed Nick off his boat and ran back to Ridge. After Nick took control of Forrester Creations, Brooke, Ridge, and Eric started a new company, Forrester Originals. Brooke accepted Ridge's proposal but broke things off when Ridge punched Rick for getting involved with his daughter, Phoebe. Brooke was jealous when Ridge dated Genoa City transplant Ashley Abbott.

After Shane McGrath killed himself in front of Ridge, Brooke found out that Stephanie was helping Ridge hide his involvement because of Ridge's prior police record for shooting Grant. Brooke convinced Stephanie to come clean, but only after Stephanie choked Brooke with a phone cord and held her at gunpoint to keep her from going to the police. Later, Brooke fell asleep in her car, accidentally leaving Hope and R.J alone all night and attracting the attention of Child Protective Services; when Ridge moved for custody, Brooke confided in Andy Johnson, who raped her. Brooke, who was having flashbacks and nightmares, raged at Stephanie when Stephanie regretfully admitted playing a part in Brooke's rape by encouraging Andy.

Brooke gained another child when it turned out her donated egg had accidentally been transplanted into Taylor, who was trying to have a baby with new husband Nick. Brooke endangered her relationship with Ridge by helping Nick get custody of baby Jack from relapsed alcoholic Taylor; Brooke agreed to raise Jack after Taylor was unable to bond with the child. Then, Brooke worried about Rick's increasing hostility toward Ridge; Brooke doubted Ridge's innocence when Rick was paralyzed after a fight with Ridge. Brooke couldn't bear to send Rick away after Phoebe died confronting him over also dating her mother and sister.

Brooke and Ridge got married again, but a clerical error rendered the union invalid. Brooke was furious when the stressed-out Ridge took too many antianxiety pills and made love to Taylor, eventually reuniting with her. But Brooke stopped Ridge and Taylor's wedding by riding in on a horse with the news that Steffy and Thomas had faked text messages saying Brooke wanted nothing more to do with Ridge. After Ridge admitted loving both Brooke and Taylor and asked them to resolve their differences, Brooke submitted to "family counseling" with Taylor and ended up slinging mud with her. Brooke walked down the aisle with Ridge once more, happy that Ridge made peace with Rick.

When Katie's new husband, Bill Spencer, Jr., took over Forrester Creations, Brooke was appointed president but helped Ridge and Eric create the gaudy Dare line in an attempt to sabotage Bill. After Steffy seduced Forrester away from Bill and gave novice Taylor a 25% share in the company, Brooke offered to buy the stock from Taylor, leading the ladies to brawl in a pond.

At Hope's graduation party, where everyone wore identical costumes and masks, Brooke thought she was making love to Ridge but had really slept with Hope's boyfriend, Oliver Jones. When Steffy tried to blackmail Brooke with the information, Brooke defused Steffy's bomb by coming clean to Ridge, who amazingly understood. But Brooke alienated Hope when the scandal became public, and Brooke found herself double-slapped by Stephanie.

Brooke thought Stephanie was faking again when Stephanie fainted in front of her, but Brooke took Stephanie to the hospital and became her nemesis' inadvertent confidante when it turned out Stephanie had Stage IV lung cancer. Brooke's pleas for Stephanie to tell the family fell on deaf ears, and Brooke found herself riding a roller coaster with Stephanie as Stephanie checked off her bucket list. When Stephanie went missing, Brooke wandered the streets of L.A. and found her mother-in-law with the help of Dayzee Leigh, a homeless woman. Brooke was grateful when Dayzee convinced Stephanie to share her cancer diagnosis with the family, and later, Brooke helped Stephanie serve food to the homeless in a soup kitchen.

Brooke scolded Thomas for kissing her on the runway as a publicity stunt for the resurrected men's line, and again as Brooke slept. Brooke and Thomas survived a plane crash at sea, eating berries that caused hallucinations; Brooke wasn't sure if she'd actually had sex with Thomas or if she'd imagined it. Once rescued, Brooke couldn't fully deny Thomas' claim that they'd made love, so Brooke gave Ridge a divorce and permission to be with Taylor. However, Brooke learned that Stephanie had gotten Thomas to lie in exchange for her 25% share in Forrester; Brooke made Stephanie pay by forcing her to sing in public.

Brooke and Taylor butted heads over their children's love lives: Rick and Thomas were interested in Caroline Spencer, the namesake niece of Ridge's departed wife, and Hope and Steffy competed over Bill's son, Liam Cooper. Brooke planned a wedding for Liam and Hope in Puglia, Italy and laughed with Ridge over how many times they themselves had been married, agreeing to tie the knot with Ridge again, this time with Stephanie's full support. But Brooke lost Ridge after texting Deacon about Hope and came home alone to deal with Stephanie's terminal diagnosis; Brooke and Stephanie concluded they brought out the best and worst in each other and apologized for causing each other so much pain over the years. Brooke held Stephanie in her arms as she died.

Brooke was confused when Katie went missing during a bout of postpartum depression and accompanied Bill to Aspen to look for her. Something sparked between Brooke and Bill and they kissed, keeping it from a recuperated Katie until Taylor got wind of it. Brooke was against Taylor dating the widowed Eric, and faced opposition herself when she tried to resurrect the Brooke's Bedroom line. After Katie caught them celebrating the collection and took off her wedding ring, Brooke and Bill made love, but Katie decided she wanted Bill back after a heart episode. Later, Brooke thought she was experiencing menopause but discovered she was pregnant. Brooke tried to get Eric to pose as her babydaddy, infuriating Taylor, who exposed Brooke's affair with Bill at Brooke's birthday party. Brooke slapped Katie when Katie used her divorce proceedings to take control of Spencer Publications.

Brooke reconnected with Bill in Monte Carlo, then traveled with him to Aspen, where he nearly fell from a cliff. Brooke was sad when Bill left her for Katie but disgusted when their reconciliation was only Bill's scheme to regain his company; Brooke replaced the papers he'd duped Katie into signing with Aspen leaves. Soon Brooke had her hands full explaining her affair with Bill to a returning Ridge; though Brooke was set to remarry Ridge, the ceremony ground to a halt when Katie fainted. Brooke laughed when she found out Katie fainted on purpose because she had fallen in love with Ridge herself.

Reuniting with Bill, Brooke used the papers she'd supposedly destroyed to win Spencer Publications back from Katie. Brooke was about to marry Bill in Abu Dhabi when Ridge arrived brandishing a photo of Bill in bed with his ex-lover, Quinn Fuller. Brooke was in a helicopter with Ridge when it banked, dumping Ridge into the Persian Gulf. Brooke, Katie, Eric, and Thorne searched for Ridge, who came back with an impaired memory. Brooke changed her mind about marrying Bill when Ridge produced proof that Bill had Ridge ejected from the helicopter on purpose.

Brooke felt caught between Bill and the returned Deacon, both of whom proposed to her. Refusing them both, Brooke left for Milan to find herself. When she came back to L.A., Brooke learned that Katie had taken Bill back and that out-of-control CEO Rick had shot at his estranged wife, Caroline, for kissing Ridge. Brooke gave Rick a free pass and tried to win Ridge from Caroline; when Ridge rejected her, Brooke lamented her single state and began drinking heavily, making slurred asides during Bill and Katie's wedding.

Brooke ran afoul of Deacon's fiancée, Quinn, when Brooke ran into Deacon at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting; Brooke found herself slapped to the floor. Brooke admitted the time would be right to reunite with Deacon if he wasn't engaged to Quinn and brought Hope to Deacon and Quinn's wedding via video call in an unsuccessful bid to stop the ceremony. Later, Brooke became Ridge's confidante as he admitted having had a vasectomy and keeping it from Caroline, who wanted Ridge's baby, then reminisced with Eric about Stephanie after turning down Eric's invitation to move into the mansion; Brooke hailed Eric her best friend.

With no man and all her kids gone, Brooke battled the temptation to drink until Katie offered Brooke an editing position at Spencer Publications. Brooke privately called Bill the love of her life, which Katie overheard; Brooke spent months reassuring a hostile Katie she wouldn't cross the line and worried when Katie began drinking heavily and stashing bottles in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Brooke confided in the visiting Bridget and moved Rick, his transgender wife Maya Avant, and Maya's sister, Nicole Avant, who was carrying Rick and Maya's baby via surrogacy, a place to stay when they all moved out of the Forrester mansion. Brooke let it slip to Rick that Ridge's baby was a miracle owing to Ridge's reversed vasectomy.

After Katie told Brooke to be with Bill after Bill betrayed Katie's confidence about Ridge passing off Thomas and Caroline's baby as his, Brooke gave in to her desire for Bill but was uncomfortable resuming an affair with him. Brooke resisted when Bill set up a private love nest in his office, declaring he wanted to remain married to Katie but fool around with Brooke. When Bill hid baby Will away from Katie owing to Katie's instability, Brooke impressed Katie by demanding that Bill let Katie take Will home.

Once Eric began romancing Quinn, Brooke supported Ridge's quest for Bill's 12.5% stake in Forrester, which Ridge needed to stop Quinn; Brooke was floored when Bill offered her the stock as an incentive to marry him instead of granting it to Katie in her settlement. Brooke accepted Bill's proposal after Bill expedited his divorce, but it gave Brooke pause when R.J. came home from boarding school objecting to the wedding. Brooke convinced Bill to delay their nuptials out of respect for R.J.'s feelings.

Brooke pushed Ridge away when he started kissing her and insisting that the stock no longer mattered; knowing that R.J. wanted his parents back together, Brooke was moved when Ridge arrived before her wedding to Bill trying to sway her affections; though Brooke sent Ridge away, she was stunned when an angry Bill left her at the altar, claiming their day had been tainted. Brooke cheerfully insisted that Bill and R.J. spend a day together bonding but couldn't help reminiscing when Ridge took her to Stephanie's grave and proposed. Brooke agreed to elope with Bill; however, when she saw that Ridge had recreated the heart in the sand that had highlighted their 2009 wedding, Brooke ended things with Bill and returned to Ridge.

Brooke supported Eric when he suffered a brain hemorrhage but couldn't support his marriage to Quinn or his decision to appoint Steffy CEO of Forrester instead of Rick. Brooke wondered what was going on when she caught Ridge and Quinn discussing a secret, especially since Ridge seemed to be less hostile toward Quinn after a design symposium in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Brooke continually discouraged a persistent Bill, who kept trying to convince Brooke that Ridge was going to do her wrong.

With Steffy and Liam getting married in Australia, Brooke happily planned to marry Ridge there, too, and dismissed Katie's claims that she had seen Ridge and Quinn in affectionate exchanges. Brooke came out of denial when she caught Quinn kissing Ridge Down Under; Brooke was determined to tell Eric but honored Ridge and Quinn's pleas to keep it secret as long as they never kissed again. However, Brooke did call off her wedding to Ridge and stayed behind in Sydney, where she allowed herself to be comforted by Bill. Later, Brooke proposed to Bill and rejected Ridge's attempts at reconciliation. The day Brooke was set to marry Bill, she seemed tempted by Ridge's offer to marry him instead, but Brooke exchanged vows with Bill, then honeymooned with him in Paris.

Upon arriving home from her honeymoon, Brooke was stunned to learn that Sheila was back in town claiming to be rehabilitated. Brooke gave Sheila a cordial, but somewhat icy reception when Sheila approached her to apologize for her past criminal misdeeds. Later, Brooke rushed to the hospital when R.J. sustained a concussion driving Ridge's Camaro and was furious to learn R.J.'s girlfriend, Coco Spectra, had caused the accident texting while behind the wheel. Brooke admitted she'd had a boyfriend in high school who died from distracted driving and issued a stern lecture to R.J. and Coco. Brooke then jetted off with Bill to Monte Carlo for a swimsuit fashion duel between Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions in which Brooke modeled.

Brooke was amused by Bill's obsession with replacing Spectra Fashions with a skyscraper, but aghast to learn that Eric had allowed Sheila to recuperate at his house after she was injured in a catfight with Quinn. Brooke suspected Sheila was milking her concussion and demanded answers from a visiting James, whom Eric had brought in to examine Sheila. Brooke backed down when James insisted Sheila wasn't well enough to move out, but shared with Eric her suspicion that Sheila wanted to steal him from Quinn.

Brooke couldn't understand why Bill had taken a sudden leave of absence from Spencer Publications; when Bill finally confessed he had arranged to burn Spectra down to make way for his building and that Liam had forced him to step down as CEO over it, Brooke took off her wedding ring and walked out on Bill. Brooke moved home, to the delight of her sons, but cautioned them it didn't necessarily mean she would reunite with Ridge, who offered Brooke a shoulder to cry on. Brooke softened upon hearing Bill had made up with Liam, but reinforced her decision to leave Bill when she heard he had endangered Liam's life by demolishing Spectra while Liam was still inside.

Brooke offered ex-husband Thorne a place to stay when he came home from Paris, surprised when he kissed her and suggested she marry him instead of tying the knot with Ridge again. However, Brooke accepted Ridge's proposal and insisted that Thorne respect it. At Ridge's request, Brooke checked in on an MIA Steffy only to learn Liam had walked out on her because she'd slept with Bill. Brooke gave Bill a piece of her mind, then dropped enough hints to a newly returned Hope that her daughter pieced together Bill and Steffy's indiscretion on her own. Hoping to unite the family, Brooke decided to marry Ridge right away; while Brooke was unable to convince Steffy to be her matron of honor, Brooke exhorted Steffy to attend the ceremony with Liam so he might be inspired to forgive her. Brooke swore it would be her last wedding to Ridge and heard Stephanie's voice lovingly imploring her from the grave to stay on the straight and narrow.

Brooke was horrified to learn that Bill had been shot in the back, and more so when Ridge was arrested for the crime after Bill accused him. Brooke knew that Bill couldn't have seen his assailant from his vantage point and exhorted Bill to exonerate Ridge, which Bill eventually did. Brooke welcomed daughter Hope back from Milan, impressed that Hope would champion a reunion between Liam and Steffy for the sake of their unborn baby but correctly sensing that Hope still harbored feelings for Liam herself. Brooke and Hope offered Liam the use of the cabin on the Logan estate so he'd have a place to process his complicated situation; having been told Liam had decided to go home to Steffy, Brooke couldn't believe it when Liam proposed to Hope instead.

Brooke pushed Hope to marry Liam right away, fearing Steffy's interference, which caused Brooke to run afoul of a visiting Taylor. After Wyatt stopped the ceremony with news that Bill had tricked Liam into believing Bill was still carrying on with Steffy, which affected Liam's decisions, Brooke was angry with Wyatt for upsetting Hope and had words with Quinn over it. When Brooke found out Hope was carrying Liam's baby, Brooke insisted Hope claim what was hers and repeatedly clashed with Ridge over whose daughter was better for Liam. As Liam bounced between the girls with increasing frequency, Brooke recalled Stephanie's interference and suggested to Ridge that perhaps they stay out of their daughters' love lives. However, despite Hope and Steffy deciding to coexist as a blended family for the sake of both their babies, Brooke objected to the idea of Steffy and Taylor attending Hope's wedding, certain the now unbalanced Taylor would try to stop the ceremony somehow.

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Days of our Lives
General Hospital
Guiding Light
One Life to Live
Port Charles
Sunset Beach
The Young and the Restless
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