Quinn Fuller
Actor History
Rena Sofer
July 12, 2013 to Present
Runs and creates designs for Quinn Artisan Jewelers
Resides At
An apartment above Quinn Jewelry in Los Angeles
Marital Status
Past Marriages
None Known
None known
Wyatt Fuller (son)
Flings & Affairs
Bill Spencer, Jr. Eric Forrester
Crimes Committed
  • Broke into Liam Spencer's e-mail to forward a tribute video made for his ex-wife, Steffy Forrester, to his fiancee, Hope Logan [2013]
  • Jabbed her ex, Bill Spencer, with his sword necklace and licked his blood [2013]
  • Trapped Liam Spencer in a freight elevator [2014]
  • Held Aly Forrester over a second-story railing [2014]
Health and Vitals
None known
Brief Character History

Quinn Fuller was a jewelry designer who ran her own company, Quinn Artisan Jewelers, along with her son, Wyatt Fuller. Quinn was pleased to meet Hope Logan, a girl Wyatt was interested in, at least until Hope started asking questions about the sword necklace that Wyatt wore. Hope stated that her on-again-off-again boyfriend/fiancé/husband, Liam Spencer, wore one just like it, as did Liam's father, Bill Spencer, Jr. Quinn became uncomfortable and said she'd only ever made one sword necklace, which she'd kept in a safe until Wyatt had found it and insisted upon wearing it. Quinn became angry when Wyatt shared Hope's theory that Bill could be Wyatt's father, reminding Wyatt that his father was dead and declaring that Hope was all wrong for Wyatt.

Later, Quinn joined Wyatt for lunch, not knowing Hope and Wyatt had set her up to bump into Bill in an attempt to gauge their reactions. Quinn blanched when she saw Bill and wanted to leave, but Bill approached her and confirmed their long-before involvement. Backed into a corner, Quinn was forced to admit that, as a teenager, she had dated Bill, but she had become pregnant, and he had given her money for an abortion. Wyatt was furious that Quinn had lied about his father being dead.

Sometime later, Wyatt, who had moved in with Bill and Liam, came by Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Quinn took this to mean Wyatt had forgiven her and was coming home, but she was disappointed when Wyatt had only come back to retrieve more of his things. Quinn was stunned when Wyatt claimed Bill's company, Spencer Publications, as his birthright, and declared he was also going after Hope. Quinn blanched when Wyatt told her to get on board or be left behind.

Quinn and Wyatt reconciled after Wyatt ran afoul of Bill. Wyatt told Quinn how he had raged at Bill over leaving his wife, Katie Logan, for her sister, Brooke Logan, abandoning yet another Spencer son. Quinn visited Katie, and the ladies commiserated over their shabby treatment by Bill Spencer. Seeing that Wyatt was crazy about Hope, Quinn relaxed her stance about the girl, especially after Hope forged a partnership between Quinn's company and design house Forrester Creations. Quinn was thrilled at the prospect of designing for Hope's high-profile collection, and signed on the dotted line at Forrester, where she met CEO Eric Forrester.

Quinn overheard Hope arguing with her fiancé, Liam Spencer, who wanted Hope to kill the deal because he didn't want her working so closely with the amorous Wyatt. Quinn made a beeline for Eric's house and was wowed by the luxurious surroundings. Stealthy Quinn listened as Eric told Hope the deal would be honored and surprised Eric with a thank-you kiss. The next day, Quinn received confirmation that her actions weren't inappropriate when Eric kissed Quinn himself. Quinn saw Liam in the hallway and swore that Liam would be sorry he messed with Wyatt.

With Hope and Liam's wedding approaching, Quinn revealed the existence of a second Hope Diamond and told Eric she had a contact in Mexico who would likely loan it to them to tie in with the Hope For the Future (HFTF) line; Quinn was happy when her plan to send Hope and Wyatt to Mexico together succeeded. When Quinn heard Liam had made a tribute video for his ex-wife, Steffy Forrester, Quinn broke into his e-mail and forwarded it to Hope, which ended Hope's engagement to Liam and pushed her closer to Wyatt. Liam discovered Quinn's treachery and Wyatt's after-the-fact complicity, but the damage had been done.

When Quinn overheard Bill telling Wyatt to back off of Hope out of respect for Liam, Quinn blasted Bill for choosing one son over and other and stuck Bill with his sword necklace, licking the blood and saying revenge tasted sweet. Quinn was thrilled when she was invited to the big Forrester Thanksgiving dinner, and more so when Eric told her to consider herself part of the family. Quinn spied Eric's ex-wife, Donna Logan, giving Eric a kiss, so she confronted Donna and called her a slut.

Knowing that Steffy continued to be a source of conflict between Liam and Hope, Quinn took advantage when Steffy visited from Paris and hopped a plane back to Europe with her. Quinn got Steffy to admit that she had abandoned Liam because an accident had left her barren, and Quinn was on hand when a doctor called to tell Steffy that the procedure she had secretly undergone during her visit now made it possible for her to have children. Quinn pushed Steffy to tell Liam, who was set to marry Hope. Steffy's presence on Liam and Hope's wedding day ultimately prevented their ceremony, and Hope moved on to Wyatt, just as Quinn had planned.

Quinn sprang into action when security footage surfaced of Wyatt pocketing the HFTF diamond and planting it on arriving jewel thieves. Since the Forresters, and the world, believed that Wyatt was a hero for stopping the thieves, Quinn threatened the diamond's guard, Charlie, into keeping his mouth shut; furthermore, Quinn befriended Charlie's girlfriend, Pam Douglas, in an effort to muzzle him. But Pam caught on, and she and Charlie showed the footage to Liam, who was out to prove that Wyatt and Quinn were not who they claimed to be. Quinn knew Liam would try to stop Hope from going on a beach camping trip with Wyatt, so she trapped Liam in a freight elevator; however, as soon as Liam escaped, he exposed Wyatt. Quinn was relieved when Hope forgave Wyatt and kept his "theft"Ě to herself. But Quinn still wanted Liam out of the way, so when she noticed that young, unfashionable Aly Forrester had a crush on him, Quinn gave Aly a makeover and sicced her on Liam.

The meek Aly, who had mental issues from having traumatically lost her mother at a young age, soon became a problem for Quinn when Wyatt became a target for Aly's rage. Aly discovered Wyatt had "stolen"Ě the HFTF diamond to make himself look good to Hope, and when Quinn learned that Aly meant to go to the police, she grabbed the girl and held her over a second-story railing to terrorize her into keeping quiet. But Aly fought back and ran straight to Eric, although Quinn scored another victory when the Forresters decided to bury Wyatt's involvement with the diamond theft to prevent a media scandal.

Quinn found she was still intrigued by Bill, who was licking his wounds over having lost Brooke Logan. Quinn and Bill traded barbs, but soon their bickering progressed into a night of raucous S&M sex. Bill swore it wouldn't happen again, but Quinn snuck into Bill's bedroom just as he'd come home from unsuccessfully trying to win Brooke back; Bill pushed Quinn away, but their rough passion exploded once again. As things got hot and heavy, Brooke came over wanting to talk to Bill, who stashed Quinn in his closet.

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