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Quinn Fuller
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Actor History
Rena Sofer
July 12, 2013 to present

President of Forrester Creations

Designs jewelry for Forrester Creations

Former interim CEO of Forrester Creations

Formerly ran and created designs for Quinn Artisan Jewelers

Resides At

The Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)

Formerly a motel in Los Angeles

Formerly a cabin in Topanga Canyon, CA

Formerly an apartment above Quinn Artisan Jewelers in Los Angeles

Marital Status

Married to Eric Forrester as of September 26, 2016

Past Marriages

Deacon Sharpe [Married: 2015; annulled: 2016]


Unnamed woman (mother)


Unnamed child (date/details unknown; miscarriage)

Wyatt Fuller (son; with Bill Spencer; 1980s)

Flings & Affairs

Bill Spencer, Jr.

Eric Forrester (kissed: 2013; full-blown affair: 2016)

Deacon Sharpe

Liam Spencer

Ridge Forrester (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Let her son, Wyatt Fuller, believe his father was dead [1990s-2013]

Broke into Liam Spencer's e-mail [2013]

Jabbed her ex, Bill Spencer, with his sword necklace and licked his blood [2013]

Implicated in the death of Ricardo Montemayor [2013]

Trapped Liam Spencer in a freight elevator [2014]

Held Aly Forrester over a second-story railing [2014]

Trapped Liam Spencer in a steam room and turned up the heat [2014]

Stole the keys to the Forrester cabin in Big Bear [2014]

Stabbed Liam Spencer in the throat with his sword necklace [2014]

Tried to kill Liam Spencer with a sword [2014]

Stole a motorcycle in Paris [2014]

Pushed Ivy Forrester into Paris' River Seine [2014]

Stole a pair of binoculars from a Parisian tourist [2014]

Held a gun on Deacon Sharpe [2014]

Broke into the Forrester compound to lurk at Hope Logan's baby shower [2014]

Slapped Brooke Logan so hard she fell to the ground [2015]

Harbored an amnesiac Liam in her cabin [2016]

Attempted to kill Deacon Sharpe by pushing him off a cliff [2016]

Arrested for kidnapping Liam [2016]

Snuck into Eric Forrester's office dressed as a man, Vladimir Smirnoff [2016]

Kissed Ridge Forrester while married to Eric Forrester [2017]

Had three vicious catfights with Sheila Carter [2017]

Health and Vitals

Possible asthmatic condition [2016]

Smacked by Steffy Forrester [2016]

Sprained her ankle [2016]

Slapped by Ivy Forrester [2017]

Held at gunpoint by Katie Logan [2017]

Shot at and held at gunpoint by Deacon Sharpe [2017]

Choked twice by Sheila Carter [2017]

Hurt her back moving furniture [2017]

Brief Character History

Quinn Fuller is a jewelry designer and the proprietor of Quinn Artisan Jewelers, which she ran with her son, Wyatt Fuller, for many years. Quinn bore Wyatt out of an affair with Bill Spencer, Jr., but told Wyatt his father was dead until Wyatt's crush Hope Logan made the connection between Bill and Wyatt's sword necklaces; Quinn was forced to admit to a furious Wyatt that Bill had given her money for an abortion. After Quinn and Wyatt reconciled, Quinn was hired by Hope, who wanted to incorporate Quinn's jewelry designs into her Hope for the Future collection at design house Forrester Creations. Quinn overheard Hope's boyfriend, Liam Spencer, trying to kill the deal, so Quinn went to CEO Eric Forrester and kissed him after he agreed to honor her contract.

Knowing Wyatt had his eye on Hope, Quinn sent them to Mexico to retrieve a special blue diamond, then hacked into Liam's e-mail to send Hope the video tribute Liam had made for his ex-wife, Steffy Forrester. When Bill intervened on Liam's behalf, Quinn stuck Bill with his sword necklace and licked his blood off her finger. Later, Quinn prevented Liam and Hope's marriage by convincing Steffy, who had left Liam because she'd miscarried and become sterile, to inform Liam an operation had made it possible for Steffy to have children again.

Wanting to preserve Wyatt's romance with Hope, Quinn threatened Charlie Webber, a security guard who had footage of Wyatt pocketing the HFTF diamond and planting it on jewel thieves to impress Hope, then faked a friendship with Charlie's girlfriend, Pam Douglas, for the same reason. Quinn trapped Liam in an elevator in an unsuccessful attempt to suppress the truth. Quinn also groomed smitten young Aly Forrester to distract Liam from Hope; however, when Aly wanted to report Wyatt for stealing the diamond, Quinn held Aly over a second-story railing to ensure her silence.

Quinn decided she still had feelings for Bill and comforted him with a night of raucous S&M sex when Hope's mother, Brooke Logan, dumped him; Quinn was stashed in the closet by Bill when Brooke came over to make up. Having snapped a selfie in bed with Bill, Quinn showed it to Brooke's on-again-off-again love, Ridge Forrester, who tried to stop Brooke's wedding to Bill in Abu Dhabi and fell out Bill's helicopter into the Persian Gulf, sustaining brain damage. Quinn found herself public enemy number one at Forrester and lost her job in addition to alienating Wyatt.

When Quinn met Hope's ne'er-do-well father, Deacon Sharpe, in a bar, she offered him a place to stay if he would help push Hope and Wyatt together. Quinn then locked Liam in a sauna and poked him in the throat with his sword necklace; she was about to impale Liam with the real thing when Wyatt rushed in and stopped her. Quinn ran, then texted Wyatt that she had checked into a psychiatric hospital. With Hope about to marry Liam in Paris, Quinn followed and pushed his new friend, Ivy Forrester, into the River Seine knowing Liam would save her. Quinn's interference was exposed by Charlie, who unearthed security footage of Quinn shoving Ivy; Quinn was amused when Ivy broke into Quinn Artisan Jewelers and threatened Quinn with her own welding equipment.

Quinn pulled a gun on Deacon when he suspected her of killing Ricardo Montemayor, who had left the HFTF diamond to Wyatt. Aware that Deacon still had a thing for one-time lover Brooke and continuing to want Bill for herself, Quinn used Deacon in an attempt to come between Bill and Brooke but failed, falling into bed with Deacon afterwards. Later, Quinn became obsessed with Hope, who was expecting a baby with Wyatt; Quinn repeatedly insinuated herself into Hope's life to be a part of her grandchild, even donning scrubs and sneaking into the hospital for Hope's ultrasound. After Quinn broke into Eric's house to covertly attend Hope's baby shower, Quinn and Hope's heated discussion ended with Hope falling down a flight of stairs and losing her baby. Though Hope cleared Quinn of any wrongdoing, Quinn was blamed by everyone, including Bill, who tried to goad Quinn into jumping off a building.

Quinn tried to change her ways and supported Deacon helping fellow alcoholic Brooke, but soon slapped Brooke to the floor out of jealousy; Quinn was shocked when Deacon forgave her and proposed. Having been assured she wasn't Deacon's second choice, Quinn married him with only Wyatt in attendance until Hope "arrived" via Brooke's video call and tried to talk Deacon out of the nuptials. Later, Quinn encouraged the Australian Ivy to marry Liam because she didn't have legal immigration status; Quinn seemed happy with Deacon at Thanksgiving but soon told Wyatt they were separated.

Quinn came upon Liam in the Forrester parking lot and spirited him away to her cabin when he fainted in front of her, wanting to give Wyatt a chance to move in on Steffy after her broken engagement to Liam. Quinn learned from Ivy that the amnesiac Liam had hit his head during their flight to Australia; Quinn cared for Liam and was strangely moved when he called her his guardian angel. Quinn told Liam they were married couple "Adam" and "Eve" and convinced Liam that Steffy was a crank caller so he'd leave her a dismissive voice mail.

Falling for Liam, Quinn shared details about a miscarriage and a neglectful mother, nearly getting caught when Deacon arrived with annulment papers. Quinn paid Deacon to fake wedding photos of "Adam" and "Eve" for Liam, who wouldn't stop asking about their "past." Though she thrilled to exchange "I love yous" with "Adam," Quinn took note of Deacon's warnings about being discovered and contemplated murdering Liam, then aimed at Deacon, who threatened to go to Bill. Quinn took Liam on a cliffside hike with Deacon planted nearby to supposedly off Liam, then pushed Deacon off the edge when she made Liam go back to the car for asthma medication.

With Wyatt having seen security footage of Quinn absconding with Liam, Quinn lied that she had taken him to a hospital, then made plans to accompany Liam, who was starting to remember Steffy, on a trip out of the country. When Wyatt's presence triggered Liam to have total recall, Quinn found herself locked in a closet by them, only to be released by a vengeful Deacon, who had survived his fall. Quinn talked Deacon down, then risked capture by asking Liam to give her another chance. But Quinn went to jail after hoping to placate Steffy, who had married Wyatt in Liam's absence; Quinn pleaded with Liam after Steffy texted him to call the cops.

Quinn insisting she hadn't hurt Liam kept her out of court when her attorney told Liam it would be very difficult to make any charges stick. Set free, Quinn promised to make things up to Liam but got nowhere trying to endear herself to an unforgiving Steffy. Quinn ignored Wyatt's demands to stay out of Steffy's orbit and got involved in a secret affair with Eric, Steffy's grandfather. When Eric broke things off, Quinn followed him to Monte Carlo, where Steffy caught them together and smacked Quinn to the ground. Quinn thought she had lost Eric until he reinstated her at Forrester Creations and gave her a key to the mansion over his family's vehement objections. Quinn insisted Liam had taught her how to love, and she was willing to lose Wyatt to keep Eric.

When Ivy returned from Australia asking to work with Quinn again, Quinn agreed to arrange it with Eric but gave Ivy a makeover and insisted Ivy lose her Australian accent. Quinn admitted dressing Ivy to look like Steffy and encouraged Ivy to pursue Liam so Steffy would stay with Wyatt. Despite facing constant derision from Eric's family, Quinn happily accepted Eric's proposal and sent out wedding invitations, only to walk down the aisle into a room where Ivy was the only guest. Once Quinn and Eric married, she ran to his side after he collapsed from a brain hemorrhage while blasting his family for boycotting their wedding. Quinn weathered accusations from all sides, especially from Ridge and Steffy, who learned that Quinn's marriage license hadn't been signed before Eric was hospitalized. But Quinn rose from the ashes when Wyatt learned that Ridge and Steffy knew Eric had given Quinn power of attorney and kept quiet about it.

At the behest of the recovering Eric, Quinn relieved Ridge and Steffy of their leadership duties at Forrester and announced that she had been made interim CEO. At her first fashion show, Quinn put a stronger focus on jewelry then sidestepped Ridge's sabotage attempt by modeling the showstopper he tried to yank from the lineup. Quinn convinced Steffy to pull the family together for Thanksgiving to please Eric, then suggested to Eric that Steffy would make an excellent CEO. Quinn felt it would unify the family but didn't deny she also hoped the move might keep Steffy from going through with divorcing Wyatt.

When Brooke's sister, Katie Logan, started hanging around Eric and bought a house next door, Quinn told Katie she didn't want Katie visiting her husband unattended. Infuriated to see Katie giving Eric a peck on the cheek, Quinn fantasized about murdering Katie with a candlestick, then grilled Katie about her intentions toward Eric. Knowing her reputation, Quinn told Katie she knew how to handle her "crazy" urges but advised Katie to stay away.

Quinn began feeling attracted to Ridge after he caught her using an outdoor shower she'd installed for Eric. Quinn nervously attended a design symposium with Ridge in San Francisco and was surprised when he complimented her publicly; learning that Ridge had arranged for them to stay in the same hotel room, Quinn blasted him for trying to trap her into a compromising position to ruin her marriage to Eric, but the confrontation resulted in a kiss, which Quinn couldn't stop thinking about. Quinn and Ridge kept insisting it couldn't happen again, their sudden closeness arousing suspicion in Ridge's fiancée, Brooke. Quinn indulged in one more kiss, but turned around to a slap from Ivy; Quinn desperately tried to talk Ivy out of going to Eric, relieved when Ridge got through to Ivy.

Quinn joined Eric for Steffy's wedding to Liam in Australia, where Quinn admitted to Ridge she loved both him and Eric but that they had to stop their “foolishness.” Quinn was horrified when Brooke caught her giving a goodbye kiss to Ridge and pleaded with Brooke not to hurt Eric with the information. Quinn got a respite when Brooke agreed to keep quiet but gained an enemy in Katie, who knew everything; Quinn grudgingly served Katie requested tea, then had no choice but to give Katie a job on the Forrester jewelry design team.

When Quinn complained to Ridge about Katie's substandard designs, she and Ridge ended up kissing on his bed. At Eric's behest, Quinn fired Katie, but received the shock of her life when Katie picked up a gun and threatened her with it. Later, Quinn barely escaped being shot on her balcony and was sure Katie was the shooter. Quinn couldn't believe it when a bitter, off-the-wagon Deacon arrived and pulled a gun on her; after Ridge saved her by punching Deacon out, Quinn admitted that she loved Ridge. Quinn gained another adversary when Eric's notorious ex-wife, career criminal Sheila Carter, returned asking leading questions about Quinn's connection to Ridge. Quinn nervously admitted to Ridge that she was afraid Sheila was putting the pieces together about them and thought it would be better if they went to Eric before Sheila could.

Quinn had no defense when Sheila did get to Eric first about Quinn's kisses with Ridge. Quinn was devastated when Eric threw her out of the house, then seemingly took off with Sheila. Quinn told Liam and Steffy that Sheila probably had a gun in her purse, which led to Steffy grazing Sheila with a bullet. Quinn's frustration grew when she learned both Steffy and Ridge knew where Eric was but wouldn't tell her because Eric didn't want to see her. Eventually, Quinn agreed to sign Eric's divorce papers, which left her nothing, and was stunned when Eric tore up the documents, declaring she had passed his test. Quinn and Eric shared a happy reunion.

Soon after, Quinn found Sheila in her house returning Eric's watch, and their argument led to a vicious catfight which saw the rivals trying to choke each other with a fire poker. Quinn gave Sheila a concussion by throwing her tablet at the back of her head and was appalled when Eric wanted to let Sheila recuperate at the mansion to keep the press and police away. Quinn balked at Sheila's presence and confirmed her suspicion that Sheila was exaggerating her symptoms when she walked in on Sheila moving around normally. Quinn defended herself from Sheila's second attack and dared Sheila to kill her, then ran to Eric. Quinn was relieved when Eric asked Sheila to leave but had to assure Eric she wasn't slipping back into her own violent ways. Later, when Charlie let it slip that Sheila was still in Los Angeles, Quinn confronted Sheila in her hotel room and demanded she leave town, which led to a third brawl.

Quinn became enraged when she caught Wyatt in bed with Katie and blasted Eric for knowing about them beforehand but not telling her about it. Later, Quinn hurt her back and was grateful that Mateo, Eric's new estate manager, was also skilled in massage; Quinn enjoyed its therapeutic benefits but fired Mateo when his hands wandered too far; learning that Sheila had bribed Mateo to seduce her, Quinn recruited Eric to let Sheila believe he wanted Sheila back. Quinn reveled in letting Sheila know she'd been played and reinforced Eric's demand that Sheila leave. At one point, Quinn worried that Sheila had let herself into the Forrester guest house, but relaxed after Eric found Steffy's bracelet there instead.

When Ridge and Brooke decided to attempt marriage again, Quinn threw their support behind them by suggesting they have their ceremony at the Forrester mansion, and even offered to replace her portrait with one of them.

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