Michael Lai
Actor History
Lindsay Price
1995 to 1997
Former designer for Forrester Creations
Resides At
Marital Status
Single (assumed)
Past Marriages
None (assumed)
None (assumed)
Flings & Affairs
Dylan Shaw
Grant Chambers
Thorne Forrester
Crimes Committed
Suspected of shooting Grant Chambers.
Brief Character History

Michael became close friends with Jessica, Eric and Stephanie's niece. When Jessica broke up with her boyfriend Dylan, Michael began to date him. This relationship soon ended because Michael could see that Dylan was still in love with Jessica. Eric offered Michael a job at Forrester creations, she accepted. When Grant Chambers came to town Michael immediately showed interest in him. They started a relationship. But Grant fell in love with Brooke and married her leaving Michael out in the cold. Michael has very bitter feelings towards Grant and was a suspect in Grant's shooting. Michael's biggest contribution was trying to keep peace and honest among the Forrester and Spectra rivals. Michael befriended Jessica and Dylan, and became involved w/ Dylan after Jess started dating Sly. Michael helped Dylan save Jessica's life when Sly tried to kill her for rejecting him. Michael faded into the background.

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