Rocco Carner
Actor History
1987 to 1988; March 12, 2009 to Present
Unknown job at Forrester International
Unknown job working with Thorne at Forrester Creations
Formerly worked in the shipping division of Forrester Creations
Former cook at Griffeys
Resides At
Los Angeles, California
Formerly Paris, France
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Flings & Affairs
Katie Logan (engaged)
Crimes Committed
  • Broke into Stephanie's house and assaulted her; he was never charged
Brief Character History

Rocco had a crush on Donna Logan in high school. When she suggested he date her insecure sister, Katie, he went for the idea in order to be close to Donna, who was already dating Mark Mallory. Rocco helped Donna get a job at a popular hamburger restaurant, Griffey's, but when he saved Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer from muggers, he took Ridge up on his offer of a job in shipping at Forrester. Rocco flirted with Kristen Forrester, continued to date Katie but still held a torch for Donna.

Rocco helped Ridge and Margo when a young Ridge wanted to mass-produce affordable, funky, Forrester fashions. Eric disapproved of the idea and put an end to it before it ever got off the ground.

Rocco, though he was still dating Katie, was determined to marry Donna Logan and slipped a ring with a proposal note in her jacket pocket. The jacket belonged to Katie so when she discovered the ring and proposal from Rocco, she accepted. Rocco skirted the issue for months but finally told Katie the ring was meant for Donna.

Rocco Carner returned to Forrester from Forrester International in March 2009. Rocco's arrival surprised Rick as he had never approved the transfer that Rocco had requested. When Rick asked, Rocco informed him that Thorne had approved the transfer and they were working on a project that would be the bomb.

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